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Honor Killing

The following quotations come from a frontpagemagazine round-table discussion on women and Islam. The question arises from the discussion: As murder of women in the Moslem community becomes more and more common in the West, how long will it be until murder of women is deemed an essential behaviour? In a novel by Sven Hassel, a Danish Nazi collaborator in WWII, wrote a book on the Gestapo, a chilling insight from which is that eventually the totalitarian state must reach into every family at least once to drive home the lesson of its power. Look then at Islam, in the concept of honor killing: if a Moslem family doesn't kill a woman member, then it means either that the women of that family are somehow beyond reproach or that the women in the family are all sluts in control of the males of the family, a thing that seems to cause some drama-queen reaction from Moslem males. Therefore, even if the women in the Moslem family are pure as driven snow, there must be at least one murder in the family simply in keeping up with the Jinnahs or al-Jones, to show the community that there is 'honor' in the family. The only question remaining is who pops mom or who stabs sis to death? Or maybe the question is "What the hell is going on here?"

Symposium: Murdering Women For "Honor"
By Jamie Glazov | June 10, 2005

Let me add the historical aspect. As Islam primarily is and has always been not a religion but a political ideology, male command over the family and violence against women are and have always been indispensable pillars of the Muslim society. For the modern mind it appears quite strange to follow rules which have not only stayed unchanged since 1400 years ago but have also been continuously confirmed over this long period of time.

When a Muslim male beats, rapes or even kills a woman, we are faced with a deeply rooted behaviour pattern which has picked up as a refreshed fashion now. It is called "honor" because it is supposed to secure male power and prevent the society from falling into "Fitna". This is an Arabic term and means something the Muslim ideology is extremely afraid of, namely disturbance or even upheaval in the community. In other words, keeping women under control saves the "peace of Islam".

Allah is a version which did not reach the Jewish-Christian level of metaphysical abstraction and human legitimation. From an unreachable position this God creates the world every moment anew, conserving two basic mythical elements. Human existence is only possible as unconscious part of the community and in turn redeemable on two roads: the male right to fight against and kill non-believers as well as to sexually control women and punish and kill the disobedient ones among them. Insofar killing a non-Muslim and/or an allegedly insubordinate woman represents the classical sacrifice to Allah hoping to gain his mercy and entry into paradise.

If you want to help Muslim women you have to stop wondering about ideology, religion and even politics. You simply have to tell the public what the reality in Islam is and you must not stop telling them. You have to spread the bad news wherever you can about women being confined, beaten, raped, stoned and killed as well as constantly degraded, psychologically destroyed and made sick by sun light deficits. You have to put forward what Dr. Kobrin expressed in very simple words: militant Muslims cut heads off in order to remove thoughts. You have to add what Ms. Ates explained in similarly well understandable terms: many radicalized Muslim men express their "human" perfection by raping because their only wavelength of communication with women is through forced sex. It ends up with the female "human right" of Islam which is coital obedience - forced or "voluntary".

Dr. Hans-Peter Raddatz , a scholar of Islamic Studies and author of two books on the subject of women in Islam, Allahs Schleier - die Frau im Kampf der Kulturen ( Allah's Veil - Women in the Clash of Civilization) and Allahs Frauen - Djihad zwischen Demokratie und Scharia (Allah's Women - Jihad Between Democracy and Sharia).

It doesn't take an expert in anything to see the effects of the dhimmitude the majority of Westerners place themselves in in relation to Islam. It does not require intelligent debate to come to a rational conclusion regarding the treatment of women in Islam, the relative virtues of Islamic treatment of females, this or that or whatever. What is clear, a priori, is that murdering women is immoral, that immorality must not continue when there are those who can halt it, and that the only way to stop the evil of Islamic treatment of female is to intervene by force to crush the Moslem behaviour that results from Islamic theory, i.e. slavery, abuse, mutilation, and murder of females.

Hatred of Islam? Yes, clearly so. Islam is fascism, a clearly evil ideology that must be broken, smashed, ground to dust, and scattered forever on the dust-heap of history. Islam comprises itself of people, and they must be brought under control by force, enslaved, penned, made to die out, and they must be forgotten as anything other than savages and beasts.

Since the above sentiments might not have been clear enough we will repeat them in paraphrase in other, up-coming posts.

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Iraq: Now and Then

The following pieces come from the New York Times and from American Thinker, with compilations by Hugh Fitzgerald, via Robert Spencer at We includeihemt here in support of our thesis that the only reasonable and moral position one can take in the struggle for the spread of the revolution of Modernity and the implacement of universal human rights is that of William Walker's colonial conquest and a Modernist Stalinesque rule in pre-modern lands until such time as primitive people are assimilated into the general matrix of human progress, regardless of how much they might dislike it, and until such time as they know nothing else. We advocate the French Revolution's path of destroying the old guard and its entrenched privilege by force. Anything short of total success is inhumane. And to achieve this goal we must form a Leninist-style political party of dedicated professional revolutionaries who will coldly go to the struggle with only one objective: Complete victory. Humanity deserves nothing less.

This dual piece on Iraq, then and now, might only be useful to the next group who go to war against Islam if in our current struggle we don't pay attention to the lessons provided by Bostom, Fitzgerald, and Spencer below the NYT article, if we don't pay attention to the past as so clearly laid out in the second part of this installment.

Who decides what is good and what is bad? Only in a modern democracy can the average man or woman make that decision individually and personally. Those who are born into the slavery of Allah do not have that choice. We have a choice whether we wish to extend the benefits of Modernity to the whole world or whether we will simply keep to ourselves what we have and hope others who do not share our modern world-views will leave us in peace to live as we wish rather than turning on us in violence to restore the order of their world, a primitive world in contradiction to ours. If our world is good, then we have a moral duty to spread the advantage to all; but if ours is simply an alternative to primitivism then we have nothing but shadows and illusions, and we should consider giving that up in favor of Islam, a passionate psychosis that adds certainty and order to a chaotic world of the mind. If Islam is good, we owe it to our children to provide them with that benefit. If it is not good we must stop it from destroying the minds and lives of Moslem children who do not have any choice in the matter of thought. We see below that islam in Iraq is set in cement, that nothing will change there without force, slavery, and Stalinist repression of the old and evil culture. If what we have is good, we must pay the price of imposing the good on those who will resist. Islam will not change. Look at the stories of now and then, and imagine the future if we do nothing more than allow the rot to continue.

From the New York Times.
Q&A: Iraq's Militias
Published: June 9, 2005

Despite repeated U.S. requests for them to disband, Iraq's various ethnic and sectarian militias continue to exist, and in some cases, are on a path to being recognized as part of Iraq's security apparatus. On June 8, for example, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani praised an Iran-trained Shiite militia known as the Badr Organization and the Kurdish peshmerga security force. The continued operation of these militias raises fears among experts that security responsibilities in Iraq will increasingly be enforced not by a unified, U.S.-trained army, but by a diverse group of potentially feuding militias that could deepen the nation's sectarian divisions.

The larger, more established militias, such as the Badr Organization and peshmerga, are tied to Iraq's leading political parties, organized along sectarian lines, and enforce order in their respective regions.

What is the Badr Organization?

It is the Iranian-trained wing of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), the largest Shiite party in Iraq. During the U.S.-led occupation government's crackdown on militia groups in 2003, the 10,000-strong militia changed its name from the Badr Brigade to the Badr Organization of Reconstruction and Development and pledged to disarm. The group, however, has reportedly remained armed, and today operates mainly in Shiite-controlled southern Iraq, where a number of regional governments are dominated by SCIRI representatives. One of Badr's recent offshoots is a feared, elite commando unit linked to the Iraqi Interior Ministry called the Wolf Brigade. Sunni leaders have recently accused the Badr Organization of revenge killings against Sunni clerics and unlawful kidnappings.

The Mahdi Army.Loyal to the young, anti-U.S. cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, this group of thousands of armed loyalists fought U.S. forces for much of last year before agreeing to an October 2004 ceasefire. Recent news reports suggest the militia, which controls much of Sadr City, a Baghdad slum of some 2.5 million Shiites, may be regrouping and rearming itself. Muqtada al-Sadr has refused to participate directly in the Iraqi government, though some of his followers were elected to seats on the Iraqi National Assembly.

What risks do the militia and commando units pose?

Some experts question their allegiance to the national government, because they are generally drawn exclusively from sectarian or ethnic communities, whether Sunni, Shiite, or Kurd. In Iraq, as anywhere, increased sectarian tension can result when members of one ethnic group or community are charged with policing and arresting another. "There's a concern that what they're creating [are] armed militia[s] with no loyalty to the national government," Hammes says. "I think it's better to go with an organized national army, because otherwise you get militia[s], and that's a first step toward a civil war." Some experts also predict rising tensions between Iraqi army officers and leaders of semi-sanctioned militia. Others fear that a Shiite-led Interior Ministry may seek to purge its ranks of Sunnis, which could prompt them to join the insurgency.

--by Lionel Beehner, staff writer,

Iraq's Jihad: Past as Prologue

At the American Thinker, Andrew Bostom publishes some revealing quotations from 1920s British consular official Gertrude Bell, collected by Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald. I would have written "Is it history? Or today's headlines?" were it not for the fact that today's mainstream media outlets are ignoring the jihad character of what is happening in Iraq.

Baghdad, March 14, 1920

It's a problem here how to get into touch with the Shiahs, not the tribal people in the country; we're on intimate terms with all of them, but the grimly devout citizens of the holy towns and more especially the leaders of religious opinion, the Mujtahids, who can loose and bind with a word by authority which rests on an intimate acquaintance with accumulated knowledge entirely irrelevant to human affairs and worthless in any branch of human activity. There they sit in an atmosphere which reeks of antiquity and is so thick with the dust of ages that you can't see through it -- nor can they. And for the most part they are very hostile to us, a feeling we can't alter…There's a group of these worthies in Kadhimain, the holy city, 8 miles from Baghdad, bitterly pan-Islamic, anti-British…Chief among them are a family called Sadr, possibly more distinguished for religious learning than any other family in the whole Shiah world….I went yesterday [to visit them] accompanied by an advanced Shiah of Baghdad whom I knew well.

