Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brian, The life of

Sine Missione

It is my sincerest wish to die in a ditch, to lay down under snow and be forgotten till spring when my bones peek out from the thaw to a full sun, perhaps a wandering child finding me a curious thing on the road side, stuff to play with and show off to friends, to put parts of on a shelf and forget about in the course of growing up, learning the hardships of living, crying into a pillow at night over some young tragedy, cursing Fate, hating the world that could so meanly let him down. And let him too lie down in a ditch and die in time. It's what's meant for a Fighting Man. It is, in fact, fair. I can't think of a fairer fate. Life, though, is not fair. Some men die in bed.
I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.
Ecclesiastes, 9:11, King James Bible


For a while my mom used to walk with me to school, taking me past the equestrian statue of General Slocum at the park; and I loved it so much, thinking there could be nothing finer in life that to be a statue of a man on a horse. Slocum. Just a name, and sort of a memory. Days walking with my mother better forgotten. I don't forget. I remember quite vividly some things.

I remember the horror of learning about gladiators. They died for the amusement of others, in public, as a game, pointlessly and passively. It's infuriated me for a life-time that men could just lie down and let themselves be killed without protest; that men could die without raging at the Fates and the Furies, silently accepting murder without a qualm while a mob critiqued their demise, good or ill. Now I get it. This night I understand. That to die after a deadly defeat is a solemn and noble thing; and that the cheering, jeering, puking and stupid mob is dross; that the gods know deeply. That the Fighting Man is fighting even then, even as he kneels and shows his throat to cut; as he slowly lowers himself to the wet sand. That is the biggest "Fuck You" of all. That man laughs, if silently. The gods laugh too. I laugh. Now I know.

The gods are stone cold silent this night. There is no ragged rejoicing in the dusky demise of a man who lies down and dies with a whimper. Our comfort: to be laid down under a quilt of meat-eating birds.

Fires in the night, when London burned, when Chicago burned, San Francisco, Dresden, Auschwitz: This is our time, not so bright. In the Great Burnings of history, our time is tiny and fleet. Our Twin Towers burned, and now they are shunted away as memories better forgotten, like chipped and faded plaster mothers we've set aside in dark parts of the mind, too distant and unloved to recall. Not a candle burns. No cairn. Not a wind. Not a whisper. All is forgotten. The fire is ash. We rush to forget. The cold, dark pyre. It is a cold, dark night.


"Where is the Life we have lost in living?"

Though it blinks and flickers like the faintest farthest star, my light still shines for me to seek. I will follow such a light, dim as it might be and unseen by others, till it leads me into the shadows of the Valley of Death and to die in a ditch. I turn to the light, laughing.

It is a time to turn. Will you turn? Turn. Kyrie eleison, we could die in bed.

My friend died in bed. Kyrie eleison, we could die in bed. We could die in bed, or we can turn to the light and die in a ditch, forgotten.

Time and chance happeneth to us all. There is no mercy.

Tonight I became old. Good-bye, Brian.

Up-date. It's been a few days now and the shock has worn off somewhat. I recall Brian saying he didn't like the idea of being in a wheel-chair. He could hardly walk and was in terrible pain, and he knew he had to get a wheel-chair or be stuck. He'd say, "I don't want to go in the cart!" It's a line from the Monty Python movie, Search for the Holy Grail. In memory of Brian, then, another video on a happier note, The Life of Brian.

Your witness,
My own hand.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thomas Thomkins, "When David Heard"

When David Heard that Absalom was Dead....

We will probably get through the current reign of the sons of America with little more than a wild distaste for Democrats. They seem bent on outright rebellion and the destruction of our nation; but we won't rejoice in their defeat.

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Merry Christmas

Christmas used to be a big deal at my family home as a boy, when we got lots of presents and we had a big tree with lots of ornaments and tinsel. We'd have a big dinner and make lots of noise and stay up late. We'd sing carols and someone would say something that another didn't like and there'd be an argument and a bit of shouting that would lead to a fight on the living-room floor, the tree crashing down and the bulbs breaking, my mother screaming and my father smashing everything in sight. They'd throw things at each other, push me and others, the whole lot of them going nuts till everything was broken and ruined and most of us standing in frozen terror till someone grabbed and started beating me or my sister or both. There was a big hole in the door that never got fixed, someone punching and missing, the door taking the blow. They ripped the plaster off the wall once, and that stayed wrecked till I finally got out of there, maybe still wrecked to this day.

I was long gone and Christmas came around, still a kid, far too young to be on the road so far from home. We'd all been captured at various places over the preceding months and were held in a small bunker, most of us nervous, anxious, even scared that we might at any time be taken out and shot. But Christmas came and there was a delivery of mail. Guys got letters and candy and socks and things from home. It was almost OK for a day. I sat and waited till the mail call was over. My mates were embarrassed, I being the only one who didn't get any mail.

Christmas ain't about family for me. It's certainly not about presents and candy. It's about you. I get to live in a reasonable world of decent people. Thanks to those who make this world as good as it is, I get to come and go as I please and do my own thing without harm from the state or the lords, and I thank you all for that. Thank God for democracy, and thank you for keeping it alive. Thank you for having happy families and making this a wonderful world. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adolph the Red-nosed Orator

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm a man

You may think that I'm not human
And my heart is made of stone...

But I'm a man, yes I am....

West! My Brother!

I love this guy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Obamagami: The Buck Stops Here-abouts

Now that Obama and his Chicago goon-gang are effectively destroying the value of our dollar, what can we do to keep at least some of its value? Well, maybe, like some past occurrences, we can turn to the Japanese for help.

You can keep this thing around for a long time, and it still won't stink. That's a bargain in itself. You can even hope for some interest, like some "Babe Interest."
This is excellent for those like me, guys whose money just flies away for no good reason. Now there is a reason.
A picture is worth a thousand words, and a camera like this is worth a dollar. But that might not mean much if Obama keeps wrecking the value. So hang onto this one and maybe you can swap it for a loaf of bread some day soon.
Obama doesn't seem to give a shit about wasting the lives of our military personnel, but he does seem to get tense when it comes to paying for equipment. Maybe this is what he has in mind for the nation's defence.

