Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Luck of the Handsome Draw

Writing or speaking ill of Osama Barka is a dangerous occupation in this day and time. Luckily, few people are inclined to add any criticism of the man to the world's media. Otherwise, our prisons and cemeteries would be over-flowing. Can't have that.
Thomas Lifson, "Fawning media embarrasses itself," American Thinker. Jan. 2009

New US President Barack Obama is too good-looking to provide inspiration for cartoons in the same way former president George W Bush served as fodder for some of their most biting commentary, a caricaturist says.
"It's never a gift for a caricaturist to draw a handsome man," said Pierre Kroll, from Belgium, which prides itself on its comic book culture, including Tintin.
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Someone forgot to let people know that his wife is too good-looking to caricature. No doubt word will get out soon.


Anonymous said...

I stared at the pic for a few seconds then moved down to see "celebrity apes." I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I'll bet that tag list is a long one.

Dag said...

I hope to be there someday myself, though I understand that I'm too good-looking as well. Life IS tough, isn't it?

But now that I'm thinking of Obama, what say I write and post something about his extra-coolness who cannot be parodied? Well, thank you for asking. I think I will. How about: "Obama-Rama: Come Moon-walk with me."

I think that since we elected an inspirational speak to be our president we should check him out behind the curtains.)

Look for the post above coming soon to this blog near you.

Anonymous said...

I guess beauty is all in the eye of the beholder but this photo of her is the best so far!

Dag said...

I'm no great-looking fellow in my later years, and too often I am utter stupid in my commentary on this and other topic; but even were I beautiful and intelligent, still I wouldn't be above criticism. That is all the moreso the case for those of us who are elected to represent us politically.

A democracy doesn't elect God to any office for a good reason: or representatives must not be beyond criticism. Those systems who do elect their Gnostic versions of God, e.g. Dear Leader in North Korea, have unhappy live in an evil system they seem not to be able to rid themselves of.

So "boo" on Obama. Even if he is good-looking, which passes beyond me, sorry to say, he's still not God. He is not perfect. He must be criticized if only for the sake of general sanity.

And, anon., thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

The point of charicature (sp?) is to emphasize characteristics (especially negative ones) to the point of ridicule. With those ears, some cartoonists couldn't find anything to emphasize?

Dag said...

Caricature, it's what the usual media, i.e. our newspapers and television news and so on, is. They are parodies of news deliverers. The media, as we still call it, is a bad joke. But blogs, till we're shut down by the State, give the best of the voice of the people.

Thanks for adding yours here.