Baghdad, September 5, 1920
We are now in the middle of a full-blown Jihad, that is to say we have against us the fiercest prejudices of a people in a primeval state of civilization. Which means that it's no longer a question of reason….The unthinking people, who form the great mass of the world, follow suit in a blind revolt against the accepted order. They don't now how to substitute anything better, but it's clear that few things can be worse. We're near to a complete collapse of society -- the end of the Roman empire is a very close historical parallel. We've practically come to the collapse of society here and there's little on which you can depend for its reconstruction.

Baghdad, November 29, 1920

We are greatly hampered by the tribal rising which has delayed the work of handing over to the Arab Govt. Sir Percy(Cox), I think rightly, decided that the tribes must be made to submit to force. In no other way was it possible t make them surrender their arms or teach them that you mustn't lightly engage in revolution, even when your holy men tell you to do so…

Baghdad, December 18, 1920

The Council is aware and Sir Percy has constantly impressed upon them, the vital need of getting down to the formation of a native army to relieve ours. No Govt. in this country, whether ours or an Arab administration, can carry on without force behind it. The Arab Government has no force till its army is organized therefore it can't exist unless we lend it troops. Mesopotamia is not a civilized state, it is largely composed of wild tribes who do not wish to shoulder the burden and expense of citizenship…

NOTE: I would like to thank Hugh Fitzgerald for kindly bringing to my attention "The Letters of Gertrude Bell", [Volume II, New York, 1927], and also providing me with all the specific excerpts I have used save for the two letters regarding the Nestorians (Assyrians), i.e., the letters of May 20 and October 10.

Dr. Bostom is an Associate Professor of Medicine, and the author of the forthcoming The Legacy of Jihad, from Prometheus Books (2005).

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The Cave of Islam

This moral story, though not strictly accurate historically, gives us a good vantage point from which to look at Islam, and other abberant forms of religion and ideology. Who, raised to ruin from birth in an evil enviornment, is guilty; and at adulthood, who is culpable for the crimes they commit? What is our relationship with Moslems who are culturally insane? How do we deal with them? What do we do with a billion people raised from birth to see the rest of the Human population as little more than a food source?

The work below has far-reaching implications for all of us, of course, but to restrict ourselves to the question of how we deal with Islam is consequential in our time. We, being imperfect, have the duty to strive for better. Part of our struggle is to understand what to do with a billion Moslem people living in a moral cave. We aren't likely to eat them. What is to be done?

The Complete Newgate Calendar
Volume I

Sawney Beane


An incredible Monster who, with his Wife, lived by Murder and Cannibalism in a Cave. Executed at Leith with his whole Family in the Reign of James I

SAWNEY BEANE was born in the county of East Lothian, about eight or nine miles eastward of the city of Edinburgh, some time in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, whilst King James I. governed only in Scotland. His parents worked at hedging and ditching for their livelihood, and brought up their son to the same occupation. He got his daily bread in his youth by these means, but being very much prone to idleness, and not caring for being confined to any honest employment, he left his father and mother, and ran away into the desert part of the country, taking with him a woman as viciously inclined as himself. These two took up their habitation in a rock by the seaside, on the shore of the county of Galloway, where they lived upwards of twenty five years without going into any city, town, or village.
In this time they had a great number of children and grandchildren, whom they brought up after their own manner, without any notions of humanity or civil society. They never kept any company but among themselves, and supported themselves wholly by robbing; being, moreover, so very cruel, that they never robbed anyone whom they did not murder.
By this bloody method, and their living so retiredly from the world, they continued such a long time undiscovered, there being nobody able to guess how the people were lost that went by the place where they lived. As soon as they had robbed and murdered any man, woman or child, they used to carry off the carcass to the den, where, cutting it into quarters, they would pickle the mangled limbs, and after- wards eat it; this being their only sustenance. And, not- withstanding, they were at last so numerous, they commonly had superfluity of this their abominable food; so that in the night time they frequently threw legs and arms of the un- happy wretches they had murdered into the sea, at a great distance from their bloody habitation. The limbs were often cast up by the tide in several parts of the country, to the astonishment and terror of all the beholders, and others who heard it. Persons who had gone about their lawful occasions fell so often into their hands that it caused a general outcry in the country round about, no man know- ing what was become of his friend or relation, if they were once seen by these merciless cannibals.
All the people in the adjacent parts were at last alarmed at such a common loss of their neighbours and acquaintance; for there was no travelling in safety near the den of these wretches. This occasioned the sending frequent spies into these parts, many of whom never returned again, and those who did, after the strictest search and inquiry, could not find how these melancholy matters happened. Several honest travellers were taken up on suspicion, and wrongfully hanged upon bare circumstances; several innocent inn- keepers were executed for no other reason than that persons who had been thus lost were known to have lain at their houses, which occasioned a suspicion of their being mur- dered by them and their bodies privately buried in obscure places to prevent a discovery. Thus an ill placed justice was executed with the greatest severity imaginable, in order to prevent these frequent atrocious deeds; so that not a few innkeepers, who lived on the Western Road of Scotland, left off their business, for fear of being made examples, and followed other employments. This on the other hand occasioned many great inconveniences to travellers, who were now in great distress for accommoda- tion for themselves and their horses when they were dis- posed to bait, or put up for lodging at night. In a word, the whole country was almost depopulated.
Still the King's subjects were missing as much as before; so that it was the admiration of the whole kingdom how such villainies could be carried on and the villains not be found out. A great many had been executed, and not one of them all made any confession at the gallows, but stood to it at the last that they were perfectly innocent of the crimes for which they suffered. When the magistrates found all was in vain, they left off these rigorous proceed- ings, and trusted wholly to Providence for the bringing to light the authors of these unparalleled barbarities, when it should seem proper to the Divine wisdom.
Sawney's family was at last grown very large, and every branch of it, as soon as able, assisted in perpetrating their wicked deeds, which they still followed with impunity. Sometimes they would attack four, five or six foot men together, but never more than two if they were on horse- back. They were, moreover, so careful that not one whom they set upon should escape, that an ambuscade was placed on every side to secure them, let them fly which way they would, provided it should ever so happen that one or more got away from the first assailants. How was it possible they should be detected, when not one that saw them ever saw anybody else afterwards? The place where they inhabited was quite solitary and lonesome; and when the tide came up, the water went for near two hundred yards into their subterraneous habitation, which reached almost a mile under- ground; so that when some who had been sent armed to search all the by-places about had passed by the mouth of their cave, they had never taken any notice of it, not supposing that anything human would reside in such a place of perpetual horror and darkness.
The number of the people these savages destroyed was never exactly known, but it was generally computed that in the twenty-five years they continued their butcheries they had washed their hands in eke blood of a thousand, at least, men, women and children. The manner how they were at last discovered was as follows.
A man and.his wife behind him on the same horse coming one evening home from a fair, and falling into the ambuscade of these merciless wretches, they fell upon them in a most furious manner. The man, to save himself as well as he could, fought very bravely against them with sword and pistol, riding some of them down, by main force of his horse. In the conflict the poor woman fell from behind him, and was instantly murdered before her husband's face; for the female cannibals cut her throat and fell to sucking her blood with as great a gust as if it had been wine. This done, they ripped up her belly and pulled out all her entrails. Such a dreadful spectacle made the man make the more obstinate resistance, as expecting the same fate if he fell into their hands. It pleased Providence, while he was engaged, that twenty or thirty from the same fair came together in a body; upon which Sawney Beane and his bloodthirsty clan withdrew, and made the best of their way through a thick wood to their den.
This man, who was the first that had ever fallen in their way and came off alive, told the whole company what had happened, and showed them the horrid spectacle of his wife, whom the murderers had dragged to some distance, but had not time to carry her entirely off. They were all struck with stupefaction and amazement at what he related, took him with them to Glasgow, and told the affair to the provost of that city, who immediately sent to the King concerning it.
In about three or four days after, his Majesty himself in person, with a body of about four hundred men, set out for the place where this dismal tragedy was acted, in order to search all the rocks and thickets, that, if possible, they might apprehend this hellish cure, which had been so long pernicious to all the western parts of the kingdom.
The man who had been attacked was the guide, and care was taken to have a large number of bloodhounds with them, that no human means might be wanting towards their putting an entire end to these cruelties.
No sign of any habitation was to be found for a long time, and even when they came to the wretches' cave they took no notice of it, but were going to pursue their search along the seashore, the tide being then out. But some of the bloodhounds luckily entered this Cimmerian den, and instantly set up a most hideous barking, howling and yelp- ing; so that the King, with his attendants, came back, and looked into it. They could not yet tell how to conceive that anything human could be concealed in a place where they saw nothing but darkness. Never the less, as the bloodhounds increased their noise, went farther in, and refused to come back again, they began to imagine there was some reason more than ordinary. Torches were now immediately sent for, and a great many men ventured in through the most intricate turnings and windings, till at last they arrived at that private recess from all the world which was the habitation of these monsters.
Now the whole body, or as many of them as could, went in, and were all so shocked at what they beheld that they were almost ready to sink into the earth. Legs, arms, thighs, hands and feet of men, women and children were hung up in rows, like dried beef. A great many limbs lay in pickle, and a great mass of money, both gold and silver, with watches, rings, swords, pistols, and a large quantity of clothes, both linen and woollen, and an infinite number of other things, which they had taken from those whom they had murdered, were thrown together in heaps, or hung up against the sides of the den.
Sawney's family at this time, besides him, consisted of his wife, eight sons, six daughters, eighteen grandsons, and fourteen granddaughters, who were all begotten in incest.
These were all seized and pinioned by his Majesty's order in the first place; then they took what human flesh they found and buried it in the sands; afterwards loading themselves with the spoils which they found, they returned to Edinburgh with their prisoners, all the country, as they passed along, flocking to see this cursed tribe. When they were come to their journey's end, the wretches were all committed to the Tolbooth, from whence they were the next day conducted under a strong guard to Leith, where they were all executed without any process, it being thought needless to try creatures who were even professed enemies to mankind.
The men had their hands and legs severered from their bodies; by which amputations they bled to death in some hours. The wife, daughters and grandchildren, having been made spectators of this just punishment inflicted on the men, were afterwards burnt to death in three several fires. They all in general died without the least signs of repentance; but continued cursing and venting the most dreadful imprecations to the very last gasp of life.

