Saturday, June 17, 2006

Turkey Changes Nation's Name.

It might seem like a major co-incidence that an X-ray of a turkey's head looks like Homer Simpson but the real shock of the day is that the nation of Turkey has just announced that in a desperate attempt to join the European Union Turkey is changing its name to Piggey.

We too are shocked. An X-ray of a Turkey's head does look like Homer Simpson. Will the wonders of modern science ever cease? We think not.

Rocket firings from Gaza

Israeli strike kills 2 top Palestinian "militants"

An Israeli air strike in Gaza has killed two senior Palestinian "militants."

Rocket firings
from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

The attack came hours after Hamas "militants" stepped back from a Palestinian Government offer to renew a cease-fire with Israel.

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

An Israeli Army spokeswoman said the strike targeted Islamic Jihad "militants" who were responsible for firing rockets into Israel in recent weeks.

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

An Islamic Jihad source identified the men as senior commanders of "the armed group."

Palestinian medics said several civilian bystanders were injured in the strike, the latest in a series of several Israel has launched against "militants" launching rockets in the past week.

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

Dozens of Palestinians rushed into a morgue, carrying the dead "militant" wrapped in a white sheet and shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest).

Earlier, Hamas "militants" distanced themselves from a ceasefire offer the Palestinian Government led by the "Islamist group" made to Israel.

Rocket firings
from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

Other "armed groups," including Islamic Jihad, also spurned the proposal.

Israeli-Palestinian violence has increased in the past week.

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

Israel has killed in recent days more than a dozen Palestinians, including "militants" and civilian bystanders, while "militants" in Gaza have increased rocket attacks into the Jewish state.

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

But Palestinian "militants" in Gaza have fired about 120 rockets into Israel in the past week alone, the army spokeswoman said.

Hamas's "armed wing" scrapped a 16-month truce after seven Palestinians died on June 8 in an explosion on a Gaza beach, which the Hamas-led Palestinian government tried to blame on Israel.

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

A Palestinian Government spokesman made a new truce offer on Thursday in an interview with Israel Radio.

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

But Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the man did not speak for the movement.

Hamas won control of the government in a January election.

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

Differences over the truce, which was conditional on Israel stopping anti-Palestinian attacks, could indicate disagreement between the Hamas grassroots and the government over tactics.

"We are not interested in making any offers or proposals," Sami Abu Zuhri said, official spokesman for the Hamas movement .

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

"When the occupation stops its killings and crimes against our people then the factions may look into the issue in accordance with the interests of our people," he said.

Rocket firings
from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

Justice Minister Haim Ramon said the military would continue to target Palestinian "militants," including Hamas leaders, in air strikes.

The Jewish state regards Hamas, which has carried out about 60 suicide bombings against Israelis since 2000, as a terrorist organisation and along with Washington and the European Union has imposed an economic embargo on its government.

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September.

Despite the sanctions, Hamas has rejected Western demands to recognise Israel's right to exist and disarm.

Rocket firings from Gaza have become an almost daily occurrence since Israel quit the territory in September. -
al Reuters

Friday, June 16, 2006

HAMAS Leaders Hide Behind Children

Middle Eastern Muslims tend to sprinkle people with gifts on occasion, money on the heads of belly dancers, candies on celebrated people, rocks on the rest of us. The cut line immediately below is from a photo of a girl whose family died a few days ago in an explosion blamed on Israelis. She's sprinkling cany on the head of one of those HAMAS peole likely responsible for the deaths in a "work accident." Beyond that we see in the clips below HAMAS cowering in fear when it's a possiblity they might get killed. Stogie sums it up nicely with his graphic which we run instead of the feel-good shot of the kid pandering to the goof who killed her family.

Palestinian girl Huda Ghalia, who lost her family last Friday in an explosion on a Gaza beach, throwing sweets on Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh during his visit to her house in the northern Gaza Strip yesterday. (Reuters)

Hamas stopped firing Qassam rockets at Israel yesterday, after Israel warned that it would attack Hamas leaders. In response to Hamas' restraint, the Israel Defense Forces will not attack Hamas targets as long as it does not renew terror attacks.

Palestinian sources told Haaretz that Haniyeh's meeting with the military wing officials was convened in the wake of a warning by Shin Bet security service chief Yuval Diskin, who told one of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' advisers that Israel would target Hamas leaders if the organization were to continue firing rockets.

The other Palestinian organizations are ignoring the change in Hamas' position and are expected to continue firing at Israel. Islamic Jihad fired a Qassam rocket at a strategic infrastructure facility near Ashkelon yesterday, causing no injuries.

