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"The Grandchildren of Killers"

We are quick to criticize our elected politicians when they are deserving of criticism. It's only fair, therefore, that we also praise them when they do the right thing.

At a press conference this past wednesday, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper affirmed the canadian position on armenian genocide:
that it happened.

...For decades, previous Canadian governments refused to call it 'genocide' for fear of upsetting Turkey, which is blamed for the massacre....

...It is a sensitive issue that, when raised by the Tory Opposition during the previous minority government, was quickly defeated by reigning Liberals who feared angering the Turkish government by labeling the events as a genocide or condemn it as a crime against humanity...

However, during a news conference Wednesday in southern Manitoba, Harper affirmed his belief that the Armenians who died during those years were in fact, subjects of a genocide.

...Turkey's ambassador to Canada thinks the decision goes too far. "Your own citizens of Turkish origin, they are proud Canadians as much as you are," said His Excellency Aydemir Erman. "So your own House is branding them as the grandchildren of killers."...

[slogan on banner: "We are proud of our past"]

Maybe it would be more accurate to speak of killers of grandchildren.......

Hat tip to hyelog for news about the press conference, for otherwise we wouldn't have noticed the Global National item.

Dag's Poetry Corner (Revisited.)

Anonymous (1980) 'Let's do justice to our comrade P.38', trans. R. Gardner, Semiotext(e): Italy.

Could it be that few have read the essay above, the sparkling classic from the Brigatta Rossa, the Italian Red Brigades? But they extol the virtues of the Walther PPK, .38 calibre pistol! If Communist bureaucrats acting as terrorists could write poetry, then this would be it. In fact, it is Communist bureaucrat/terrorist poetry. It's a paean to murder machines.

In celebration of Prodi's victory in Italy these recent days, a Communist unknown for his poetry, allow me to step in on his behalf, moving from his ability to my needs. Yes, folks, it's once again that special time in that special place. It's Dag's Poetry Corner.

Prodi, amore:
Reallocate scare resources comradely.

Our collective requirements for a vast shipment of Walther PPK .38 calibre pistols
in furtherance of our revolutionary aims
Demands with the united voice of the workers and peasants
That you, petite-bourgeois lackey of reactionary state capitalism,
Fulfill your dialectical historical role, and give us the guns, bud.

Historical inevitablility demands this just redistribution of the means of assassination;
You have nowhere to run, you running dog of bourgeoise socialism:
The party's over.

What resides by no other justification than unfair rentier
In the Cranial Bowl of the petit-bourgeoise Communist intellectual
Than a glorious vision of the future
When the workers and peasants can feast on the content
Vermicelli, red sauce, and mangled meat therein?

Folks, I know I've outdone myself in Literature's eyes this day. Some days I just outdo myself and think I'll never come up with poetry better than this again. But have faith, friends, I just keep on getting better. I can foresee a time in which I write another famous poem, one about Iranian mullahs. I get chills thinking about it.

BNP and the upcoming Brit elections.

There is upcoming a series of local elections in Britain. There is a chance the BNP will make some strong showing in the results. The BNP is claimed often by many to be a far Right extremist fascist racist party of thugs.


The gnostic wankers of the British police state are suddenly finding themselves at a loss to explain why they're losing their traditional support, Labour finding their voters disgusted and willing to vote instead for labour. The English, no great democrats in practice, are finally realising that the world is going down and taking them with it; and the only way to save themselves, if they can, if they will, is to cut loose from the sinking Ship of State and find a lifeboat to live in. Good luck. With the majority of Brits so hooked on the dole it's unlikely they'd be able to beat the French out of bed in the morning if the place caught fire. And the fire is coming, washing over the waves, coming soon to a district near you. Will there be any islands left of sanity and sense?

The BNP, the British National Party, is moving slowly. Are they fascists? Are they thugs? Or are they working class people in a place where the working class is seen as unwashed and unlikeable and unworthy of serious consideration? Strip away the class snobbery and pretensions, discount the p.c. slanders of any who don't outdo other p.c. slanderers, and perhaps the BNP is no more than working class people. We're talkin' Britain here, and in Britain the working class is not a good thing, it's members not respected, the people despised by those any class above. Combine that with the gnostics on the Left, the fools who know it all and will tell all to listen and obey and believe and be silent. Is the BNP a racist gaggle of thugs with lovely plumage, a dead thing nailed to the perch? Or is the BNP a reaction against too much mindless intellectualist activism by the upper class twits of the year?

We have to ask ourselves if the BNP is the party of labour or the party of the lumpen-proletariat as Labour would have us believe. We have to know if we can support the BNP because we have to know who we in our nations can support against the gnostics and the p.c. Philosopher Kings.

How much liberal socialism do we discard before we find ourselves as fascists? What do we define as fascist? Do we allow the Left to define that for us?

Below we have a number of recent articles on the rise of the BNP in Britain. We have to look at them to examine our own nations and see if we must turn away from traditional parties and turn to our own lives and privacies in the public realm to reclaim our rights as democrats and people of worth in ourselves. How hard is the hard line? And where do we draw it?

BNP set to win seats as support surges
By George Jones, Political Editor
(Filed: 21/04/2006)

Local elections factfile

The British National Party is on course to make significant gains in the local elections in England in two weeks time, according to a YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph today.

It shows that seven per cent of voters are ready to back the far-Right party and that 24 per cent have considered voting BNP in the past or are thinking of doing so now.

In the eyes of almost three-quarters of potential BNP supporters, Britain "almost seems like a foreign country". The poll underlines the recent warning from Margaret Hodge , the employment minister, that white working-class families felt so neglected by the Government and angered by immigration that they were deserting Labour and flocking to the BNP.

Mrs Hodge told The Sunday Telegraph that eight out of 10 white people in her east London constituency of Barking were threatening to vote for the BNP on May 4.

The surge in support for the BNP - which displaced the National Front as Britain's main far-Right party in 1982 - could damage the Conservatives in the local elections, which will be David Cameron's first electoral test since becoming Tory leader.

The poll suggests that the BNP draws its support more from the Conservatives than from Labour - and is gaining ground at the expense of the Liberal Democrats and UK Independence Party.


The Tories are now no better off than they were under Michael Howard at last year's general election....

The strong showing for the BNP, which has already achieved more success than any other far-Right party, will alarm all the mainstream parties. At the general election last year, the BNP won 4.3 per cent of the vote across the 116 seats it contested. It polled 16.9 per cent in the Barking constituency.

The poll confirms the fears of Labour MPs that Mrs Hodge's warning about the support for the BNP among white working-class voters has given the party a valuable boost. In recent months, almost no one had been telling YouGov they would vote BNP, but publicity following her comments has highlighted the party's existence.