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Those who claim that Ze'ev Jabotinsky is a fascist have no idea what fascism is, or if they do they use the word pejoratively and with no concern for truth. If Jabotinsky were a fascist he'd have no place of honor at this site, which he does to a high degree.

Below we post a translation of a letter entitled "The Iron Wall," which Jabotinsky wrote in 1923 and that is still important as a guide to us today. No, this is not site only for Jewish Zionists, it is a site for those of us who are willing to fight for the universal rights of Humanity regardless of who or where, and that includes especially our Moslem cousins who are in the grip of a religio-cultural fascist psychosis that can only be broken by radical intervention regardless of the resistence, whether within the Islmaic community or inside the Western world of dhimmis.

No one, reasonable or not, wants to be conquered by others. The reality of life is that the strong prevail, and the Melian Dialogue we must present to the Islamic world, which is sure to be dismissed on the old grounds, must follow history as it did. We must enforce freedom on the unwilling, not so much for their own sake as for the sake of those who now have no choice: their children and those as yet unborn. We will do that only by force, never by reason alone, and we must stop our incipid sentimentality and take up as did William Walker, by force of arms among private men and women who will conquer lands for freedom by enslaving the local populations and by beating them till they are us.

Is it a fascist agenda? In coming posts we'll look at the destruction of feudalism by the armies of the French Revolution as a way of illustrating the difference between propping up decayed reaction and the sweeping away of it by progressive force. In the menatime we can look at Jabotinski's views and see if, rather than being a fascist he wasn't more likely a figure of Modernity, a concept we at this site feel is worth fighting to spread, regardless of the oligarchic rule of fascist Moslem entrenchments.

Must we crush and annihilate reaction? At this site we say yes. Off with their heads.


Vladimir Jabotinsky

The Iron Wall
(We and the Arabs)

First published in Russian under the title O Zheleznoi Stene in Rassvyet, 4 November 1923.
Published in English in Jewish Herald (South Africa), 26 November 1937.
Transcribed & revised by Lenni Brenner.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for REDS – Die Roten.

Contrary to the excellent rule of getting to the point immediately, I must begin this article with a personal introduction. The author of these lines is considered to be an enemy of the Arabs, a proponent of their expulsion, etc. This is not true. My emotional relationship to the Arabs is the same as it is to all other peoples – polite indifference. My political relationship is characterized by two principles. First: the expulsion of the Arabs from Palestine is absolutely impossible in any form. There will always be two nations in Palestine – which is good enough for me, provided the Jews become the majority. Second: I am proud to have been a member of that group which formulated the Helsingfors Program. We formulated it, not only for Jews, but for all peoples, and its basis is the equality of all nations. I am prepared to swear, for us and our descendants, that we will never destroy this equality and we will never attempt to expel or oppress the Arabs. Our credo, as the reader can see, is completely peaceful. But it is absolutely another matter if it will be possible to achieve our peaceful aims through peaceful means. This depends, not on our relationship with the Arabs, but exclusively on the Arabs’ relationship to Zionism.

After this introduction I can now get to the point. That the Arabs of the Land of Israel should willingly come to an agreement with us is beyond all hopes and dreams at present, and in the foreseeable future. This inner conviction of mine I express so categorically not because of any wish to dismay the moderate faction in the Zionist camp but, on the contrary, because I wish to save them from such dismay. Apart from those who have been virtually “blind” since childhood, all the other moderate Zionists have long since understood that there is not even the slightest hope of ever obtaining the agreement of the Arabs of the Land of Israel to “Palestine” becoming a country with a Jewish majority.

Every reader has some idea of the early history of other countries which have been settled. I suggest that he recall all known instances. If he should attempt to seek but one instance of a country settled with the consent of those born there he will not succeed. The inhabitants (no matter whether they are civilized or savages) have always put up a stubborn fight. Furthermore, how the settler acted had no effect whatsoever. The Spaniards who conquered Mexico and Peru, or our own ancestors in the days of Joshua ben Nun behaved, one might say, like plunderers. But those “great explorers,” the English, Scots and Dutch who were the first real pioneers of North America were people possessed of a very high ethical standard; people who not only wished to leave the redskins at peace but could also pity a fly; people who in all sincerity and innocence believed that in those virgin forests and vast plains ample space was available for both the white and red man. But the native resisted both barbarian and civilized settler with the same degree of cruelty.

Another point which had no effect at all was whether or not there existed a suspicion that the settler wished to remove the inhabitant from his land. The vast areas of the U.S. never contained more than one or two million Indians. The inhabitants fought the white settlers not out of fear that they might be expropriated, but simply because there has never been an indigenous inhabitant anywhere or at any time who has ever accepted the settlement of others in his country. Any native people – its all the same whether they are civilized or savage – views their country as their national home, of which they will always be the complete masters. They will not voluntarily allow, not only a new master, but even a new partner. And so it is for the Arabs. Compromisers in our midst attempt to convince us that the Arabs are some kind of fools who can be tricked by a softened formulation of our goals, or a tribe of money grubbers who will abandon their birth right to Palestine for cultural and economic gains. I flatly reject this assessment of the Palestinian Arabs. Culturally they are 500 years behind us, spiritually they do not have our endurance or our strength of will, but this exhausts all of the internal differences. We can talk as much as we want about our good intentions; but they understand as well as we what is not good for them. They look upon Palestine with the same instinctive love and true fervor that any Aztec looked upon his Mexico or any Sioux looked upon his prairie. To think that the Arabs will voluntarily consent to the realization of Zionism in return for the cultural and economic benefits we can bestow on them is infantile. This childish fantasy of our “Arabo-philes” comes from some kind of contempt for the Arab people, of some kind of unfounded view of this race as a rabble ready to be bribed in order to sell out their homeland for a railroad network.

This view is absolutely groundless. Individual Arabs may perhaps be bought off but this hardly means that all the Arabs in Eretz Israel are willing to sell a patriotism that not even Papuans will trade. Every indigenous people will resist alien settlers as long as they see any hope of ridding themselves of the danger of foreign settlement.

That is what the Arabs in Palestine are doing, and what they will persist in doing as long as there remains a solitary spark of hope that they will be able to prevent the transformation of “Palestine” into the “Land of Israel”.

Some of us imagined that a misunderstanding had occurred, that because the Arabs did not understand our intentions, they opposed us, but, if we were to make clear to them how modest and limited our aspirations are, they would then stretch out their arms in peace. This too is a fallacy that has been proved so time and again. I need recall only one incident. Three years ago, during a visit here, Sokolow delivered a great speech about this very “misunderstanding,” employing trenchant language to prove how grossly mistaken the Arabs were in supposing that we intended to take away their property or expel them from the country, or to suppress them. This was definitely not so. Nor did we even want a Jewish state. All we wanted was a regime representative of the League of Nations. A reply to this speech was published in the Arab paper Al Carmel in an article whose content I give here from memory, but I am sure it is a faithful account.

Our Zionist grandees are unnecessarily perturbed, its author wrote. There is no misunderstanding. What Sokolow claims on behalf of Zionism is true. But the Arabs already know this. Obviously, Zionists today cannot dream of expelling or suppressing the Arabs, or even of setting up a Jewish state. Clearly, in this period they are interested in only one thing – that the Arabs not interfere with Jewish immigration. Further, the Zionists have pledged to control immigration in accordance with the country's absorptive economic capacity. But the Arabs have no illusions, since no other conditions permit the possibility of immigration.

The editor of the paper is even willing to believe that the absorptive capacity of Eretz Israel is very great, and that it is possible to settle many Jews without affecting one Arab. “Just that is what the Zionists want, and what the Arabs do not want. In this way the Jews will, little by little, become a majority and, ipso facto, a Jewish state will be formed and the fate of the Arab minority will depend on the goodwill of the Jews. But was it not the Jews themselves who told us how ‘ pleasant’ being a minority was? No misunderstanding exists. Zionists desire one thing – freedom of immigration – and it is Jewish immigration that we do not want.”

The logic employed by this editor is so simple and clear that it should be learned by heart and be an essential part of our notion of the Arab question. It is of no importance whether we quote Herzl or Herbert Samuel to justify our activities. Colonization itself has its own explanation, integral and inescapable, and understood by every Arab and every Jew with his wits about him. Colonization can have only one goal. For the Palestinian Arabs this goal is inadmissible. This is in the nature of things. To change that nature is impossible.

A plan that seems to attract many Zionists goes like this: If it is impossible to get an endorsement of Zionism by Palestine's Arabs, then it must be obtained from the Arabs of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and perhaps of Egypt. Even if this were possible, it would not change the basic situation. It would not change the attitude of the Arabs in the Land of Israel towards us. Seventy years ago, the unification of Italy was achieved, with the retention by Austria of Trent and Trieste. However, the inhabitants of those towns not only refused to accept the situation, but they struggled against Austria with redoubled vigor. If it were possible (and I doubt this) to discuss Palestine with the Arabs of Baghdad and Mecca as if it were some kind of small, immaterial borderland, then Palestine would still remain for the Palestinians not a borderland, but their birthplace, the center and basis of their own national existence. Therefore it would be necessary to carry on colonization against the will of the Palestinian Arabs, which is the same condition that exists now.

