Friday, April 13, 2012

Dagness at Noon

I have yet to throw myself in front of a long and winding road, as one Internet commenter demanded I do as a favour to the world, and am instead posting some comments about my writing in the hope of encouraging you to look at my new book, An Occasional Walker. Here is a sampling of opinion:

"That's the funniest thing I've read on the Internet."
Robert Spencer, director of

"If I had looked at it in a bookshop and glanced inside I would not have bought it: because I never buy a book which has "swear words" in it. ... But because you are a friend I will overlook the swear words just this once!
PJG, Sudan Traveller.

"I really enjoyed your book!!! In fact it was too short for my liking."
PGJ, who wrote again months later.

"And, man, ya had me hooting out loud, shrieking, honking with laughter...."
London Jim, Internet commenter.

"Are you mad!"
Robert Spencer, director of

"I found your book emotionally difficult to read...."
Truepeers, Covenant Zone.

"... a creepy middle aged fanatical bigot like Dag. ... Try to take as many bus trips that drive on long, winding, narrow mountain roads as possible. Or just do the world a favour and jump in front of one now.
anonymous. Internet commenter.

After 40 years of traveling, your stories must be amazing and something about the way you write is so damn Idahoan that it really resonates with me: the humorous, childlike naivety painted over a deep ocean of experience and complex, sometimes almost melancholic, emotion.

It was a pleasure meeting you Dag!
A fellow Idaho man

¨I began reading your book. It´s very good. I read some to my wife as well. She liked it a lot, too.¨

Jaco Pastorius, Infidel Bloggers Alliance

I'm actually really enjoying your book.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I sort of see the book as what you'd get if William S. Burroughs and Robert Spencer had a love child. Collecting the chapters from blog posts gives things sort of a disjointed, unpredictable feel -- that's a good thing. I like writing that forces me to figure things out. And I feel like I'm getting some insight into what makes you tick -- all the while thinking, "did this really happen? Hey, what the hell happened here? Yikes."

Jonathon Narvey, Publisher of The Propagandist.

I have read a few passages, and I found that your humour can be heart-breaking sometimes ; of course, you manage to make it impossible for the reader to know when you speak the truth and when you write pure fiction, or even pure "délire" (I can't find the English word, I hope you catch my meaning...)

F.D., friend and clever literary critic.

I've started reading An Occasional Walker, and it's treating me quite well so far. I think I'm still getting a grip on it. I wouldn't call it a comedy, even though I've laughed at some points - maybe that says more about what I find funny than anything. So far, it seems more like a series of observations about life and people - and religion, and Jihad, and politics - from someone who has lived a very interesting life. ... I can't say too much more until I've finished the book, but I can say that I've enjoyed reading it so far and I look forward to getting a chance to read the rest.

Walker Morrow, Canadian journalist.

"You are a very good writer Dag, I like your style."

Erin, American aid worker, Peru.

 Walker Morrow, a Canadian journalist, writes again about my book, An
 Occasional Walker

I truly enjoyed your book, Dag, and I'm glad that I read it, and I
look forward to reading the next one. But it's hard to grasp, somehow.
That's not a bad thing, but it makes it hard to sum up in a few
sentences, although I'm still game to try.

Malibu Mama adds this at

A unique writing style that allows the reader to glimpse into true reflections of the writer's life experiences without the oh so common reflections of emotional damage. Totally fascinating experiences and events. I would recommend this book to anyone who can appreciate reality. Looking very forward to the author's book involving Iquitos, Peru. 

Finally, Harold from Vancouver writes that he has a copy of my book but hasn't read it yet. I know how that is. I have many books on my shelves that I haven't read yet. I will, given time. On the bright side, my book is very easy to read.

One can order An Ocassional Walker at this link:


Dag said...

Ordering my book will help me move along in the world somewhat. If that in itself is of interest to you, please act on it. I'll get there on my own, but having my latest book will definitely help.



London Jim said...

If this book of yours takes off, the beers are on you till sundown.

Dag said...

Hullo, mate, thanks for stopping in. Always a pleasure to meet.

if the book does well and the beers are on me till sundown, let´s start then and go round the clock! The drunker I am the better I like my signing and the better I am at throwing darts.

Next year in London.

For now, my best from Arequipa, Peru.