A report by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust this week said that up to 25 per cent of voters indicated they "might vote" for the party. It claimed that support for the BNP from skilled and semi-skilled workers reflected voter "tension" about multi-cultural Britain.

The BNP has said it is putting up more candidates than ever before - 356 - for the local elections. At present it has 15 councillors across England and hopes to win up to 40 seats on May 4.

Lord Tebbit, the former Conservative Party chairman, in a letter to The Daily Telegraph today, challenges the widely held view that the BNP is an extreme Right-wing party. He said that he was unable to find evidence of "Right-wing tendencies" in its 2005 manifesto.;jsessionid=GA4ULLUBA1FK3QFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/04/19/nbnp19.xml

One in five people in England have said they would consider voting for the far-Right British National Party, according to a survey published yesterday.
In London, where all council seats are up for re-election on May 4, the number of voters ready to consider supporting the BNP is one in four.


It showed that support for the far-Right did not come from places where the poorest and most deprived people in British society lived.


There was no simple relationship between far-Right support and racially mixed areas.

The BNP did well largely in wards where white people lived rather than where there were people from the ethnic minorities.


The Democratic Audit report, The British National Party: the Roots of its Appeal, shows that the BNP goes into the May elections seeking to win up to 40 seats on local councils across the country.;jsessionid=GA4ULLUBA1FK3QFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/04/19/nbnp19.xml

The BNP leaflets are still getting delivered. We have received around 100 reports so far. This week the complaints we are getting are that they are reaching a lot more multiracial areas although some postal workers are refusing to deliver them. Please - if you or anyone you know receives the leaflet - DO NOT BIN IT - take it to the police station, insist that you want to make a complaint and say you are concerned it could stir up racism and incite racial hatred.(See Note 1 below).

This is very important, the more people who complain, the more likely it is that the Lord Advocate will be forced to act. Don't accept that the BNP are a legitimate political party. The BNP are fascists masquerading as a legitimate political party. Please send copies of your emails to .

(In October 2002, a man was convicted of inciting racial hatred under the Public Order Act by sending hundreds of hate-filled leaflets in Pollokshields. He was found guilty of distributing "threatening, insulting and abusive" literature and stirring up racial hatred, contrary to he Public Order Act. The sheriff said the claims in the leaflet were inaccurate.").


Positive Action in Housing is a Scottish wide anti-racist organisation working with communities and others to enable everyone to have an equal chance to live in good quality, affordable and safe homes, free from discrimination and the fear of racial harassment and violence. Since 1995, we have taken a centre stage role in challenging racism and supporting the human right of everyone to live in a safe home and neighbourhood. Then, we were fighting the legacy of years of discrimination in housing against immigrant communities. We still are. Today that fight has shifted to challenging the forced dispersal, segregation, imprisonment and destitution of refugee communities. Our work is not just about housing discrimination; it is also about human rights or the abuse of it by a country that is supposed to champion civil liberties, democracy and freedom. We operate the only accommodation service for asylum seekers made destitute after being evicted from Council, YMCA and SRC emergency accommodation.

White voters are deserting us for BNP, says Blair ally
By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor
(Filed: 16/04/2006)

White working-class families feel so neglected by the Government and angered by immigration that they are deserting Labour and flocking to the British National Party, a minister admitted yesterday.

In a sensational claim, Margaret Hodge, one of Tony Blair's closest allies, said that eight out of 10 white people in her east London constituency of Barking are threatening to vote for the far-Right party in next month's local elections. Once traditional Labour supporters are angry at a lack of affordable housing - and blame immigration, and Labour, for the changes.

Margaret Hodge: white families are angry

"They can't get a home for their children, they see black and ethnic minority communities moving in and they are angry," said Mrs Hodge, the employment minister. "When I knock on doors I say to people, 'are you tempted to vote BNP?' and many, many, many - eight out of 10 of the white families - say 'yes'. That's something we have never seen before, in all my years. Even when people voted BNP, they used to be ashamed to vote BNP. Now they are not." Mrs Hodge said the pace of ethnic change in her area had frightened people. "What has happened in Barking and Dagenham is the most rapid transformation of a community we have ever witnessed.

"Nowhere else has changed so fast. When I arrived in 1994, it was a predominantly white, working class area. Now, go through the middle of Barking and you could be in Camden or Brixton. That is the key thing that has created the environment the BNP has sought to exploit." Mrs Hodge claimed the anger is not down to racism. "It is a fear of change. It is gobsmacking change."

She also complained about a "lack of leadership" from her party on race, and said the "political class", including Labour, was frightened of the issue. "The Labour Party hasn't talked to these people. This is a traditional Labour area but they are not used to engaging with us because all we do is put leaflets through doors. Part of the reason they switch to the BNP is they feel no one else is listening to them."

Labour is so worried about the rise of extremist parties that 50 of its MPs have joined a campaigning group to counter the threat. Privately, ministers fear that BNP candidates could poll up to 25 per cent of the vote in some areas. The BNP is mounting an aggressive challenge in Barking and Dagenham and, it is feared, will win seats in May's elections.

The BNP is mounting an aggressive challenge in Barking and Dagenham and may win seats.


While she rejected talk of the far-Right being on the verge of a major breakthrough, Mrs Hodge conceded that they were likely to win seats from Labour on May 4. "I think we could lose one or two [seats].

"It's an incredibly serious issue. It's the big issue. We need very much stronger leadership nationally to promote the benefits of the multi-cultural society. We have got to do it, the Labour leadership have got to do it. All the political parties have got to do it.

"I think if we are not careful and we don't respond and learn the lessons from Barking and Dagenham we could see that same fear of change trickle out elsewhere."

Worried Labour MPs open new front to fight BNP threat on their doorstep

By Toby Helm, Chief Political Correspondent and Matt Barnwell
(Filed: 15/04/2006)

Labour MPs worried about the rise of the British National Party (BNP) are setting up a parallel campaign organisation because they fear their own party is not doing enough to counter the far-Right.

More than 50 MPs in areas where the BNP is strong are working closely on tactics with the new organisation - Labour Friends of Searchlight - before May 4's local elections, in which it is feared the extremists will at least double their number of council seats.

The counter-attack came to light as the BNP launched its election campaign yesterday with calls for segregation in schools of children who do not speak fluent English, for benefits to be repaid by asylum seekers being put to work to clean up the streets, and for compulsory school checks for head lice.

Its "12-point" plan also included plans for "low taxes", "action against corruption", and the ending of "trendy failure" in schools.


Every Labour MP has been sent a letter alerting them to the need for a more highly organised anti-BNP strategy.

