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Hip-Hop Death Hippies and the Spice Girl.

We went aprotestin' last day in West Vancouver, Canada to let the world know that we will not be silent in the face of evil, that we will stand up and be counted in public as those who are willing to fight and win in the struggle for universal Human rights and the struggle for the rights of all people everywhere to determine the course of their own lives as they deem right without the crushing fist of ideology and state and fascist Islam making of their lives a misery of tormented farm animals. We went with some long sentences prepared. Lord knows, we could have gone with fewer words and less anticipation of conflict. The Death Hippies were ridiculous. The crowd they gathered around them were middle class teenage boys. The threat is a paper tiger. The closest we came to real harm, aside from the noise of the jukebox blaring bass, was a few tense moments listening to a middle aged mother with a "background in geology," sweatingly earned from a number of courses taken at the local community college, bless her anyway. And she, oh horror, knows it all and told us. I am a changed man. I slept badly last night. I might not sleep again after having gone through the night with the vision of The Spice Girl dancing through my fevered dreams.

The Spice Girl took out some valuable time from nattering at her children to tell us, to lecture us, to pontificate, to-- oh, oh, oh-- to let us know the history of jihad. It turns out that the Romans fell to defeat because of global warming. Yes, it shocked me deeply. I assume, (because she didn't get into the details of it,) that Hannibal's elephants emitted so much gas that the climate changed all across the Alps and the Italian plain, causing the climate change. Some things are better left unknown. But the depth of the lady's analysis that torments my waking miseries is that the whole of the world was plunged into endless war because the climate rose to such heights of heat that food was spoiling and the world needed spice to preserve it. Yes, folks, the wars of jihad were started by the search for resources, for spice. Today all wars are fought for another resource: oil. I am in a pit of inconsolable despair because in my dreams last night I recalled the hippie girl I related to meaningfully in the 60s who carried in her pack a bottle of our destruction, and in that I see for our collective Humanity the war that will end the whole of us in one fell swoop: The Patchouli Essential Oil War. We are fucked!

We live with our fellows, regardless of their abilities to think clearly, and we make the best of it. Mostly there is a natural balance of needs and interests that keep societies functioning well enough to allow us to live our ordinary lives in peace and security. The Spice Girls can have their informed opinions and I have mine, and we cancel each other out in the course of living. It works in a practical way. But when we are confronted by social activists and those who would "engineer" our publicity, then we face something quite different, a menace to our organic democracies and the free-floating publicity of people living. The vapours of Romance poison our collective publicity and befog even many of the best public minds, those who join in the campaign of fixing and improving the way things are, those who would make right what is wrong with our societies. This is a good thing, in many ways, as we see from our own activities as protesters in public. We, we revolutionaries in support of such radical change as the Agricultural Revolution, for example, are those who stand in the front lines of social change and make it happen. Yes, we are revolutionaries within the context of the greater world. And we try to live as well as possible with those others who cling to reaction. We also struggle against those who would draw us backward into the Middle Ages and the feudalism of Man as farm animal. Sometimes we just can't stand by and allow the vapours of evil to pollute our lives. It's a choking thing these reactionaries produce. We're here to clear the air.

The Spice Girl has all the answers she needs to nag at her children. Fair enough. Now it's our turn to stand out and be known as those who differ in favor of Modernity. And our opponents? They too have opinions, of a sort, of a kind we couldn't quite manage to grasp, of a depth and breadth too-- ah, too, too-- whatever.

Having been defeated by the superior sense of Spice Girl we bravely soldiered on, dazed and confused, to be sure, but determined to confront our enemies as men of courage in the face of certain defeat in the expected street fight their web site promised us. There arrayed beyond our flanks, were hundreds, thousands of people lying on the beach, half almost nekked in bikinis, suntanning. Yes, we did then turn to confront our opponents. Maybe we became a bit distracted now and then, I don't rightly recall. Uh, no, we were professional revolutionaries in defence of Modernity! Yeah, I recall that part now. We faced our enemies! What strength of will it took. But that's the kind of people we are.

We confronted Ivan, a young boy who is the organiser of the day's event, an energetic fellow who demanded that I behave myself, that I not devolve into a violent savage bent on street fighting. Oh, Ivan, you silly goose. Or something to that effect. We set up our perimeter and faced off. For hours we endured the noise of Hip-Hop and the shrill and tinny voice of a frustrated young lady who harangued a clot of teen aged boys on the evils of war and such. Yes, we even listened intently to a song, as it were, that bore an uncanny resemblance to a scene from Sesame Street. "Can you say the letter A?"

Obviously the rhetoric of the radicals did not live up to their performances. How could it? The crowd they attracted consisted of boys with nothing better to do. But we are not interested in such, our purpose being to create a demand for common sense and Human decency in our intimidated public. The kids stood aside and watched a group of girls, too terrified by years of indoctrination by our schools in the evils of sexism to approach them from fear of sexual harassment suits. Only a hairy chested Russian, not schooled in the niceties of anti-sexism, strutted back and forth by the ladies changing room. We, professional revolutionaries, gave our hand-outs to those passing by to inform them that we do not have to accept silently the phantastic hostilities of the elites as perpetrated by our intelligentsia, our schools, our media, our politicians and so on. We got luckier than the Russian. Many people walking by took our leaflets and nodded and perhaps agreed that hate rhetoric is unhealthy in our modern societies, and that perhaps having the nation's wealthiest city supporting with tax-payers' money an amateurish hate rally is less than good sense. We, in effect, had the greater impact. A few here and a few there will grumble that the politically correct fog that covers our public discourse is too thick to ignore any longer. Kids can spout all they like, but there is a time when it is not right to allow them to intimidate an entire nation into silence and fear. The West is intimidated by teenagers. It's a willing dhimmitude, a dhimmitude brought on by inflated fears of how tough the enemy might be. I showed up expecting them to be at least as tough in a scrap as I, and I brought reinforcements in case such came to pass. We encountered children. We endured Sesame Street in the park.

Their best effort is something along this line:

The Toronto 17, already found guilty of “terrorism” by the anti-Muslim smokescreen of the government of Canada and the mainstream media, represent something important for working, poor and oppressed people in Canada. The storm troopers of the right wing of Canadian politics are entering through the window of the arrest of the Toronto 17 into the homes of all Muslims in Canada.



