Monday, July 17, 2006

The Power to Act

Hindus are all similar to Gandhi, skinny little pacifist wise-men who don't care about the material world. They are into non-violence. They pay attention to how they breathe.... And the rest of the Death Hippie cliches that reduce people to idiot cartoons. Gandhi was a criminal, the one man over all others who made possible the crime against Humanity that is Pakistan. India and the world's population at large now suffer from Gandhi's vanities. It seems that too many of India's current political figures wish to follow in Ghandi's footsteps and further wreck any good that has come for the aftermath of Gandhi's demise.

Hindus are not pacifists. For over 12,00 years Hindus have suffered the worst treatment of any people on Earth at the hands of their Muslim conquerors.Today it's more of the same, and it is the same treatment others can expect at the hands of Muslims, as history and our current news flashes show too clearly. Hindus are not pacifists, and neither can any of us be in the face of Islamic jihad.

“Thou hast power only to act, not over the result thereof. Act thou therefore without prospect of the result and without succumbing to inaction."

Bhagavad Gita

Gandhi was the uber-dhimmi of the Hindu world. Our Indian friends must find a man to overpower his legacy and restore India to it's rightful greatness in this life. All nations must find their heroes now.

"Whenever virtue declines and unrighteousness rises, I manifest Myself as an embodied being. To protect the Saints and Sages, to destroy the evil-doers and to establish Dharma (righteousness), I am born from age to age."

-Bhagavad Gita 4.7 and 4.8

The war we face is eternal, and this is only one battle in it. It is a battle between good and evil. The question is only which side one chooses to fight for, there being no third way but death of the soul and shame eternal.

"The Supreme Lord said: I am death, the mighty destroyer of the world, out to destroy. Even without your participation all the warriors standing arrayed in the opposing armies shall cease to exist.

Therefore, get up and attain glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a prosperous kingdom. All these (warriors) have already been destroyed by Me. You are only an instrument, O Arjuna."

Bhagavad Gita, chapter 11, verses 31-33

Too many have a sentimentalist view of Ghandi. Peace, peace, peace. And some are simply afraid for their own lives, having lost them already to fear.

"What will you do if Karna is able to kill me?" Arjuna asked Krishna.

Krishna smiled and replied, "The sun will fall, the earth shatter into a thousand fragments, and fire lose its heat before he kills you. But if he does, it is a sign that the end of the world has come. As for me, I shall kill him with my bare hands."

Mahabharata, Book Eight: Karna (P. Lal)

Suicidal silence of the lambs


As I write this, the Israeli military is relentlessly bombarding the airport of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The reason for the rain of hell fire is the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese terror outfit, Hezbollah. So, is Israel overreacting? Apparently yes. But given the history of Islamic violence that Israel had to contend with particularly in the context of its vulnerable geography too, surrounded as it is by Islamic nations with their legendary hatred for anything Jewish, its actions reveals a stern wisdom borne out of experience: the only language Islamic terror understands is counter terror, preferably pre-emptive! Nip it in the bud, before they turn you into a corpse, which is not a possibility but an eventuality. Little surprise, therefore, that the jehadis deem Israel a tough nut to crack, a small nation of a David holding out against violent Islamist Goliaths all around.

This prelude is presented out of both frustration and inspiration; frustration because of the way Indians have been rendered sitting ducks by a combination of factors, mostly self-inflicted, to the bombs of Islamic terrorists: inspiration, because if India has the will, Israel has already shown the way. If the holding of just two soldiers warrants a war, what should be India's payback to the Islamists for the gallons of 'kafir' Indian blood that they have spilled over the years in the name of their religion? But alas, Bharat somehow still seems to love its blissful confinement to the negotiating table, even as the battlefield beckons. The 'will' to take on the terrorists is nowhere in sight and hence it is frustration that finally overwhelms inspiration, unless you are an incurable dreamer or a fan of Vijayakanth, who has killed more terrorists on screen than have our forces.

