Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Note on FGM

It's not our primary purpose here to involve ourselves in the struggle to stop sexual mutilation of children, but it is a pracitice committed on children in the West among some immigrant sectors, and it is a matter of dhimmitude that some in the West shrug it off as a matter of cultural relativism. We have seen in the prior two installments on this topic the horor of FGM. While it might be cultural there is nothing relative about it. This is yet one more obvious reason why enforced cultural change is imperative and urgent. It is our view that the best hope we have of bringing about that world-wide change in culture is by military intervention from the West.

Save the Children? Yes, and by armed force. Not through the official militarieso f our nations but by forming armies of colonists, a la William Walker, foreign conquering colonialists who will go and stay and re-create cultures for all people to live in freedom and with a maximum of liberty of the mind.

Our dhimmi fellows will resist this till the barricades come down and they are left to join us as citzens of the world rather than as collaborators in horror. The following is a short excerpt from Front Page Magazine.

Female Genital Mutilation and African AIDS
By Marion D. S. Dreyfus | June 8, 2005

Because it is considered a private, 'social' or often a "religious" issue, one that riles up many Muslim (male) "authorities" and average healthcare practitioners, infibulation –FGM -- is a major third-rail political agenda, one vociferously denied and hotly "debated" in outrage with anyone intrepid or foolhardy enough to bring up such a detonating topic.

This is yet one more example of dhimmitude in the West. How any man or woman can allow this kind of horror to remain unchallenged by main force is beyond our understanding. To justify it means ones neighbours should know the person who does so. The least we can do is point out the nature of FGM and show that those who slough it off are part of it. Smear the dhimmis who justify this. In time we'll gather an army of angry men and women who will make this an ugly past practice.

To vilify this evil practice we can at least talk to others about it, let them know in our conversations that it happens. If we make it know by word of mouth we might start to turn the tide of public opinion against Islam, one cultural proponet of FGM.

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