Under government driven racist and Islamophobic hysteria, the Toronto 17 do not stand a chance of a fair trial anywhere in Canada. For working, poor and oppressed people in Canada, the real threat to our “security” does not come from oppressed people – Muslim or otherwise. The clear and present danger to our security, our civil liberties and democratic and human rights comes from a government that is using the frame-up case of the Toronto 17 as a cover-up for their war drive in Afghanistan, and their assaults on the rights of working and oppressed people in Canada.

The above might be a step up from the analysis from Spice Girl, it might be a step down. It might be a step to the Left, a step to the Right, a shimmy, shimmy, shake, and a get down low. I don't know. The point is not that a gaggle of teen aged boys hung out in the park on a Friday evening listening to obnoxious noise, the point is that our society finds itself terrified of offending these kids. Even Ivan isn't terrible, though he certainly seemed to wish it be thought so.

We protest, not a bunch of kids in the park, but our own foolish fear of offence. People read in the papers, see on television, hear on the radio, listen to friends and colleagues that the West is terrible, and that the primitives of our world are in dire trouble due to our conduct. We listen to ourselves and we believe ourselves, and then so do the primitives. We have created a general stupidity and blown it all out of proportion to the point that this phantasy seems more real than our own lives. So we showed up to protest.

I had two encounters during the course of our assembly that made my time well-spent. The first was with a young man who had the curiosity to approach me for an explanation of the sign I waved at the Death Hippies. He politely suggested that I had made up the word "dhimmitude." Half an hour later, after explaining the history of the Caliphate from the death of Mohammad through the Pact of Omar and the death of the Ottoman Empire at the signing of the Treaty of Sevres, and lots of other pertinent facts and figures, off he went, a sadder but wiser man. Should I meet that lad again I will go on from there to explain in deep detail the literary criticism from Coleridge and his contributions to English literature, which I am sure will be equally fascinating to the young man. The second encounter was with a hostile young man who gripped his hands and shook with fury as he asked me politely if I am the racist Islamophobe his friends say I am. After some short time of getting to know each other he relaxed substantially and began to laugh a bit, a better state for a young guy than his original rage against me and his imagination. And it is that young man more than anything else we might have accomplished that makes our efforts worthwhile: a young man comes to me filled with anger and ignorance of our doings, is caught up in some sense and reason, and goes away with confusion and questions. Both young men are smart enough to think through, however slowly and confusedly it might be the received idiocies they think of as their own. And one of them even knows the meaning and history of the word "dhimmitude."

Of Spice Girl I shall try to hold my peace. I will end with only this comment on her and her like:


Covenant Zone and the Death Hippies

Truepeers writes an account of our meeting at West Vancouver, Canada last day to protest against the Death Hipies. Below is a short extract:

It was a fairly successful day, with a number of people stopping to talk, often voicing support, especially for the sign that said "We support our troops". A number of people could not understand why young people are questioning the need for our Canadian troops and for the west more generally to be present in the world's troubled regions, and to push for greater social freedoms in places like Afghanistan - "aren't they taught any history?" Some were with us in condemning MAWO's openly anti-Israel stance; others seemingly checked their tongues on this divide.

Upon arrival, we first met an argumentative woman who thought being politically stupid is what young people always are, they have a right to it, and so why are we demonstrating against it? why don't we just let them do their thing? The fact that we were protesting the support of local government for a group that defends terrorists who tried to kill Canadians en masse did not move her greatly... since she was too wise to think ideas have much to do with wars. She proceeded to lecture us on the real cause of all wars, which are nothing but battles for resources. OH well…


We survived again.

I'll be frank: I went to our appointed round at Friday's hip-hop hate rally in West Vancouver, Canada this evening with some feeling of nervousness that we might end up brawling with violent youths fueled by anger and resentment and immaturity; and I went with that impression gained from the web pages the organisers of the event have posted on the Internet. We had the impression they might turn violent. They too had some ideas about us, it turns out.

My first encounter with the organisers of the hip-hop event at the park was in the person of Ivan, apparently a good-looking young fellow, one who was concerned that we had come looking for a physical fight. Well, that was not exactly the case, though we did go well prepared for violence, if I may be allowed not to give away our details beyond the fact that I brought some back-up members of our group who kept an eye on things. In being frank here I think it important to let it be known that we are not Supermen, not bullet-proof, and not stupid enough to show up for what could have been a physical fight without also showing up with prudent precautions in that eventuality. As it turned out, none of our concerns materialised. At worst, I got some sun-burn. Or maybe that isn't the worst: I might well go through life now with permanent hearing impairment after having subjected myself to over three hours of close proximity to hip-hop music.

I'll go into some details about the actual work we did in a post on Saturday proper, this being only to inform our readers that we have returned safely to our normal lives.

I want to point out that once we actually encountered the people we preparded against they turned out to be paper tigers. On the page they seemed that they might be threatening; but the reality of Ivan and his lot of teen-aged boys is that they are harmless to us. That will not always be the case with those we meet. We must be wary and sensible when we propose our confrontations, but we should not ever be afraid, no matter how our opponents might turn out in the flesh.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Anti-MAWO Hand-out

TAXPAYERS, through The District of West Vancouver, the City of
Richmond, the City of Vancouver, and various colleges, are among the
SPONSORs of this MAWO hip-hop festival.

Did you know…

MAWO SUPPORTS TERRORISTS: MAWO says the Toronto 17 are victims of a
Canadian government conspiracy:

MAWO supports terrorist violence against Israel (see )

MAWO is opposed to Canada's involvement in Afghanistan.

MAWO hates America.

We all know hip-hop is about kids letting off steam, listening to
often angry lyrics. But maybe this event goes too far. Maybe it's time
you let your civic politicians know how you feel about your tax
dollars going to support terrorist sympathizers.

A Vancouver Courier article states that MAWO is a coalition of over 50
endorsing organizations, most of which are labour unions, student
groups, indigenous and women's organizations and Third World groups.
It formed in October 2003 to mark the first anniversary of the
anti-war movement against the American involvement in Iraq.

