Monday, June 12, 2006

Silence of the Lamb Butchers

Stephan Schwartz, go-to hippie-Sufi, isn't posing at Tech Central Station these days from what I see. Instead we find this piece:

[C]riminals like Zarqawi would be non-stories were it not for the over-arching credo of murderous hatred and revenge that continues to pour forth from spokesmen of "the religion of peace" all over the world. While the West has bent over backward to accommodate Islam and give it its due as "one of the world's great religions," a grim reality is emerging. No matter how many ways the scholars parse it, jihad always turns out to mean murder and destruction. The lessons being taught in Muslim schools are harrowing in their narrowness and hatred. The voices of tolerance in the Arab media and the intelligentsia are weak and rare. And the silence of the "peaceful" imams is deafening.

Ralph Kinney Bennett is a TCS Contributing Editor.

Schwartz might well darken our screens again but it's becoming harder all the time for him and his lot to pull the shades down on the world at large. Islam is an evil poligion. Only the socialist media and intelligentsia at the highest levels are still lapping up the taqqiya. The rest of us are fed-up.

The question now is "What is to be done?"


religion of pieces said...

"What is to be done?"

What CAN be done? We have repulsive parasites rasping away at the vital organs of our societies and cultures, breeding as they feed and filling our veins with their excrement. And yet, because we might offend or harm the parasites, we are too tender-hearted to make the necessary surgical excisions.

I don't think democracies are capable of dealing with Islam once it has wormed its way into the body politic. There are neither the mechanisms nor the will to confront it.

Of course if democracy breaks down it will be a different matter.

Brandon_T_Stanley said...

First the world, that is all the major powers, must united against Islam.

Then we have four options:
1)the current stratgy, which will se up a string of semi-democratic client states which will soon lapse into decay and go over to the enemy.

2)Retreat, and pretend that Islam is not a threat. Wait for them to gain more ground in all thier wars. Let them storm into the capitals of all the arab nations, and let them get nukes.

3)A new approach aimed at disolving all current Arab/Islamic nations. That is, arming and protecting minorites such as the Assyrians and helping them to become independent. This would undermine the enemy in his own land.

4)Total Warfare. Accept, and indeed teach our soldiers to relish in the slaying of the enemy. Grab his children and dash them against the pavement. Depopulate his cities, rip up his infastructure, burn his books, plow over his mosques and turn them into pig farms, slay all who fall into your hands, nuke Mecca itself, strave him, posion him, crush him into so much dust that only the wind will take any note of anymore. When the cry "Islam Delenda Est" finally has wrought its work, sow the ground with salt, and work towards forgetting that a man named Muhammad bin Abdullah was ever born.

Take your pick.

dag said...

Is number four a trick question?

Brandon_T_Stanley said...

I dont exactly know what you mean. For the purposes of honesty and clairity, one man to another, I favor number four. Its probably the North European in me, but there it is. Common sense, isnt it? If its too bloody minded, then so be it.

dag said...

I make light of your number four question because it's serious to an extreme degree, and it requires long and serious thought before one may rightly adhere to it as Plan A.

Rational violence is a common cause of a united people. We aren't even close to that or we'd have long ago a genuine state-sponsored legitimate and just war. When the time comes, if it does, then there will have been a lot of talk that will have made us all determined to win. We can't rush in to victory just because we know it's right. The whole of our nations must move more or less together, andit takes years of suffering and self-dubt till such happens. It's frustrating but the alternative is single people and small groups committing criminal acts, which have their places but count me out.

Our dscussion here, oblique though it must be, is important and required for our full dialogue. It could take years.

Even the "magic bullet" of a big attack on the West will only be one more stone on the pile that needs be a mountain of rage before we move. This is the time for educating thosse who will learn. After that we approach attitude and change it by sheer force of numbers til most are ready. It's a long process. This could take years. In the long term its better that way.

Brandon_T_Stanley said...