Senior IDF officials said yesterday that Hamas' primary incentive in stopping the rocket fire was the concern that Israel would "go crazy" and react by targeting top Hamas leaders. The sources said it appears that Hamas has decided that it has completed the current phase of its campaign against Israel, and that the public support it would get for continuing the rocket fire was not enough to warrant the risk of an Israeli response.

The Hamas decision to hold its fire means, they said, that it has returned to the temporary status quo....

Nonetheless, the officials said, it is quite possible that the abatement will be short-lived. Another round of fighting could be sparked by civilian casualties on either side or by infighting between Hamas and Fatah. If that happens, Israel is likely to respond harshly out of a concern that the relative restraint it showed this time around has eroded the balance of deterrence.

Asked about this report, the Shin Bet security service refused to respond.

Our response is clear. Rather than boycotting Israel like Sid aRyan would do in collaboration with the dhimmi Presbyterians and others we support the Israelis. Down with Sid aRyan.

Interview with God

President Bush talks to God and so does Jerry Falwell. We feel that if those guys can then so can we. Thus, we are proud to present the first ever interview with God at No Dhimmitude.

God, welcome to our blog.

Thanks, Dag, it's good to be here. No Dhimmitude is one of my favorite blogs. I read it daily.

God, let's get to it. What do you think about the state of things in Canada?

Dag, the weather there truly sucks. But worse than that is the creepy little bastard in charge of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, CUPE, Sid Vicious Ryan. I really hate that guy. Recently he pulled a stunt, trying to boycott Israel by divesting from the nation and trying to wreck the image of the place by comparing it to South Africa. You know, Dag, Sid Vicious Ryan is actually a murderer. By his actions, both giving "moral" support and money to killers, by advertising for and sending teenagers dhimmis to so-called Palestine, he encourages Muslims to commit murder and mayhem. If I had my way, I'd hang that sucker from a lamp post.

It's funny you should mention that, God, I feel the same way.

We all do, Dag. Just a few days ago I mentioned this p.o.s., and within minutes the lot of us were up to our ankles in barf. I'm telling you, mate, no one in Heaven likes this guy. I'm looking forward to him showing up for entry so I can pull the plug on him. He'll drop so fast Satan won't know what hit him. We'll have a big laugh over that, I'll tell you.

So, how long are you going to leave him down there to suffer damnation and torture and stuff?

For eternity, Dag. I really do hate that scum sucker.

But, God, the guy seems to think he's doing something moral by sending money and moral support to people who randomly murder civilians. Isn't there anything redeeming in his beliefs if not in his actions?

Dag, don't be so f***ing stupid. The guy hates Jews. He hates because he's a rotten little creep. There are millions of people like him on Earth, and I usually just leave it to the lot of you to settle your own affairs because it's what life is about, good or bad. If I had to tend to every stubbed toe and broken fingernail to keep you people happy then you'd live like animals on coke. Forget that, bud. You live and you do your best as you're able. But then there are those like Sid Vicious Ryan who really go over the top, doing what they think I should be doing; and they wreck the whole idea, doing things so wrong and so evil that I look forward to the day when I can shoot them straight down the tube into the fire to burn forever. Ryan isn't a nice guy doing the wrong thing. He's a piece of shit. He likes to pose as a moral guy but the fact is that he's a hater, he hates Jews, he hates just because it's the way he is. And he likes to pose as a superior guy, making his internal hatred seem godly. I really want to torture that slime-bag.

God, I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Straight-up there, Dag. Listen, mate, I gotta run. Some Presbyterians just died and I have to send those creeps to hell too. It's been a real pleasure chatting you up. Let's do lunch next time I'm in Canada. Hey, love your blog.

Thanks, God.

There you have it, folks. God hates Sid Vicious Ryan. I couldn't have put it so well myself. I'm not in touch with God very often myself but if you leave a comment here it seems that He will read it on His own. I kind of noticed that He doesn't comment Himself but now I know that He does read us. Let God know how much you too hate Sid Vicious Ryan and the evil Presbyterians. You'll be in good company.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vancouver Public Library meeting.

When a business magazine, such as, takes a look at mosques as armouries and sees them for what they are, what do we make of our governments who look at mosques as armouries and see nothing but buildings made with voting blocs?

At what point does the average person say it's too much lying from our elected representatives? We still have the right to toss them out of office. But what do we do when our own won't do the needed thing? What if our own vote for dhimmis and fascists? Business people are looking at the world of Islam now and they are seeing what so many of us have known for years: that Islam is a violent poligion, a political religion bent on conquest and the violent impostion of slavery and death upon the world at large. Our governors still don't get it. Many of our voting fellow-citizens don't get it. And here we are in democracies where our majority fellows will determine our lives-- or our deaths.

