Friday, May 25, 2012

Young love

What amuses me is that all the negative things said about me by those who think they hate me are tame if only such haters knew just how bad I truly am.

But young love? Man, I gotta confess I am touched. In a non-physical kind of macho and hyper manly way.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

All Hail Comrade Electricidad!

I took a long walk in the jungle outside Coroico, Bolivia one sunny day that turned dark on me, and there I encountered one of my favourite characters from the 20th century, Comrade Electricy.  He is a powerful figure in our time, and I come close to worshipping his power and his being.

All hail Comrade Electricty, our saviour and workingclass hero.

my dwelling place shall be, shall be....

 Sometimes when I'm wandering around doing not much I hum tunes to amuse myself. Here is one of my homeless guy favourites.

I saw by chance a link to some photos of places north of my home, a place I seldom return to, home though it is. I know the area well here, and it´s pretty, but not as pretty as my own area. Will keep on looking. meantime, this is worth a look at.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I miss meeting friends as I sit having coffee in the afternoon or in walking down the street when I might suddenly see someone I know and like. I don´t have any friends here in Peru. I don´t know anyone long enough for friendship to develope. I miss it. I like people and I like being with them as friend. For that I now turn to the Internet. Often enough such relationships are built on thin air, the deepest prostestations of undying friendship fading into nothingness, as one would expect. But there are those who continue on in spite of all that. Hey, I like people, and when they come as friends I like them all the more. So often I am truly blessed.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a world

 I returned to Peru if only for a short time, expecting to move north soon to Ecuador and some further exploration of the world and the earth we live upon. What world is this strange place? Sometimes it's a place that makes me get up and dance in celebration. It's a man's world. It´s a woman's world. It's a strange one.