What with bankruptcies the way they are I'm guessing that this is some kind of Treasury in-joke about loan-sharks.
I've been wondering about a safe place to invest my stash, and this guy above is giving me an idea I think is safer than most I've had.
This is my dream, actually, that the dollar is going to slide side-ways rather than tank altogether.

With Obama collecting banks like a midnight Monopoly player, I figure the safest place for my bucks right now will be in my boots. This guy fits the bill.
No matter how broke we might be, expect the IRS to come and take the shirt off your back. One glance and they're gonna grab it.

Over-all, and no kidding, I'm pretty optimistic that Obama and his posse will do no great harm to our dollar. What could they do, really?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pat Walshe, 1900-1991

This might not change your whole world, but this is a cool site, I do think so. Just look at this:

Walshe, Pat b. July 26, 1900 d. December 11, 1991
Actor. Played "Nikko" the head winged monkey in the 'Wizard of Oz.' (Bio by: Gravefinder)
Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA

Kant writes, "Always recognize that human individuals are ends, and do not use them as means to your end."

I like the first part of the sentence. It makes a point the rest fouls. I think, not reading German, that the quotation is closer to "Every man is an end unto himself." Nikko was a man. Who'd have thought? He died ten years ago, and I didn't give it any notice. That's not surprising. It's surprising, as I read on eugenics, that he might not have lived at all, had elites their way.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sarah Palin at Fort Hood

Sarah Palin arrived at Fort Hood, Texas to sign her book, Going Rogue.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Death comes, silent, in the night

Charlie died a week or two ago-- those who say aren't so sure, having forgotten the details, not having gone to the funeral, he not rising for the occasion, another day passing into the eternal darkness along with Charlie. Let's have another coffee. Who takes cream?

Those who come, go. I don't know where they go. I know they don't return to me. If they look back on us the living they might sigh and wonder how it is they lived lives so meaningless that no one notices their personal passing. Life is very long. Then how might it feel to have lived a whole life-time and to have passed without making so great an impression that no one bothers to mention the last of your life at all till time goes by and it only comes up as an aside? If ones life means so little to others, how much could it have meant to oneself? This is how the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.

Me? I say, "So long, Charlie."

A penny for the old man.

I'd like to write more, something significant to give you some sense of the man and his worth, but there is nothing for me to add. Another dead guy who didn't make any impression on me at all. That's the grief in it.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Global Warming Hoax Heating Up to a Boyle

The headline of the times.

East Anglia CRU: welcome to the Piltdown Institute of Mann-made Global Warming

Gerald Warner writes in The Telegraph that:

It looks as if the Phil Jones University will have to be renamed, at least temporarily, since Phil himself is taking a short sabbatical while the decorators move in to do some heavy whitewashing. While we all have every confidence he will soon be back in charge of the CRU (Creative Research Unit), devising ever more inventive “tricks” to “hide the decline”, I suggest the interim title of The Piltdown Institute of Mann-made Global Warming.

Speaking of Michael Mann, the jolly hockey stick merchant himself is also undergoing investigation – not to worry, it is of the most grudging and perfunctory kind – at Pennsylvania State University. The University’s statement announcing the investigation is so complimentary to Mann, it almost reads like the press release of the verdict, published prematurely.

But there is a lot of this unhealthy investigative mentality manifesting itself in America. Today, on Capitol Hill, the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming will question two top officials of the Obama administration: White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Director John Holdren and Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

While these “consensual” warmists can expect a soft ride from Democrats, Republican Congressmen are expected to challenge them over the Climategate e-mails and computer data. Republicans are more than distrustful of Holdren since a book he allegedly co-wrote in 1977, supporting forced abortion, mass sterilisation via the water supply and Planetary Government to fight overpopulation, has been displayed on the Internet. It is the Planetary Government stuff that, on the eve of Copenhagen, is striking a particularly unhappy resonance.

But the startling development is that, slowly, inch by inch, the mainstream media in America are being forced to address Climategate. Even ABC has now run an even-handed debate on the revelations. One of the causes of this new realism, after 12 days, has been the number of senior scientists breaking ranks to denounce the scandal and express reservations about AGW. The comic singers at East Anglia made a fetish of “peer review”: they should see some of the reviews their activities are now receiving from their peers in America.

But other comic singers are coming forward to take their place (and I don’t mean those great Minnesotans singing “Hide the decline!”). As Copenhagen draws closer, coinciding with an exponential growth in AGW scepticism thanks to the Piltdown Institute at UEA, some fanatics have decided to up the ante. The recent prediction by Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre, that unless Copenhagen produces massive results there will be 8.5 billion deaths has provoked much hilarity in America.

Some of that was based on the consideration that the global population is currently 6.8 billion. But what Anderson said was: “If you have got a population of nine billion by 2050 and you hit [temperature increases of] 4C, 5C or 6C, you might have half a billion surviving.” Clearly the principle is: if the public are laughing at dodgy climate predictions, ramp up the scare. You have to feel sorry for sophisticated AGW propagandists such as George Monbiot, who must have his head despairingly in his hands over this kind of fruitcake prediction: for him, it must be like Alastair Campbell listening to an utterance by John Prescott.

It is arguable, however, that Anderson’s 8.5 billion claim represents near-scepticism, considering that James Lovelock, inventor of the Gaia theory, has predicted 10 billion deaths this century. Let’s run a Fruitcake Stakes: can anybody find a higher prediction from some demented AGW alarmist? My own prediction is that Copenhagen will wipe out trillions – of US tax dollars and other Western nations’ economies.

Finally, a very warm (what else?) welcome to Professor Peter Liss who has come aboard as acting director at the UEA’s Piltdown Institute and will be in charge of our entertainment for the immediate future. A couple of helpful tips to the new incumbent: 1) Hide the decline (obviously) and 2) That tree-ring data gives very obtuse results – it might be a better plan to consult the tea-leaves instead.

Hide the decline, if you don't mind.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

John Stewart on Climategate


James D. Baker, "Stuck On Stupid ... Again," American Thinker. December 01, 2009

Meanwhile, it appears a new consensus is forming. Google search results for “climategate” are now at 13.4 million hits, up from 10 million two days ago, up from zero a week ago.