Business people are clueing in. Being dead is bad for business. Below is a view from the world of hard-headed people who see the bottom line and conclude that mosques are a source of danger for people.

Sanctuaries Of Terror

Posted 6/8/2006

War On Terror: Time and time again, the mosque connection shows up in plots against Western targets. Yet authorities remain reluctant to do much about it. Why?

In fact, almost half the suspects in the Toronto terror plot worshiped at the same mosque. But Toronto police tried to dismiss any religious motivation.

Chief Bill Blair assured Canadians that the Muslim suspects "were motivated by an ideology based on politics, hatred and terrorism, and not on faith." He added, "I am not aware of any mosques that these individuals were influenced by."

Really? No fewer than seven of the suspects prayed daily at a small Toronto-area mosque called Al-Rahman Islamic Center for Islamic Education. And the oldest suspect, 43-year-old Qayyum Abdul Jamal, often led prayers there.

Many are college-educated professionals, not career criminals. Religious, law-abiding. Under other circumstances, you might call them "church-going folk."

Only, mosques aren't churches as we know them. Yes, most are used as places of worship by devout Muslims who wish none of us harm. But mosques are also used as fundraising centers for jihad, recruiting stations for jihadists, military planning headquarters and even weapons depots.

There's no evidence yet to suggest the leaders of the Toronto mosque encouraged or even knew of their members' plans to blow up government sites. But they certainly knew that Jamal — a native of al-Qaida hotbed Karachi, Pakistan — had a bone to pick with the Canadian government for sending troops to Afghanistan. They let him take the mike and rant about it at Juma, or Friday prayers.

The mosque's imam, Qumal Khanson, even tried to defend the suspects' actions. "Just the possession of ammonium nitrate doesn't prove that they have done anything wrong," he said.

Sure, they amassed three tons of the stuff that Timothy McVeigh used to destroy a large building simply to fertilize their gardens.

The former imam of the Finsbury Park Mosque in London did encourage terrorism. Abu Hamza al-Masri regularly preached about the legitimacy of "martyrdom operations" against infidels. The mosque under his leadership influenced some of the London subway bombers, shoe-bomber Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui.

It wasn't until several months after the tragic bombings that the London police declared the mosque "a haven for terrorists." Still, they didn't shut it down. No worries: They've been assured it's under new, "moderate" management.

America has its share of dangerous mosques, too. The 9-11 hijackers got aid and comfort from at least seven mosques in five states, coast to coast.

One wasn't far from the Pentagon. The imam of Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center at the time — a Saudi-connected specialist on martyrdom and the rewards of Paradise — privately counseled the leader of the Pentagon cell.

He's since fled the country. But the mosque's prayer leader, Sheikh Mohammed al-Hanooti, is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. And several of the mosque's directors are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide jihad movement that gave rise to Hamas and al-Qaida.

With leaders like that, it's no surprise that Dar al-Hijrah has cultivated more terrorists than any other mosque in the country. They include:

Abdurahman Alamoudi, one of al-Qaida's top fundraisers in America; Omar Abu Ali, who cased U.S. nuke plants for al-Qaida and plotted to assassinate President Bush; Hamas political leader Mousa Abu Marzook; Abdullah bin Laden, Osama's terror-financing nephew; Ismail Elbarasse, arrested for casing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge; and Randall "Ismail" Royer, who's serving time for training to kill U.S. troops overseas.

The mosque's executive committee came out in support of several of the terrorists. Some leaders even put up their homes as bond for their release from jail.

When London police finally raided the Finsbury mosque, they recovered around 100 stolen and forged passports and driver's licenses, blank-firing handguns, chemical warfare suits, camping equipment, a stun gun and a tear gas canister. We wonder what police would find at Dar al-Hijrah. What other evil lurks there?

Unfortunately, the large mosque is in the backyard of the nation's capital and protected by rings of muscular Muslim lobby groups that intimidate politicians. The FBI can barely make a move without first consulting the groups.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is erecting a mosque at the Marine base in Quantico, Va., and putting a Wahhabi preacher posing as a moderate in charge of it. It's the first of its kind in the 230-year history of the Corps.

The deputy secretary of defense and the Marine commandant both sang the praises of Islam at the dedication ceremony Tuesday, not realizing that the mosque can be used by the enemy to build a Fifth Column inside the Marines.

The unpleasant truth is the enemy uses mosques for terrorist activities. They are hubs connecting a terror network stretching from London to Toronto and even to Washington. There are more than 1,200 in America, and eight of 10 of them are controlled by Saudi Arabia and espouse its hateful, anti-Western Wahhabi dogma.

