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Islam must take a seat and pay close attention

Muslims want to build a 13 story monument to Islam two blocks from Ground Zero, and the local dhimmis think it's a great idea.

I've been in a state of shock for the past few days. Here's some of the story.

"New Yorkers Wary Of Future Ground Zero Mosque," from CBS, May 6:

NEW YORK (CBS) ― In a building damaged by debris from the Sept. 11 airliners that brought down the World Trade Center and soon to become a 13-story mosque, some see the bridging of a cultural divide and an opportunity to serve a burgeoning, peaceful religious population. Others see a painful reminder of the religious extremism that killed their loved ones.
Anything having to do with that day, that place, carries enormous meaning. Now two Islamic organizations have partnered to build something that they say will bring some good from something very bad.
Organizers say the project will create a venue for mainstream Islam and a counterbalance to radicalism. It earned a key endorsement this week from influential community leaders.
"This is a community center, a community and cultural center, which would include certainly prayer space for Muslims and we hope for non-Muslims as well, to bring about a new discourse in the relationship between the United States, New York City, and the Muslim world," said Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the Cordoba Initiative.
He's hoping the 13-story, $100 million Islamic center will join the other buildings; the banks, offices, and apartments, going up at ground zero. It will serve a growing Muslim population in lower Manhattan.
The closest mosque to this area is a dozen blocks away and very over-crowded, but this site was also chosen for exactly what happened here on 9/11, and what America stands for, Rauf told CBS station WCBS-TV in New York City.
"Definitely, this is a victory of American tolerance over hatred," Rauf said.
Who's Rauf? Why do we have a Muslim discussing a Muslim monument built near to Ground Zero? Why isn't his voice one of many rising in a long scream begging for mercy? No. Instead he is triumphant. He accuses us of his own filthy crimes, and our own lap it up like a dog at his own vomit. Build a Muslim monument at Ground Zero and thank Muslims for it. Dhimmis love it.

911 Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf Blames Christians: "The US and the West must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end"

Feisal Abdul Rauf (ECTN) Jihadwatch

"Feisal Abdul Rauf, a New York imam, expects us to believe that jihad warfare was started by the West and can only be ended by the West."


Feisal Abdul Rauf puts it all on the West, and gets invited to Australia by Premier Bob Carr.

The US and the West must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end, says an Islamic cleric invited to Sydney by Premier Bob Carr.


Speaking from his New York mosque, Imam Feisal said the West had to understand the terrorists' point of view.

In a move likely to cause controversy with church leaders, Imam Feisal said it was Christians who started mass attacks on civilians.

"The Islamic method of waging war is not to kill innocent civilians. But it was Christians in World War II who bombed civilians in Dresden and Hiroshima, neither of which were military targets."


Imam Feisal said the bombing in Madrid had made his message more urgent. He said there was an endless supply of angry young Muslim rebels prepared to die for their cause and there was no sign of the attacks ending unless there was a fundamental change in the world.


Imam Feisal, who argues for a Western style of Islam that promotes democracy and tolerance, said there could be little progress until the US acknowledged backing dictators and the US President gave an "America Culpa" speech to the Muslim world.

Dhimmitude is a sado-masochist exercise. Our intelligentsia live for it. We, by indulging them, degrade our selves, our people, our nations. Islam is a garbage culture of parasites and decayed warriors who have no strength. Our Left dhimmi fascist intelligentsia lend them power to humiliate our Modernity, to destroy our Modernity; and our people do not object forcefully, being foolish and passive and mindful of authority legitimate or not. Sick-minded masochists in power demand we obey their favoured sadists, and our people accept it. Some of our own, at any rate. For now, at any rate. Pseudo-intellectuals, these masochists and caprophagists, have power in our lands, and they, like courtiers of times past, torment those they can because it is the nature of masochists to indulge in sadism in turn. It is perverted and sick, but few have the courage to object to the authority of power itself. Because of that weakness, we see the possibility of a Muslim monument built on the grave of our own, Muslims gloating, dhimmis grovelling before their sadist masters. I've been in shock. I am sickened.

"The US and the West must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end."

Our dialogue with Islam need include no more than a wooden arm chair, a roll of duct tape, a rusty spoon, and an optional box of salt. That chair, that rusty spoon, that roll of tape: Our Monuments.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Crush the Dyer's Hand

If we do what they do, we'll be as bad as they are.