Or. as of now [12:41 A.M.]: Results 1 - 10 of about 17,000,000 for climategate. (0.09 seconds)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks for Pane and Loss

Thanksgiving usually conjures images of turkeys. I think today of Vesuvios Bakery.

February 20, 2009
THE Vesuvio Bakery on Prince Street in SoHo was much adored, even among those who never patronized the venerated establishment. The bakery, with its often-photographed lime green storefront and its rare coal ovens, began producing Italian bread and biscuits in 1920. It was a remnant of a time when many more immigrants from Italy, and far fewer designer shoe shoppers, walked the neighborhood’s cobblestone streets.
For much of the bakery’s life, the business was run by Anthony Dapolito, a beloved neighborhood figure who died in 2003. Mr. Dapolito was born the year his parents opened the bakery, and as a boy, he delivered the bread on a horse-drawn wagon. Later, Mr. Dapolito became a widely known community advocate, and the bakery served as a meeting spot.
“People would go in there, buy a loaf of bread and complain,” said Frank Genovese, the proprietor of Milady’s Bar, another longtime establishment, which is next door to the bakery.
Mr. Dapolito sold the bakery shortly before he died, but the business survived, at least in name. The new owners converted the interior into a cafe and offered items like tiramisu lattes.
It's gone now. Things change. I'm thankful I was able to eat Vesuvio buns and bread over the years. I remember my grandparents, much loved by all who knew them. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi? Yeah; and it leads to something else: a new world, a world like that of the Pilgrims creating a place for my grandparents and Vesuvio's Bakery and Americans today and tomorrow. I'm thankful for what I've had. I will be thankful for what I get, should I be so lucky again.

A gentle reminder that my book, An Occasional Walker, is available at the link here:
And here are some reviews and comments on said book:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin Reaches America.

Going Rogue is going universal.

Publisher HarperCollins said Friday that Sarah Palin's memoir sold 300,000 copies its first day....

"Going Rogue" was released this week and its print run already has been increased from 1.5 million copies to 2.5 million, HarperCollins announced Friday.

From the anals of the HuffPo we find that the Army was afraid that if Palin were to sign books in front of media cameras the voice of the military, i.e. soldiers in general, would possibly upset the brass' working relationship with the Commander in Chief, i.e. Obama: Cheers for Palin, even a quiet turn-out to buy her book, contrasted to the dead silence when Obama gives a "Hope n Change" rodomontade. And maybe we'll see when Sarah Palin shows up on television to sign her book how things really stand as men and women of our military show up and express themselves publicly.

RALEIGH, N.C. — The U.S. Army said Friday it would open Sarah Palin's appearance on Fort Bragg to media, a reversal from earlier in the week when the military wanted the event closed out of fears it would prompt political grandstanding against President Barack Obama.

Fort Bragg spokesman Tom McCollum [said:]

The Army now plans to allow any interested media to cover Palin's appearance, including allowing interviews with people who attend the event and rotating journalists into the building where Palin will be signing books.

McCollum said Thursday officials planned to allow the general public on base but prevent media from attending so the Palin book signing would not become a political platform to express opinions "directed against the commander in chief."

Where have all the cowboys gone?

I think one will find them at Sarah Palin book signings. Cowgirls, too.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scum-bag Fascist Puke Richard Warman Threatens to Sue Teenager for Writing in Local Paper. FUCK YOU, WARMAN, YOU PUKE.

If you know anything about Richard Warman, ex-CHRC scum-bag, you won't be surprised that he's threatening to sue a 17 year old blogger. Warman makes his living suing people. Warman is a scum-bag. You can get the inside story from Walker Morrow.

From me all there is is disgust at Warman. Warman is a puke.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seduction of Righteous Slaughter isn't Boring

When is it mere murder; and when is it righteous?

Jihadis see it as righteous when they slaughter us, and many of our own fall over ourselves claiming we understand their pain. I've never Seen Oprah on tv. so I don't understand the appeal. But I do understand the appeal of righteous slaughter. I even get the idea of career terrorism. Who'd want to work as an assistant fries-chef at Burger King when a world of "saving the world" is open instead? Especially so if one has permission from ones group?

Righteous Slaughter -- Katz Chapter 1
In this chapter, Katz offers an explanation for some types of murder (in another he discusses senseless killings). In many murders, particularly those between persons who know each other, people kill defending what they believe to be the "good;" thus justifying the crime in their own minds (at least at the moment they are committing it). In some cases, the public and juries have agreed with the defendant's claim that the killing was justified. Francine Hughes (Burning Bed case) couldn't very well argue self-defense, but did have a jury uphold her temporary insanity plea. She was then shortly released without receiving treatment. In the movie she is pictured as killing to protect her children from further harm, and as the only way to free herself from an otherwise unchangeable situation. Every time she moved away, he followed her. Another example is a husband who murders his adulterous wile or their wife's lover, particularly when the husband catches them in the act. He often receives sympathy from a jury. The husband is killing to defend the sacred institution of marriage from an outside attack.

Killings may also be justified in the eyes of the murderer if property rights have been violated, i.e. breaking into one's home, blocking a driveway with a car.

Overall these types of murders tend to emerge quickly, are fiercely impassioned, and are conducted with an indifference to the legal consequences. They are therefore immune to the Classical model's insistence that swift, certain, and severe punishment will act as a general deterrence. The person usually makes no attempt to escape and is quickly apprehended.

Why do such murders occur? Katz offers the following explanation:

1. The would-be murdered must come to understand the situation as one in which the victim is attacking what he regards as an eternal human truth. The situation requires a last stand in defense of a value that is associated with the individual's basic worth as a human being. The person feels they can not simply walk away from the situation without suffering a tremendous loss of face.

Katz tries to explain why the overwhelming majority of such murders occur at home or at a recreational activity (i.e., drinking at a bar). You can walk away from conflicts at work, because after 9 to 5 you are free to leave. The home is a much more difficult scene to relieve oneself from. Also, there is a much greater emotional investment in hearth and home. Recreational facilities are places people often come to as a last resort escape from other spheres of life. If one can not escape serious personal challenges there, where can one turn?