But an agreement with Arabs outside the Land of Israel is also a delusion. For nationalists in Baghdad, Mecca and Damascus to agree to such an expensive contribution (agreeing to forego preservation of the Arab character of a country located in the center of their future “federation”) we would have to offer them something just as valuable. We can offer only two things: either money or political assistance or both. But we can offer neither. Concerning money, it is ludicrous to think we could finance the development of Iraq or Saudi Arabia, when we do not have enough for the Land of Israel. Ten times more illusionary is political assistance for Arab political aspirations. Arab nationalism sets itself the same aims as those set by Italian nationalism before 1870 and Polish nationalism before 1918: unity and independence. These aspirations mean the eradication of every trace of British influence in Egypt and Iraq, the expulsion of the Italians from Libya, the removal of French domination from Syria, Tunis, Algiers and Morocco. For us to support such a movement would be suicide and treachery. If we disregard the fact that the Balfour Declaration was signed by Britain, we cannot forget that France and Italy also signed it. We cannot intrigue about removing Britain from the Suez Canal and the Persian Gulf and the elimination of French and Italian colonial rule over Arab territory. Such a double game cannot be considered on any account.

Thus we conclude that we cannot promise anything to the Arabs of the Land of Israel or the Arab countries. Their voluntary agreement is out of the question. Hence those who hold that an agreement with the natives is an essential condition for Zionism can now say “no” and depart from Zionism. Zionist colonization, even the most restricted, must either be terminated or carried out in defiance of the will of the native population. This colonization can, therefore, continue and develop only under the protection of a force independent of the local population – an iron wall which the native population cannot break through. This is, in toto, our policy towards the Arabs. To formulate it any other way would only be hypocrisy.

Not only must this be so, it is so whether we admit it or not. What does the Balfour Declaration and the Mandate mean for us? It is the fact that a disinterested power committed itself to create such security conditions that the local population would be deterred from interfering with our efforts.

All of us, without exception, are constantly demanding that this power strictly fulfill its obligations. In this sense, there are no meaningful differences between our “militarists” and our “vegetarians.” One prefers an iron wall of Jewish bayonets, the other proposes an iron wall of British bayonets, the third proposes an agreement with Baghdad, and appears to be satisfied with Baghdad’s bayonets – a strange and somewhat risky taste’ but we all applaud, day and night, the iron wall. We would destroy our cause if we proclaimed the necessity of an agreement, and fill the minds of the Mandatory with the belief that we do not need an iron wall, but rather endless talks. Such a proclamation can only harm us. Therefore it is our sacred duty to expose such talk and prove that it is a snare and a delusion.

Two brief remarks: In the first place, if anyone objects that this point of view is immoral, I answer: It is not true; either Zionism is moral and just or it is immoral and unjust. But that is a question that we should have settled before we became Zionists. Actually we have settled that question, and in the affirmative.

We hold that Zionism is moral and just. And since it is moral and just, justice must be done, no matter whether Joseph or Simon or Ivan or Achmet agree with it or not.

There is no other morality.

All this does not mean that any kind of agreement is impossible, only a voluntary agreement is impossible. As long as there is a spark of hope that they can get rid of us, they will not sell these hopes, not for any kind of sweet words or tasty morsels, because they are not a rabble but a nation, perhaps somewhat tattered, but still living. A living people makes such enormous concessions on such fateful questions only when there is no hope left. Only when not a single breach is visible in the iron wall, only then do extreme groups lose their sway, and influence transfers to moderate groups. Only then would these moderate groups come to us with proposals for mutual concessions. And only then will moderates offer suggestions for compromise on practical questions like a guarantee against expulsion, or equality and national autonomy.

I am optimistic that they will indeed be granted satisfactory assurances and that both peoples, like good neighbors, can then live in peace. But the only path to such an agreement is the iron wall, that is to say the strengthening in Palestine of a government without any kind of Arab influence, that is to say one against which the Arabs will fight. In other words, for us the only path to an agreement in the future is an absolute refusal of any attempts at an agreement now.

Note on FGM

It's not our primary purpose here to involve ourselves in the struggle to stop sexual mutilation of children, but it is a pracitice committed on children in the West among some immigrant sectors, and it is a matter of dhimmitude that some in the West shrug it off as a matter of cultural relativism. We have seen in the prior two installments on this topic the horor of FGM. While it might be cultural there is nothing relative about it. This is yet one more obvious reason why enforced cultural change is imperative and urgent. It is our view that the best hope we have of bringing about that world-wide change in culture is by military intervention from the West.

Save the Children? Yes, and by armed force. Not through the official militarieso f our nations but by forming armies of colonists, a la William Walker, foreign conquering colonialists who will go and stay and re-create cultures for all people to live in freedom and with a maximum of liberty of the mind.

Our dhimmi fellows will resist this till the barricades come down and they are left to join us as citzens of the world rather than as collaborators in horror. The following is a short excerpt from Front Page Magazine.

Female Genital Mutilation and African AIDS
By Marion D. S. Dreyfus | June 8, 2005

Because it is considered a private, 'social' or often a "religious" issue, one that riles up many Muslim (male) "authorities" and average healthcare practitioners, infibulation –FGM -- is a major third-rail political agenda, one vociferously denied and hotly "debated" in outrage with anyone intrepid or foolhardy enough to bring up such a detonating topic.

This is yet one more example of dhimmitude in the West. How any man or woman can allow this kind of horror to remain unchallenged by main force is beyond our understanding. To justify it means ones neighbours should know the person who does so. The least we can do is point out the nature of FGM and show that those who slough it off are part of it. Smear the dhimmis who justify this. In time we'll gather an army of angry men and women who will make this an ugly past practice.

To vilify this evil practice we can at least talk to others about it, let them know in our conversations that it happens. If we make it know by word of mouth we might start to turn the tide of public opinion against Islam, one cultural proponet of FGM.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

No Place to Hide

Did they make you exchange
A walk-on part in the war
For a leading role in a cage?

"Wish you were here," Pink Floyd

At some point the war will come to your town, and to your door.Islam is by text and tradition a fascist poligion, a violence inducing ideology in its adherents, and they are building up for the great eschatological movement of their belief system. They want war, and there is no reasoning with them.

Today we find that Islam in Central Asia is ready to go to war against America. Islam across the world is at war with the West. It won't diminish. It won't go away. You cna't pretend that this is all a misunderstanding of the Qur'an on the part of a few malcontents who need jobs and will soon go back to the suburbs to continue their happy lives once we leave them alone. We are facing the spread of war daily, and we must act to preserve ourselves.

Opinion & analysis
Uzbek extremists threaten the U.S.
Print version

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti commentator Pyotr Goncharov) - It is possible that extremists in Uzbekistan are attempting to take revenge on the U.S.

According to the U.S. Department of State, it has information indicating that supporters of extremist religious groups, such as the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), al-Qaeda, the Islamic Jihad and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, which operate actively in the region, plan to conduct a series of terrorist acts against "the U.S. state and private interests" in Uzbekistan in the near future.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the threats against the U.S. are coming from religious extremist Islamic organizations. The question is why they are coming from Uzbekistan in particular. Could it be that the Islamic factor in this Central Asian republic is aggressive in its nature? Or may be Tashkent overestimated its role in the recent events in Andijan?

Ever since the 1990s, Uzbekistan has been the focus of attention on the part of Islamic religious organizations operating in Central Asia. The reason is simple. The republic occupies a strategically advantageous position in the region; it possesses developed economic potential and boasts high rates of population growth.

The events of the 1990s, related to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of new independent states, were accompanied in Central Asia not only by a sharp rise of national self-consciousness, but also by a fast development of the religious factor. It was then that such religious groups and movements as Akromiya (named after its founder mullah Akrom), Adolat (Justice), Islam lashkarlari (Warriors of Islam), Tabliqh (Muslim Mission), Tovba (Repentance), and Nur (Ray of Light) emerged in Uzbekistan. They operated mostly in the Fergana Valley, later becoming part of the IMU or another well-known Islamic organization Hizb-ul-Tahrir.

The IMU and the Hizb-ul-Tahrir never attempted to hide their ultimate goal - the creation of the Islamic Caliphate in the region, contrary to the Tajik Islamic opposition, which never spread its interests beyond the borders of the republic. The Fergana Valley, located at the boundary of three republics (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) has always attracted special interest on the part of Islamic organizations. It is quite understandable. If they manage to establish control over the Fergana Valley, the first step toward their coveted dream will be certainly made.

The events in Kyrgyzstan and the ensuing tension in the south of the republic threatened the stability in the Fergana Valley. Even then, there were fears that the religious extremist groups operating at the boundary of the three republics would soon, as early as in May-July, attempt to stage civil disturbances in the form of "public discontent" or "public mutiny." The May events in Andijan confirmed these fears.

The events in Andijan can be regarded from different angles, and that is exactly what is happening around the world. Europe almost unanimously condemned Islam Karimov for "disproportional use of force" by Uzbek special police units against the mutineers. Recently, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly called for the revision of Uzbekistan's participation in the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) and the Partnership for Peace program, and urged NATO members to stop any assistance to Uzbek armed forces. The U.S. also expressed its traditional concern about the violation of human rights, albeit in a less categorical way.

At the same time, Muslim countries avoided strong criticism of Tashkent, and the imam of the world-famous Muslim center - the Al-Azhar University in Cairo -- Sheik Mohammed Sayed Tantawi announced his full support of "the irreconcilable position of Uzbekistan in the fight against religious extremism and terrorism."

