Saturday, April 07, 2012

Coroico, Bolivia

Here I am in the Bolivian paradise of Coroico, the last stop on the Road of Death, not a bad road at all these days.

I've spent the Easter Weekend here, Santa Semana, a week of holidays for the locals, a nice time for me, and now some much needed luxury living in a beautiful hotel overlooking the valley to the river.

Looking at blow-ups of some of the photos should give a better idea of what I see here looking out my window, the beginning of a waterfall; A view from the hill at the top of the village.

and a view from the high point above the town of Coroico atop Uchumani hill showing a bit of The Road of Death, now a pretty nice road to travel;

Above is a view of the Coroico river below the village as seen from my window; below a shot from the hill top above the village.

as well as a view of birds circling the jungle outside the window of my new place.

[click on pic for view of vultures in top right corner.]

And the view from where I go for coffee in the morning, a short hike from the local bus station.

And the view from where I go for coffee in the morning, a short hike from the local bus station.

It being Easter week here in Coroico there has been a mad scramble to find a bed, any bed, anywhere. I was rousted from the first place I had after two days to make way for a group who wanted my room. I found another place some hours later. It's not so pretty from the outside, but inside it was pretty grubby.

The good news is that after the first night there I had two young Germans sharing the room with me. Nice couple. None of us got any sleep due to the riotous noise from the street all night. But we did better than the Argentines who slept on the floor in the "office" downstairs. And better by far than the hundred or more who were stuck outside in the cloudburst.

I know the photo [see display case in bottom left corner for bakery] above isn't going to drive many to make the effort to come to Coroico to visit the best bakery in town, but there it is for those who happen to come round. The lady who runs it sells banana bread chocolate covered doughnuts that I love. She laughed when I asked if it's possible that she's actually my mother but sort of didn't remember me. I'm still working on that one.

Meanwhile, I searched around the village a few days ago and found the place I'm staying at now, a very pretty and clean hotel with great views, nice atmosphere, and given the price hikes everywhere else during the season I am getting a super bargain on the rent. My only complaint being the stone-cracking noise for the building across the alleyway blaring disco music. The owner here says it will stop tomorrow. I guess. My rent is paid so I'll be here for a few days yet. If the racket doesn't stop I'll revise this section to let the world know this is the worst hotel in Bolivia. Stay tuned for that. It's better than sleeping outside-- for now.

Otherwise, nice place to be, hanging out, walking around, seeing the sights.

Friday, April 06, 2012

The Yellow Brick Road of Death

Next stop, the Amazon jungle.

I survived the ¨Road of Death¨ by demanding that the driver stop so I could pee on the roadside. Had he not done so I would certainly have come to a piss-poor end. Looking forward to more dramatic incidents in the future to keep us all chuckling at the things that can happen to an old guy bumbing around. Har har.

Till next time,

Yalla, Dag.