2. The particular emotion the killer is feeling (humiliation) must be transformed into rage. It is on this point that Katz's theory is most problematic? He does not assert simplistically that people are impelled by their emotions. He, in fact, states that persons who become enraged must create their own emotions first, and then allow themselves to be seduced by their emotions in order to act out violently.

0n this point Katz is in agreement with the direction being taken in the newly emerging subdiscipline of the sociology of emotions. This field is much more interested in studying verbal "accounts" rather than internal emotional states. Neither humiliation nor rage would be universal responses to the situations that righteous killers have found themselves. In both humiliation and rage the individual experiences himself as an object compelled by forces beyond his control. "I got carried away," or "I wasn't myself," are frequently heard statements to express the compulsion. However, humiliation only becomes rage when a person senses that the way to resolve the problem of humiliation is to turn on the source of the humiliation. The goal may not be so much to kill, but to obliterate or annihilate the source of the frustration. In fact, sometimes, if the person dies too quickly the sense of vengeance is not satiated. (i.e. TV soap operas have to revive characters like Roger Thorpe so they be killed again.)

Douglas Stone "Terrorism as a Career Option," American Thinker. 11 October 2008

Among the greatest underrated factors energizing the tides of history is boredom. Boredom and peer pressure and the love of personal power and wealth, and all the other mundane and often ugly personal drives that have a force that can exceed the most profound political or religious beliefs -- and for that reason have often built or broken empires.

It was partly boredom that urged young men onto ships to explore the New World and later prompted them to join wagon trains to settle the West. In the early days of the Civil War, peer pressure worked on state legislatures to prod many former Union stalwarts to embrace the Confederacy. And in our own time, in the 1960s, rioting in the ghettos and among students was often motivated by nothing more than a testosterone-fueled sense of power and a desire to loot and destroy.

In the Middle East today, it is often boredom and peer pressure, and -- among the leaders especially -- the desire for sheer power and wealth, that entices young men into radical politics. Many of the top Palestinian "militants," for example, may cloak these motivations in politics or religion, but ultimately they are little more than gangsters whose venality conveniently coincides with the prevailing public orthodoxies.

Pssst! Wanna job? You're in the occupied West Bank or Gaza; there's massive, entrenched unemployment; you're young and not particularly educated. What do you do?
How about a "job" that may after a few years yield a substantial bank account and serious power; in fact, the power of life or death. Joining a terrorist outfit is not only somewhat expected, but you can take care of your family and cousins and friends, and have women swooning in their nijabs and men shaking in their Nikes.

One of the largely unremarked facts of life in the Palestinian territories is that the life of a "militant" often isn't such a bad deal, and there's reason to believe that some of the ongoing troubles in that benighted place are due to the simple fact that for the sociopathic personality being a militant can be a great job opportunity.

A number of the terrorist leaders are men in their 40s without skills or the prospects of decent employment. What's the appeal of a clerk's job in the local equivalent of a 7-11 when you can have money and power and be in service to a nationalist political cause that makes you the toast of the Arab world and left wing salons from Paris to London to, yes, even New York.

Great job being a freedom fighter, if you can get it -- and keep it. This is often true for the leaders, of course, but it can also be true for mid-level operatives. There is no doubt that for some there is a real belief in the cause, but for many it is merely a job.

The same way of thinking that allows one to eschew democracy, lord it over one's fellows or simply to kill political opponents, is the same mentality that allows a former "idealist" simply to begin killing and stealing -- and prevents him from embracing peace.

Money. Power. Fame or popularity. These are the rewards that go to those who keep the pot boiling. Keep it boiling or agree to a settlement that will yield peace and increased prosperity for your people but to the now-ageing militants might only mean the drudgery of performing the mundane duties of a real politician in a poor backwater.


Monday, November 16, 2009

That way about her

I know a Catholic girl who tends me. I'm a lucky guy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obowma, slinky.

Texas For Sarah Palin

I always find it amusing and happy that "palin" is the Greek word for "return" or "again," as in "palindrome." It's the same front to back and back to front. For those who hate, not too strong a word, who hate Sarah Palin, anything she is is hateful in their minds. Too bad for the haters that Palin is all the good of America personified. Didn't go to Harvard? Doesn't schmooze with movie stars? Comes from Idaho and lives in Alaska? Has the values of the women I knew of when I was boy in a small mountain town? A normal mother and a good person? Front to back and back again, this is a woman I like a lot. That Sarah Palin is like the women back in my little town, does it qualify her to be our president? No. But without that minimum no one is qualified. She has all of my home town minimum and more, and more.

You can find out a lot about Sarah Palin at Texas for Sarah Palin. I read about her and I do not come to the conclusion that she's just like me. I come to the conclusion that I wish I were like her. I missed it. Our president should be the best, and Sarah Palin is the right one for us, through and through.

Here's a site I like a lot:

Sarah Palin Returneth

It's been a couple of years since I watched television last, a clip from a cable company, two out-of-control women snorting and cackling over how stupid is Sarah Palin. I didn't know much about the news show, and here it is again, with a different talking head. I know now it's referred to as MSLSD. The message is becoming clear even to them.

Big Bill Thomas, Sandwell, Er-lye in the Mornin'

Council leader admits cheque thefts

13 November, 2009

Former Sandwell MBC leader Bill Thomas has been ordered to repay £1,300 and given a 12-month conditional discharge after pleading guilty to theft.

Thomas, 69, from Sandwell, admitted stealing the money from NatWest Bank between 21-24 April 2008 when he appeared before Sutton Coldfield magistrates.

The court heard how a close friend, Gareth Hall, had cashed three of Thomas’s cheques totalling £1,300 - which was then reimbursed by the bank after Thomas claimed he did not know Hall.

Totally off-topic, but what do you do with a thieving pirate sailor? Put him in cell with a "close friend," er-lye in the mornin'.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

America: Our Cherokee Nation

There is a segment of American people who think America exterminated Indians. Well, that's not so. Some Indians, even many, died in the wars of settlement, and some many Indians became us, Americans proud and brave and true. We, too, became Indians, because as they are us, we are them, all Americans. America too is a Cherokee Nation.

One will hope in vain to strip the Indian from our soul. We fought the Indians and we all won, each becoming the other, Americans. We are a Cherokee Nation. We do not bow.