That's the crap we get from those who care only for the display their conformity to Left nihilism. Those who pout and pose and glance around to see if they have the public's approval for their emotive shows of "sensitivity,' of concern for the oppressed, for their deep emotions and fine shoes and all-natural hemp berets; the phoney, the cynical and the stupid who cling like lampreys to the dark bottom rocks of moral ugliness spout cliches, fake every anger, conjure ex niliho the least reality of feeling and show the room the very wastes of humanness as if it is The Agathon itself.

Some people are morally and emotionally void: they have no genuine feeling at all. They suck up whatever floats past them, parasites of feelings and ideas, people who have no core, who will follow any evil they sense is predominant, who play at living and fake it badly.

Here is some plain reality about Islam and jihad. No tie-dyed nonsense posing.

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who worked for several years with young criminal Muslims in a Copenhagen prison. He is the author of Among Criminal Muslims. A Psychologist’s Experience from the Copenhagen Municipality. The book will be out in English later this year. He can be contact at:

Nicolai Sennels in a Frontpage Interview with Jamie Glazov.

[S]even out of ten teenagers in the average Danish youth prisons have a Muslim background. ... They were all between 15 and 17 years old....

[O]ne significant conclusion was that having been raised in a Muslim environment – with Muslim parents and traditions – includes the risk of developing certain antisocial patterns.

About two thirds of all teenagers accused for criminal actions in Copenhagen have a Muslim background. ...


Seen from the therapy room, the mentality stemming from Islamic influence on the societies where it is the dominating value system is so strongly rooted in the culture that Muslims are influenced by its dogmas and values no matter if they pray five times a day and can recite the Quran or not.


The most important characteristics that I found concerns aggression, self-confidence, individual responsibility and identity.

Concerning anger, it quickly becomes clear that Muslims in general have a different view on aggression, anger and threatening behaviour than Danes and probably most of our Western world.

For most Westerners, it is an embarrassing sign of weakness if people become angry. This view on anger is probably consolidated already in early childhood. I have been working as a school psychologist for several years and bullying is a continuous problem at the schools that I work in. The interesting thing is that the children who are most likely to be the target of being bullied are the children that get angry the easiest. If people get angry we have a tendency to lose respect for them and in many cases we try to tease them to provoke them even more – with the pedagogical aim of helping the person to realize the childishness of his or her behaviour. Trying to get one’s will by acting aggressively or using threats is seen as immature and our reaction is often to ridicule or simply ignore them. Thus, the shortest way to lose face in our Western culture is to show anger.

It is completely opposite in the Muslim culture. While most of my Danish clients who had problems with anger felt embarrassed about it, none of my Muslim clients ever seemed to understand our view on anger. ...

In Muslim culture, it is expected that one should show anger and threatening behaviour if one is criticized or teased. If a Muslim does not react aggressively when criticized he is seen as weak, not worth trusting and he thus loses social status immediately.

This cocktail of cultural differences has sparked the ongoing debate on free speech all over the world. The free world’s criticism and jokes about Islam is met with anger and threats of terror. When a Danish cartoonist shows the Muslims’ prophet with a bomb in his turban to illustrate the fact that Mohammed conducted dozens of massacres and called for global violent jihad against non-Muslims, the reaction of Muslim leaders and their followers was exactly to confirm Westergaard’s drawing: They responded with jihad on all possible levels – threats of genocide, terror, economical boycott, lawsuits and using democratic systems in our countries, EU and the UN to challenge and destroy our laws on free speech.

The wisdom and bravery of any child in any school yard to people using aggression to hide their own insecurity because of a simple drawing would lead to more jokes and logic as a mean to pedagogically point out obvious human weaknesses. Unfortunately most of our politicians are not as wise and brave as the average school child.


The concept of honor in the Muslim culture is – just like in the case with anger – opposite of our Western view. It is common in the Muslim culture to be exceedingly aware of one’s status in the group, other peoples’ view of oneself and any signs of any kind of criticism. The aggressive response to anything that can make one insecure is seen as an expression of honorable behaviour. But what is honorable about that? What kind of honor needs to be defended by all means necessary – including the abolishment of women’s human rights, such as the right to pick their own sexual partners, clothes, husband and life style? What is honorable about anger and the lack of ability to ignore provocations and handle criticism constructively?

After listening to more than a hundred Muslim teenagers telling their stories about their feelings, thoughts, reactions, families, religion, culture, the life in their Muslim ghettos and their home countries, it became clear to me that to a Muslim such behavior is the very core of keeping one’s honor. But seen through the eyes of Western psychology, it is all an expression of a lack of self-confidence. According to our view, the base of being authentic and honorable is to know one’s strengths and weakness – and accepting them. The ability to think “your opinion about me, not mine – and mine counts to me” when provoked and being mature enough to handle criticism constructively is a source of social status in the Western world.