Jon Cruddas, the Labour MP for Dagenham ...expects the BNP to gain six seats in his own constituency.


In the last elections the BNP took 22 council seats. It now has 24. It is said to be a potential threat in 80 wards across the country next month.

Nick Lowles, of the anti- fascist Searchlight group, said that "beyond the basic sentiments, like saying the BNP is awful" Labour was not doing enough.

Support for the BNP, he said, was rising in traditional Labour areas because of disillusionment with the Blair Government, the rise in the number of immigrants, tensions over terrorist attacks and the recent controversy over anti-Muslim cartoons.


Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, chose a spot next to a Sikh temple in Grays, Essex, for yesterday's campaign launch in which he said his party was "standing for local freedom, security, identity, democracy" and putting "Britain first". "Everyone living in our country should have to learn English," he added.

His party manifesto reads: "If minorities want to teach their own children their native languages, they should do so in their own time and at their own expense."

It adds that "foreign" pupils with poor English should not be "allowed to drag down standards and hold back native English-speakers".

It also says that "BNP councillors will do everything in their power to prevent asylum seekers being dumped in our areas".

Mr Griffin said that neither he nor his party was racist.;jsessionid=GA4ULLUBA1FK3QFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/04/15/nbnp15.xml

Hodge has done the BNP a big favour
By Anthony King
(Filed: 21/04/2006)


The British National Party will not achieve a military-style breakthrough in the local elections next month but YouGov's latest survey for The Daily Telegraph suggests that the far-Right's present standard bearers will probably make significant gains.

The BNP is in a stronger position than at any time since it displaced the National Front as the main post-Fascist party in 1982.

Asked how they would vote if there were a general election tomorrow, seven per cent of YouGov's respondents said BNP.

That is a higher proportion than the BNP or any of its predecessor parties have obtained in any national survey.

Its national percentages since last May's general election have seldom risen above zero and in recent months almost no one told YouGov they would vote BNP.

Margaret Hodge and others who have warned of the BNP threat have probably done it a favour by reminding voters of its existence.

YouGov's findings suggest that the party draws its support more from the Conservatives than from Labour, with BNP gains also coming at the expense of the UK Independence Party and the Liberal Democrats.


The sudden - if possibly temporary - emergence of the BNP as a serious political force is a remarkable phenomenon. It testifies not merely to Mrs Hodge's success in drawing attention to the party but to millions of voters' alienation from the whole political class and their sense that the country is drifting in a direction they do not want it to take.

YouGov asked respondents whether they had ever voted BNP or seriously considered doing so. As the chart shows, 24 per cent - the equivalent of three million people - said they had voted BNP or were thinking of doing so now.

But that percentage, however startling, will not be translated into huge BNP gains on May 4. It is fielding too few candidates in the local elections and only a minority of those who said they "seriously considered" voting BNP will actually do so on the day. The BNP surge is also likely to encourage the major parties' supporters to turn out to stop its candidates.

Even so, a figure as high as seven per cent indicates a restless and unpredictable electorate, one more inclined to shift to the far-Right than the far-Left. Despite George Galloway's personal success last year, his far-Left party, Respect, is nowhere.

YouGov asked the 24 per cent of voters who indicated they may vote BNP which of a number of statements about Britain they sympathised with.

The findings, set out in the chart, suggest that discontent is fuelled partly by racial animosity but even more by the sense that Britain as a whole is changing in undesired and undesirable ways.


In the eyes of almost three quarters of potential BNP supporters, Britain "almost seems like a foreign country nowadays". Roughly two thirds said "we should take tougher action against Muslims who want to destroy this country".

Palpable anger underlies the sentiment: "I just want to let the people who run this country know that from now on they will have to pay attention to people like me."

Labour's standing under this heading is no higher than the Tories' was at the end of the scandal-ridden 1990s.

The proportion thinking Labour is sleazy and disreputable today is almost identical to the 63 per cent who saw the Conservatives in the same light during the last gasps of John Major's administration.


With a government as ill-regarded as Tony Blair's is, the principal opposition party should be at least 10 points ahead. At this stage in 1992, Labour led by 19 points.

The core problem for the Conservatives is that, while a party can change its leader and can announce intended policy changes, it cannot easily shed a negative image acquired over years.


• Anthony King is professor of government at Essex University.;jsessionid=GA4ULLUBA1FK3QFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/04/21/npoll121.xml

14 March 2006: Mayoress forced to quit for joining BNP

24 January 2006: I never blamed ethnic groups for race problems, claims BNP man

Insignificant but very sinister

19 April 2006: One in five 'would consider voting BNP'

16 April 2006: White voters are deserting us for BNP, says Blair ally

15 April 2006: Worried Labour MPs open new front to fight BNP threat on their doorstep

Frank Field: Labour loses working class
Analysis: Its strongest position yet

The English elites, the uni. crowds from Oxbridge, will dismiss any independent working class action as fascistic. We have to understand and accept that the British are deeply anti-social people. We have to ask ourselves how seriously we take the slanders against the BNP. Is it more of the endless class hatreds of the usual Brit? Is Griffin a would-be Oswald Mosley? More importantly, what are we to become if we move away from Left dhimmi fascism? What are we if we abandon the Ship of Multiculturalism for the safer shores of reason and nation? How far do we go before we find ourselves us unlikeable as the last lot?

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Relative Moral Poverty

From: Covenant Zone

I had a friend looking for work some years ago, and I sent him this as helpful. I just got it back. I don't know what kind of person he thinks I am. But, if things continue as they are today perhaps if I pick up my French a bit or even go so far as too learn Swedish I might just have a new career after all.

Kingdom's Leading Executioner Says: 'I Lead a Normal Life'
Mahmoud Ahmad, Arab News Staff

Muhammad Saad Al-Beshi says he is calm at work because he is doing God's work. (Photo by Muhammad Al-Shehry)

JEDDAH, 5 June 2003 — Saudi Arabia's leading executioner Muhammad Saad Al-Beshi will behead up to seven people in a day.

"It doesn't matter to me: Two, four, 10 — As long as I'm doing God's will, it doesn't matter how many people I execute," he told Okaz newspaper in an interview.

He started at a prison in Taif, where his job was to handcuff and blindfold the prisoners before their execution. "Because of this background, I developed a desire to be an executioner," he says.

He applied for the job and was accepted.

His first job came in 1998 in Jeddah. "The criminal was tied and blindfolded. With one stroke of the sword I severed his head. It rolled meters away." Of course he was nervous, then, he says, as many people were watching, but now stage fright is a thing of the past.

He says he is calm at work because he is doing God's work. "But there are many people who faint when they witness an execution. I don't know why they come and watch if they don't have the stomach for it.

