Sunday, October 20, 2019

Leftist Brown Shorts

It's too easy to term out-of-control leftist kiddie idiots as Nazis. They aren't even Brown Shirts, Hitler's street-thug army. Today's P.C. sissies, Antifa losers come to mind, would shit themselves if they came up against serious street fighters. Thus, I now call leftist wannabe Brown Shirt tough guys "Brown Shorts."


I just came up with my latest block-buster term to slag leftards. This one came up after Facebook deleted an innocuous post on Myanmar. That was just after I saw a fellow's post on global warming that came with not one but two so-call rebuttals, posted by FaceBook, claiming that the man had posted fake news. Who do these people think they are? Who do they think we, the public are? Obviously, they have no idea, being too wrapped up in their own self-righteous idiocies to think about anything other than their own opinions.

FaceCensor really pissed me off by banning a link I tried to post. All this comes within days. FaceCensor is really upsetting me.

facebook-censorship.jpg (790×411)