Men in the World

The president just bowed to a Japanese royal. I feel like committing suicide from shame. Obviously our president has no shame. No sense of dignity, no love of our nation, nothing but a mind raised on television and comic books. Obama is a fool. He's nothing more or less. It's not sophisticated, it's not helpful to see him as other than a fool. He shames us.

He shames us. Our nation is not one man, not even our president, but is a nation of free men who do not bow down to those entitled by birth and tradition arbitrarily. Our nation, though it's not so obvious now, is one of farmers and cowboys and miners and loggers and men who struggle against the Earth to make the World. Our home is the open range. Though we live in cities, we are still Americans, still men free and strong, riding the wilds. We cannot bow to any man.
Some don't know, and some have forgotten, and some turn away in disgust at the public travesty of our nation's leaders; but our nation is one of men. We don't bow.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dr. Hasanibal Lectur and the Silence of the Obambs

Still no word from our loving government on the truth about jihad.

Who's really crazy here?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Muslim Kooky Loony Attacks Civilians in USA

Thanks to Jihad Watch we find yet another mentally ill Muslim in the news today. A shopping mall employee in California, attacking a shopper, yanking off the shopper's cross, gripping a pen above his head, yelling "Allah is Power," (similar to Christian demonstrators at the mall,) is, like the Muslim who murdered 13 at Fort Hood, Texas-- mentally ill. I never would have guessed.

Man arrested for 'anti-Christian' mall disturbance
Kiosk employee allegedly tore a crucifix from someone's neck

by Emily West

Police arrested 22-year-old Abdul Walid Hamid of Hayward on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 4, after he reportedly tore a crucifix from a person's neck and scared others at Stoneridge Shopping Center.

Hamid, an employee at a mall kiosk near Starbucks, has been charged with battery, terrorist threats and grand theft.

According to reports, Hamid was yelling "Allah is power" and "Islam is great" while holding a pen in a fist over his head. Witnesses said he shouted anti-Christian comments, said police. [Lt. Mike Elerick of the Pleasanton Police Department] said much of the man's speech was similar to the loud scene of the Christian activists who frequent downtown Pleasanton. The big difference, however, was that Hamid was on private property and had physical contact with someone.

Coworkers told police that Hamid's actions were out of the ordinary and that he had worked at the kiosk for years. Hamid was reportedly not cooperating and was arrested by force and taken to John George Psychiatric Pavilion in San Leandro for an evaluation.


Hamid was arraigned Tuesday morning at Alameda Superior Court in Pleasanton on charges of battery, grand theft, exhibition of a deadly weapon and a possible hate crime. Deputy District Attorney Ronda Theisen [c]alling it a bizarre case, ... asked that Hamid, who is still in custody, be ordered to stay out of Stoneridge Shopping Center.

Through an interpreter, Hamid requested a public defender and was scheduled to appear in court at 9 a.m. Thursday where he is expected to enter a plea.

It's another installment for "Utterly Baffling Hammer Attack on Nine in Vancouver, Canada."

It's The Attack of the Jihad Zombies. The public is warned to stay in their homes. Do not go to the shopping mall in Denver, office tower in Manhattan, school or theatre in Russia, disco in Bali, train station anywhere, or U.S. military installation. Do not take a bus London or Madrid or go to a hospital in Scotland. Do not walk outside. Everything is fine. Trust me.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beltway Sniper Dead

He died at nine eleven.

Ever more on "The Moron Why."

Dennis Prager nails it. "Why" did Nidal Malik Hasan murder his fellow American soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas? The moon was in Virgo. Maybe he had a toothache.

Maybe the American people aren't stupid and won't put up with the government lying so blatantly that it makes us hate them. Dennis Prager looks at some of the intelligentsia's responses to the mass murder of our troops and the response from the intelligentsia to show just how evil they are:

One reads and hears with increasing disbelief and anger that we don’t know the motive or motives of Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army major who fired over 100 shots at his fellow American soldiers in order to murder and maim as many as possible. Hasan ended up allegedly murdering 13 people, but government and Army spokesmen and the mainstream media claim they just can’t figure out why he did this. They are, however, certain that it was not an act of terrorism.

Sunday’s New York Times “Week in Review” article about Nidal Hasan was titled “When Soldiers Snap.” The gist of the article was that Maj. Hasan had snapped — even though he had never been in combat. He snapped in advance. Just two sentences in the article were devoted to the possibility that his motives were in any way relatable to his Muslim faith.

As Chris Matthews put it, “it’s unclear if religion was a factor in this shooting.” To Matthews, not only was it unclear if Hasan’s Islamic faith was “the” factor, it was unclear if it was even “a” factor.

Likewise, on NPR, Tom Gjelten offered the novel explanation that Hasan, who has never been in combat, may have suffered from “pre-traumatic stress disorder” because he anticipated having traumatic distress. “Was he an example,” Gjelten seriously asked, “of these soldiers who are literally freaked out by what they are likely to face when they are deployed?”

And on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera, said, “I don’t know what motivates him … as far as I know … he’s a sociopath; he’s a criminal. He could have had a toothache and gone off because of that.”

More at:

More on "The Moron Why"

The second comment at the Grunian today on this evening's execution of a jihadi in Virginia tells us that we should ask "Why" a man became a mass murdering sniper killing at random. This comment follows a few days later from a post on "The Moron Why." I couldn't have paid anyone for a better example to illustrate my point.


10 Nov 2009, 8:08PM

Great article,

Yes, it's true that the guy has done wrong. But we've got to be careful that we keep a balanced perspective and don't end up in the wrong ourselves.

This issue has become something of a witch-hunt or a lynch-mob.

Instead of this rough-justice approach, let's take a good look at ourselves and our country to find out WHY this guy did what he did... perhaps we're all guilty in some way or other...

If, as I suspect, the real cause of this horrible crime was the alienation of a good man by an unjust society.. then we should all shoulder part of the blame.. not just John Allen Muhammed.

Consequently, the just and righteous thing would be to find a way that we can forgive this guy and welcome him back into our society... our atonement would be made and the gesture would be symbolic of HIM also forgiving US.