"Me? I sleep very well," he adds.

Does he think people are afraid of him? "In this country we have a society that understands God's law," he says. "No one is afraid of me. I have a lot of relatives, and many friends at the mosque, and I live a normal life like everyone else. There are no drawbacks for my social life."

Before an execution, nonetheless, he will go to the victim's family to obtain forgiveness for the criminal. "I always have that hope, until the very last minute, and I pray to God to give the criminal a new lease of life. I always keep that hope alive."

Al-Beshi will not reveal how much he gets paid per execution as this is a confidential agreement with the government. But he insists that the reward is not important. "I am very proud to do God's work," he reiterates.

However, he does reveal that a sword will cost something in the region of SR20,000. "It's a gift from the government. I look after it and sharpen it once in a while, and I make sure to clean it of bloodstains.

"It's very sharp. People are amazed how fast it can separate the head from the body."

By the time the victims reach the execution square they have surrendered themselves to death, he says, though they may hope to be forgiven at the last minute. "Their hearts and minds are taken up with reciting the Shahada." The only conversation with the prisoner is when he tells him to say the Shahada.

"When they get to the execution square, their strength drains away. Then I read the execution order, and at a signal I cut the prisoner's head off."

He has executed numerous women without hesitation, he explains. "Despite the fact that I hate violence against women, when it comes to God's will, I have to carry it out."

There is no great difference between executing men and women, except that the women wear hijab, and nobody is allowed near them except Al-Beshi himself when the time for execution comes.

When executing women he will use either gun or sword. "It depends what they ask me to use. Sometimes they ask me to use a sword and sometimes a gun. But most of the time I use the sword," he adds.

As an experienced executioner, 42-year-old Al-Beshi is entrusted with the task of training the young. "I successfully trained my son Musaed, 22, as an executioner and he was approved and chosen," he says proudly. Training focuses on the way to hold the sword and where to hit, and is mostly through observing the executioner at work.

An executioner's life, of course, is not all killing. Sometimes it can be amputation of hands and legs. "I use a special sharp knife, not a sword," he explains. "When I cut off a hand I cut it from the joint. If it is a leg the authorities specify where it is to be taken off, so I follow that."

Al-Beshi describes himself as a family man. Married before he became an executioner, his wife did not object to his chosen profession. "She only asked me to think carefully before committing myself," he recalls. "But I don't think she's afraid of me," he smiles. "I deal with my family with kindness and love. They aren't afraid when I come back from an execution. Sometimes they help me clean my sword."

A father of seven, he is a proud grandfather already. "I have a married daughter who has a son. He is called Haza, and he's my pride and joy. And then there are my sons. The oldest one is Saad, and of course there is Musaed, who'll be the next executioner," he adds.

Yup, it's all relative. What's good for them isn't necessarily good for us, but it's not our place to impose our values on others. We don't understand their culture and so on till I want to puke. These people, these Saudis, are our allies, and the creatures who support them are our politicians and our Leftist weepers who cry about racism and islamophobia.

I say: "Off with their heads!"

Who Owns Indians?

Brian at Canadian Blue Lemons runs the following story on dysfunctional native Indians in Canada. It's in keeping with a number of pieces we've run here, such as Death By Socialism, and a number of other stories like Public Opinion and Tabu.

Caledonia Rebellion is Pathetic

I tend to think that the Indians near Hamilton have death wishes. That they want to be Dudley George, to be the next dead Indian. How cheap and pathetic to want to die to have your life mean something.

The Indians (and I use this word purposefully rather than aboriginal or indigenous as this is the word they use themselves) have been doing this since Riel days - a hundred and twenty years ago - and it hasn't worked. Every evidence is it won't. Ever.

I have no empathy for these people. If they choose to waste their lives, that's their business. If they want to enable others within their group to be addicts, or drunks, or hookers, or just pathetic human beings, that's their choice. Are my ancestors guilty for their problems? No. But my people were granted land in 1760 odd and killed the Indians who complained when mine started buildings houses and barns on what they thought was their land. Tough luck for them. Life ain't fair. All I got from that family branch were genes, never got a sou from that land, neither did they.

Money isn't solving the problem - somewhere around $50,000 per Indian household is spent by the fedguv to supposedly meet their needs.

I wish they would just go away. Live in tents if they want. Live off the land and brew their own hooch. I don't care.

Go to university, and get a job on Bay Street, cool. I'll work with them, welcome them into my home so long as they don't threaten to occupy it.

But right now all I see is a pathetic group of lost souls who want to commit suicide by government. And blame the Whiteman of 125 years ago and government for their deaths.

posted by Brian Lemon

[Y]ou are all racists and dim witted at that. useless to offer insight to bitter malcontents like yourselves . better to pity and resist the urge to laugh. save the "what's your real name" schtick, to people like you,i remain anonymous.

We here in Vancouver meet every Thursday to sit at the city library in the atrium and discuss openly such things as above. We talk about patriotism, nationalism, race, ethnicity, capitalism, theories of progress, and political activism. All Leftists discuss these concerns constantly, but we do it from a conservative point of view, in public, within ear-shot of people who are often terrified of the ideas we openly express.

We speak openly against the prevailing Left ideological nonsense. The point is that. We speak openly and in public. We meet each week to do so, and it is common public knowledge that we do so. Anyone who cares to can know our names and faces. We speak out publicly because there is no need to hide any longer. And in fact, there is a need to be known as normal and decent people in our communities so other normal and decent people can find the encouragement and safety in numbers that will allow them too to come forward in public and say that they are sick of the lies and the phantasies of the Left.

Yes, we encounter on occasion the idiocies of the anonymous. So what? Those people, dedicated conformists and cowards, are watching to see the prevailing trends to decide which cliches they'll spout in public next. The anonymous next year at this time might very well be the very ones who come here with rants about socialism, having no better idea about it than they do about the Left cliches they spout today.

But at the core of society will be a group of normal and decent people who are actively working for the betterment of our nations. The time of the terror is ending. We can and we must openly say we will not indulge the Left any further.

Today I am "a Rightwing religious bigot no better than bin Laden." I know this because I receive comments more or less daily saying so. I also laugh at the foolishness of such comments, and I carry on in a reasonable and normal fashion with my life and my project of changing the emotional and social climate of this nation. I'm one guy, and those of us who meet weekly are individuals like myself, and probably very much like you. When common sense and common decency are slandered as Rightwing religious bigotry, then we know the Left is insane. We need not pander to them, and we need not allow them to intimidate us. In fact, we need to toss them out of their offices. They've played this determinist game too long, and it's tired, it's boring, it's destructive and dangerous. Call us what they will, it's time to rid ourselves of them and replace them with sensible and normal people.

