Sunday, July 05, 2009

On writing A Genealogy of Left Dhimmi Fascism (2)

I've been writing A Genealogy of Left Dhimmi Fascism since mid-April this year, now being at page 98 of chapter four of a first draft. The previous chapters run at roughly 100 pages each. This, with a further 28 pages of notes on Ernest Gellner and Johan von Herder to include before I go back and wrap it up with inclusions on Th. Aquinas, "Just Price" and E.P. Thompson, "Moral Economy," means I have to finish that up and then split the rest of this chapter into another section, i.e. Chapter 5. I suspect the second half will run to another 100 or so pages, as will chapters 6 and 7 each. As well as the roughly 700 pages of text, I have numerous addenda to include, and then a conclusion and an introduction to write. It looks like I'll be at this for a while yet, and that means my blogging will continue to be light.

This is a first draft of a very long and detailed work. I'm finding out as I go what I don't know; and that requires that I learn and then write. It means I go slowly, picking my way along, consulting wherever I can the best authorities for my effort. Some of it comes haphazard, meaning there are marginal notes and errors in previous inclusions, not to mention simple terrible prose on my part. As well, it's all in long-hand, meaning, of course, that I have to type it when I finish the last chapter. At that point I will have a revised effort on my hands and on my mind. It won't be evident from the work on this blog, but I hope you'll see in time that I'm a careful and polished writer when it comes to substantial work. I have a lot of writing, reading, and, dare I say, thinking yet to do.

This effort would not have been possible without the help of my friend CGW, who has been exceptionally generous in providing me with material needed to make this come about to the extent it has and will. To my readers for their comments, good or no, I thank you for the time and consideration involved. I make every effort to credit those I can who provide input here. Some of you will think that's just right. The death threats I'll probably leave out. But thanks just the same.

Will up-date this as I have a few moments and need a break from Oikos: Part One: Poverty, Povertarianism, and Philobarbarism.

No, trust me, it's really interesting. Oikos: Parts Two an Three will be even better. And wait till we get to Gnosis. You're gonna love it.