Sunday, April 16, 2006

Islamic Flat Earth News.

Another Anglican Outrage Against Islam.

IFEN has learned that the Cross-worshipping Anglican shirkers, wicked polytheists, have yet again committed an outrage against Islam, the Prophet, (pbuh) and Allah, (swat,) by creating more associates with Him.

In an evil attempt to malign Islam by pretending there is more than one God, the Anglican Synod has decided that they will give sainthood to Charles Manson. Said one anonymous Anglican shirker spokesman:

"We had great misgivings about elevating Manson, er, St. Charles, due to his beard. We felt that he should be shown as less masculine and more inclusive of all the universe than he is as shown in the stained glass representations we've installed at Westminster Abbey. The debate, let me assure you, was 'heated.' But in our own inclusive way, getting better day by day, we compromised and let the beard remain, though we will be shortening it if there are any who take offense."

This proves once again that it is the Zionists who control the Anglican Church. It does great harm to Islam to assign partners to Allah.

"We are going to sue," said one pious Muslim when he heard the news. Thousands of others too across dar al-Islam have volunteered for martyrdom operations should this outrage continue.

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