Friday, February 03, 2006

Love Before Aisha


Jauhara said...

Camo-erotic art never really appealed to me.

dag said...

Darn. Well, did you check out Mohammed and the.... Oh, that's too gross. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

draw your mother instead of a camel and ask her what she thinks:

"Wow darling at least the Arab has an ever errecting spear not like your dad's beer "...." and Darling his semen is pure human not piggish!

Haven't you heard the German saying: "Man ist was man isst!"

Anonymous said...

"Man ist was man isst!"

One is what one eats!

a wise saying
hard to understand
anyway pigs eat pigs

Anonymous said...

We eat PORK (not PIGS) but you are fucking them instead, and that's why won't eat pork: how could u eat a thing you fucked? SHUDDUP MUZZY!

Anonymous said...

you mean pork is the .... the pig lets out of its intestines!
or is it its flesh of meat!

Believe it or not:

jews also don't eat pig

one day a christian took a jew friend to his aunts farm to show him the pigs and their clean environment.

It was Sunday after lunch and cake and coffee he said: Shaul look at the pigs intelligent animals, nice an charming, have a clean yard to play. He had a basket of pieces of carrots and potatoes maize etc. He started throwing to the pigs to eat. And telling Shaul, "you know in the past there were no fridges it was hot in the desert...

mark the scene here:
Suddenly a pig started emptying its bowls another pig rushed and started eating the crap coming out of the pigs' ...
Paul was frustrated and gave up convincing the jew as he laughed and throw the dirty pig with the rest of vegetables!
and giving up he added, Shaul now I understand why Shaul(Paul=Paulus)the early founder of modern christianity used to hide his resentment for pig and would throw his portion of pork unnoticed by the others.

Jesus bless you eat and drink whatever you need.

Anonymous said...

And how about capitalism Shaul?
Well you have the right to exploit and interest rates at the highest levels Dow Jones Wall Street it all!

Why then had jesus kicked the merchants out of the temple isn't that a sign to denounce capitalism and the exploitation of others ...

Shaul(Paul): that was in the temple now we have no temple and no jesus. He is alive and he loves you!

How about don't kill?

"well, you ask too much just do whatever you please kill rob slaughter but not with knives! this is terror!
"with cluster bombs, you can slaughter hundreds in a second"

Hah hah hah hah hah hah ahh .....

"I saw a cross in the sky!"
hah ha hah ahah ahah hhhhhhhhh

dag said...

I'm goint to stay out of the fray here since everyone seems to be doing well enough without me. Please enjoy your time here. Thanks, Dag.