Saturday, November 14, 2009

Men in the World

The president just bowed to a Japanese royal. I feel like committing suicide from shame. Obviously our president has no shame. No sense of dignity, no love of our nation, nothing but a mind raised on television and comic books. Obama is a fool. He's nothing more or less. It's not sophisticated, it's not helpful to see him as other than a fool. He shames us.

He shames us. Our nation is not one man, not even our president, but is a nation of free men who do not bow down to those entitled by birth and tradition arbitrarily. Our nation, though it's not so obvious now, is one of farmers and cowboys and miners and loggers and men who struggle against the Earth to make the World. Our home is the open range. Though we live in cities, we are still Americans, still men free and strong, riding the wilds. We cannot bow to any man.
Some don't know, and some have forgotten, and some turn away in disgust at the public travesty of our nation's leaders; but our nation is one of men. We don't bow.

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