Unfortunately, the Muslim concept of honor transforms especially their men into fragile glass-like personalities that need to protect themselves by scaring their surroundings with their aggressive attitude. The show of so-called narcissistic rage is very common among Muslims. The fear of criticism is in many cases not far from paranoia. It is not without reason that self-irony and self-criticism is completely absent in the Muslim societies. Seen from a psychological perspective – whose aim is to produce self-confident, happy, free, loving and productive individuals; and not to please a hateful God or culture traditions – Muslim culture is in many ways psychologically unhealthy to grow up in.


To discuss individual responsibility, I need to first introduce the readers to the psychological term “locus of control.” Locus of control concerns if people see their life mainly influenced by inner or outer factors. In our Western culture, we see inner factors as more important than outer ones. Our point of view, our way of handling our emotions, our way of thinking, our way of reflecting, our way of reacting is all seen as ways that we decide our own lives. We may not always be aware of the way we think etc. and a whole industry has appeared because of that fact. Indeed, psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, coaches plus countless self-help books and magazines are overflowing in our societies and are all aiming at helping us to become aware of how we decide our own lives.

None of these things exists in the Muslim world. The few psychiatrists they have are often educated in the West and whatever psychology and pedagogy that exists in Muslim countries does not have root in the Muslim culture but are ideas imported from the West.


An important aspect of this difference concerning locus of control is that people who see their own lives mainly guided by outer factors – a fearsome God, a powerful father, influential imams, ancient but strong cultural traditions – very easily develop a victim mentality. It is thus not without reason that conspiracies and blaming the non-Muslims are so central in Muslim leaders’ rhetoric and politics. This victim mentality also dominates the mentality of Muslim immigrants, who often have a long row of demands for economic support and Islamization of our societies to satisfy their personal needs.

[Y]ou need three things to be able to integrate. You need to want it, you need to be allowed and you need to have the surplus. Very few Muslim immigrants fulfil these three criteria.

We are in the historical embarrassing situation that we have invited millions of people to our continent that do not want to integrate and are also not able to. Since the integration of Muslims will never happen – a fact I think that has already been proven years ago – we will end up with a significant part of our population that are actively working to Islamize our societies. There exist both Muslims and non-Muslims that see this Islamization as Islamic jihad – but it is more than that: it is human nature. ...

As Muslim immigrants push for Islamization and the original Europeans increasingly feel being exploited and threatened by growing and still more violent Muslim communities, a continent wide civil war might become unavoidable. ...

They push, we don't push back: becasue that would be "racist" or masculine and "traditional" and so on, steeped in conformity Hippie cliches of the hour. If we do what they do, then we'll be just as bd as they are. Fact is, I'm highly in favour of being so much worse than the Muslim terror that they'd rather flee than stay. I don't car how bad we are. I'm not impressed by being stained like the dyer's hand by doing what they do. I expect to feel quite good when we see whatever victory we have over the Muslims invasion of our time. But I'm by nature a fighting man, not a hippie, not a metro-sexual, not a guy who cares deeply about how others see me. We see above pretty much Muslims as they are. Muslims don't impress me. I'm happy to fight.

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: Jihad, the Bomb

The Times Square bomber is some kind of idiot or he wasn't very motivated to do much harm. I'm torn, as it were.

Shahzad, however, seemed to lack proper training in launching a terror attack. He loaded his SUV with 100 pounds of harmless fertilizer – made from cow manure – which he attempted to detonate by the use of M88 fireworks attached to small propane tanks.

Upon igniting the fireworks as a fuse, the would-be jihadi neglected to turn on the propane.
This particular fool comes from Pakistan, is a member of a group of dedicated and dangerous jihadis.


Tehrik-e-Taliban, a Pakistani terrorist group, claimed responsibility for the failed bombing of Times Square in New York on Sunday. The group also claimed credit for the attack on a Sri Lankan cricket team on March 3, 2009, and the Lahore bombing of May 27, 2009, which killed 35 people and injured 250.

The leader of Tehrik e-Taliban is Baitullah Mehsud, a Pashto warlord, who commands 5,800 fighters. Some of his fighters are American Muslims, who may have been trained at Islamberg and other Jamaat ul-Fuqra compounds throughout the United States.

Many of the African Americans, who are trained at the ul-Fuqra compound, are sent to Pakistan to participate in the great jihad.

That the idiot we saw at work in Times Square can't tell the difference between chemical and cow fertilizer is not something we can laugh at. They can't be all that stupid. And as we see above, they do kill people. There are a lot of them, and they are serious.