Execution is always wrong... let's find out why this guy did what he did... the crime is important... not the criminal... he is simply a man

Here is the link to "The Moron Why":

Monday, November 09, 2009

Fort Hood Shooting Mystery Deepens

It takes an expert to figure these things out, all the better so to keep us rabble from jumping to conclusions.

h.t. Jihad Watch

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I Wish

Why I would have loved George W. Bush.


Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Moron Why

In the old days before we became obsessed with self-esteem and cultural sensitivity and falling over ourselves like department heads from the Ministry of Silly Walks, those long-ago days, some used the "scientific" designation from a scale of intelligence measurements, the term "Moron." A moron is far brighter than an idiot, on this scale. A moron has the smarts of a kid aged eight to twelve. Few of us would look at a ten yer old and conclude that he's a moron. Rather, we would think of him as a ten year old who hasn't developed as yet in the brain. A twelve year old, borderline, still moving toward maturity, still not acceptable to adult company as an equal but not a physical moron in that he cannot become anything more. Of course, we don't refer to people as morons any longer, except half the nation who refers with abandon to Geo W. Bush as a moron. That's not to say they think Bush is a moron, and so because they probably don't know what a moron is. The word is a general insult that means as much to most as "fascist." Like this: "Bush is a fascist moron." His wife is a witch and his friends are Jews. It's what we might expect from kids on the playground, those not really adults at all, those who still have a long way to go before they develop their brains to the point they stop, at which point we judge them as adults of whatever capacity. So, look at twelve year old, technically as developed as an adult moron, and look at the average 18 year old, only six years away from being a moron. Do those six years transform a moron into a genius? I don't think so. I think we're faced with a young adult who still has a long way to go to grow into adulthood. Often, and more than often, 18 year olds, 20 year olds, even older people, seem to think, a result of sudden adulthood, that they are geniuses now that they aren't morons any longer. Used to be, days long ago gone, that those smarter than morons weren't suddenly geniuses in sociology class at a local community college, they were "borderline deficient." Today, the scale is different: those who, like Sarah Palin, have values and morals are "idiots," so stupid and incapable of thought that they cannot live rightly in the world, life not fit for life, as it were. So it is a good thing to firebomb Sarah Palin's church, never mind the people inside at the time. I am an idiot, obviously, for I do not understand.

I encountered a young woman recently who sat, chin in hand, who knitted her brow and looked deeply thoughtful, so thoughtful, in fact, that one could use her very face as the the epitome of "thoughtful faces" in any modern ad. campaign, and she said, softly and thoughtfully, clearly and publicly thoughtful, lest there be some misunderstanding among her audience that she is deeply thoughtful, "Yes, but the question is, 'Whyyy?' " Dear reader, you and I will both feel let down emotionally when I relate that no one clapped. Her performance was so intensely "thoughtful." I wanted to clap, but I was shy. Yes, but the question is, "Why?" Why was I shy? Is it a result of my childhood? or is it because of capitalist exploitation? The question, dear reader, is "Why?"

Smart people are deeply interested in the nature of things, and they are not satisfied with the "common sense" of the masses who so foolishly and naively accept the given narrative of the ruling classes. No, smart people ask, "Why?" and they come up with smart answers, such as "The Jooos!" "Sarah Palin is a christo-fascist!" "Bush is a moron." Oh, dear reader, I beg to pause for time to write, "Yes, but the question is 'Whyyy?' "

For some of us, the question is not "Whyyy?" The question is, "Shut the fuck up."

The question is why anyone adult and functional in the world listens with indulgence, and often approval, to kids who perform the ritual, "Why?" I term this the "Moron Why." I have no tolerance today, today after the murder of over a dozen U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, by a known jihadi, enraged Muslim shouting "Allahu Akbar" while he gunned down a further 30, wounded, some of whom are destined to die from those wounds, "Yes, but the question is, 'Why did he feel compelled to shoot unarmed people?' "

Why is the "Moron Why" of a child not yet adult enough to join the adult world. we have a nation of adult morons, trained to be moronic, trained to assume they are sophisticated, that those who question them or even ignore them are "fascists and morons." A moron, even if the term is out of favor, has a meaning, and it applies to those who ask the "Moron Why."

My question remains: "Shut the fuck up!"

Friday, November 06, 2009

Don't Jump to Conclusions: Shut Up and Die.

I'm not making up this story below. Look at this and weep:

The alleged shooter was an Army officer, a psychiatrist and a Muslim, but officials, including President Barack Obama, are cautioning against jumping to conclusions about the motive for the shooting.

"We don't know all the answers yet and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts," said President Obama.

Some friends have told reporters he [Nidal Malik Hasan] has expressed opposition to the wars and was concerned about his own pending deployment. There are also reports that he complained of being teased by other soldiers due to his Muslim faith, and wanted to get out of the Army, and that he received at least one less than excellent performance evaluation.

That from the Voice of America. VOA used to be the voice of America in Eastern Europe, the radio station one tuned in to listen to normal news rather than the drone of Communist propaganda. But if you weren't there, you will have no idea, likely, just what VOA means. It was the voice of freedom. Now it's the same shit the Soviets used to pump out continuously as "news." I urge you to check out the video here, or the link to the video, to see just what we have here. If you've never lived in a full-blown police-state, this is how you can see for yourself just what we have here. You know it's a police state when you know the state doesn't even pretend to care if you believe the lies. when the state has utter contempt for the truth, then you know they have utter contempt for you. When the state doesn't even care to pretend to cover up the lies, then you know they just hate you and think of you as too worthless to bother conning. The video, as you'll see below, is comedy. The police state here is a joke. But it's no less a police state for that. I'm shaking with rage.

Check out the video or go to the link for the full and better version, thanks to Breath of the Beast.

If you've ever wondered why people put up with the governments they have, look around you and see normal people, acceptable people, socially successful people, and see them extolling the current government we have. Then you'll see why there are Communist or Nazi or apartheid or Muslim governments. Most people cannot see themselves, let alone see themselves as evil. and mostly they are not evil: they are banal. They are acritical, social, and law-abiding conformists, which explains, to my mind, how Nazis can enjoy vast support of Germans, Communism among Russians, Velvet Fascism among ordinary Americans. Nobody rushes to think they might be wrong. If we ever speak to Iranians protesting their lunatic government today, what will they say to us about us? Or Hondureans? Or whomever comes next under the boot-heels of Obama? It's our government today that is evil, and yet most people among us think we are good, just as we've always been. that's why people get evil governments: they don't see themselves. They will not look.