I do not favor, nor would I suggest random acts of violence by small groups of men. This would achieve nothing. The idealist in me sees total warfare for what it is, the only sure way to avert the coming dark age, and perhpas paradoxically a way towards peace. We in the west are weak. Those outside, whether they be in China. Dar-al islam or India know this well. My mentality to suggest such a course has grown forth from a close reading of the historical facts regarding non-Islamic conquests of Islamic lands. History suggests this as the only rational course of a STATE, but individuals attempting it would do no good. These individuals, if so inclinded, would do better to direct thier minds towards politics. This is where my personal ambition lies, so I am following my own advice. Things could go well of course. Being an American I can only hope. I can only pray that such a course does not have to be followed. Realistically I can see that we in the dhimm-witted West do not have the stomach to answer the violence of the enemy with violence of like kind and magnitude. Therefore i would suggest liberating and arming dhimmi populations such as the Assyrians. But the West has tried this, and it lost heart all the same.

There is an unreasoned corner of my mind which screams for vengeance. When one decends into the deepest depths of the Islamic story and finds at the base of the pit that charlatan Muhammad, and reads his tale, one's mind finds evil and cries for its destruction. When one reads of the eradication of great nations, the destruction of Byzantium, Perisa and the greatest cities of Hindustan, one has to cry for vengenace. But when one looks about, one sees that there is a different kind of abyss around us this day, the abyss of ignorance. A blind ignorance and apathy, a living-for-the monent mentality, and a culture lost to the whims of Dionysus.

Seeing the books of Robert Spencer, Craig Winn, and Serge Trifkovic one has hope. America, at the head and the pinnacle of the Western Tradition, has now be immunzed to a great degree. Dawa cannot come here. The luxury of civilization has made the progeny of warlike men incline to peace. We have lost the mad desire of conquest. But we have also lost the idea of war as a tool for survival. It is this that must return.

Perhaps we are all voices in the wilderness, preparing the way for someone greater to come. We can all still hope for heroes. They still exist somewhere. Collectivism cannot have killed them all.

A long explanation, maybe more of a post than a comment. But there it is. My future children deserve something to look forward to. No man should forget that it is for them that we must pursue and win this just war. Victory or death is no longer a pithy phrase. Now, in our time, it has very real meaning.

dag said...

I spend some fair amount of time and energy arguing that just war is imperative in circumstances such as those we have today in the Modern West; and I argue further that we cannot simply rest on our current acheivements in the West but that it is imperative that we extend Modernity to the universal world by force; that we embrace the concept of manifest destiny as conducted by my distant relative William Walker and that we pursue our mission in the advancement of elenchus and aporia by arming school teachers who teach lessons of intellectual freedom and the lessons of defending it by arms if need be.

Providing the dubious advantage of intellectual freedom to the individual is not to argue that the individual will accept it or use it wisely, no more so than the opportunities of capitalism make one economically self-sufficient and socailly beneficial. The chance is there, and people do as they will and can.

There are men who, like Socrates and William Walker who will act regardless of the meme of the time and who will succeed or ot according to abilities. We need not wait for our generations to rise up but we cannot either go forth alone without the support of our nations' laws giving us legitimacy. So, I argue that the man of strength and purpose find a place within the matrix of potential where he might rightly act as patrix.

The short version is to meet ones fellows and act within the bounds of legitimate law and common decency to overthrow illegitimacy for the possible good of those who want to take advantage of it. Aid those who would bring individuality and Human freedom to the world, and aid them legally and legitimately regardless of the forces of entrenched privelge and reaction. We assemble lawfully at the public library weekly to discuss our goal of furthering Modernity and Human freedom in Canada. It is subversive. It is revolutionary in our time. And it's, so far, still not against the law. We will change, slowly if slowly, public opinion til a csocial revolution takes place and spreads across the globe, bringing a chance of freedome to those who will take it and defend it. It's war. It's just.