Saturday, July 22, 2006

Covenant Zone and the Death Hippies

Truepeers writes an account of our meeting at West Vancouver, Canada last day to protest against the Death Hipies. Below is a short extract:

It was a fairly successful day, with a number of people stopping to talk, often voicing support, especially for the sign that said "We support our troops". A number of people could not understand why young people are questioning the need for our Canadian troops and for the west more generally to be present in the world's troubled regions, and to push for greater social freedoms in places like Afghanistan - "aren't they taught any history?" Some were with us in condemning MAWO's openly anti-Israel stance; others seemingly checked their tongues on this divide.

Upon arrival, we first met an argumentative woman who thought being politically stupid is what young people always are, they have a right to it, and so why are we demonstrating against it? why don't we just let them do their thing? The fact that we were protesting the support of local government for a group that defends terrorists who tried to kill Canadians en masse did not move her greatly... since she was too wise to think ideas have much to do with wars. She proceeded to lecture us on the real cause of all wars, which are nothing but battles for resources. OH well…


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