Fundraisers such as [this] summer's "anti-war" hip-hop festival help
MAWO raise the necessary funds to keep the group going and help gain
new members.

MAWO appears to be a front organization for a group called Fire This
Time. News reports and a former member have publicly accused FTT of
being thugs who intimidate their fellow leftists with violence. In
fact, FTT openly advocates violence as a political tool. See:

MAWO website: "[T]he arrest of the Toronto 17 has signaled that the
war at home – a couple steps behind the war abroad – has entered its
own "combat mission" against the democratic and human rights of
oppressed people in Canada. The Toronto 17, already found guilty of
"terrorism" by the anti-Muslim smokescreen of the government of Canada
and the mainstream media… The storm troopers of the right wing of
Canadian politics are entering through the window of the arrest of the
Toronto 17 into the homes of all Muslims in Canada." Your tax dollars
are today supporting this hate rhetoric.

Our society is falling into a state of fear under an onslaught of
political correctness and allegations that various measures to protect
us against religious terrorists are "Islamophobic". The political left
promotes these allegations, furthering trends that make us all into
objects of the state and its regulations, rather than people
independent and free to speak our minds.

Our culture is presently immersed in anti-western sentiments,
generally known as "white guilt". Thought police are today common in
many nations, fueling fires of moral indignation, finding whatever
they can to create light without heat, smoke without substance; and we
wander, timid and fearful, lest we fall into offense unknowing. Have
we victimized someone? Are we guilty of something? Is western culture
inherently oppressive because of its global success? Should we condemn
someone to distract attention from ourselves?

When our politicians use our money to finance this fascism, it's time
to say we've had enough. Peace, yes, but no more terrorism. No
appeasement. No dhimmitude.

In a society where there is seen to be no basic right or wrong, no
fundamental truth, but only victims and oppressors, we are nagged by
self-righteous accusers full of victimary clichés that make success
and creativity into signs of oppression.

Those few who think clearly for themselves are offended and outraged
in turn by the group-think prevailing in our societies; and we are
beginning at last to say no more appeasement of the oppressors of free
thought. Let's speak our minds and be independent.

Please join us at:

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Modest Aproposal

Below is a draft of what I hope will be a rousing success as our hand-out at tomorrow's Death Hippie Hate Fest in West Vancouver, Canada. Please feel free to offer lucid and pertinent criticism.

We'll discuss this and other topics of interest this evening at our weekly meeting at VPL from 7-9 in the atrium. You are welcome to join us.

Down with the Scurrilous Death Hippies of Red Fascist Dhimmitude.
Modern liberal societies are falling into states of fear and collapse under an onslaught of politically correct jihad. Social and personal freedoms are eroding daily as the Left and their proxies in the West determine our futures as objects of the state rather than as people free and independent.

Sentimentalist thought police range the nations searching for fuel to add to their fires of moral indignation, finding whatever they can to create light without heat, smoke without substance, and we wander in a timid and fearful tremble lest we fall into offense unknowing. Have we victimised someone? Are we guilty of something? Should we condemn someone to distract attention from ourselves?

Anti-American, anti-Semitic, hate-mongering "pacifists" - Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) Vancouver - whose website calls, among other things, for support of the Toronto 17 and for Canada's withdrawal from Afghanistan - is holding an event - the Hip Hop Festival Against War and Occupation - that has sponsorship from the City of Richmond and the District of West Vancouver as well as several other community and academic organizations.

A Vancouver Courier article states: MAWO is a coalition of over 50 endorsing organizations, most of which are labour unions, student groups, indigenous and women's organizations and Third World groups. It formed in October 2003 to mark the first anniversary of the anti-war movement against the American involvement in Iraq. Since then, MAWO has held demonstrations, organized talks and forums, hosted music events and organized an annual film festival each winter.

Fundraisers such as [this] summer's anti-war hip-hop festival help MAWO raise the necessary funds to keep the group going and help gain new members.

MAWO appears to be front organization for a group called Fire This Time. FTT have been accused of being thugs who intimidate their fellow leftists with violence. In fact, FTT openly advocates violence.

FTT website: [T]he arrest of the Toronto 17 has signaled that the war at home – a couple steps behind the war abroad – has entered its own "combat mission" against the democratic and human rights of oppressed people in Canada.

The Toronto 17, already found guilty of "terrorism" by the anti-Muslim smokescreen of the government of Canada and the mainstream media, represent something important for working, poor and oppressed people in Canada. The storm troopers of the right wing of Canadian politics are entering through the window of the arrest of the Toronto 17 into the homes of all Muslims in Canada.


Under government driven racist and Islamophobic hysteria, the Toronto 17 do not stand a chance of a fair trial anywhere in Canada.

When our politicians use our money to finance fascism, it's time to say we've had enough of it. Peace, yes, but no more terrorism. No appeasement. No dhimmitude.

In a society where there is seen to be no right or wrong but only victims and oppressors, we are nagged to madness by self-righteous automatons of moralist cliches and received political idiocies. Only the most thoughtless and incapable delve into the cliches of this Left dhimmi fascism for sustenance and meaning, and yet they are legion.

Those few who think clearly for themselves are offended and outraged in turn by the group-think prevailing in our societies; and we are beginning at last to say no more appeasement of oppressors of thought free and independent. No dhimmitude.

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Mo Stylin

The latest from Colemans 2006 Spring Muslim Lingerie Line-up:

Thanks to Sentry posted by ScottSA at 12:51 PM

Sweet Reason

Sometimes a graphic is more articulate than a whole blog post:

Gates of Vienna does it again.

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The Science of Many Arabs

Charles comments below at Covenant Zone that our intelligentsia is missing the point. Below Charles' comment is a piece from a local Internet site showing just how little they grasp of reality, and in this particular case, how little a political science professor at UBC gets. We must ask just what we can expect from students who graduate out of our universities when the likes of this fellow are instructing them in the nature of sophisticated intellectual analysis.

"[I]t feels like there are far more left-leaning people who understand Israel's reaction as a justified self-defensive measure... and are willing to say so.

The exception seem to be the university denizens, still saying and doing what they said and did back in the 90s. The people in the "learning" business seem to be the ones least capable of changing what they think."