Neighboring republics also abstained from harsh criticism of Tashkent. Apparently, they know better. Bishkek, Dushanbe and especially Tashkent still remember the events the late 1990s in the Batkensky region of Kyrgyzstan, where IMU groups took up arms to proclaim the Islamic state.

According to some Russian experts, Uzbekistan, being a central link in the region, will be the target of attacks on the part of extremist groups. The threats against the U.S. might certainly indicate an attempt to retaliate against the leader of anti-terrorist coalition, which conducts successful operations in the neighboring Afghanistan. However, what is really interesting is whether these threats will force the U.S. and Europe to look at the situation in Uzbekistan from a different perspective?


Who even knows where these miserable countries are? And yet, though they know even less about us thean we know about them, they declare war. We must understand the nature of the fascist poligion that is Islam. We must prepare for war and the colonial Western triumphant conquest of the world to spread freedom and liberal democracy throughout, regardless of the resistence we might meet. We must conquer the world.

Russians love their children too.

Moslems love their children as much as any other people. The fact that families with 10 or 15 kids might get some happiness from having one of the kids blowing himself up in a bomb attack on other people's children does detract from the love Moslems have for them. sick and disgusting, yes, but it's still love for their kids, even when they dance and celebrate the death of a child of their won and glory in the murder of others.

Our position here is that Islam is a paychotic culture that must be restrained by military force, must be crushed to dust, and must be reformed by enlighted colonial settlement for the duration.

Below is a link to a magazine produced for children. It's not some kind of sick joke but the bitter reality of a culture that is mentally ill. It is our position that it is a moral imperative that the West intervene and conquer and destroy Islam from the ground up, without mercy or remorse for those who resist. The evil that is Islam is a shame in the world, and only the West is in a position to stop it. Islam is too insane to act rationally or even competently in its own interest. We must intervene.

To get the full story and graphic photos you'll have to copy and paste the link below. Here is the first part of the magazine article:

Special Information

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S)

October 2004

Educating children for hatred and terrorism:
encouragement for suicide bombing attacks and hatred for Israel and the Jews
spread via the Internet on Hamas’ online children’s magazine (Al-Fateh) 1

An example of the articles encouraging hatred and terrorism: the decapitated head of the suicide bomber who perpetrated the attack at the French Hill intersection in Jerusalem on September 22, 2004. The caption reads, “the perpetrator of the suicide bombing attack, Zaynab Abu Salem. Her head was severed from her pure body and her headscarf remained to decorate [her face]. Your place is in heaven in the upper skies, oh, Zaynab…sister [raised to the status of heroic] men.

The logo of the online children’s magazine “Al-Fateh.” It contains stories, poems and illustrations to make it “friendly” and attractive to children while preaching hatred and encouraging suicide bombing terrorism

1. Brainwashing the younger generation of Palestinians with concepts of terrorism and hatred has great importance for Hamas. To that end it devotes many resources and a great deal of effort in both education (from kindergartens to universities) and in the realms of media and propaganda.
2. As part of its indoctrination effort, Hamas makes extensive use of its well-developed Internet capabilities.2 Among its sites is one for an online children’s magazine called Al-Fateh (“The Conqueror”), whose address is 3 A new issue usually appears every other week. It first came out in September 2002, and since then there have been 38 issues.4 The Al-Fateh site has a link to the main Hamas site,


These are real children, and we must act in a real manner to put a stop to this madness that is Islam. To do so we must form a party of professional revolutionaries dedicated to victory for the people universally. For more on our position so far, please go to archival links here on "What is to be done?" "William Walker," and "The Melian Dialogue."

Monday, June 06, 2005

Defending FGM

Irrationalism is not the same thing as stupidity. One may over-look stupidity in a person. Irrationality, however,is a conscious philosophical position much loved by, (ocassionally, very bright)fascists. Those who argue fluidly for savagery and horror do not deserve from us reasoned responses. We are not compelled to "understand" these people or to shrug them off as stupid through no fault of their own. There is no hope of understanding irrationalism and intuition as a ground of philosophy. Below is a typical response from an Irrationalist, this one defending FGM. The writer below is a typical Irrationalist, not particularly stupid but committed to unreason as a mode of ththinking and understanding his world. The Left does the same sophistic dance when confronted with fascist Islam's endless and bottomless score of horrors. The Right, in defending oligarchy and smarminess is no better. However, today we can see a clear example of the evil of philobarbarism and deceit that passes itself off as 'culture and tradition,' as if these were good things rather than things to be smashed and buried.

Dear Mr. Geib:
I have just seen your website in which you show a picture of a young girl and ask 'should she be circumcised?'. Your comments suggest that you are inviting the answer 'no'.

Why should this be? Circumcision has been popular among African women for many thousands of years. Western pressure groups attempt to blackmail African nations into banning the custom, but whenever moves are made to do this, the streets are filled with happy circumcised women demonstrating their desire to protect their daughters' right to enjoy the same benefits.

Here are some of the most obvious things that a girl gains when she is circumcised:

* it is a rite of passage and proof of adulthood. One day she is a girl; the next, a woman;

* it raises her status in her community, both because of the added purity that circumcision brings and the bravery that initiates are called upon to show;

* it confers maturity and inculcates positive character traits, including the ability to endure pain and a submissive nature;

* the circumcision ritual is an enjoyable one, in which the girl is the centre of attention and receives presents and moral instruction from her elders;

* it creates a bond between the generations, as all women in that society must undergo it and thus have shared an important experience;

* the girl will never have her conscience troubled by lustful thoughts or sensations or temptations such as masturbation;

* there is little or no risk of premarital relationships which end in heartbreak or the stigma and social difficulties of illegitimate birth (this is especially so with full circumcision, i.e. all impure tissue is removed and the girl is sewn up until her wedding night);

* the bond between husband and wife is closer because neither will have had sex with anyone else and the relationship will be motivated by love rather than primarily lust, because there will be no physical drive for the women, only an emotional one;

* there is no incentive for extramarital sex, hence marriages are made more secure;

* there will be far fewer rapes (especially in the case of full circumcision);

* marriages are also made closer because the emphasis is taken away from sexual technique and performance;

* children are better cared-for because there is less incentive for a marriage to break up, and because the husband can be more confident that the children are his.

There are many ills in today's Western society which could easily be eradicated by the adoption of universal female circumcision with infibulation at puberty. Think of the positive impact on the teenage pregnancy rate in the US, which has been linked to the rise of crime and ghettoisation, especially for minorities. And it would create more peaceful, satisfied women - at the moment females are told that this little nub of skin, a vestigial penis, should have awesome phallic power. For most of them, it just doesn't, which creates dissatisfaction.

So, in answer to the question on your website: yes, I do believe that the girl in the picture should be circumcised. It will do her good, and she will thank you for it.


There is no reason to be found above, and there is no reason to be reasonable in response. We suggest that the only reasonable response from modernity is the necessary force required to destroy any such so-called culture that practices barbarity such as above. We suggest that the West militarily intervene in the daily lives of barbaric cultures, that we enslave those people, kill those who resist, that we colonize the primitive and live as full citizens in the expanding world of the triumphant New America of the world at large.

Following the revised Walkerian fillibustering outlined below we state that we must destroy the bonds of tradition and custom in the savage world by force and impose modernity on the unwilling world. Not to do so is an evil unforgivable.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutilation is not exclusively a Moslem form of torture of young girls. For more details on the Islamic justification for FGM please look for our PACC leaflet in a coming post.


Thanks to for this story:

Doctors warn against child exam
A parliamentary majority for obligatory checks of all young girls to reveal instances of female circumcision has caused concern in medical circles.

Related stories:
New crackdown on forced marriages and female circumcision - 30.03.2004

Norway's parliament, the Storting, recently resolved to ask the government to introduce the mandatory examination of the genitalia of small children in order to overcome the problem of female circumcision in some communities.

Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa of the Center Party insists that this is not a gynecological check and said that professionals could detect sexual mutilation with the naked eye, something experts dispute.

"I believe it is difficult to defend such a resolution. The child can become an innocent victim and it can also make necessary contact with the health system difficult later," Torkild Aas at the social pediatrics ward of Ullevål University Hospital told newspaper VG.

Director Bjørn Busund at the gynecological ward at Ullevål agreed that in difficult cases doctors would have to touch the child's sex organs to carry out an investigation.

"Just putting a little girl on her back and explaining that 'Now we are going to check what kind of parents you have' can be difficult," Aas said.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Erna Solberg was also concerned by the resolution, and as a mother of a young girl herself said that she found the proposal degrading to tens of thousands of girls.

(Aftenposten English Web Desk/NTB)

*** FGM-The-Facts.htm

To get the full story below with graphs and footnotes please click on the link above.

Female Genital Mutilation – The Facts
Compiled by Laura Reymond, Asha Mohamud, and Nancy Ali. Funding was provided by the Wallace Global Fund.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is the partial or total removal of the female external genitalia.1 External genitals include the clitoris, labia, mons pubis (the fatty tissue over the pubic bone), and the urethral and vaginal openings.

The practice of FGM is often called "female circumcision" (FC), implying that it is similar to male circumcision. However, the degree of cutting is much more extensive, often impairing a woman's sexual and reproductive functions.2

Newborns, Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults Are Affected

* Most girls undergo FGM when they are between 7 and 10 years old.4 However, FGM seems to be occurring at earlier ages in several countries because parents want to reduce the trauma to their children. They also want to avoid government interference and/or resistance from children as they get older and form their own opinions.5
* Some women undergo FGM during early adulthood when marrying into a community that practices FGM or just before or after the birth of a first child (Mali and Nigeria).6

FGM is Practiced Globally

* FGM is practiced in at least 26 of 43 African countries7; the prevalence varies from 98 percent in Somalia to 5 percent in Zaire. A review of country-specific Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) shows FGM prevalence rates of 97 percent in Egypt8, 94.5 percent in Eritrea9, 93.7 percent in Mali 10, 89.2 percent in Sudan 11, and 43.4 percent in the Central African Republic. 12
* FGM is also found among some ethnic groups in Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen, as well as in parts of India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.13
* FGM has become an important issue in Australia, Canada, England, France, and the United States due to the continuation of the practice by immigrants from countries where FGM is common.14

There Are Four Types of FGM

In 1995, the World Health Organization (WHO) developed four broad categories for FGM operations.15

Type 1

Excision (removal) of the clitoral hood with or without removal of part or all of the clitoris.