Our intelligentsia must remake itself, and that remaking will come from those who are willing to meet in public, people who have a depth of concern for their nations and their communities and their neighbours and their families to make themselves our new public intellectuals.

To be a public intellectual one needn't be a genius, not a sociology professor, not a government minister: one need be a clear thinking and decent person who is honest. It doesn't take much more than that, and I think this nation is full of such people, that they abound here, and that given the chance they will arise en masse, and that by ruling in place of the gnostic elitists we have now, the new public intellectuals will be a democracy of millions of leaders, each and every one a person who owns his or her own life and cares for it as private property, not as entrusted goods in the protection of the government.

Today, to say you own your own life, that it is your property, that it's up to you to use it and make it into whatever you want to and whatever you are capable of making it into is to be called a Rightwing religious bigot no better than bin Laden. I welcome you.

If your life is your own, if you own it like you own your car or your shoes, then it is not up to the government or the forces of social change to equalise or protect those things for you and from you. Like your shoes, you own your own life, and it is yours to do with.

Victimisation claims are falling on dead air between the speaker and my ears. Human rights? Yes, the right to own your own life. If one is a victim of society, then society is ones competitor that one must adapt to and one must accommodate to the best of ones abilities to make the best of ones life. If people give up exclusive ownership of their own lives for the protection of it from the state by giving it to the state, then one is entirely a victim-- of ones own life. If I take care of my shoes, then surely if I'm sane I will take care of my own life too.

We say such outrageous things in public on Thursday evenings. We say such counter-cultural things out loud in the library. We say such things in a community based-public building of free Human co-operation. We say that by providing for our own lives we benefit all and they us.

We are revolutionaries. We follow the revolutions of Modernity rather than the counter-revolutions of neo-feudalism and statism. We are radicals and revolutionaries, and we frighten people at times, those such as anonymous above, reducing them to rants and spittle dripping. Oh well.

We encourage you to join us on Thursday evening at the library. You might well be in a different place from us. You can go to your own place to meet others like yourself, and there you can express anew the covenant you have with your own life and the life of your community. It's a pleasant and exciting time. We do this weekly, and we'd like you to join us to toss out the losers in charge of our governments today, the ones who buy the props of phantasy for this nightmare theatre of the Left mind. We own our own lives, and we have to accept that that responsibility requires us to work for the freedom to use that right effectively rather than silently and daily give over more control to the Left dhimmi fascists who would turn us all into reservation Indians.

Will you join us? I hope so. Please let us know one way or the other.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

West Haverstraw, NY

In the spirit of furthering the Blue Scarf movement, at great personal expense and aggravation, magnanimously sacrificing personal comfort and leisure, and primarily due to the fact that the attendance at my Thursday meetings has been, well, woeful, I have rearranged my employment situation, switching my part-time job to full and my full to part-time, thereby allowing the Rockland County, NY Blue Scarves to meet Thursday evenings like normal people.

They should be beating down the door any minute now.

Tom Cunningham
West Haverstraw, NY

No Left Turns!

Most people are shocked and disgusted by the reality of Islam once they come to understand it as it is rather than as they think it is or think it should be or think it must be. Islam is a violent poligion, a fascist political religion of crime and murder and slavery and extermination. Not what we think of when we think about religion. Oh. Except when we hear Left idiots going on about Christianity. And let's not forget the Jews. The rest of us, finding out about the reality of Islam, forgoing the usual ideological crap that floats past in smelly clumps of cliches, find that the reality of Islam is a frightening and dangerous thing to everyone, including Muslims.

Islam is so bad that even Leftists can't tolerate the stench any longer. They're giving it up as too disgusting to carry any longer. OK, only sort of.

Today the Euston Manifesto hit the airwaves. Today people make a fuss about the trendy idiots who till yesterday were dragging the weltschmertz of islamophobia around like the dead dog it is.Today everything is different. Today they know the truth, have always known the truth, and are telling us the truth. Tomorrow you'll hear it everywhere and not find a Leftist anywhere who hasn't been proclaiming it from rooftops for years.

One lousy meeting in a London pub and the Lefties make the news. We go into our 15th weekly meeting this evening, Thursday from 7-9:00 pm at Vancouver Public Library in the atrium to do our parts to change this situation for the better. By God, if I hear people going on about the Euston Declaration I promise I will scream.

Join us before those monkeys hijack the agenda yet again and drag us further into madness and dhimmitude.

We wear blue scarves. You'll see us. You won't be alone in your thoughts that Islam is evil and that the Left is slimy. Join us before we lose again to the Left.


The Euston Manifesto

This is the Website of a new democratic progressive alliance. Click on the link at the foot of the preamble to read the rest of our statement of principles. Please link to:, email: "manifesto" at the domain "", or phone: 07967 026293.

The Euston Manifesto

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

A. Preamble

We are democrats and progressives. We propose here a fresh political alignment. Many of us belong to the Left, but the principles that we set out are not exclusive. We reach out, rather, beyond the socialist Left towards egalitarian liberals and others of unambiguous democratic commitment. Indeed, the reconfiguration of progressive opinion that we aim for involves drawing a line between the forces of the Left that remain true to its authentic values, and currents that have lately shown themselves rather too flexible about these values. It involves making common cause with genuine democrats, whether socialist or not.

The present initiative has its roots in and has found a constituency through the Internet, especially the "blogosphere". It is our perception, however, that this constituency is under-represented elsewhere — in much of the media and the other forums of contemporary political life.

The broad statement of principles that follows is a declaration of intent. It inaugurates a new Website, which will serve as a resource for the current of opinion it hopes to represent and the several foundation blogs and other sites that are behind this call for a progressive realignment.


D. Conclusion

It is vitally important for the future of progressive politics that people of liberal, egalitarian and internationalist outlook should now speak clearly. We must define ourselves against those for whom the entire progressive-democratic agenda has been subordinated to a blanket and simplistic "anti-imperialism" and/or hostility to the current US administration. The values and goals which properly make up that agenda — the values of democracy, human rights, the continuing battle against unjustified privilege and power, solidarity with peoples fighting against tyranny and oppression — are what most enduringly define the shape of any Left worth belonging to.


This is what happens when you sit and do nothing. The old game players play a new game same as the old game. We're getting had, folks, and there's no one to complain to if you don't move to prvent this further hijacking of reality. Join us. Make some effort in your own lives. Vancouver. Library. Atrium. Thursday evening. 7-9:00 pm. People wearing blue scarves.

