Saturday, February 04, 2006

Your Child?


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that this baby too had to stand in front of my B52 Apache Tornadoes Hammers Hum Vees

Why don't the Moslems learn to fight bravely against us crusades:

one of them "a Taliban with rusty dusty kalashnikov and frail clothes"
against 10000000 of Crusade regiments with CLUSTER BOMBS and NAPALM?

Anonymous said...

we won't send you a baby to fight you

B52 will shower you from over there with tons of cluster bombs!!

Yeah! tons of them!


eyesallaround said...

Hey Dag, I did a post on this picture a while back:


Anonymous said...

Is it that sow telling her son to grow up quickly to be able to shoot Cruise Missiles at the child preparing himself to be a martyre!

Bitch: Darling look at that child he wants to liberate his homeland from us pigs, grow up and fly a B52
and shoot him with a pair of cruise missles.

dag said...

The photo above is real, like it or not. It was found during a search of a Muslim terrorist hideout, i.e. the man's home. After initial denials, the father claimed it was a joke, not meant to be taken seriously. Tell that to all the dead children raised to commit murder by their evil parents, aided by the filth Westerners who praise them and sob over their "exploitation."

That baby did nothing to deserve his parents. None of these children have done anything to desrve their families, their culture, or the Westerners who promote this evil.