Type 2

Removal of the clitoris together with part or all of the labia minora.

Type 3 (infibulation)

Removal of part or all of the external genitalia (clitoris, labia minora, and labia majora) and stitching and/or narrowing of the vaginal opening leaving a small hole for urine and menstrual flow.

Type 4 (unclassified)

All other operations on the female genitalia, including:

* Pricking, piercing, stretching, or incision of the clitoris and/or labia;
* Cauterization by burning the clitoris and surrounding tissues;
* Incisions to the vaginal wall;
* Scraping (angurya cuts) or cutting (gishiri cuts) of the vagina and surrounding tissues; and
* Introduction of corrosive substances or herbs into the vagina.

Type I and Type II operations account for 85 percent of all FGM. Type III (infibulation) is common in Djibouti, Somalia and Sudan and in parts of Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, and Senegal.16

Complications Are Common and Can Lead to Death

The highest maternal and infant mortality rates are in FGM-practicing regions.17 The actual number of girls who die as a result of FGM is not known. However, in areas in the Sudan where antibiotics are not available, it is estimated that one-third of the girls undergoing FGM will die.18 Conservative estimates suggest that more than one million women in Centrafrican Republic (CAR), Egypt, and Eritrea, the only countries where such data is available, experienced adverse health effects from FGM.19 One quarter of women in CAR and 1/5 of women in Eritrea reported FGM-related complications.20 Where medical facilities are ill-equipped, emergencies arising from the practice cannot be treated. Thus, a child who develops uncontrolled bleeding or infection after FGM may die within hours.21

Immediate Physical Problems

* Intense pain and/or hemorrhage that can lead to shock during and after the procedure. A 1985 Sierra Leone study found that nearly 97 percent of the 269 women interviewed experienced intense pain during and after FGM, and more than 13 percent went into shock.22
* Hemorrhage can also lead to anemia.
* Wound infection, including tetanus. A survey in a clinic outside of Freetown (Sierra Leone) showed that of 100 girls who had FGM, 1 died and 12 required hospitalization. Of the 12 hospitalized, 10 suffered from bleeding and 5 from tetanus.24 Tetanus is fatal in 50 to 60 percent of all cases.25
* Damage to adjoining organs from the use of blunt instruments by unskilled operators. According to a 1993 nationwide study in the Sudan, this occurs approximately 0.3 percent of the time. 26
* Urine retention from swelling and/or blockage of the urethra.

Immediate FGM-Related Complications in Four Kenyan Districts

Immediate FGM-Related Complications in Four Kenyan Districts

A 1991 survey of 1,222 women in four Kenyan districts indicated that 48.5% of the women experienced hemorrhage, 23.9% infection, and 19.4% urine retention at the time of the FGM operation.23

Long-Term Complications

* Painful or blocked menses. In 1983, 55.4 percent of women surveyed in Baydhaba, Somalia, reported abnormal menstruation.27
* Recurrent urinary tract infections. A 1983 study in the Sudan revealed that 16.4 percent of women who had the operation experienced recurrent urinary tract infections.28
* Abscesses, dermoid cysts, and keloid scars(hardening of the scars).
* Increased risk of maternal and child morbidity and mortality due to obstructed labor. Women who have undergone FGM are twice as likely to die during childbirth and are more likely to give birth to a stillborn child than other women.29 Obstructed labor can also cause brain damage to the infant and complications for the mother (including fistula formation, an abnormal opening between the vagina and the bladder or the vagina and the rectum, which can lead to incontinence). 30 Among 33 infibulated mothers followed at Somalia's Benadir Hospital in 1988, all required extensive episiotomies during childbirth. Their second-stage labor was 5 times longer than normal, 5 of their babies died, and 21 suffered oxygen deprivation because of the long, obstructed labor.31
* Infertility. In the Sudan, 20-25 percent of female infertility has been linked to FGM complications.32
* Some researchers describe the psychological effects of FGM as ranging from anxiety to severe depression and psychosomatic illnesses.33 Many children exhibit behavioral changes after FGM, but problems may not be evident until the child reaches adulthood.34 However, little research has been done on this subject.
* FGM is likely to increase the risk of HIV infection – often the same unsterilized instrument is used on several girls at a time, increasing the chance of spreading HIV or another communicable disease.35

Chronic FGM-Related Complications Encountered by Health Providers in Kenya

Chronic FGM-Related Complications Encountered by Health Providers in Kenya

The chronic health problems encountered by 49.1% of health providers surveyed in Kenya are bleeding (29.1%); delivery complications (25.5%); infections (12.7%); low libido (3.6%); and fear and depression (1.8%).43

Complications Often Need Medical Attention

* According to a study conducted in a small rural village in Sierra Leone, 83 percent of women who had undergone FGM would require medical attention at some point in their lives for a condition resulting from the procedure. 36
* A study of one hospital in Alexandria (Egypt) found that 1,967 hospital days were used in one year to treat FGM-related ailments.37
* According to a survey of 55 health providers in the Nyamira District of Kenya, almost half encountered women with chronic FGM-related complications (see chart to right) while over half treated recent FGM-related complications.

FGM May Impede Women's Sexuality

* Cultural values and ambiguities make women's sexuality very complex. This is also an area that has not been widely studied. Although it is difficult to verify reports of women's sexual experiences, physical complications from FGM often impede sexual enjoyment. FGM destroys much or all of the vulval nerve endings, delaying arousal or impairing orgasm.38 Lacerations, loss of skin elasticity, or development of neuroma (a tumor or mass growing from a nerve) can lead to painful intercourse. In a 1993 Sudanese study, 5.5 percent of women interviewed experienced painful intercourse while 9.3 percent of them reported having difficult or impossible penetration.39
* In 1981, 1,545 Sudanese women who had undergone the operation were interviewed. Fifty percent of them said that they did not enjoy sex at all and only accepted it as a duty.40

Reasons for Supporting FGM Vary

Reasons for supporting FGM include the beliefs that it is a "good tradition", a religious requirement(s), or a necessary rite of passage to womanhood; that it ensures cleanliness or better marriage prospects, prevents promiscuity and excessive clitoral growth, preserves virginity, enhances male sexuality, and facilitates childbirth by widening the birth canal.

* Until the 1950s, FGM was performed in England and the United States as a common "treatment" for lesbianism, masturbation, hysteria, epilepsy, and other so-called "female deviances".41
* Religious affiliation can affect approval levels: A study in Kenya and Sierra Leone revealed that most Protestants opposed FGM while a majority of Catholics and Muslims supported its continuation.42
* There is a direct correlation between a woman's attitude towards FGM and her place of residence, educational background, and work status. DHS data indicate that urban women are less likely than their rural counterparts to support FGM. Employed women are also less likely to support it. Women with little or no education are more likely to support the practice than those with a secondary or higher education.44 Data from the 1989 Sudanese survey (of women 15- to 49-years-old) show that 80 percent of women with no education or only primary education support FGM, compared to only 55 percent of those with senior secondary or higher schooling.45 A woman's age does not seem to influence support.
* Most women who have had the FGM procedure are strongly in favor of FGM for their daughters.46 In Egypt, 50 percent of the women surveyed reported that they had at least one daughter who had gone through the procedure, while 38 percent intended to do so in the future. In addition, most of these women want their daughters to undergo the same type of procedure they had.49
* Most women who favor ending the practice also feel they do not have enough information to convince men of the harmful effects of FGM.50 Men help continue the practice by refusing to marry women who have not had FGM or by allowing or paying for their daughters' procedures. DHS data indicate that, in general, women believe that their husbands' attitudes toward FGM are similar to their own.51 However, recent studies in Eritrea and Sudan found that men may actually be less supportive and more indifferent than women toward this practice.52

Reasons for Supporting FGM in Egypt, Mali, Central African Republic, and Eritrea

Reasons for Supporting FGM in Egypt, Mali, Central African Republic, and Eritrea

Today, the most common reason evoked for supporting FGM is the belief that the practice is a "good tradition".47 Other reasons include religious requirement(s); rite of passage to womanhood; cleanliness; prevention of promiscuity among girls; preservation of virginity; better marriage prospects; enhancement of male sexuality; prevention of excessive clitoral growth; and facilitation of childbirth by widening the birth canal.48

More Women Are Using Medical Staff, But Traditional Practitioners Are Still Active

* FGM is still predominantly performed by "traditional" female circumcisers (91 percent in Côte d'Ivoire, 95 percent in Eritrea, and 88 percent in Mali).53 Typically, it is performed with sharp stones, broken glasses, scissors, or unsterilized razor blades without anesthesia.54
* Health providers (such as doctors, nurses, and midwives) are increasingly performing FGM. In Egypt, girls are three times more likely (54.8 percent) to have FGM done by health providers than did their mothers (17.3 percent).55 Although this trend might reduce the pain and/or the risk of infection, it will not prevent the other complications.