One may be in your neighborhood, or under construction there.

Muslims have a ready-made organisational principle and over a thousand years of tradition in conquest and evil in the flesh. Democratic people are individualists and self-sufficient and progressive, not inclined to dwell on the past nor to worry obsessively about things that can't change. Today they begin to worry about mosques. Business men, but not the Pentagon.

Business men might well save the world. Let's hope there's one in your neighbourhood or at least one in the making.

If you mean business, join us Thursday evening at Vancouver Public Library from 7-9:00 p.m. in the atrium to discuss it with us. You'll know us by our blue scarves and kerchiefs and me in my Israeli flag baseball cap.

The bottom line is that the marketplace of ideas is looking for some new products, and you might well be the one to provide them.

Jihad in Trinidad.

Trinidad: Islamist Claims He Made "Deal" With Prime Minister

Trinidad is under threat from jihadi terrorists. Who cares? Who knows where the place is? Why should it matter?

Trinidad, Trinity in Spanish, is off the coast of Chavez's private fiefdom, Venezuela. Much of the population is of East Indian descent, Hindu and Muslim. Think Kashmir in Chavez's pocket. Think jihad in America's back yard.

As we've pointed out here before, Marxism is too complicated for the average illiterate to grasp and to care about deeply. Islam, now replacing Marxism s the ideology of choice for the lumpen peasantry of the world, is so simple in its stupidity that even the stupidest of peasants can master it in short order. It has all the rotten elements of Marxism without the brain strain. One can cling to Islam, hate and kill for a higher purpose, and in Islam there is even hope to live an afterlife. Islam is made for primitive people, and Trinidad has plenty of them. Worse, so does much of the Caribbean and West Indies. Islam is perfect for the scum of the Third World. It's there and it will spread across the seas into the heartland.

At last, we meet the Domino Theory in the flesh, and who will believe it now?

For more details on recent developments, please turn to the link below:

Lying Moderate Muslims.

Even when the "moderate Muslims try hard they can't get it right. Below is what could have been a sensible call to Muslims to live as normal Human beings. What we get instead is warmed-over apologia, blaming Indians, Jews, Americans and Modernity for racism and Islamophobia. The rubbish keeps piling up.

The essay below is an attempt, and a failed one, to present Muslim moderation to the public. We are accused of right wing bigotry. We are accuse of racism. We are accused of imperialism. Yada yada yada. What we do not see is the first hint of genuine moderation on the part of Muslims as below.

In the beginning of the essay we find ourselves encouraged that Muslims call dhimmi self-censorship a playing into the hands of extremists both Muslim and socialist. That's lovely and decent. Then we find it's the Jooos. It's the Hindus. It's the Americans. It's the same old Muslim bullshit. When, if ever, will these people tire of their own lies?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Muslim Canadian intellectuals denounce Islamophobia, Islamism

By Khalid Hasan

WASHINGTON: Eleven Muslim Canadian academics and community leaders have issued a joint statement expressing regret that a "curtain of fear has descended on the intelligentsia of the West, including Canada (and) the fear of being misunderstood as Islamophobic has sealed their lips, dried their pens and locked their keyboards."

The joint statement, which is seen as unprecedented, said that with hundreds dead around the world in the aftermath of the infamous Danish cartoons, Canada's writers, politicians and media have imposed a "frightening censorship on themselves, refusing to speak their minds, thus ensuring that the only voices being heard are that of the Muslim extremists and the racist right." The statement pointed out that emboldened by the free rein they have received, Canada's Muslim extremists and their supporters held a meeting in a public park with speakers promising to drown the Danish people "in their own blood". Elsewhere, in Pakistan, a Muslim woman was pictured carrying a sign, "God bless Hitler," and a Muslim cleric placed a $1 million reward for the murder of a Danish cartoonist. Embassies were burned, churches ruined and hundreds died in different Muslim countries.

The statement is signed by Jehad Aliweiwi, Tarek Fatah, Taj Hashmi, Amir Hassanpour, Prof Tareq Y Ismael, Prof Jacqueline S Ismael, El Farouk Khaki, Prof Shahrzad Mojab, Prof Haideh Moghissi, Munir Pervaiz and Prof Saeed Rahnema.

