Friday, June 16, 2006

HAMAS Leaders Hide Behind Children

Middle Eastern Muslims tend to sprinkle people with gifts on occasion, money on the heads of belly dancers, candies on celebrated people, rocks on the rest of us. The cut line immediately below is from a photo of a girl whose family died a few days ago in an explosion blamed on Israelis. She's sprinkling cany on the head of one of those HAMAS peole likely responsible for the deaths in a "work accident." Beyond that we see in the clips below HAMAS cowering in fear when it's a possiblity they might get killed. Stogie sums it up nicely with his graphic which we run instead of the feel-good shot of the kid pandering to the goof who killed her family.

Palestinian girl Huda Ghalia, who lost her family last Friday in an explosion on a Gaza beach, throwing sweets on Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh during his visit to her house in the northern Gaza Strip yesterday. (Reuters)

Hamas stopped firing Qassam rockets at Israel yesterday, after Israel warned that it would attack Hamas leaders. In response to Hamas' restraint, the Israel Defense Forces will not attack Hamas targets as long as it does not renew terror attacks.

Palestinian sources told Haaretz that Haniyeh's meeting with the military wing officials was convened in the wake of a warning by Shin Bet security service chief Yuval Diskin, who told one of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' advisers that Israel would target Hamas leaders if the organization were to continue firing rockets.

The other Palestinian organizations are ignoring the change in Hamas' position and are expected to continue firing at Israel. Islamic Jihad fired a Qassam rocket at a strategic infrastructure facility near Ashkelon yesterday, causing no injuries.

Senior IDF officials said yesterday that Hamas' primary incentive in stopping the rocket fire was the concern that Israel would "go crazy" and react by targeting top Hamas leaders. The sources said it appears that Hamas has decided that it has completed the current phase of its campaign against Israel, and that the public support it would get for continuing the rocket fire was not enough to warrant the risk of an Israeli response.

The Hamas decision to hold its fire means, they said, that it has returned to the temporary status quo....

Nonetheless, the officials said, it is quite possible that the abatement will be short-lived. Another round of fighting could be sparked by civilian casualties on either side or by infighting between Hamas and Fatah. If that happens, Israel is likely to respond harshly out of a concern that the relative restraint it showed this time around has eroded the balance of deterrence.

Asked about this report, the Shin Bet security service refused to respond.

Our response is clear. Rather than boycotting Israel like Sid aRyan would do in collaboration with the dhimmi Presbyterians and others we support the Israelis. Down with Sid aRyan.

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