Attitudes Are Gradually Changing

* FGM prevalence rates are slowly declining in some countries, as indicated by lower prevalence rates among adolescents (compared to older women). In Kenya, a 1991 survey showed that 78 percent of adolescents had undergone FGM, compared to 100 percent of women over 50.56 In the Sudan, another study revealed that the prevalence among 15- to 49-year-old women dropped from 99 percent in 1981 to 89 percent in 1990.57
* People are choosing less severe forms of FGM. A 1991 study in Kenya showed that 62.3 percent of women over age 50 had Type II FGM, while only 38.9 percent of the 15-19 age group underwent the same type (most of the remainder underwent Type I).58 A 1981 Sudanese survey of women – 94 percent of whom had undergone FGM – reported Type III FGM among 94 percent of the respondents' mothers, 83 percent of the respondents themselves, and only 51 percent of their daughters.59
* Attitudes are also following this pattern of slow change. Eighty-two percent of 15- to 44-year-old women participating in a 1981 Sudanese study supported FGM. Almost a decade later, in 1989-90, only 78 percent favored its continuation.60 Considering how deeply engrained the practice is in the social fabric, this 4 percent change of attitude is significant. A recent study found that about 4 of 10 Eritreans want to see FGM discontinued.61 In Sierra Leone, survey respondents who had learned of the health risks associated with the practice generally favored modifying FGM to make it less painful or dangerous, or abolishing it altogether. Of those with college, university, or postgraduate education, 79 percent favored ending the practice.62
* Recent research in Kenya reveals numerous reasons for a decline in FGM, for example, secondary education is associated with a four-fold increase in disapproval of FGM. Other reasons include: girls' refusal; greater access to health education; modernization with its resulting changes in lifestyle; fear of anti-FGM laws; public ridicule; and realization that FGM has no effect on girls' behavior.63
* Among women who are against FGM, the main reasons given are medical complications and pain. Other reasons include: it is seen as a negative tradition; it counters religious belief; it prevents sexual satisfaction; and it diminishes a woman's dignity.64
* Djibouti and Sudan restrict types of FGM, which has legitimized the practice and has led to medicalization instead of eradication.65 In some countries, FGM is available under more sterile conditions involving less "cutting", in an effort to lessen the immediate health complications. WHO, and many other agencies including PATH, however, oppose the modification of FGM and call for its complete eradication on the grounds that all FGM threatens the mental, physical, and psychological health of women and girls and violate human rights standards.

Global Efforts to Stop FGM Are Increasing


* In more than 20 African countries, the Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices (IAC) with the collaboration of local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has launched an extensive educational campaign aimed at eliminating FGM. Women in Egypt and Sudan recommended education as the best means to end this practice.66
* Various African NGOs are involved in research and eradication campaigns. These include The Comite National de Lutte contre la Pratique de l'Excision in Burkina Faso, the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives, the Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization in Kenya, the National Research Network in Senegal, the National Union of Eritrean Youth, and the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kenya.
* Technical assistance, advocacy, and funding are being provided by various national and international development agencies such as PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health), RAINBE(Research, Action, and Information Network for Bodily Integrity of Women), Equality Now, the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA), Population Council, Wallace Global Fund, and Women's International Network.
* Education about the harmful effects of FGM and its illegality is provided to African immigrants in Australia, Canada, France, Holland, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
* United Nations agencies (UNICEF, UNFPA, and WHO) issued a joint position paper and are increasing their efforts to eradicate FGM. WHO recently launched a 15-year strategy to accelerate these efforts.
* The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), recently reviewed its FGM programming and increased its support for FGM eradication programs by working with technical agencies such as PATH, RAINBE, International Center for Research on Women, CEDPA, The Focus Project, and the Population Council.

Human Rights Efforts

FGM violates human rights conventions that protect women and children from cruelty and violence and ensure them "bodily integrity" and access to health care, education, and self-realization.67 Some of these conventions are:

* The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)
* The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1959)
* The African Charter on Rights and Welfare of the Child (1990)
* The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (1992)
* The United Nations Declaration on Violence Against Women (1993)
* The World Conference on Human Rights, Declaration and Programme of Action, Vienna (1993)
* The United Nations High Commission on Refugees, Statement Against Gender-Based Violence (1996).

FGM eradication has also been included in resolutions and action plans at various international conferences, including the 1995 International Conference on Population and Development and the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women. FGM is recognized as a human rights violation in the U.S. State Department's annual country reports.

Policy and Legislation

* Countries with laws or regulations against FGM include Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Djibouti, Ghana, Great Britain, Guinea, Sudan, Sweden, and the United States.68
* Existing laws against assault and child abuse cover FGM in Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.69
* Governments that support FGM eradication include Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guinea, Kenya, Niger, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, and Uganda.70

The U.S. Congress Passed Legislation Against FGM

* The practice of FGM on person(s) under the age of 18 is now a federal crime, unless the procedure is necessary to protect a young person's health. The penalty for violating this law is a fine, imprisonment for up to five years, or both.71
* Congress has directed the Department of Health and Human Services to undertake several FGM-related interventions. These include compiling data on the extent of FGM in the United States, engaging in education and outreach activities to relevant communities, and developing recommendations for medical and osteopathic students on FGM and its complications.72
* The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service must provide information on the harmful effects of FGM as well as on the legal consequences of FGM under criminal or child protection statutes to all aliens issued U.S. visas. 73
* Congress enacted legislation requiring U.S. executive directors of international financial institutions to actively oppose non-humanitarian loans to countries that have not taken measures to prevent FGM.74
* Since 1994, seven states (California, Delaware, Minnesota, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Wisconsin) passed legislation against the practice of FGM. Legislation is pending in Colorado, New Jersey, New York, and Oregon.75

For the full stroy with footnotes pleaase follow the above link.

Too dhimmi to watch t.v.

The West faces a dual struggle: Firstly, we are in struggle agianst the primitive fascist ideology of Islam in its death-throes; next we are in struggle against dhimmitude, in many cases at its strongest and most belligerent in forms of officaldom. Below is a story showing how the Florida governor, Jeb Bush, is supporting CAIR, an Islamic terrorist organization in America. As unbelievable as it is, this "official wing" of Hamas has ready access to the White House, even though its executive membership are continually arrested in the United States, tried, and imprisoned for terrorism-related affenses. Today, this day, one of CAIR's members, Sami al-Arian, in the grip of the FBI, on trial for terrorist-related offenses in--Florida, the state whose governor is Jeb Bush!. Who is missing the point here?

Dhimmitude comes from both Right and Left, and it will be up to average citizens of free nations to take to the streets to change their governments and to change the attitudes of the public before this comes to any reasonable conclusion.

The following link thanks to

June 5, 2005
For Immediate Release



(Coral Springs, FL) On May 28, 2005, the Florida Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) held its annual banquet at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. The fundraiser asked patrons to help in the establishment of a CAIR office in Orlando. While they did not attend the event, numerous high-ranking local and state government officials, including the Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, sent letters of support to CAIR.


How is it that after 9/11 our leaders and the majority of our populations do not understand the threat of Islam to the entire world? The threat is against Islamic people as well as to the rest of the world. Ther threat is well-known, even if it's a matter of apathy among average Western communities. but how does this threat escape our leaders? How do they miss loaded passenger planes crashing into crowded office towers? How do they allow terrorists and terrorist supporters like Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR to attend government functions outside of court prosecutions against them? What more needs to be known? Do they have to watch it on t.v. to get the idea that Islamis a fascism for the simple-minded? Will even that be enough?


The following story on Sami al-Arian from Tampa Bay Tribune thanks to

Photo by: JAY CONNER
Defense attorneys Linda Moreno and William Moffitt are expected to portray the prosecution's case against Sami Al-Arian as a series of mischaracterizations.

Indictment Details Paper Trail
Published: Jun 5, 2005

Sami Al-Arian sat with a blank expression, bowing his head, as a cleric described him as the leader of the Islamic Committee for Palestine, ``the active arm of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine.''

It was 1991, and U.S. troops were fighting the Persian Gulf War in Iraq and Kuwait. Al-Arian, a Palestinian born in Kuwait, was in Cleveland for a fundraiser.

Al-Arian stepped to the lectern. Holding a microphone in his left hand, he gestured emphatically with his right, lecturing the audience in Arabic about the ``oppressive war,'' asking, ``Why did we stop'' the protests?

``Let us damn America!'' he fumed, according to a U.S. government translation of the videotaped event. ``Let us damn Israel! Let us damn their allies until death!''

The next year, Al-Arian, a popular computer science professor, was granted tenure at the University of South Florida.

Monday, Al-Arian and co- defendants Sameeh Hammoudeh, Hatim Naji Fariz and Ghassan Zayed Ballut will begin what is expected to be a six-month trial. They are accused in a 53-count indictment of helping organize and finance the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, one of the most violent terrorist organizations in the Middle East. Prosecutors say they served as the communications arm for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, spreading the word and raising money, fueling the cycle of suicide bombings.

The charges contrast with Al-Arian's public image. His advocacy for civil liberties and Palestinian causes earned him a national reputation as a human rights defender and a voice for understanding between cultures. He was welcomed into the halls of Congress, briefed at the White House and photographed with presidents.

He campaigned for the election of George W. Bush and took credit for swinging enough votes in Florida to tip the balance in the 2000 election.

The entire time U.S. intelligence investigators were secretly monitoring Al-Arian's phone conversations.

If the indictment is to be believed, Al-Arian led two lives. It will be up to jurors to determine whether Al-Arian's public face was, as prosecutors contend, just part of the deception, or whether the charges represent, as Al-Arian claims, the persecution of a Muslim who champions views that differ from the U.S. government's.

Jurors will be asked to consider how it is possible that a man accused of aiding international terrorism was embraced and courted by this country's political elite.

David Bonior, former Democratic whip in the U.S. House of Representatives, was one of many politicians who worked with Al-Arian.

``From my experience with him, he fought for people's basic human rights and freedoms and liberties,'' said Bonior, of Michigan, who said he was surprised when Al-Arian was indicted in 2003. ``I can't imagine these charges being true. But we shall see.''

Al-Arian's daughter, Laila, testified at a bail hearing after her father's arrest that he ``supported armed struggle, but only against the military in accordance with international law.'' She said her father believed the killing of innocent people was ``abhorrent.'