The joint statement said, "Undoubtedly, Muslims were angered by the insulting cartoons. But the overblown reaction was partly due to their pent-up frustrations, and partly the result of orchestrated mischief by certain Islamist leaders. Islamic societies, run by variances of autocratic regimes, are in turmoil. Ravaged by rampant corruption, a widening gap between rich and poor, and suppression of dissent, the people in these societies have lost hope in their own futures. The US-led invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the unending occupation of the Palestinian territories and the quagmire of the Kashmiri dispute, have led many Muslims and non-religious peoples of Islamic origin, to view the West as the source of their countries' problems. The growing popularity of the extremists in Muslim societies, the electoral success of the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, Shia radicals in Iraq, and Hamas in the Palestinian territories, rather than signifying the growing religiosity of the peoples of the Middle East, reflect political despair in the region."

[I interrupt this nonsense at this point to demand some honesty from the men who wrote this rubbish. The US, Israel, and India have nothing to do with the centuries and centuries of jihadi conquest and dhimmitude of Islamic history. The pretentious and sanctimonious use of victimisation rubs us wrongly and shows to our irritated selves simply more lying and self-deception on the part of those who might like to claim moderation.

The political problems of dar al Islam are due to Islam. The smarmy deflections and moral equivalencies with more to follow show that the so-called moderates are dishonest intellectuals pulling more lies out of a seemingly bottomless hat. This will not do. This is not a statement of moderation but one of evasion of responsibility and deceit.]

The academics and community leaders said that in the West, people of Muslim origin, whether religious or secular, are facing growing racism, Islamophobia and discrimination reflected in immigration policies and anti-terrorist legislation. "The cartoon crisis was the straw that broke the camel's back" and Muslim extremists seized the opportunity to add fuel to the fire. They criticised the "calculated role" played by the two Danish Muslim extremists, backed by Islamic fundamentalist regimes, which not only aggravated an already inflammatory situation.

[We see clearly the dishonesty of the writer and signers above int he appeals to sympathy on grounds of race-baiting. They, the dishonest bastards, would like to lay claim that those who hate Islam are racists who hate not so much Islam but Arabs. The truth is that Indonesians are the majority population of Islam, and who is yelling for the deaths of Indonesians? Arabs make up perhaps 20 per cent of the Muslim world, and Arabs are also now 10 per cent of the Arab world, down form a vast majority before they were dhimmified and exterminated into near nothingness. The racism taunt is garbage pulled by dishonest bastards.

Islamophobia, a garbage neologism that needs be tossed by thinking people, is further dishonesty. Islam is a 7th century tribal code. It has neither moral nor intellectual core. It is an orthopraxy based on neurotic resentments and hatred of others. It is a racist Arab supremicism inflamed by hatred of Modernity. Islam is a fascist poligion that no sensible person would view in any other way than with fear and loathing. That we who are endangered by Islam and we who have some concern for Humanity generally, regardless of their religious attitudes, hate Islam generally are phobic about this primitive fascism is only reasonable. And yet this is flung at us as an accusation of wrong thinking and evil action. These dishonest writers have no shame.]

Imam Abu Laban and Ahmad Akkari of Denmark who ignited the fires of protest should be held accountable for their actions, the statement demanded. The academics and community leaders pointed out that for too long the media have created an image that portrays communities from the Muslim world as a monolith entity, best represented by extremists. The media have created a false dichotomy that pits these Muslim extremists against the West. The fact is that in all Muslim countries, progressive citizens are trying to break loose from the tyranny of the autocrats and clerics and wish to develop a civil society where citizenship is based not on inherited race or religion, but the equality of all, irrespective of faith, race, sexuality or gender. Only outrageous, violent expressions of faith by Muslim extremists are taken as the aspirations of people from Islamic societies.

[This paragraph above can only be taqqiya written by a fool. When orthodox Islam is practiced by a vast majority of Muslims, the result is jihad, whimmitude, dhimmitude, and social and cultural decay. The false dichotomy between believers in orthodoxy and apostasy is clear to those who understand Islam as it is and those who are liberals talking to each other in uninformed cliches provided by the dishonest likes of those above.]

The statement called upon Canada's intelligentsia to stand shoulder to shoulder with Muslims and secular individuals from the region who reject both Islamophobia and Islamism. "Islamism is not the new revolutionary movement against global forces of oppression, as a section of the left in this country erroneously perceives. Today, the religious right and autocracies in the so-called Islamic world are united in their call for passing legislation to make any discussion on religion a criminal offence. We call on Canadian politicians and intellectuals to stand up for freedom of expression. Our democratic values, including free speech, should not be compromised under the garb of fighting hate. To fight Islamophobia and racism, we do not need to sacrifice free speech and debate," the statement said.