And now, as promised, a poitical science professor from our local university:

Ottawa's pro-Israel tilt could take political toll: Arab critics

Canadian Press Published: Wednesday, July 19, 2006

OTTAWA (CP) - Arab-Canadian critics say Prime Minister Stephen Harper will pay a political price for what they're calling an unabashed pro-Israel shift.

"It has left a bad taste in everybody's mouth," says Hani Faris, a professor of political science at the University of British Columbia who grew up in Lebanon.

"There is basically no concern for the sentiments or the feelings of the hundreds of thousands of Arab-Canadians or those who sympathize with (them)."

Harper has said the onus is on militant groups like Hezbollah and Hamas to stop long-running attacks against Israel and return the kidnapped soldiers.

"I think we have to hold ultimately responsible for the violence people who advocate it as a solution and act upon those desires," Harper said Tuesday in Paris.

Several Canadian Arab groups have accused Harper of abandoning a traditional federal position that recognized Israel's right to exist while showing balanced concern for affected Arab communities.


Harper has deliberately sharpened that pro-Israel tone, Faris said in an interview Tuesday.

"These are his own ideological leanings, his alliances.

"Canada is unfortunately forsaking its humanitarian position . . . . It is losing its even-handedness and balance on Middle Eastern issues."

Faris recalled a meeting he had last year with former Liberal foreign affairs minister Pierre Pettigrew on similar concerns.

"I told him: 'Don't take Arab-Canadians for granted. There are hundreds of thousands of them.' "

To put it in crass political terms, at least one Conservative estimate says there are about 800,000 Arab-Canadian votes versus around 300,000 Jewish votes.

Ottawa's pro-Israel tilt could take political toll: Arab critics, Canada

That's why we call it political "Science." Hey, we ain't no dummies here. We can even do some basic adding and subtracting. Scientifically speaking, therefore, more Muslims means democracy should keep the Liberal Party in power so they can be balanced in favor of terrorists. It's science, you know.

And do you know what else?

Mission Statement of the Palestine Community Centre in British Columbia:

To establish a community center in British Columbia which aims to provide social, cultural, and political programs and services; where a sense of belonging and unity are strengthened.

To Serve the Arab Community in BC and to protect and preserve the Palestinian national identity.

To empower the Arab Community and its political presence in BC.

Our Goals

1) To protect and preserve the Palestine national identity.

2) To defend the social, cultural and political rights of the Palestinian and Arab Community in BC.

3) To provide services to the community, which includes:
a) To teach the Arabic language to youth, adults and children
b) To teach the English language to new immigrants and others.
c) To raise the awareness of the Palestinian & Arab communities on issues related to citizenship rights and responsibilities, elections, history of Canada and immigration services.
d) To offer special programs on health and social issues such as Aids, drugs, sexual harassment, etc.

4) To raise awareness and focus on the history of the Arab culture and civilization.

5) To offer programs on folk arts such as: Dabka folk dance, music and visual arts.

6) To teach the history of the Palestinian people and the history of their struggle against Zionism and occupation.

7) To defend the national and natural rights of the Palestinian people (right of return for Palestinian refugees & national independence)

8) To unify the Arab community regardless of their color, gender, age or beliefs.

9) The center adopts a clear and firm stand to support all oppressed groups and nationalities in BC, Canada, and worldwide.

10) The centre aims to develop the relationship between Palestinians and the native groups and their struggle for land and self-determination.

Hani Faris is not only an oppressed Palestinian, he's a scientist! Wow, is that cool or what?!

Canadian Patriots Victimised in War-Zone.

Canada has a Lebanese population of 300,000, according to this day's National Post newspaper. Of those, 50,000 are residing in Lebanon.

"Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay estimated a third of them are in the south."

Juliet O"Neill, p. A2.

So, fewer than 20,000 Lebanese people with Canadian passports are from the south of Lebanon where the terrorist Hizballah holds near total sway. Those Lebanese in Lebanon are all nice people, probably. Take Maysoun Al-Akras who: "accused the Canadian media and Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister, of twisting the truth about the conflict and the role of Hizballah, which Canada has listed as a terrorist organisation. 'Hizballah is our protector,'she said. I'Il ask Mr. Harper to be on our side and to say the truth about Israel-- to say that Israel entered into my house, that Hizballah was protecting my house...."

[A lady who lives in Lebanon demands that the prime minister of a nation she doesn't live in protect her terrorist friends for her sake? I am missing the point here. Let's try again.]

"Hassan El-Akras... said Hizballah is seen as a protector to the people in southern Lebanon ["Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay estimated a third of them are in the south."
Juliet O"Neill, p. A2.] because the organisation helped force the withdrawal of Israeli forces in 2000. He said his family had no connection at all to the group. 'They have nothing to do [with them] because my family lives here, and my aunts and uncles don't have any relationship with Hizballah...."

Graeme Hamilton, p.A4.

"Yesterday, Foreign affairs spokeswoman Ambra Dickie said the federal government has chartered six vessels to bring Canadians out of danger...."

Kelly Patrick, Quentin Casey, p. A4.

We in Canada want to repatriate 50,000 Lebanese, fewer than 20,000 of whom live in the south and don't have any relationship with Hizballah, a terrorist organisation according to the Canadian government.

50,000 Lebanese with Canadian passports are in Lebanon on vacation. Of the US., they have 25,000, as is the case with Australia, whose Lebanese are known as "men of Middle Eastern appearance," while Britain has 22,000, and France 20,000.

"Yesterday, Foreign affairs spokeswoman Ambra Dickie said the federal government has chartered six vessels to bring Canadians out of danger...."

Kelly Patrick, Quentin Casey, p. A4.

Yup, I want them back here.

Below Brigitte Gabriel and Debbie Schlussel have their says as well.

Most Americans in Lebanon Are Hezbollah Supporters

By Brigitte Gabriel

I am speaking with Lebanese Christians in Lebanon and they are all fine. Israel is not bombing them or their towns. Israel is bombing the Shiite radical strong holds. This is what the news is not telling you. Israel bombed the airport, the port and the bridges to Syria because they are used to transport weapons and support to Hezbollah. The Lebanese army doesn't even have an airforce or airplanes. They only have helicopters. The airport was used to bring support to Husballah and that's why Israel bombed the infrastructure.