This is something we might wish to prepare for in terms of explaining it to those we know and meet. We're involved in a serious war, and many if not most of our own people deny it passionately and to the point of fury and frenzy. We have to continue talking anyway, every time there's a chance to bring up the subject.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Connecticut man person 'arrested' in Trivial, American-inspired, Zionist-led, Failed-anyway Times Square Man-made Disaster

A sampling of new, views, and headlines from Canada and beyond on the car bomb attack in Times Square:

A suspect has been taken into custody... the buyer of the SUV that was parked Saturday in New York's Times Square and were seeking him as a potential suspect. [A] Connecticut resident of Pakistani descent who recently travelled to Pakistan.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano cautioned against making "premature decisions," telling the Today show Monday that "every lead has to be pursued." [CBC.]


sunnysandhu wrote:Posted 2010/05/03 at 11:24 PM ET
Relax - stop blaming what if the person who bought the suv was of pakistani orgin.

It still means little until connected somehow to a terrorist plot. Just as I cautioned you and everyone else when the story broke, don't jump to conclusions until enough facts are in...

So..I will not tie the event to Islam or muslims until more is known. I wish others could do the same.

drriley wrote:Posted 2010/05/04 at 12:40 AM ET
I'd like to know why this story is the current top news item on It has nothing to do with Canada. And, whilst Canadians face many crises at home and internationally, I can think of any number of news topics that warrant top of the list and ARE about, or relevant to, Canada and Canadians.

sunnysandhu wrote:Posted 2010/05/03 at 11:24 PM ET
I can see that the racists are coming out of the woodwork now that one of the guys maybe Pakistani and the other guy is a white male. No matter, all the serial killers are white guys as are school shooters. So be smug but the bottom line in todays world the terrorists can be white males, white females, black men, filipinos or whatever. All this proves if this guy is an American from Pakistan, is that the war in Iraq, prevented nothing it just made more nuts like this guy. Now off to Iran they got oil and caviar. With a billion Indians who Pakistanis are, racial profiling still does nothing when the perp can be a white male. Bottom line stop immigration from European countries at least we won't have to worry about pig farmers, green river killers, or Jefferey Dahmer. The posters who go after the Islamic religion don't look for answers just scapegoats. The war in Iraq made more nuts but whos counting or caring.

And Headlines:

Headline in the Vancouver Sun: Connecticut man arrested in New York's Times Square bomb attempt

Headline in Montreal Gazette: Man arrested over failed New York car bomb

Headline in the BBC News: Man 'arrested' over attempt to bomb NY's Times Square

Now I wonder if 'arrested' means he was arrested or if he was 'arrested.'

Reality check: Islam demands that there be no other religion anywhere but Islam, and that it is the duty of every believing Muslim to ensure that the world is converted by dawa or jihad. A man, a Connecticut man, a man 'arrested,' a suspect. Uh huh. Some people take their religion seriously. When they're Muslims, they often turn to terror.

YUSUFALI: Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): "I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them."

PICKTHAL: When thy Lord inspired the angels, (saying): I am with you. So make those who believe stand firm. I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger.

SHAKIR: When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

That's the Qur'an. Muslims take it seriously. So might we.

Times Square Bombing: Kos He's "White."

Obama cheerleaders are desperate to find a "right winger" responsible for a terrorist outrage. Anything at all like a terrorist act will do, and no matter who does it, it must be "rightwing terror" until proven otherwise, at which point the Left will claim the "root cause" is some imaginary American failing, slavery in Bermuda, the overthrow of a Communist dictator in Iran in the 1950s, the Moon in Jupiter, or something. On the terrorist attack in Times Square: someone at Daily Kos writes:

What if it wasn't a terrorist from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen or Afghanistan - what if they came from the Nation of Fox?

There isn't any evidence that they did - yet. But it's also something - we can't rule out, can we?

There are two things that make me personally think this probably wasn't a muslim terrorist bombing attempt, 1) Their Car Bombs tend to WORK REALLY WELL with sophisticated cellphone remote triggers or else they stay with the bomb and ensure that it goes off, while this one was a Fracking Mess...


Video Surveillance showed a "WHITE GUY" leaving the area and attempting to disguise himself - not a dark skinned Arab.

Normally I'd sample comments for our amusement, but the sad truth is that comments at Daily Kos are stupid in a physical sense: those who write are organically incapable of writing anything even worthy of ridicule.

So let's move on and see what really is in the real world.