For the rest of the stroy please follow the link above.


The following thanks to

'You have to kill in the name of Allah until you are killed'

An underground film showing the slaughter of Algerian soldiers is being used as a recruitment tool for British Islamic radicals
Afghanistan - Observer special

Jason Burke
Sunday January 27, 2002
The Observer

The trail runs from a wet corner of a west London street to the dusty mountains of eastern Algeria, from a garage on the Thames to the Mediterranean, from a mosque off north London's Seven Sisters Road to Osama bin Laden's training camps in Afghanistan.

In one direction the trail is a conduit for volunteers and money - both heading for Islamist rebels fighting a brutal war against Algeria's government. In the other direction flow political refugees, communiqués boasting of the numbers of 'infidels' murdered each month and, towards the end of last year, a single smuggled video.

Rumours of the video had been circulating for several weeks. There was even talk about it in the bazaars of war-wracked cities in eastern Afghanistan. It was reputed to be of appalling violence - and one of the most effective recruiting tools ever used by a terrorist group. It was also said to be circulating in the UK.

The Observer obtained the video last week from a contact within the British Muslim community. It was worse than anything expected.

According to the badly printed cover, the video, simply entitled 'Algeria', had been prepared by the 'publicity service (audiovisual section) of the Groupe Salafiste pour Prédication et Combat (Salafist Group for Preaching and Fighting or GSPC)' - the most radical of the Islamic terrorist groups who have been fighting the Algerian government for more than 10 years.

The feared GSPC is one of the groups that has refused a recent government amnesty and truce. It is also closely linked to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda organisation and is thought to have been set up by some of his closest lieutenants using the Saudi-born dissident's money.

According to security sources, the first copy of the GSPC video arrived in the UK just a few days before the 11 September attacks. Since then, bootleg copies have been passed around Britain's extremists who have been anxious to play it to potential recruits.

Screenings have been arranged both in private homes and, often after prayers, in mosques. Many showings have been timed so that young people, students and schoolchildren, can attend. Several are alleged to have taken place in Finsbury Park mosque in north London where the radical cleric Abu Hamza often leads prayers.

There are fears that the video could have been used to indoctrinate vulnerable young men who have come to the mosque seeking spiritual guidance following 11 September.

'There are many people at the more radical mosques who come searching for a purpose in life,' said one former MI5 agent who infiltrated Finsbury Park mosque.

'They often know very little about Islam and trust the older men to show them the way. But they are shown the path of violence.'

Both Richard Reid, who was overpowered as he tried to set off explosives in his shoes on a Paris-to-Miami flight last December, and Feroz Abbasi, the 22-year-old former computer student from Croydon who is currently held in Guantánamo Bay prison camp by the Americans, attended Finsbury Park. Abbasi's mother, Juma, last week accused Abu Hamza of brainwashing her son after he had sought spiritual guidance from him 18 months ago.

Last week at the mosque, where worshippers once included Zacarias Moussaoui, the suspected twentieth hijacker, and Djamel Beghal, believed to have been bin Laden's European operations director, The Observer was able to buy videos showing shocking footage from Afghanistan and Bosnia.

One video called The Mirror of the Jihad showed Taliban forces in Afghanistan decapitating Northern Alliance soldiers with knives. It was distributed by an Islamic organisation based in Paddington, London. Another video, shot in Bosnia, advocated a 'jihad to wipe out atheism'. Each cost £10.

Extremists are increasingly using videos as a means to drum up support and publicise their cause. Last year an al-Qaeda video prepared by Osama bin Laden's group in Afghanistan showing militants training cut with pictures of Israeli soldiers firing on rioting teenagers in Gaza and the West Bank was circulated between radicals worshipping at the Finsbury Park mosque. In the video, bin Laden referred to 'spectacular events to come'.

But none of the videos was as shocking - and as potentially dangerous - as that obtained by The Observer .

The GSPC video starts with a flickering screen of Arabic script: an injunction to 'Fight them until the sentence of God is carried out on Earth.'

Then, with a soundtrack of chanted verses from the Koran, more commands scroll across the screen. 'You have to kill in the name of Allah until you are killed,' viewers are told. 'Then you will win your place forever in Paradise. The whole Islamic world should rise up to fight all the sick unbelievers. The flag of Jihad will be forever held high.'

The commentary continues: 'Our enemies are fighting in the name of Satan. You are fighting in the name of God.'

Then clear, bright images take the place of the script. From the bushes beside a remote mountain road, guerrillas watch the approach of a government convoy. There is a huge explosion as the trucks hit a bomb, and prolonged firing.

When the militants get to the scene of the blast they find carnage. There are corpses strewn across the ground. One hangs over the tailgate; where once there was a conscript's head there is a mess of bloody matter. Another lies on the ground with his brains, on which the camera lingers, spread around his shattered skull. A fighter nonchalantly fires bullets into a corpse.

Then there is excited shouting as the militants notice that one soldier is still alive. 'He is moving, he is moving,' calls out a fighter. A militant calmly bends down and runs a knife across the wounded conscript's throat. The images of the blood pumping from his severed carotid artery is shown five times during the video. The throats of the dead on the ground are then cut too.

Much of the video is less gruesome. A GSPC leader is shown planning an attack and explaining his tactics to his troops. His men are shown marching through the dusty scrubland of the Algerian hills. Others are shown baking bread, making clothes or dividing weapons and ammunitions seized from the dead government troops. They are show conducting a bizarre ritual: lining up to be blessed by a comrade dressed in black and representing the 'angel of death'.

But soon the video reverts to violence. Another attack is shown: an ambush in which 12 government conscripts - ordinary young men doing their national service - are killed and eight injured. The dogtags and identity papers of the dead are held up to the camera.

'God loves people who kill in his name,' the commentary says. 'The enemies of Islam are scared. The Jews and the Christians know that they have lost [the war] and want to stop us spreading the truth.'

Algerian security officers learned about the tape soon after it surfaced in the UK in September. However, although the Algerian ambassador made a formal complaint to the Foreign Office, MI5 and the police are not believed to have seized any copies of the tape or arrested any of those involved in its distribution - despite their identities being widely known.

'We would clearly like to see such a powerful fundraising and recruiting tool taken out of circulation as soon as possible,' said one Algerian security source. It is thought that the same tape has been copied and distributed in France - where there is a large Algerian community, elsewhere in Europe and throughout the Middle East.

Algerian security services have been liasing closely with their British counterparts. They told The Observer that the GSPC video has been smuggled in and distributed by a group of Islamic activists based in west and south London who have been living in the UK for several years.

The Algerian sources also revealed that there are more than 200 individuals in the UK who are linked to terrorist activities in Algeria alone. Some are merely sympathisers or political activists, but the list includes dozens of men implicated in the murders of policemen, soldiers, government officials and innocent civilians.

Many have followed the typical path of Islamic radicals: spending years in Afghanistan during the war against the Soviets before returning to their home countries to lead extremist Muslim movements. They come to Britain to flee the resultant government crackdowns.

British police are keen to interview Jordanian-born Abu Qatada, a senior cleric at the Rossmore Road mosque near Baker Street in London. Qatada was top of a list of suspects handed to the Home Secretary by the intelligence services before Christmas to be detained under new internment legislation.

According to one eyewitness, com muniqués from the GSPC and other groups acclaiming the deaths of government troops in militant operations in Algeria were, at least until recently, frequently posted on the noticeboard at the Rossmore Road mosque.

British police, who have raided Qatada's West Acton home, are not the only security agency hoping to trace the cleric. The Americans have named him as a terrorist suspect and Jordanian police have alleged his involvement in an abortive attempt to blow up hotels and other tourist sites on Millennium eve. They claim the plot was masterminded by bin Laden.

The disclosure that the new Algerian tape, which is illegal in the UK, was circulated with such ease will increase concern about Britain's seeming inability to round up terror suspects here.

Last week, investigators in Spain said they had discovered that two suspected al-Qaeda members arrested in Barcelona were in close contact with other members of the group in Britain.

Court documents show that Najib Chaib, a Spaniard of Moroccan origin who was arrested eight days ago in Barcelona, made several visits to London where he met Qatada, who was described by Spanish judge Baltazar Garzón as 'the spiritual leader of Mujahideen across Europe'. Qatada, 42, denies all the charges against him. His lawyer says he is the victim of a 'witch hunt'.

Arab veterans of the Afghan war in London say that, after being granted asylum in the UK in 1993, Qatada became a magnet for leading dissidents on the run from the Middle East and Pakistan. Fighters from conflicts in Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine flocked to his Islamic centre in White City. In Hamburg, videos of Qatada's lectures were found in the flat used by Mohamed Atta, who led the terrorist attacks on America. Other Islamic tracts written by Qatada were found by The Observer among the effects of fleeing al-Qaeda figures in Pakistan.

On Friday at Finsbury Park mosque hundreds of worshippers from scores of countries came to pray. In the lobby two vendors sold militant literature and videos with titles like 'Jihad in Afghanistan' and 'Terror in Chechnya'. Cassettes of Islamic militant scholar Ahmed Deedat bore titles like 'Why Islam is the dominant religion' and 'The War Against Rushdie' and there were several hundred cassettes of speeches given by Abu Hamza on sale for £1.50 each.

Hamza, who lost one eye and a hand in a mine explosion in Afghanistan, arrived a little after lunchtime, ready to deliver his Friday sermon - the khutbah. 'We are under constant surveillance here,' he told his supporters. 'But it is always the way with Islam - we have to fight for what we believe in. Now, more than ever, we have to change people's minds. We have to tell them the evils of democracy, capitalism and communism.'

A few yards away, the videos were selling well.


And CAIR goes for chats with Jeb and George W. Bush. Will this end before the people have to turn out each and every politician in the Western world? If not, then let us prepare a party of dedicated professional revolutionaries prepared to do the job properly.