Huzballah is the "A Team" of terrorist organizations. They are more organized, more lethal, more structured and more calculated than Al-Qaeda. It is Husballah who is training Al-Qaeda members in south Lebanon, and in the Bekaa and southern Beirut where Israel is bombing. It is those same Al-Qaeda terrorists who are trained in Lebanon, are the ones who travel via Syria into Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel is doing the job that the world powers and UN should have done a long time ago.

It is also in Lebanon and Husballah where these terrorists are developing the roadside bombs used on our marines and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those same terrorists have cells in America and ready to unleash suicide bombing here in America.

As sad as I feel watching what is happening in Lebanon, it is absolutely necessary to support Israel to kill the cancer that has spread and is killing the Lebanese body. Israel is not targeting civilians. Israel is targeting terrorists. Israel has launched 3000 air strikes on Lebanon since the beginning of the Operation and inflicted only 122 casualties. If Israel's intention was to kill civilians you would have seen many more civilian deaths than only 122. They are being extremely careful, even dropping flyers and urging civilians to leave before they bomb. These casualties are "terrorists" and terrorist families and sympathizers.

Please read: "Most Americans in Lebanon Are Hezbollah Supporters; U.S. Taxes Shouldn't Fund Their Return," from Debbie Schlussel. She hits the nail on the head. Not all American-Lebanese there, are terrorist sympathizers. There is a minority of Christians vacationing there too. However the majority of the Muslims have connections to Husballah.

July 18, 2006

Most Americans in Lebanon Are Hezbollah Supporters; U.S. Taxes Shouldn't Fund Their Return

By Debbie Schlussel

One thing is lost in all the press coverage of the whining Americans who went to Lebanon of their own accord and now want us to pick up the tab to get them out.


Most of them are Shi'ite Muslims, many of whom hold dual U.S. and Lebanese citizenship. Many are anchor babies born here to Muslims in the U.S. illegally. Some are illegal aliens who became citizens through rubber-stamping Citizenship and Immigration Services (and its INS predecessor) coupled with political pressure by spineless politicians.

Of the 25,000 American citizens and green-card holders in Lebanon, at least 7,000 are from Dearborn, Michigan, the heart of Islamic America, and especially Shia Islam America. These 7,000 are mostly Shi'ite Muslims who openly and strongly support Hezbollah. Ditto for many of the rest of the 25,000 that are there.

Many of the 7,000 plus Detroiters in Lebanon are active in Dearborn's Bint Jbeil cultural center (the Lebanese American Heritage Club also features mostly Hezbollah fans). Bint Jbeil is a Hezbollah-dominated city in the South of Lebanon, a frequent destination of Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, who is very at home there. Bint Jbeil is a frequent source of shellings on Northern Israel.

For more details, please turn to the link below:

Credibility Gap in Canada.

"We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us."

Jens Orback, Democracy Minister in the Social Democratic Swedish government

"Canadians want us to help everyone in the region come together."

Bill Graham, interim Liberal Leader .

The opposition Canadian Liberal Party is teaming up with the minor opposition party, the NDP to condemn the prime minister for taking a stand against Hizballah. Gee, If Prime Minister Harper does that, then Muslim terrorists won't like us anymore. We won't have any credibility with them. They might even try to bomb Toronto. Oh. Well, I mean they might try again.

From the Mother Corp. comes this first piece of nonsense, followed by some common sense out of England printed in, of all rags, the Guardian! There is a link from the Toronto Star of a piece of drivel written by a Muslim p.r. flak, and we end the day with a long essay from Fjordman in Brussels Journal, thanks to Pastorius at IBA and Cuanas.

PM's rhetoric hurts Canada's peacemaking chances: opposition

18 Jul 2006 13:12:58 EDT

CBC News

Ottawa's strong support of Israeli actions against Hezbollah could damage Canada's credibility as a future peacemaker in the region, opposition leaders said Tuesday.

"It's a Canadian tradition to work in the Middle East for long-term peace by being able to work with all sides of the conflict," said interim [opposition] Liberal Leader Bill Graham.

[Prime Minister] Harper has sided firmly with Israel since it began military air strikes against the Lebanese-based Hezbollah militant organization seven days ago.

The operation was triggered by a July 12 Hezbollah raid, in which the militant organization killed eight Israeli soldiers and seized two soldiers.

Hezbollah has countered with persistent rocket attacks in northern Israel.


[Socialist] NDP Leader Jack Layton, who held a news conference in Ottawa on Tuesday, dismissed Harper's position, saying Canada should call for an immediate ceasefire and quickly commit to a role in a future peacekeeping force.


Canada no longer neutral: NDP

Graham, who spoke from Vancouver, said Harper's public support for one side is a change to traditional Canadian foreign policy.

"We strongly urge the prime minister to reconsider some of his rhetoric and his language, to look at the G8 communique he signed and see what's in there."

Layton said Harper's statement has "changed Canada's role as a neutral country."

His position will make it difficult for Canada to play the role of an international peace broker, he said.

Graham said Canada must have credibility among all sides in the region if it is to participate in a future stabilization force.

"If our credibility as a potential peacemaker in the region has been destroyed, we won't have the credibility to participate," he said.

Graham said Israel has a right to defend itself following a "vicious" attack from Hezbollah, but said its response has consequences throughout the region.


"Canadians want their government to offer a balanced response to the crisis. Canadians want us to help everyone in the region come together ."

Hezbollah 'pouring petrol on fire'

Press Association
Tuesday July 18, 2006 11:33 AM

[New Labour] Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett has accused Hezbollah militants of "pouring petrol on the bonfire" as plans for the mass evacuation of foreigners from Lebanon gathered pace.

Mrs Beckett said there was "very real anxiety" that Iran or Syria might be behind the current upsurge in tension and violence in the Middle East.

She accused Hezbollah - widely believed to receive support from Tehran and Damascus - of deliberately sparking hostilities by firing rockets into Israel and kidnapping its soldiers.

Asked if she believed strings were being pulled by Iran and Syria, she told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: "I think there is a very real anxiety about that.

"Hezbollah wantonly poured petrol on the bonfire. It is very clear that their intervention was intended to create an infinitely worse situation of the kind that we have now.

"One can only ask oneself whose interests are served by that? It is certainly not the interests of the people of Lebanon."