But above we see the government and intelligentsia displaying the most obvious contempt for the people. Normal people make excuses to pretend it's not contempt, that we cannot be so despised. "Dont jump to conclusions." Wait for the government to tell you the Party line. My God. How sickening does it have to get?

Our governments and intelligentsia hate us. They think of us as not even worth patronising. We are beneath their contempt. And people will nod and smile and say:

"Yes, but that doesn't include me. I'm smart like the masters. I understand their motives, and I am one of them, not a stupid person like the mass-holes the elite hate. I'm one of the special ones. They treat me like they treat you because I haven't revealed to them yet that I'm one of the smart and sophisticated. Once I do, they'll bring me in. I'm special. I'm here by accident. The elite will recognize me and save me from the common herd. Really, I'm not like you. I'm special. The elite will see as soon as I explain that I'm not one of you fools."

You ever see a mass round-up, you ever see massacre, then you'll know who's special. Nobody who isn't already in the circle. A small circle. There is no entrance just because you're special. The guy who thinks it's about belief is a fool. No one cares what you believe or who you support. To the elite, you're just another body. But people can't see themselves like that. And that's why we have supporters of fascist government. They think it's about them, about the smart, the hip, the cool. No, it's only about the elite. Everyone else is shit, no matter what they believe.

The government elite hates us. I can hardly believe I'm living through this again, that America has turned into a fascist police state. That the people like it and don't understand that they are being used.

I think often of Primo Levi, "The Drowned and the Saved," in which essay he writes that most concentration camp inmates assumed that if they played by the rules they'd get by. They didn't realise that the rules were set up to ensure that the rule-followers would die in three weeks. following the rules meant death by design. And the majority followed the rules to death. Levi saw them as the drowned, not even worth asking the names of, the already dead as soon as they disembarked from the trains. They had no chance. They'd follow the rules and die. Levi committed suicide in later years. Will we do the same? Will we wtch the Conformity Hippies look at their feet and hope that if they don't say anything, then maybe no one will torment them? You know it's not going to work. It doesn't even matter if you love the fascists, you're just more shit to the elite. don't go jumping to conclusions. Let the government tell you what to think. Just follow the rules. Just shut up and die.

Obama's Fort Hood "Reasonableness" Beyond the Fringe

How crazy can it get? Check out the video below. If you watch the video you might wonder just who is the comedian here, Peter Cook or Obama and company, all of them beyond the fringe.

Obama says don't jump to conclusions on shooting

By BEN FELLER (AP) – 1 hour ago

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said Friday the entire nation is grieving for those slain at Fort Hood, and he urged people not to jump to conclusions while law enforcement officers investigate the shootings.

Obama met Friday morning with FBI Director Robert Mueller and other federal leaders to get an update on what they've learned. Thirteen people were killed and 30 others injured in the shooting rampage at the Texas Army post on Thursday. The suspected shooter is an Army psychiatrist; his motive remains unclear.

"We don't know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts," Obama said in a Rose Garden statement otherwise devoted to the economy.

Breath of the Beast has this video:

(This is a better,
full motion version of Peter Cook's skit at YouTube that does not allow embedding.) Compare this skit to Obama's skit and ask yourself which is the parody.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Malik Nadal Hasan, Fort Hood, Dead American Soldiers: No Known Motive for Murder

Major Malik Nadal Hasan, Fort Hood, Texas. Twelve dead, thirty injured.

The suspected gunman was identified by ABC News as Major Malik Nadal Hasan.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, R-Texas, told Fox News that military sources informed her that the gunman was about to be deployed to Iraq.

[ Lt. Gen. Robert W.] Cone said the motive for the attack, which took place just after 1:30 p.m. CT, is unclear.

According to ABC affliate in the Central Texas area.....”a recent convert to Islam”.

Was he insane?

A defense official speaking on condition of anonymity says Hasan was a mental health professional – an Army psychologist or psychiatrist.

"A senior Obama administration official told NBC News that the shootings could have been a criminal matter rather than a terrorism-related attack and that there was no intelligence to suggest a plot against Fort Hood."

Thu, 11/05/2009 - 14:14 — DocPainFilms

this is what watching FOX and listening to Beck's and Limbaughs hate messages have done. this is just the beginning. I said this many times over the last couple years, but no one listened. THE RIGHT WING HAVE DECLARED WAR ON US. They've been calling us the enemy for 7 years.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Return of Exists Past

The music never comes while it could have been just right at the time. Rather, one finds it playing later and one is brought back to the moment, made to relive the time. That's a good thing for old people. Life is continuous with these lovely reminders of the hurts of yester-year. Somehow one is thankful for the hard times, those times and events one can recall with a smile, however crooked.

Monday, November 02, 2009

New Comments Format

We've switched to a new system for leaving comments at No Dhimmitude. It means that for now I lost the comments weve had so far. I'll find the scuba gear in the closet and take a dive into the morass as soon a I can figure out how to get this organized.

Meanwhile, comment as you like.

Leftard objects to name-calling

5. vivo:

[C]onservatives are allowed to use derogatory words they coined such as socialist, communist, liberal, fascist, etc. knowing that these labels are not accurate but have an impact on the mentally lazy. Aug 17, 2009 - 3:09 am

Just for fun, let's look at some of the words conservatives coined to sling as insults at Obama and company.

Socialist: 1827, from Fr. socialiste, in reference to the teachings of Comte de Saint-Simon, founder of Fr. socialism. Socialism is attested from 1837, apparently first in reference to Robert Owen's communes. "Pierre Leroux (1797-1871), idealistic social reformer and Saint-Simonian publicist, expressly claims to be the originator of the word socialisme" [Klein]. The word begins to be used in Fr. in the modern sense c.1835. Socialista, with a different sense, was applied 18c. to followers and pupils of Du. jurist Grotius (1583-1645).

