Thursday, May 03, 2012

On the road again

Two days ago a bus went off the cliff around Coroico, Bolivia, killing 30, as I hear the story. I took that route a month ago or so, and will be back on the same road tomorrow. Meanwhile I`m resting after a painful eight day and night ride on a cargo boat up the Mamore River in the Amazon. Very hard conditions.

As soon as I find a place to stop again and sit down with a proper Internet connection I will post some copy and many photos of recent adventures. This, of course, assuming I don´t die on the road, as one particularly stupid commenter at a friend`s blog hoped I would. Yes, I might well die in a bus crash, making this fool happy, but what about my fellow passengers? They die too, which is a small price for the creep to pay in hoping I die because I´m not a metro-sexual. Man, I put up with punishment on that boat ride that has me ready to pound the crap out of any goof at all from Canada who simpers about me dying in a bus crash. Tough eight days. But I survived, and it shows me that I too am tough. I suspect that´s what upsets the faggoty losers so much. I could stomp them and not get out of breath. I know this because I did eight days on that river and made it through pretty fine. Damn. Now that it´s done I feel like Superman.

Next, another go at the Death Road.

More later if I survive it again.