Mrs Beckett said it was not "helpful" for her to say whether she regarded Israel's response to Hezbollah provocation as proportionate or not. And she added: "It's not proportionate to be firing rockets into Israel all the time either."

She said: "It is clear that Israel has been under attack and is now responding in Lebanon. It is also clear that this is inflicting huge damage both on civilians in Israel and civilians in Lebanon.

"This is exactly what was intended by, in particular, Hezbollah, who poured petrol on the bonfire."


For some of the usual overheated Hizballah apologetic, turn if you will to the link below. Keep in mind that the Toronto Star is one of Canada's largest and most prestigious papers in Canada's largest city. Keep in mind as well that Toronto is the same city that 17 Muslim terrorists are charged with attempting to bomb with three times the explosive used at Oklahoma City. No, there is likely no end to the vile dhimmitude of the Left.

Toronto Star, Canada
As Israeli bombs pound Lebanon, many Canadians are glued to their television screens and waiting by the telephone anxiously for word on loved ones abroad. ...

PM's comments `shocking'

"Let Them Eat Kebab" – The New Marie Antoinettes
From the desk of Fjordman
on Mon, 2006-07-10 10:10


Apparently, we now live in the age of the Borderless Utopia and the Brotherhood of Man, and shouldn't be too hung up on Spain, England, France or other irrelevant historical details. It's just rude. Maybe soon, we will hear that WW1 or even WW2 was fought between the Yellow Team and the Blue Team. We wouldn't want to insult anybody, would we?

The incident is part of a broader trend of re-writing history. Partly because of immigration, the British government appointed a commission on the future of multi-ethnic Britain. It concluded that "Britishness" had "systematic, largely unspoken, racial connotations." The report said Britain should be formally "recognized as a multicultural society" whose history must be "revised, rethought, or jettisoned."

In the European Parliament, the German Christian Democrat Hans-Gert Pöttering stated that school textbooks should be reviewed for intolerant depictions of Islam by experts overseen by the European Union and Islamic leaders. He said textbooks should be checked to ensure they promoted European values without propagating religious stereotypes or prejudice. He also suggested that the EU could co-operate with the 56-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference to create a textbook review committee.

Timothy Garton Ash is considered a world-class expert on Europe's future, and he refers frequently to his participation in glamorous-sounding international conferences. Bruce Bawer notes that Europe's political élite has become extremely insulated from the people, and unwilling to address the problems that people are worried about. He thinks Garton Ash is typical of this élite. He distrusts national patriotism but adores the EU, writing about the need for a factitious European patriotism ("flags, symbols, a European anthem we can sing") to encourage "emotional identification with European institutions." Why does Europe need an EU? Garton Ash's answer: "To prevent our falling back into the bad old ways of war and European barbarism." Among his suggestions is that Europe encourage "the formation of an Arab Union." He makes no mention of Arab democracy. Imagining "Europe in 2025 at its possible best," he pictures it as a "partnership" with Arab countries and Russia that would extend "from Marrakesh, via Cairo, Jerusalem, Baghdad, and Tbilisi, all the way to Vladivostok." But still, people claim that Eurabia is a conspiracy theory…

Carl I. Hagen of the right-wing Progress Party criticized the choice of a foreign citizen to head Norway's immigration agency. "There should be no doubt about the loyalty to the native country and the connection with the Norwegian people, such as history and traditions, or the fact that you should look after this country's interests. If you're an immigrant from another country, with family and roots elsewhere, this could during conflicts raise questions about where your loyalty lies," said Mr Hagen.

Jonas Gahr Støre, Foreign Minister from the Labor Party, said Hagen's statements were "bordering on racism." Eva Joly , Norwegian born French magistrate, known in France for her tireless crusade against corruption, is now working as special adviser to the government in Norway. "To assume that nationality or citizenship have anything to do with being suitable [for a job] is a very old-fashioned way of thinking. We are no longer thinking in national terms, but in European or global terms. It is a duty to employ people from other countries," said Joly. She has got both Norwegian and French citizenships, but considers herself European.

The director of Norway's immigration agency, Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen, arrived in the country in the 1990s. Upon accepting the job as heading the country's day-to-day handling of immigration, she vowed that it would become more open with those seeking residence permission in the country. As it turned out later, the agency (UDI) was in fact so "open" that it had been virtually running its own, private immigration policy. UDI violated both the law and political directives when it granted residency permits to nearly 200 Iraqi Kurds during the fall of 2005, even though not all their identities could be confirmed and some had criminal records. A commission that probed the controversial permits blasted the former head of UDI, and his successor, Ramin-Osmundsen, resigned.

Is it "xenophobia" if Norwegians, who make up less than a tenth of a percentage point of the world's population, worry about being overwhelmed by immigration? As American writer Gore Vidal said in a lecture: "Liberal tradition requires that borders must always be open to those in search of safety or even the pursuit of happiness. But now with so many millions of people on the move, even the great-hearted are becoming edgy. Norway is large enough and empty enough to take in 40 to 50 million homeless Bengalis. If the Norwegians say that, all in all, they would rather not take them in, is this to be considered racism? I think not. It is simply self-preservation, the first law of species."

Jonathan Friedman, an American living in Sweden, mentions that the so-called Integration Act of 1997 proclaimed that "Sweden is a Multicultural society." Notes to the Act also stated that "Since a large group of people have their origins in another country, the Swedish population lacks a common history. The relationship to Sweden and the support given to the fundamental values of society thus carry greater significance for integration than a common historical origin."

The Act thus implicitly states that the country of Sweden doesn't have a history, only the various ethnic groups that live there. Native Swedes, who have shaped the country for centuries, have thus been reduced to just another ethnic group in Sweden, with no more claim to the country than the Kurds or the Somalis who arrived there last Thursday. The political authorities of the country have thus erased their own people's history, without staging any public debate about this. I have read that Muslim immigrants in Sweden say that Sweden doesn't have a common cultural or religious heritage; it's just made up of different groups tied together by the use of a common language. It is thus "racist" to even talk about how "we" should integrate "them," since there is no "we" to begin with.