[These people are worthless and dishonest. We still seek the honest moderate Muslim, and he is not to be found in this lifetime because Islam is a fascist poligion form the start to the end. Falsely trying to conflate fascist Islam with legitimate resistance to is is so dirty and disgusting that we should forget forever anything these people claim to be the voice of Islamic moderation.]

Bharat Rakshak

Hello to our readers from Bharat Rakshak. We are pleased to have you joining us and hope you will feel free to comment here. Also, please feel free to contribute links and posts regarding your concerns with Islam and dhimmitude as you please.
We know from reading K.S. Lal and others that our struggle is one, and we hope you will find common ground from which we may all stand in battle against fascist Islam.

Regards, Dag

Death, Murder, Christian Fanatics!

Let's panic big-time. As Tom Waites would have written, this is leviticously deuteronomous. There's a Christian video game on the market, and now there will be a war on all peace-loving peoples of colours who will die unjustly because of Christian fanatics commiting genocide on them. Yup, I can see it all happening now. It's the end of the world as we know it. Worry about nothing other than the video game and global warming. And really, don't worry about that because the end is here. Man, I was just starting to relax after finding out from the MSM that all this jihadi stuff is a racist conspiracy. Now I find it's really worse than it seemed because Baptists are conspiring to kill everyone.

"Left Behind: Eternal Forces" which is based on the bewilderingly successful "Left Behind" series of books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins, (reputed to have sold over 63 million copies world wide). "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" is a game with a message and its message, as perverse in its own way as that of "Ethnic Cleansing", is equally disturbing.

Set in a near-future New York shortly after the Rapture and before the second coming of Christ, "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" lets you command the Christian "Tribulation Force", a paramilitary organisation. Your enemies - grey, faceless and dehumanised - are the "Global Community" forces of the anti-Christ, a barely disguised UN. Your mission is simple: convert or kill. There is no middle ground, neutrality is not an option, you are either with us or against us.

Although the game literature declines to address the issue of exactly who is "left behind", logic decrees that if only good Christians get the call, those "left behind" are sinners and unbelievers. Those who come to this game following the books, however, will be in no doubt whatsoever that this means Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Unitarians, gays ... you get the point.

That this game is set in New York, one of the most racially and culturally diverse places on earth, is hardly coincidental. Instead, it can only be seen as a blatant, insensitive and cynical attempt to evoke the memory of September 11, 2001 - screenshots from the game show ambulances with "911" emblazoned on their roofs; the majority of real NYC ambulances have either the Red Cross or the six pointed paramedic star - and promote fear and the Dominionist world view.

Again, its message is simple: we are living through the End of Days, and sinners and unbelievers are those you should fear and be prepared to kill if they refuse to come round to your point of view. A point of view delivered at gunpoint.

Supporters of this game will no doubt claim that killing is merely incidental and any "unnecessary" killing is penalised, thereby showing you the consequences of your actions. This is true but the remedy is simple: kill, pray, convert, and you are free to kill again.

This nasty piece of fundamentalist propaganda, aiming for a 13+ Teen rating, will immerse often-impressionable children in a world where prejudice and bigotry are rewarded by spiritual salvation. Ironically, it also exposes some of the hypocrisies of the Christian fundamentalist right, who are often the most vocal in their condemnation of other violent video games.

These criticisms contend, amongst other things, that children, may become obsessed or addicted, that they are encouraged to "act out", or become emotionally hardened to violence or isolated and antisocial. Whether we agree with these accusations or not they cannot have it both ways.

Jonathan Hutson asks "If violence, coarseness, and materialism are serious social problems, then what purpose is served by exploiting a global pastoral network to mass market a game about mass killing, whether in the name of Christ or the Antichrist?" It's a good question, and one which the Christian right is struggling to answer.

I used to make a good living by sidling up to strangers and yelling "Hey, look at that dinosaur eating that spaceship!" I had a great time as a pick-pocket, but now I'm going to get rich pulling this end of the world routine on the stupid. I think I'll go into banks with this scam. "Hey, look over there! Christians are playing a video game!"

The Recline of the West.

Our commentator Religion of Pieces provides this item on the nature of jihad in the West. Whether it's pre-planned as claimed by the author below the case is that what we read is a seemingly accurate picture of the way things actually are today in reality.