You in your place, you can do this too. If you won't act, then you'll lose to the Left, the new New Left, same as the old New Left. Join us. Make your own life happen. Get involved in your own life!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Removable Feast

Write a letter to your congressman, write to your M.P. Let him or her know what you think about this!

Below we see two views on what the public world thinks about the private people: the first story explains that the world of political people is focusing on private people who don't write letters to politicians; the second, from a major Canadian newspaper claims that the MSM is doing just fine and the people are not that important at all.

According to the U.S. government, the government is getting news and views from bloggers. Story two: according to the MSM the bloggers don't know nothing much of interest. Once again, the Canadian establishment infantalises the public and dismisses them as incapable of intelligent consideration, a mere decoration of democracy and good government.

Bloggers and readers are making a new democracy under the high held noses of the intelligentsia-- now more useless and irrelevant than they have been ever before. You, dear reader, are making democracy a living and vibrant thing in itself.


CIA mines 'rich' content from blogs

By Bill Gertz
April 19, 2006

President Bush and U.S. policy-makers are receiving more intelligence from open sources such as Internet blogs and foreign newspapers than they previously did, senior intelligence officials said.

The new Open Source Center (OSC) at CIA headquarters recently stepped up data collection and analysis based on bloggers worldwide and is developing new methods to gauge the reliability of the content, said OSC Director Douglas J. Naquin.

"A lot of blogs now have become very big on the Internet, and we're getting a lot of rich information on blogs that are telling us a lot about social perspectives and everything from what the general feeling is to ... people putting information on there that doesn't exist anywhere else," Mr. Naquin told The Washington Times.

Eliot A. Jardines, assistant deputy director of national intelligence for open source, said the amount of unclassified intelligence reaching Mr. Bush and senior policy-makers has increased as a result of the center's creation in November.

"We're certainly scoring a number of wins with our ultimate customer," said Mr. Jardines....

"I can't get into detail of what, but I'll just say the amount of open source reporting that goes into the president's daily brief has gone up rather significantly," Mr. Jardines said. "There has been a real interest at the highest levels of our government, and we've been able to consistently deliver products that are on par with the rest of the intelligence community."

Mr. Naquin said recent OSC successes have included the discovery of a technology advance in a foreign country. Also, most data on avian flu outbreaks come from open sources, he said.

"Have we got coups out of it? Close to it," Mr. Naquin said. "But certainly we've had more insight than we've ever had before."

The OSC uses powerful computers and software technology to "sift" the Internet for valuable intelligence....

In the past, open-source reports were used mainly by intelligence analysts.

"But now our customer base literally ranges from the president to local police departments," Mr. Naquin said. The Fairfax County police use OSC products, as do police departments in San Diego, New York and Baltimore. The center also provides support to the U.S. military.

A Defense Department official said Chinese military bloggers have become a valuable source of intelligence on Beijing's secret military buildup. For example, China built its first Yuan-class attack submarine at an underground factory that was unknown to U.S. intelligence until a photo of the submarine appeared on the Internet in 2004.


The OSC is doubling its staff and bringing in material from 32 government agencies that also produce unclassified reports, Mr. Jardines said.

If you write a letter to your congressman or your m.p. or deputy, you might reach one secretary in some obscure department somewhere. Your letter, along with dozens of others, might go into a pile to gather dust or even a form-letter response sent back at your expense. If you write to the public, if you resonate in the world of people who vote, then the politicians must come to you to beg for your vote instead of you begging them to pay attention to you. Make the rotten bastards work for you. That's what we elect them to do. Politicians aren't leaders, they are our servants to carry out our orders. Politicians are cooks and waiters dishwashers. This banquet of democracy is ours to feast at. We choose the place and the staff, and they carry our our commands. If we don't choose the best, then we must toss them our and fill our government with better people who can do the jobs we expect them to.

We don't tell the cooks how to cook. We choose what we want, and the cooks do their professional jobs or they don't. That's the end of it. They ask us if we like it. We don't beg them to appeal to us.

According to Ted McKeough in a special to The Star:

NEW YORK—There have been plenty of commentators arguing that blogs will lead to the demise of "old" media organizations that publish newspapers, magazines and books.

ABC News columnist Michael S. Malone predicted the end of newspapers last year when he saw "the first links embedded in blogs. There was simply nothing in the physical world that could ever hope to match the ability to leap through cyberspace from story to story, file to file, with almost infinite extension." Or as former editor-in-chief of Merrill Brown put it: "The future of the news industry is seriously threatened by the seemingly irrevocable move by young people away from traditional sources of news."

Yet despite the proliferation and popularity of blogs, the obliteration of mainstream media as we know it is just not happening. Rather than resembling a steamroller, blogs are looking like the cheese on the bread that is mainstream media; or if you prefer, the icing on the cake.

As it now stands, the reason that so many blog links go to MSM is because, currently, the MSM is the dominant gatherers of news and content. No blogger can afford, individually, to, for example, imbed a journalist with the troops in the front lines of Iraq (or as most MSM outlets do, in the green zone). An exception to this has been Steve Marshall of Guerrilla News who produced a Sundance award winning doc while doing this on his own tab.

This will change when there are more bloggers at the places where news occurs. News will be something that is reported in real time, by the participants and direct observers. And the main media for this will be blogs, in real time. And with the use of aggregators and spiders, a second after someone posts something interesting, the world will have it.

Then the MSM will become republishers. And they will die.

posted by Brian Lemon at 4:36 PM

This editorial is based on two pieces from the MSM. Both came from blogs. You, dear reader, are becoming the media. In time we won't require the MSM for our copy. We will be the ones trained and professional and on the spot who write and publish the news. The politicians will more and more come to us for our commands.

When we meet on Thursday evenings at the Vancouver Public Library from 7-9:00 pm each week we conduct democracy in action. We by-pass the politicians and the MSM in favor of private people conducting their own public affairs. When a Canadian terrorist supporter hires on with the Canadian government it is bloggers and readers who make their opinions known on the Internet. We don't write letters to the editor of the Toronto Star. We don't write letters to our m.p.s. We blog, and the whole world knows in a moment that the Canadian government has a terrorist agitator in it's public office. We have power and we can and do use it. It's democracy.

Please join us on Thursday at 7:00 pm to discuss your views. We'll be in Vancouver, Canada. You, being elsewhere, can do the same kind of democratic agitating we do. Democracy isn't limited to Vancouver. It's for everyone. It's for you. You are democracy yourself. Exercise it. Don't sit at home reading the local paper. Don't sit in watching the news on TV. Walk to the library and meet your fellows. You're free to do that. Vote with your feet.

Join us. Meet us. We want to know your opinions. Write a letter to your blogger. Let him or her know what you think about this!

What's on the menu?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Life grown young and sweet.