The "White" guy the leftards are all excited about, as if that means he couldn't be a Muslim, (and that makes us wonder just how stupid these leftards can get, making us wonder if they think Islam actually is a congenital condition,) the "White" guy just came back from five months in Pakistan. The normal person would assume the returnee is Muslim. Don't make no never mind if he's "White." It matters if the bomber is Muslim, motivated not by race but by Islam.

Marisol at Jihad Watch puts this forward:

"Another clue in the investigation is a video posted online early Sunday morning by persons in Connecticut." More on this story. "Authorities Have Identified Person of Interest in Times Square Bomb Attempt," by Richard Esposito, Pierre Thomas, and Brian Ross for ABC News, May 3:

Federal authorities are closing in on the man they say is a person of interest in the Times Square car bomb attempt this weekend, who is described as a naturalized American citizen who hails from Pakistan and just returned after spending five months there.
There is growing evidence the bomber did not act alone and had ties to radical elements overseas, with one senior official telling ABC News there are several individuals believed to be connected with the bombing and that at least one of them is a Pakistani-American.
Comments at Daily Kos were just so stupid that I can't find any reason to post one. The comments weren't even repulsive. They were just stupid. Increasingly, such is our Left. When they become so stupid as this, the only thing left to them will be violence itself. They'll just scream and throw things.

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Dudley, Do Right

The English population is growing rapidly, thanks to Labour Party government scheme to import people to create a multi-cultural society, like it or not. Today in Dudley, Birmingham, the local mosque is too small for the exploding population of Muslims, who want build a large mosque to accommodate their population. The locals, other than the city council, objected, and the mosque, in spite of the people's wishes, is slated to go up. The English Defence League has arrived to demonstrate in favour of the people's will.

Today, from an eye-witness account:

Gangs of Muslims are roaming the streets with knives. We have had a lot of feedback from supporters in Dudley, and all are saying the same things, the police are letting this happen. Muslims are being allowed to walk around unchallenged with weapons. Knives, bricks, you name it. What is going on in this Country? There are hundreds of police there, but none seem to be doing anything about them. I will take this back if there are reports that hundreds of Muslims have been arrested for carrying weapons tomorrow, but I won't be holding my breath.

We ask ALL supporters if you truly support the EDL to mobilise to Dudley tomorrow. These lads who are there need your support, and they deserve it too.


Some of our supporters are at present barricaded on the roof of a derelict building near the site of the proposed £18m Mega Mosque in Dudley. They have food and water to last them weeks, and a pa system to give speeches. I believe they even have a Playstation! They will be playing the call to prayer to let those who are not bothered by this Mosque know what to look forward to.

Some might know Dudley as the location of the Led Zepplin IV album cover:
The 19th century rustic oil painting on the front of the album was purchased from an antique shop in Reading, Berkshire by Robert Plant. The painting was then juxtaposed and affixed to the internal, papered wall of the partly demolished suburban house for the photograph to be taken. The 20th century urban tower block on the back of the full gatefold album cover is Butterfield Court in Eves Hill, Dudley, England.

With a national election coming up, some of those people being replaced by others in favour of a multi-cultural utopia are asking questions about the future of their nation and their own lives. In answer to that, this is what the current prime minister thinks of his concerned constituents, which might, in part, explain why some men are on a roof-top cooking bacon sandwiches while police below do nothing about armed gangs of hostile Muslims roaming freely in the streets threatening those above:

Gordon Brown has been caught unawares calling a Labour-supporting pensioner who confronted him on the election campaign trail a "bigot".

Gillian Duffy, a 66-year-old widow, told the Prime Minister that she was concerned about immigration from Eastern Europe.

Mr Brown chatted to her for five minutes and appeared to end the conversation amicably, telling her she came from a "good family". But he was unaware that his microphone was still on as he got into his car and sped away, and was heard berating his staff for allowing the encounter. He told an aide: "That was a disaster. Should never have put me with that woman. [....] The aide asked what Mrs Duffy had said, and Mr Brown replied: "Everything. She's just a sort of bigoted woman who says she used to be Labour."

Led Zepplin, "When the Levee Breaks."

The Rise and Fall of Hope and Change

I'm not the greatest artiste in the world. This guy is:

Party guests from left to right: Tim Geithner, John Kerry, KSM, Oprah, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Axelrod, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Party Crashers #1, Rahm Emanuel, Eric Holder, Party Crashers #2, Harry Reid, John Edwards, Bluto, Andy Stern, Bill Clinton, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Barney Frank, Kevin Jennings

See it in the flesh for pop-up captions. Click twice for large view here.