Jens Orback, Democracy Minister in the Social Democratic Swedish government, is worried about "the public's lack of faith in politicians." Yet the same Orback said during a radio debate that: "We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us ." It sounded almost too crazy even for Sweden that a minister could say something like this in public, so I checked with several independent sources, and apparently, he really did say this.

This is a government that knows perfectly well that their people will become a minority in their own country, and yet, is doing nothing to stop this. On the contrary, they are actively working to achieve this result. Has this ever happened before in human history, that the leaders of a nation are working to erase their own people and their history, and present this as an act of tolerance? No wonder some Swedes say that there is a war against Swedes going on: A physical war waged by Muslim immigrants, and a cultural and legal war waged by their own political élites.

Following threats from Muslim hardliners, some of the largest companies in England were afraid to display the English national flag during the football World Cup. In Sweden, a man was attacked and nearly killed for the crime of wearing clothes with his own national flag while Sweden was participating in the World Cup. Sweden, of course, has the same Christian cross in its flag as does England, and apparently, some "Multicultural youths" found this to be an intolerable provocation. The 24-year-old man was run down by a car in the city of Malmö. According to the police, he was wearing some clothes with Swedish national symbols on them, and this "provoked some emotions."

Malmö, Sweden's third largest city, is set to become the first major Scandinavian city with a Muslim majority. The wave of robberies the city has witnessed is part of a "war against Swedes." This is the explanation given by young robbers with immigrant backgrounds on why they are only robbing native Swedes. "When we are in the city and robbing, we are waging a war, waging a war against the Swedes." "Power for me means that Swedes shall look at me, lie down on the ground and kiss my feet."

In Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, a Mr Hans Hauge wrote an essay about Multiculturalism. "We are being told every day that Denmark has become a Multicultural society. This is a fact, it is said, and there is nothing we can do about it." "It is not a question of something that the population has decided politically, it just happened. It is a bit like the industrialization or the modernization. It happens while we are asleep." "We have to get used to it." "Nobody could predict when the [Berlin] Wall fell. Nobody could predict the Muhammad [cartoons] crisis."

According to Hauge, one thing we do know from history "is that it always moves from "multi" to "mono." A Multicultural society is a sign of the last days before a new "mono" sets in. Multi is always a sign of destruction." "We can thus be sure of the fact that we are moving from a multi-religious to a mono-religious society. The movement is always from many to one, but we don't know which one."

I agree with Mr Hauge on the second part. A Multicultural society is only temporary. Sooner or later, we will return to a new mono-cultural society. This will happen either through the division of the previously coherent territory into new, mono-cultural enclaves or through the takeover by society as a whole of the most forceful and aggressive of these competing cultures.

The Multicultural ideology is malignant because it fragments society into separate, cultural ghettos, a kind of apartheid. We're living in an age dominated on one hand by cultural relativism in the West, and on the other hand by aggressive Islamic intolerance, No Truths vs. One Truth. Is this just a coincidence, or is it possible that the vacuum of nihilism and moral indifference is provoking an aggressive counter-reaction? If so, Multiculturalism promotes totalitarianism rather than tolerance.

Of course, it is possible that Multiculturalism never was about tolerance to begin with. For some, it was about vanity. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's most open-minded of them all?" It's a beauty contest for bored, Western intellectuals who use immigrants as a mirror to reflect their own inflated egos, a sport where they can nurse their vanity in the mistaken belief that denigrating your own cultural heritage is a sign of goodness and lack of prejudice.

However, there are others who understand perfectly well that Multiculturalism is only temporary, and use it as a means to further their own ideological ends. They use Multiculturalism and massive immigration as a battering ram to smash the Old Order of Judeo-Christian nation states to pave way for a New Order, be that a pan-European super-state or the global dictatorship of the proletariat. Creative destruction, in other words. And this is where I strongly disagree with Mr. Hauge, who thinks Multiculturalism "just happened," an accident of nature. I don't know; much of it sounds pretty man-made to me.

It is true that the traditional system of nation-states will be challenged in the 21st century. Part of the challenge is indeed posed by impersonal forces of technological globalization. However, Multiculturalism is probably more a deliberate result of ideology than an accidental result of technology. The settlement slash invasion by millions of Muslims in major European cities was a direct result of secret behind-the-scenes agreements made by EU authorities, as documented in Bat Ye'or's work on Eurabia, and it was widely cheered by Leftist intellectuals.

The Internet makes borderless communication easier, yes, but that's not the major problem. The major problem is that millions of people are moving physically across the borders due to an intentional government policy of erasing the borders of Western nations.

If massive immigration is the inevitable result of technological globalization, how come Japan hasn't been overrun by millions of Muslims the way Western Europe has, or how come a country such as Finland has received a lot fewer immigrants than neighboring Sweden? Why is Multiculturalism "inevitable" in Sweden or Britain but perfectly avoidable in Japan? Could it be that it has been decided by certain powerful groups, and that this Project is hidden from public discussion by saying that it is "inevitable" and that all those who oppose it are "racists," anyway?

The political élites are involved in a Project – for it is a deliberate, organized project – to dissolve the nation states of the West. It is a coalition of several groups: Leftists, who hate the capitalist, Christian West in general and are influenced by Marxist ideas about the nation state being an obstacle to international liberation. However, there are also centrist and even so-called conservative groups participating in this. Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, the author of the awful EU Constitution, is considered a conservative politician, who however has an enormous contempt for the intelligence of ordinary people and never cares to hide this fact.

There is another group, whose members are convinced that the nation state is the cause only of wars and trouble. I suspect former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl belongs to this group. And finally, we have perhaps the largest group: Opportunists who just mind their own business and follow the lead of the other groups. They have good jobs on an international basis and no longer feel any close attachment to the nation states they are supposed to represent. I call them The New Marie Antoinettes. The old Marie Antoinette, 18th century Queen of France, was famous for the quote "If the people have no bread, then let them eat cake," although some claim she never actually said this The New Marie Antoinettes would probably have said "Let them eat kebab." They think cries for national sovereignty is an old superstition among common people, and are actively dismantling the nation states of Europe through massive immigration, Multiculturalism and supranational institutions, primarily the EU.