Communist: 1841, as both a noun and adj., from Fr. communiste communiste (see communism). First attested in writing by John Goodwin Barmby (1820-1881), British Owenite and utopian socialist who founded the London Communist Propaganda Society in 1841. Main modern sense emerged after publication of Communist Manifesto ("Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei") in 1848. Shortened form Commie attested from 1940.

Liberal: late 14c., from O.Fr. liberal "befitting free men, noble, generous," from L. liberalis "noble, generous," lit. "pertaining to a free man," from liber "free," from PIE base *leudheros (cf. Gk. eleutheros "free"), probably originally "belonging to the people" (though the precise semantic development is obscure), from *leudho- "people" (cf. O.C.S. ljudu, Lith. liaudis, O.E. leod, Ger. Leute "nation, people"). Earliest reference in Eng. is to the liberal arts (L. artes liberales; see art (n.)), the seven attainments directed to intellectual enlargement, not immediate practical purpose, and thus deemed worthy of a free man (the word in this sense was opposed to servile or mechanical). Sense of "free in bestowing" is from 1387. With a meaning "free from restraint in speech or action" (late 15c.) liberal was used 16c.-17c. as a term of reproach. It revived in a positive sense in the Enlightenment, with a meaning "free from prejudice, tolerant," which emerged 1776-88. Purely in ref. to political opinion, "tending in favor of freedom and democracy" it dates from c.1801, from Fr. libéral, originally applied in English by its opponents (often in French form and with suggestions of foreign lawlessness) to the party favorable to individual political freedoms. But also (especially in U.S. politics) tending to mean "favorable to government action to effect social change," which seems at times to draw more from the religious sense of "free from prejudice in favor of traditional opinions and established institutions" (and thus open to new ideas and plans of reform), which dates from 1823.

Fascist: 1921, from It. partito nazionale fascista, the anti-communist political movement organized 1919 under Benito Mussolini (1883-1945); from It. fascio "group, association," lit. "bundle." Fasci "groups of men organized for political purposes" had been a feature of Sicily since c.1895; the 20c. sense probably infl. by the Roman fasces (q.v.) which became the party symbol. Fascism, also 1921, was originally used in Eng. 1920 in its It. form, fascismo. Applied to similar groups in Germany from 1923.
"A form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion." [Robert O. Paxton, "The Anatomy of Fascism," 2004]

Doesn't it kind of figure that a leftard would post a comment like that above when he could very easily have done what we've done, i.e. look up some words to get a clear sense of their meanings? Yeah, it figures.

(I read Paxton's book, above, and liked it.)

OK, so maybe "leftard" didn't make the cut so far, but let's look at what we can:

Left: Political sense arose from members of a legislative body assigned to the left side of a chamber, first attested in Eng. 1837 (by Carlyle, in ref. to the Fr. Revolution), probably a loan-translation of Fr. la gauche (1791), said to have originated during the seating of the Fr. National Assembly in 1789 in which the nobility took the seats on the President's right and left the Third Estate to sit on the left. Became general in U.S. and British political speech c.1900 (cf. Leftist, 1924; left wing, 1898).

I love the etymology site.

Pomo Tragedy

Iago hates Othello for falling in love with Desdemona. "I hate the Moor," he cries. Iago is betrayed by a comrade. Looking at Jeff Wall's photo of dead Russian soldiers revived and examining their lives as corpses is interesting in a way. Some think they're funny; one is horrified by his wounds. It's a good-looking picture, in all. Iago, Othello, even Desdemona would likely have seen it and instantly cut off Wall's head for making it, had they been able. It betrays the whole of the life of professional combat soldiers and those who live in a real world of war and sex. They probably would have found Wall's vision contemptible, and they would likely have killed Wall like a bug, not thinking much about it, just momentarily disgusted. We live in a different time. Some say it's better. I think Desdemona would have appreciated Iago's villainy in comparison to Wall art.

A transgendered woman, who lost a job offer because of her sexual status, has won a potentially groundbreaking federal sex discrimination lawsuit.

A federal district court judge in Washington, D.C., ruled today that the Library of Congress discriminated against Diane Schroer when it offered her a job and then rescinded it after learning she was transgendered.

For more than 25 years, David Schroer was a star in the U.S. Army, rising through the ranks to become a Special Forces commander while leading a classified anti-terrorism unit involved in covert operations.

"It is tremendously gratifying to have your faith in this country, and what is fundamentally right and fair, be reaffirmed," Schroer said. "I very much hope that this ruling will help to eliminate the all-too-pervasive discrimination against sexually nonconforming people in all areas."

It might make sense to have Schroer on the job if some people were speaking loudly in the Library of Congress or were habitually over-due with manuscript returns. Send the Special Forces librarian after them. I get that part. I get the part where Xenophon and his mercenaries are marching to the sea, where they stop at a village and massacre nearly everyone, where one of Xenophon's commanding officers tells a young boy to either become his sex slave or die like the kid's parents. What I don't get is "fundamental right and fair." Iago's tormenting of Othello and the murder of Desdemona is not good, but it is fundamentally real and true. Maybe a bit of open mockery would have saved Othello from murdering his wife, if someone had said, "Hey, your buddy is sure jealous of your new wife. If he'd had a sex-change operation, you two might still be together." Othello would have laughed, Desdemona would have blushed, and Iago would have felt like a fool. End of tragedy. In our case, with Wall and Schroer, the mockery is continuous, a tragedy of a whole other snort.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

When Love Falls Like Rain

My mother was a child once, not long before she died. And when she died I didn't miss her, and she didn't fall very far to miss anyway. Still here. Still the beaten child she was, the frantic and tortured creature who couldn't ever look at life with a smile without thinking that somewhere in the smile was a razor waiting to cut her. Somewhere she was a child, and she left like a child, a tiny thing, a tortured thing, and a dead thing, a thing rolled in a sack and dropped in the ground and the ground buried over her, the sun beating down, down by the river. That's my mom.

Up in the hills, in the mountains, by the sky, there is snow, and when it goes, it comes down in rivers, a flood, washing away all before it, in time. Everything goes down someday, comes down like a blow like the blows that left scars on my mother.

It's hard to love a girl who grows up to be a girl whose love falls like rain in the gutter with dirt.

Ah, Ma.