Monday, April 09, 2012

A writing man of hats

I don't get better looking no matter how many times I take photos trying to look like Brad Pitt. So here I am, author of An Occasional Walker. In this embarrassing photo I wear an ugly old hat.

In the better photo, taken some years later in Paraguay, I am wearing a beautiful hat.

Regardless of my hat, my book is available and I hope you will spend many a pleasant evening reading it.


Dag said...

I leave for the deep jungle in the afternoon tomorrow. Should be back to civilization in a few days. Till then,



truepeers said...

Funnily enough, I'm reading your book and thinking "Aldo Raine".

Dag said...

I'm in the Beni Amazon of Bolivia now, and here I need Aldo Raine to take care of the beetles that come by with their mouths open in search of, for example, my foot.

I have a photo, not very clear, of one such beetle who came at me, hit a wall, and then bit my shoe so hard and fast that I had to bang him on the pavement to get him off. He's bigger than a pack of cigarettes, bigger than my coffee cup, and half of him is mouth with big teeth. And the one I have a photo of isn't the biggest I've seen. A couple of this monsters would make a big dinner for most folks, assuming they don't eat the diner first.

More in store when I get settled at last in Trinidad, Bolivia. Love it here. Motorcycle heaven. Thousands of bikes and hardly a car or truck in sight. Nice weather, and the people are friendly. In all, a great place.

truepeers said...

Sounds fun. Just remember, what Aldo says about Nazis goes for bugs too. That'll keep you busy.

Dag said...

My Rain-e Day will come.