Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Luck of the Handsome Draw

Writing or speaking ill of Osama Barka is a dangerous occupation in this day and time. Luckily, few people are inclined to add any criticism of the man to the world's media. Otherwise, our prisons and cemeteries would be over-flowing. Can't have that.
Thomas Lifson, "Fawning media embarrasses itself," American Thinker. Jan. 2009

New US President Barack Obama is too good-looking to provide inspiration for cartoons in the same way former president George W Bush served as fodder for some of their most biting commentary, a caricaturist says.
"It's never a gift for a caricaturist to draw a handsome man," said Pierre Kroll, from Belgium, which prides itself on its comic book culture, including Tintin.
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Someone forgot to let people know that his wife is too good-looking to caricature. No doubt word will get out soon.