Friday, July 22, 2011

Norwegian Omelette.

"Experts point to the extreme-right," a translation of an article from Nyheder, July 22: The man in police uniform who shot wildly around on Utøya is Norwegian. - It is highly possible that this may be linked to the extreme-right, says Professor Tore Bjørgo at the Police Academy.

From Jihad Watch:

Leftards are going to love this, assuming it's a non-Muslim local who did it. They will go to Heaven straight away if one loner killed all those people in Oslo and just off-shore. They can then trot out all the usual ugly moral equivalences and pose moralistic. They must be pissing themselves in anticipation.

I have something to say about this, but I have no reason as yet to say it.

My personal condolences to the survivors.