Friday, January 03, 2014

Iquitos, Peru: Chuck's Surprise Cremation Party (Part One)

About ten years ago I realised that I was close to death – nearing 50 – which is pretty much the end-- and that I had to get busy researching it all if I were to do it right. There's no second chance. I had to read a lot of books about death so I wouldn't blow this last thing in this life I would ever do. Now it must be something like urgent, me closing in on 60. I've read enough about death by now to bore most people to the grave no matter how old they are. So, my next step is to hang out with Chuck who is older than dinosaurs. Chuck is in his 70s, and he's looking into cremation in Iquitos, Peru. He's going to Chicago soon to go skydiving again, around his 30th jump or so, but when he returns he has to be ready for the eternal dirt nap-- Death. He's a tidy kind of guy and doesn't want to leave himself lying around when he's gone. He's looking into a prepaid cremation plan in Iquitos now since he cancelled the one he had in Miami. No point in a cremation plan in Miami if he's dead in the Amazon. It would cost a lot to fly his corpse all the way up there to Fla., and since Chuck would be dead there's no real point in pissing away the cash on the trip. We're looking into him getting cremated in town.

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Iquitos, Peru: An Ayahuasca Evening with Javier de Silva

I return to Casa de Silva this evening to drink ayahuasca with a man who has a dubious reputation locally, a scary reputation internationally. Those who have negative feelings toward, de Silva are extremely negative; and those who are positive are middling about him. I have to find out for myself, and then I will set down my own account as well as I am able.

There could be a problem in writing about ayahuasca with de Silva, and that is the man's use of toe (to-ay,) and additive that seemingly prevents memories from forming. I don't know how I can write about what I can't recall, but I am sure there will be some solution to all this.

My report next day might well be limited to the basics. I am leaving for some time to the jungle to work on my ayahuasca book and my other book on Iquitos' architectural wonders. This could well be it for a month or so.

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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Iquitos, Peru: Going Fishing

I am off to the jungle for a few weeks where I hope to do some fishing. I will also be finishing the second of three books about Iquitos, this second one on ayahuasca, a terrible tasting jungle drug much liked by Western hippies and New Age dilettantes. I've done this drug myself a number of times and it's worth looking into for a number of reasons, all of which I detail in my book. But I have to finish the editing before I can move on to the next steps of getting the book published.

Until then, please look at my latest book, Iquitos, Peru: Almost Close.

Unless I totally lose my mind tomorrow evening during my last ayahuasca session before I go to the jungle, I should be back in a few weeks.

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Folks, I am off to take ayahuasca yet again, Friday evening at 9:00, and on Saturday afternoon I am leaving for some time in the jungle where I will begin revising and editing the next Iquitos book, Confessions of an Ayahuasca Skeptic.

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Will be back as soon as I can.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Coming up next: Puke with Javier de Silva

I have a special invitation to vomit with a fellow in Iquitos two nights from now, and I am terribly excited. It's rare in my life to be invited to sit with a locally famous fellow and spew vile stuff on his floor, so when this invitation came through to drink ayahuasca with a man well-know in the jungle drugs enlightenment business, I nearly choked from joy. To puke with Javier de Silva.... Why, it's almost like smoking pot in the dressing room at Filmore West with Mick Jagger in San Fran back in '68. This guy is a big deal.

When I wipe the stuff off my chin and get back my grin, I'll have no time at all to do more than-- I hope-- leave word that I survived intact an ayahuasca ceremony with one of the most notorious brujos in South America. Yes, the man has a seriously evil reputation, and I am out of my mind in anticipation of getting cuckoo with him.

Javier de Silva is the sworn enemy of another of the big stars of International ayahuasca, Ron Wheelock. It's the Battle of the Ayahuasca Titans, and I am the man in the middle of it all, reporting as I am able from the floor of the arena.

I will leave what word I am able, however brief, and then, dear reader, I will be off to the jungle, assuming all is well, for a few weeks to type up my account of this adventure, and to organise the text for what will be my second book from Iquitos, Confessions of an Ayahuasca Skeptic

Meanwhile, please order my latest from Iquitos to keep you warm this winter.

Happy New Year.