Personally, I don't credit the majority of Muslims with the skills to pull off a plan greater than the average mini-mart robbery. However, they are succeeding in dawa and jihad by demographics that is sinking our Modernity. Below we might see what they do by design or default, and all of it with the active encouragement of our own, those I refer to as the Left dhimmi fascists of our intelligenstia:

Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America

by Dr. Anis Shorrosh

Dr. Anis Shorrosh, D.Min, D.Phil, and a member of Oxford Society of Scholars, has traveled in 76 countries. He is a Palestinian Arab Christian American, who is an author, lecturer and producer of TV documentaries. He is author of the best-seller "Islam Revealed" and his tenth book - "Islam: A Threat or a Challenge." - was published in the spring, 2003. You can contact him at PO Box 949, Fairhope, AL 36533, FAX 1-251-621-0507 or phone 1-251-680-7770 or on the net at

What is to be done?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nice Sucks

The recent group grope at the library in Vancouver, Canada during the Irshad Manji lecture showed a good cross-section of middle-aged white lesbian ladies turning up for some old-fashioned feel-good about the charms of feminism and the way of Islam when women had power and Mohammed stood back and let the gals run things right.

I have tears in my eyes.

Canadians are nice people, especially middle-aged lesbian ladies. Some of my best friends happen to be middle-aged lesbian ladies. I'd like myself too if I were a middle-aged lesbian lady. But hey, there is more to the world of the living than that. Not everyone is so generous as I in tossing about the milk of Human kindness as if the cow were golden. Nor do all of us mix our metaphors as if they were a dime a dozen. Some people are sensible, such as the writer below.

Jonah Goldberg: The price of 'nice' for Canada

Our northern neighbor thinks being all multicultural and sucking up to the United Nations will keep the terrorists away. Think again.

June 8, 2006

A FEW YEARS AGO I wrote a cover story for National Review with the subtle and nuanced title, "Bomb Canada: The Case for War." It caused quite a stir up there. My argument at the time was that Canada needed to be slapped out of its delusions and forced to stand up for itself in ways other than the Potemkin courage it shows in "standing up" to the United States.

Had I thought of it at the time, maybe I should have had American bombers stand down and suggested instead that Islamic terrorists plot to behead the Canadian prime minister and blow up a few important buildings.
Canada is arguably the most deluded industrialized nation in the world. Because elite Canadians think the U.S. is the font of the world's problems, they think being different than the U.S. and sucking up to the United Nations will buy them grace on the cheap. They claim to be "a nation of peacekeepers," but they rank 50th among U.N. peacekeeper nations in the number of troops sent. They've bravely contributed to the war in Afghanistan, where 2,300 troops still serve, but refused to join the effort in Iraq, believing that jihadists would honor such fine distinctions. That was awfully nice of them. Too bad nice has nothing to do with it.

The presence of a profoundly evil, homegrown terror cell in Canada has understandably provoked a lot of soul-searching to our north. As one Canadian editorial put it: "We are Canada, peacekeepers to the world, everybody's nice guy. Who would want to harm us, and why?" Or as Audrey Macklin, a University of Toronto law professor, confessed to the L.A. Times, Canadians "picture themselves as being thought of as nicer than the United States."

Why on earth would terrorists want to hurt a "nice" country? Well, for starters, nice isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Indeed, there's good reason to believe that niceness is part of the problem, not the solution. Many Canadians (and Americans and Europeans) cling to a deep-seated belief that more multiculturalism, more interfaith dialogue, more "understanding," more Western apologies, more acceptance of Sharia, more "niceness" will fix the problem.

As the American Enterprise Institute's Reuel Marc Gerecht and the French intellectual Olivier Roy have suggested, multiculturalism in many ways breeds Islamic radicalism among deracinated "born-again" Muslims in the West. It foments the climate of grievance and honors the quest for radical authenticity. Indeed, jihadism imports any number of Marxist and anti-colonial bugaboos into its worldview and then spits them back out at the West.

But if Europe and the U.S. are any guide, it's doubtful Fleras and his confreres will have any epiphanies about the failures of multiculturalism. The Danish cartoon controversy was a perfect example of appeasement. A host of Western leaders indulged jihadist outbursts and threats to behead cartoonists and journalists by denouncing, in Bill Clinton's words, "these totally outrageous cartoons against Islam." Sen. John Kerry joined in the moral equivalence: "These and other inflammatory images deserve our scorn, just as the violence against embassies and military installations are an unacceptable and intolerable form of protest." And French President Jacques Chirac tut-tutted that "anything liable to offend the beliefs of others, particularly religious beliefs, must be avoided."

In Canada, the retreat into denial was instantaneous. At the news conference announcing the arrests, officials said the alleged plotters came from "a variety of backgrounds" and the "broad strata" of Canadian society because "some are students, some are employed, some are unemployed." They might as well have said the accused plotters were diverse because they all liked different ice cream. The relevant fact was that they were all Muslim and nearly all attended a single radical mosque. But it would be rude to mention that.