From Covenant Zone.

Acts of violence against property and persons is a bad thing, right? Destroying functional edifices and healthy bodies is a sign of rage and hatred in the perpetrator, no? Smashing, burning, killing, these are things decent people don't do in the world. And if by odd chance they do anyway, they don't like it. They don't do it with happy enthusiasm. Do they?

Oh, I say Yes! Smash things, kill people-- and like it. Yeah, even love it and laugh about it. Celebrate destruction and death. Look on this as a happy thing.

There will be some people who don't need any further discussion to find themselves in agreement with the above. They will be the ones we find on death row. The rest of us do need an explanation. Once we have it I think it'll be known and felt as reasonable and necessary and right that we wreck and kill. Crazy as it seems, Bakunin is right that destruction is creation in disguise. War is a right act. Maiming and killing individuals is a proper thing. We should do it and be glad of it. We should hate those who don't join us. Maybe we should even kill them on occasion. We should consider being Enthused! about killing people.

"In my village, all the lawyers are named Kalashnikov."

Humanity is bifurcating, splitting between those who remain primitive and pre-feudal and those who are and are becoming Modern. There are in the world cavemen and spacemen. We cannot continue to co-exist. This town ain't big enough for the two of us, this global village. Somebody's got till sun-up to get out of town. Come sun-up there's gonna be a shoot out on Main Street. First rule of a gun fight? Don't show up with a club. Bring a laser ray-gun.

There are two kinds of people in the world today who will define the future of Humanity for the coming millennium, and none of them are cavemen Muslims. They are the detritus of Humanity, even if their side should triumph in the bifurcation of Humanity. The two sides of the significant world's population are us. We are in the midst of a civil war, and who among us wins will decide the future. There's gonna be some killin' done. The Sheriff and and outlaws are facing off and the townsfolk are hiding behind their doors in the hope that when the dust settles the good guys win. The passivists are useless to us and to them. Forget 'em. This fight is between the raging, hate-filled scum pacifists and the likes of my kind, known here at The Fortress to our mentally retarded denizen Clarence as "war mongrels." Clare might be retarded but he's not stupid. Let slip the dogs of war.

There is a script in this Modern world we live in that most people have a good sense of, even knowing some of the phrases and lines by heart, having grown up with them and having heard them as the way things are. The script is anti-war. Most people recite from it without any real thought involved in who wrote it or what the lines mean. They're extras. The anti-war biggies, the stars of today's play, they are professional actors. The rest of us are a very irate audience. this play sucks. By God, we want a refund and a new show.

Let's sing another song, boys. This one has grown old and bitter.

The sheriff crouches in the corner with the Prozac dealer, the grief councillors fluttering around the wings, the social workers ready to take distraught women and children to foster homes and day care centres for trauma treatments. It's a sad, sad story. The sheriff in his space suit cringes, cries, and weeps in the arms of his male life-partner. He consults with his lawyer and assistants. He checks with his accountant. He gives a power point presentation to his fans and unionised staff.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

The anti-war fascists have prepared the cavemen, giving them money and filling them up with righteous indignation about the evils of the townsfolk, and especially about the evils of the sheriff. The cavemen pop off by mistake because they don't quite get the mechanics of their bomb-belts, but never mind, there are more where they came from, and besides, this isn't about the cavemen: this is about the anti-war fascists using the cavemen to beat the sheriff. The cavemen are pumped. They are ready to face the cowardly sheriff, and they don't quite get it but they know they must be right about whatever they're doing because all the anti-war fascists have been telling them for a century they should be fighting the sheriff. Oh, who knows why? It just feels right. So off they go.

The cavemen pile into the street, whooping and screaming and carrying on, and the sheriff blows away a few of them, and the cave men return to the anti-war pacifists to rage and beat their chests and to hear how heroic they were and that they should try again. The sheriff and the townspeople all seek counselling. It's the guilt, you know. It's so unbearably hard to live with. We all need Prozac. We send the cavemen a cheque to soothe their woes and to show we don't hold a grudge. Yup, and here they come again. Pass that Zoloft. It's all our fault. Where's my life-partner? I'm going to weep.

What are you going to do? It's right there in the script.

[Uh oh, our friend Dag is about to write something inappropriate. I just have this feeling he's going to do it again.]

Cavemen with bombs?! Good grief, kill them.

[There it is. He did it. Oh, Dag, you dawg.]

Townsfolk and spacepeople, what are we doing? Why are we wallowing in a puddle of sentimentality and stupid self-made guilt? These caveman ain't no friends of mine, and you don't like 'em. They torture people, cut off people's heads, beat and enslave their women, mutilate and rape their children. What's the story here? Name 219 things you like about these people. OK, name 31. Or even one. they're Human. They deserve to live. And so do others, those very people the cavemen will destroy and murder if we don't stop them from it. It's not like the cavemen are going away never to be seen again. We're stuck with them. And this global village town ain't big enough for the both of us. Nope, that ain't gonna happen.

Are we good people or are we evil like the pacifists and anti-war fascists say we are? Well, which? It's an either or question. Are we good and even getting better? Or are we (refer to script....)?

I find that I'm one of those unsophisticated stupid guys, a Rightwing religious bigot no different from bin Laden, which I'll have you know comes as a shocking surprise to me. I'm one of those who thinks there are rights and wrongs, good and evil. Worse than that, (and yes, it does get worse, dear reader,) I am enthused about doing good rather than evil. Oh no, I'm even a fanatic. I like the idea of killing the bad guys till they are so beaten there is no more strength left in them to continue. That's me being a war-mongrel. I'm insensitive.

I'm not the last guy in the West like myself, though it often seems that I'm the only guy who likes myself. In fact, I'm kind of enthused about myself. I even like being alive. I like other people being alive. I like those things so much that I'm happy to go out of my way to kill people who beat up women and who cut off men's heads for religious reasons or whatever. I'm so enthused about other people that I go out of my way to track down and do serious harm to those who explode bombs in public marketplaces to kill at random. I not only like it, I'm not only enthused about it, I go so far as to write that others should do the same until we either subdue for permanent the cavemen and the dhimmi fascists who incite them or till we lose the struggle altogether. I write that we should feel really good about smashing the caves and killing the bad guys. I write that we should as nations make war not consumer products.

We should make waging war on the primitives our reason for living. We should like it so much and feel so good about it that we develop a serious case of war fever. We should stop worrying and learn to love the bomb.

I like that guy, Winston Churchill, a fascist, I hear.

I think a curse should rest on me — because I love this war. I know it's smashing and shattering the lives of thousands every moment — and yet — I can't help it — I enjoy every second of it.