They never asked for permission to do this, and have never even mentioned this Project in public. The creation of this new entity, Eurabia, is the greatest act of treason in the last two thousand years of Western history, and has almost brought Europe to its knees. Western political élites seem to think that we now live in the "global" age, and that any sense of attachment to your nation state or even your civilization is silly and "old-fashioned." This is now creating an unprecedented gap of trust between the people and their leaders, which in Europe in particular is now so large that it could soon threaten the foundations of our democratic society. Can our countries survive when the people who are supposed to protect and serve them no longer believe in the very institutions they are supposed to represent?

One blogger suggested naming this Project The Great Deconstruction, a name I like. Earlier generations lived in the Age of Reason, we live in the Age of Deconstruction, where our Universities and institutions are more interested in deconstructing and breaking down all of our cultural heritage than in defending it and passing it on to our children.

It is noteworthy that Marie Antoinette, more than 200 years after she was guillotined at the height of the French Revolution in 1793, has become a national obsession , the subject of books, magazine articles, films, even chocolates and perfumes. "I love my country but we're in a terrible mess," said Claude Dufresne, a historian, referring to the rioting in the immigrant suburbs, the economic stagnation and the seeming inability of French politicians to offer solutions. "Under the circumstances, the past seems all the more glorious and brilliant." The fascination with Marie Antoinette also reflected "nostalgia for what we have destroyed", he added. In a similar vein, Evelyne Lever, author of a biography of Marie Antoinette, said the public related to her because of the extraordinary tragedy that she suffered: "She went from being almost a goddess in the palace to being dragged on to the scaffold." At the same time, Marie Antoinette represents the end of an era, "and that is exactly what we are living through now, the death throes of a particular system", said Lever, referring to suggestions that the institutions of France's so-called Fifth Republic are exhausted and in need of renewal.

Roger Scruton, in a recent speech given in Flanders, noted that "buying and selling of citizenship, often to people who think of it purely as a right and never as a duty, is common throughout Europe. The political élite sees nothing wrong in people collecting passports as they might collect memberships of clubs." "Members of our liberal élite may be immune to xenophobia, but there is an equal fault which they exhibit in abundance, which is the repudiation of, and aversion to, home." This, attitude, which he calls oikophobia, is "the disposition, in any conflict, to side with 'them' against 'us', and the felt need to denigrate the customs, culture and institutions that are identifiably 'ours'."

Serge Trifkovic, author of Defeating Jihad: How the War on Terrorism Can Be Won – in Spite of Ourselves, puts it this way: "At the root of the domestic malaise is the notion that countries do not belong to the people who have inhabited them for generations, but to whoever happens to be within their boundaries at any given moment – regardless of his culture, attitude, or intentions." "A further evil fallacy is the dictum that we should not feel a special bond for any particular country, nation, race, or culture, but transfer our preferences on the whole world, "the Humanity," equally." "Those Americans and Europeans who love their lands more than any others, and who put their families and their neighborhoods before all others, are normal people. Those who tell them that their attachments should be global and that their lands and neighborhoods belong to the whole world are sick and evil." "The refusal of the elite class to protect Western nations from Islamic terrorism is the biggest betrayal in history."

The person who suffers from this state of mind repudiates national loyalties and "defines his goals and ideals against the nation, promoting transnational institutions over national governments, accepting and endorsing laws that are imposed from on high by the EU or the UN, and defining his political vision in terms of cosmopolitan values that have been purified of all reference to the particular attachments of a real historical community. The oikophobe is, in his own eyes, a defender of enlightened universalism against local chauvinism. And it is the rise of oikophobia that has led to the growing crisis of legitimacy in the nation states of Europe."

"The ordinary people of Europe are now deeply anxious about their future. And when people are in a state of anxiety they pose a threat, both to themselves and to those whom they fear." "If the liberal élite will not discuss the matter, and continue to put all blame for the growing anxiety on the xenophobia of the indigenous population while ignoring the oikophobia which is an equal contributory cause, then the likely long-term effect will be a popular explosion, and one from which no-one will benefit, least of all the immigrant communities."

I have noted before that the European Union is a throwback to the pre-democratic era , the creation of a new aristocracy. It looks like this new aristocracy has the same grip on reality as Marie Antoinette and the pre-revolutionary French élites. Never mind the gang rapes, the embassy burning or the suicide bombings. Think of all the good things Muslim immigration is bringing us, the culture, the food. If the people don't like sharia, let them eat kebab.

It's easy to crack jokes about this, but the situation is in fact quite serious. Europe is being overrun by barbarians, and Europe's political élites are spending all their efforts implementing a Frankenstein's monster Constitution in the face of popular resistance. I smell a pre-revolutionary era that's about to end. Let's hope we can avoid Robespierre and the Reign of Terror this time.

Now, we have the blogosphere, the virtual guillotine. We don't chop the heads off stupid people, we just chop the heads off stupid people's ideas. Maybe the world is making progress after all.

The problem is that if, or rather when, we get civil wars in Western Europe due to Muslim immigration, the front lines will not necessarily be between Muslims vs. Infidels or even Natives vs. Immigrants. There is a cultural and ideological civil war going on in the West that, combined with some Islamic fanaticism, could lead to physical civil wars. The battle is between those who believe in traditional Western values and nation states and those who believe in Multiculturalism, the UN, international law etc. The last group, which is especially dominant on the Left but which has penetrated deep into the Right, thinks that national sovereignty is at best redundant, at worst evil and "racist." Many of them will genuinely believe that those who reject Muslim immigration are evil, racist bigots, and some of them may side with Muslims to fight for their own ideological project. There is no call for unity against the Islamic threat because our leaders no longer believe in childish notions such as "civilizations" or "nations."

Global warming is man-made and must be fought at all costs. Multiculturalism, however, and the settlement of millions of Muslims in our largest cities "just happened," a bit like a hurricane. Still, the fact that the very same people who have eagerly championed Multiculturalism are now distancing themselves from the Project and claim that "it just happened" is an indication that they know the experiment has failed and is about to collapse.

So far, our liberal élites have been more effective in breaking down the Old Order than in making a New Order. Their "creative destruction" could turn out to be much more destructive than creative. Instead of a new pan-European identity we will see a temporary return to some very old tribalism. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear that I'm not.

From IBA: Here's a link to the English translation, which appeared on Brussels Journal.