In a meeting with Muslim leaders the day after the news conference, Toronto's chief of police reportedly boasted that the government never mentioned the alleged terrorists' religion. Well, isn't that sweet. I'm sure the next time Islamists set out to chop off lawmakers' heads or murder the staff of the Canadian Broadcasting Co., they'll keep in mind how nice you were about all this.,1,6685051.column?coll=la-util-opinion-sunday&ctrack=1&cset=true


There must be some Canadians who aren't so nice. You might find some of them at the library. Yes, on Thursday evening in the atrium from 7-9 p.m. That would be us wearing blue scarves and kercheifs. Join us. Madam, feel free to bring you girlfriend. Our concerns are about jihad and Left dhimmi fascism.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Manji at VPL Tonight

The Trouble with Islam Today

Join Irshad Manji, author of The Trouble with Islam Today -- a wake-up call and demand for honest discussion and change in Islamic countries and in the West.

Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch

Monday, June 12, 7:30 p.m.

Free, 604-331-3602

We'll be there and we look forward to seeing you.

Silence of the Lamb Butchers

Stephan Schwartz, go-to hippie-Sufi, isn't posing at Tech Central Station these days from what I see. Instead we find this piece:

[C]riminals like Zarqawi would be non-stories were it not for the over-arching credo of murderous hatred and revenge that continues to pour forth from spokesmen of "the religion of peace" all over the world. While the West has bent over backward to accommodate Islam and give it its due as "one of the world's great religions," a grim reality is emerging. No matter how many ways the scholars parse it, jihad always turns out to mean murder and destruction. The lessons being taught in Muslim schools are harrowing in their narrowness and hatred. The voices of tolerance in the Arab media and the intelligentsia are weak and rare. And the silence of the "peaceful" imams is deafening.

Ralph Kinney Bennett is a TCS Contributing Editor.

Schwartz might well darken our screens again but it's becoming harder all the time for him and his lot to pull the shades down on the world at large. Islam is an evil poligion. Only the socialist media and intelligentsia at the highest levels are still lapping up the taqqiya. The rest of us are fed-up.

The question now is "What is to be done?"

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Said Jaziri, hate-crime victim

Driven by a heady cocktail of readings of Krshna advising Aruna on warfare and snippets of the Book of Job, a religiously obsessed fanatic attempted to act out violence against the Muslim community in Montreal recently by shouting at a moderate Muslim and chasing him with a kitchen knife. Police suspect it was a hate crime. Though they didn't mention the Tao, out of respect for other people's religion, one must infer the influence. Furthermore, we now know the answer to the Zen Koan, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" It is the sound of hate, the hand holding a knife at the throats of all Muslims in a burst of racist Islamophobia.

Said Jaziri knows all about hate. He is a victim of it.

MONTREAL, CANADA - Chanting their love for Muhammad, about 300 Muslims gathered near McGill University on Saturday to protest against caricatures of their prophet. The protest coincided with another demonstration in Toronto that attracted about 1,300 people and several others across Europe against the cartoons, which have sparked deadly violence in some cases. "We're here today to let the world know one thing: We want to be heard and we won't be labeled," said Said Jazeri, the imam of the Al-Qods mosque, which organized the protest. "On unbelievers is the curse of Allah. Sura 2:161. "We are not savages, we are not barbarians," [...] Jazeri said.

A Muslim cleric in Montreal was allegedly asked by a knife-carrying man if he wanted to "die a martyr," say police who suspect it was a hate crime. "Allah is an enemy to unbelievers. Sura 2:98," Jaziri said.

Jazeri is a prominent voice in Montreal's Muslim community. His mosque was among four in the city to be vandalized after he organized a protest against the controversial editorial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. "Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. 2:191" quoted Jaziri.

The publication of the cartoons, initially by a Danish newspaper in the fall of 2005, offended many Muslims who consider them blasphemy, because Islamic tradition forbids even favourable depictions of Muhammad out of fear they could lead to idolatry. "Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme. (different translation: ) Fight them until there is no persecution and the religion is God's entirely." Sura 2:193 and 8:39, Jaziri said.

Jaziri said the alleged knife threat "looks like it has to do with our situation these days," an apparent reference to the arrests in southern Ontario on June 2-3 of 17 Muslim men and youth who are accused of plotting to bomb Canadian targets and of being inspired by al-Qaeda.

"I don't know him, he doesn't me. Why does he have a knife to kill me?'' said an agitated Jazeri in a telephone interview Saturday. Said Jaziri, "Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it. 2:216."

So there we have it. Said Jaziri, peaceful Muslim randomly attacked from motives of hate. We are all guilty. I will personally seek counselling in the morning.