Friday, January 03, 2014

Iquitos, Peru: An Ayahuasca Evening with Javier de Silva

I return to Casa de Silva this evening to drink ayahuasca with a man who has a dubious reputation locally, a scary reputation internationally. Those who have negative feelings toward, de Silva are extremely negative; and those who are positive are middling about him. I have to find out for myself, and then I will set down my own account as well as I am able.

There could be a problem in writing about ayahuasca with de Silva, and that is the man's use of toe (to-ay,) and additive that seemingly prevents memories from forming. I don't know how I can write about what I can't recall, but I am sure there will be some solution to all this.

My report next day might well be limited to the basics. I am leaving for some time to the jungle to work on my ayahuasca book and my other book on Iquitos' architectural wonders. This could well be it for a month or so.

In the meantime, please look at my other book, Iquitos, Peru: Almost Close.

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