Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ever more on "The Moron Why."

Dennis Prager nails it. "Why" did Nidal Malik Hasan murder his fellow American soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas? The moon was in Virgo. Maybe he had a toothache.

Maybe the American people aren't stupid and won't put up with the government lying so blatantly that it makes us hate them. Dennis Prager looks at some of the intelligentsia's responses to the mass murder of our troops and the response from the intelligentsia to show just how evil they are:

One reads and hears with increasing disbelief and anger that we don’t know the motive or motives of Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army major who fired over 100 shots at his fellow American soldiers in order to murder and maim as many as possible. Hasan ended up allegedly murdering 13 people, but government and Army spokesmen and the mainstream media claim they just can’t figure out why he did this. They are, however, certain that it was not an act of terrorism.

Sunday’s New York Times “Week in Review” article about Nidal Hasan was titled “When Soldiers Snap.” The gist of the article was that Maj. Hasan had snapped — even though he had never been in combat. He snapped in advance. Just two sentences in the article were devoted to the possibility that his motives were in any way relatable to his Muslim faith.

As Chris Matthews put it, “it’s unclear if religion was a factor in this shooting.” To Matthews, not only was it unclear if Hasan’s Islamic faith was “the” factor, it was unclear if it was even “a” factor.

Likewise, on NPR, Tom Gjelten offered the novel explanation that Hasan, who has never been in combat, may have suffered from “pre-traumatic stress disorder” because he anticipated having traumatic distress. “Was he an example,” Gjelten seriously asked, “of these soldiers who are literally freaked out by what they are likely to face when they are deployed?”

And on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera, said, “I don’t know what motivates him … as far as I know … he’s a sociopath; he’s a criminal. He could have had a toothache and gone off because of that.”

More at: http://frontpagemag.com/2009/11/10/hasans-motives-by-dennis-prager/

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