Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boots. Real Boots.

I´m in the riverside city of Iquitos, Peru after a boring but easy trip up the Rio Ucayali from Pucallpa. I´ve been in Iquitos for five or six days now and am waiting for a boat that might show up to take me to the deeper jungles at the frontier with Ecuador. I don´t know when the boat will come and when it will go. That depends of things. No one can say for sure what those things are. So, I take this as an opportunity to go shopping, and the first thing I bought was a handmade pair, or closer to homemade pair, of caiman skin cowboy boots. These boots would look just right on the feet of any cowboy tramping around the 19th century. Man, these here boots are... handmade. These boots are so clumsy looking and so tough, being alligator skin, that I stare at them and can´t quite believe this would be normal for a working man 150 years ago. I like them.

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