A letter to a friend (1916)

This, friend, is a letter to you. I don't see one hope in Hell of us liking a war waged for the sake of more multiculturalism. Maybe it's just me but I tend to think that waging a war for the sake of more Human Rights Commission hearings into Islamophobia and insults against Islam is going to do us more harm than good. I think we might find something better in life if we look to the positive and get enthused about it to the point we actually go out and make it happen even if we have to smash things and kill people to make it happen. I think that with some real enthusiasm for our mission we might hjust do some good. I know I enjoy it.

And those who don't? They're not nice people actually. They get people killed. They don't do the killing themselves. They set up others to do it for them. How do we defeat them? Look to the past a bit, to Churchill's time:

In August 1914, a few months after the start of the First World War, Admiral Charles Fitzgerald founded the Order of the White Feather with support from the prominent author Mary Ward. The organisation aimed to coerce men to enlist in the British Army by persuading women to present them with a white feather if they were not wearing a uniform.

The campaign was very effective, and spread throughout several other nations in the British Commonwealth. So much so that it started to cause problems for the government when public servants came under pressure to enlist. This prompted the Home Secretary, Reginald McKenna, to issue employees in state industries with lapel badges reading 'King and Country' to indicate that they too were serving the war effort.



In contrast, the white feather has been partially embraced by pacifist organisations as a sign of harmlessness. During the First World War the pacifist Fenner Brockway received so many white feathers he was known to comment that he now had enough feathers to make a fan.

(Let's sing another song, boys, this one has grown old and bitter.)

Oh, I could make a fan!

Let's get a new social script and some new actors on the world stage. Let's wreck things and kill people. Let's kick some butt. And let's realise that what we do is the best thing anyone can do. Let's be enthused about it.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Mea Culpa

Being cool at age 16 is cool. Being cool at 20 is a free ticket to the local prison. And yet many of our public intellectuals find that being cool is their ticket to tenure, tenor, fame, and fortune. That is so uncool.

Today the Cool One might succeed in pressing charges of raping the lock. Sexual harassment. Or one might be ruined by accusations of right wing religious bigotry for mentioning Pope. Such may be the follies of our time. An enthusiasm for outrageous offense. With suede elbow patches firmly press'd on desk, bearded chin resting on plump heeled hand, wry look on furrowed brow, "Ah Ha!" The maggoty digits swarm across the pads, opus, o pus, Oh pus, Dei. Another masterpolice of the p.c. cool guys. Man, u.... Manu. Manu factor. Mani factory. Dare he? Derry. Derida-da-da-da. Post doc. ergo propter hoc. It is so genius to be cool.

Man, that is so uncool.

I hate cool guys. Give me any day the sun arises the cool reason of Rationality and those to Hume may concern. Give me enthusiasm. I love enthusiasm. I love the excitement of goofy liking. That is SO COOL! I like that Bacon died in the frost. I like Frost's apples. Give me apples daily. I'm a pig for 'em.

Our cool guys are such duds. They rely on an exaggerated state of pseudo-ironic fervor or reliance on pomo inspiration. I decry their manifestations of enthusiasm as incompatible with the proper employment of rational faculties. They're a load of posing phonies. I wanna choke 'em. I'm so much as enthused about the prospects.

An exaggerated state of religious fervor or reliance on divine inspiration. Enlightenment philosophers such as Locke and Leibniz decried manifestations of enthusiasm as incompatible with the proper employment of rational faculties.

I have an enthusiasm for Classicism. I like it very much. I'm so, like, I'm so five minutes ago. Shame on me, but my idea of a social model is a girl who speaks to me. I'm really uncool. I read books by dead White men. I'm really stupid. But I'm enthused about it. [Memo: Dag, bang thy head.]

"The essays collected in this volume explore the important, often surprising role that the now innocuous term 'enthusiasm' played in a number of fields, including theology, philosophy, social theory, physiology, and aesthetics, considered in three distinct regions of early modern Europe. The volume's underlying thesis is that enthusiasm had a Janus-like quality, evoking both positive ideas of religious or artistic inspiration and darker associations with disorder, delusion, and excess. The latter pejorative meanings had originated in the theological controversies of the Protestant Reformation but persisted, in more secular forms, into the Romantic era. At the heart of all the essays is the complicated interrelation of enthusiasm and Enlightenment: that is, the way that enthusiasm served both as a foil to eighteenth-century notions of enlightened rationality, sociability, and modernity and as a means of preserving values that those notions sometimes threatened, like the mysteries of creativity and spiritual illumination, the privacy of consciousness, and the desire to transcend the limits of the self. . . . The book is an impressive collection that greatly illuminates its central historical subject while also challenging the methodological assumptions commonly brought to Enlightenment studies."--American Historical Review.

I have this enthusiasm for David Hume. That's probably because "I am very stupid. I do not know anything, my friend. I am very ignorant. I am like bin Laden." If only I could be a Mensa cheerleader, a Romantic, like the fanatic madman [who] delivers himself over, blindly, and without reserve, to the supposed illapses of the spirit, and to inspiration from above. Hope, pride, presumption, a warm imagination, together with ignorance, oh to love the oppressed peoples of the world. Then I'd be a pomo cool guy. I like Hume. He doesn't like enthusiasm.

But the mind of man is also subject to an unaccountable elevation and presumption, arising from prosperous success, from luxuriant health, from strong spirits, or from a bold and confident disposition. In such a state of mind, the imagination swells with great but confused conceptions, to which no sublunary beauties or enjoyments can correspond. Every thing mortal and perishable vanishes as unworthy of attention. And a full range is given to the fancy in the invisible regions or world of spirits, where the soul is at liberty to indulge itself in every imagination, which may best suit its present taste and disposition. Hence arise raptures, transports, and surprising flights of fancy; and confidence and presumption still increasing, these raptures, being altogether unaccountable, and seeming quite beyond the reach of our ordinary faculties, are attributed to the immediate inspiration of that Divine Being, who is the object of devotion. In a little time, the inspired person comes to regard himself as a distinguished favourite of the Divinity; and when this frenzy once takes place, which is the summit of enthusiasm, every whimsy is consecrated: Human reason, and even morality are rejected as fallacious guides: And the fanatic madman delivers himself over, blindly, and without reserve, to the supposed illapses of the spirit, and to inspiration from above. Hope, pride, presumption, a warm imagination, together with ignorance, are, therefore, the true sources of ENTHUSIASM.

I have little enthusiasm for the pot-bellied hipsters of post-modern cool. I'd like to dissect them. Being the goofy kind of guy I am I'd start with the grey pony-tails. Yup, I'd rape their locks. Oh, I'm going to sue myself. I am, like, so uncool!

And enthused about it.