Every country in the world, even with just one incident of Islamic terror, has pulled up its socks, geared up, made its intentions clear without mincing words and followed up with concrete action, both defensive and affirmative. The US has ensured that 9/11 is not just the first, but the last strike on its soil. Britain pressed the panic button after the London bombings last July and has remorselessly secured itself to the point of criminal paranoia. The rest of Europe, after the cartoon crisis, has shed its multicultural melting pot idealisms to clam up with a strict no-nonsense attitude towards the mullah menace. But India, with the longest history of being at the receiving end of Islamist violence -- of over ten centuries from the sultans of the Middle East, to the mughals to Ghazznis, Ghoris to the current Dawoods and Jaishes and Lashkars, is in deep slumber ...secular slumber, to be precise. The medieval Muslim marauders varied from the modern versions only in the methods -- the swords and machetes have given way to guns and RDX, horseback has been replaced by faster transports and the famous Khyber pass now has numerous modern peers on a border more porous than a coffee filter for infiltrators to pour in from all sides as and when they wish. But the underlying religious zeal of all these maniacal murderers, queuing up to kill kafirs and thus secure a seat in paradise, has been preserved in its pure and pristine form ever since the onset of Islam. Non believers simply have no right to exist. Period!

The predominantly Christian West, having suddenly realised the grim portents of such a violent group driven by religious rage understanding facilitated by the fact that their own faith too treats the non adherents as heathens, the biblical equivalent of koranic kafir, though not as violently but quite insidiously, for sure ... have not just hit back militarily but civilisationally too. Thus George Bush felt justified historically, when he dubbed the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq as crusades, though he beat a partial retreat for making a politically incorrect statement. Churches and clergymen all over the west are as much a part of the debate on how to handle militant Islam as are politicians, statesmen, thinkers and the media. In short, the 'free and secular' western world, wears its religion and culture like a talisman, to ward off the Jihadi threat even while flexing its muscles and delivering punches, when necessary and even when not so. But India, predominantly Hindu and targeted by the terrorists precisely for that... though we may imagine otherwise, rather unwisely... remains suspended in secular seclusion! Any association of terror with the religion of a minority is taboo even when it is glaringly apparent and any invocation of our own culture or religion is dubbed communal even when it could actually strengthen us, as a rallying point. It does not seem to occur to us that for us to be secular, we have to be alive first.

So as bombs go off in crowded places with chilling regularity, a Pavlovian spirit of slavishness, slip-shod logic and self-defeating tolerance takes grip of everyone. From the public to prime-time pundits to pen-pushers of the print to politicos, all are coy, confused and confounded about how to react. The stoic and often impotent leaders exhort the nation to be calm, as if it were raring to bark and bite like Bush, the media waxes eloquent on the country's resilience in the face of terror, forgetting that bombs or no bombs, those alive have to go to work for their daily bread, the world sheds tears and then advises restraint, a virtue they themselves have shelved in similar situations, while the killers for their part start preparing for their next brutal assault, cocksure that they can pick and choose their targets so sedated by secularism. Add to that the imposed guilt of Babri Masjid and Gujarat being drilled into the Indian psyche day in and day out by rational intellectuals amidst the masses and the media, much to the Jihadis joy. Should we not be paying an eternal price for those sins? Were not the Jihadis just lambs before that, tolerant to boot and lovers of 'kafirs'? What delusions! Really, in a country inhabited and led by mere men of straw, no provocation can truly become the last straw.

The ongoing mock show of anger against Pakistan can no longer hide our own failings. The excuses of Pakistan exporting terror to India are passe. The Jihadis here have achieved self-sufficiency on that count long back. The internalising of Islamic terror, with inaccessible pockets and even corridors inside India is a harsh reality. Here RDX is a cottage industry with a high degree of indigenisation and vast employment ops for inflammable youth, Indians for sure but Muslims first, waiting to be ignited. In short, barring announcing themselves through neon signs, the Islamic terror network is as conspicuous as an over-bearing mother-in-law! Yet, the long arm of our law remains folded, in secular deference to minority sentiments. Even when it is apparent that the so called moderates in them have no voice. Forget, crossing the LOC and pounding PoK or even PaK our authorities are politically inhibited from raiding the numerous mohallas of terror right under their own noses!

On the contrary, the rulers bend over backwards with bouquets of reservations and what not in a wishful fit of appeasement, reminiscent of a sheep's optimism when faced by wolves. Now does a nation, so committed to hara kiri, need enemies?

There is no end to the struggle against Islam, not here, not there. Muslims will turn to further violence till all the world is like Pakistan as Naipaul describes it:

"His world had shrunk to a hut in a crumbling village. He was prepared for even that to crumble away further, once the faith was served."

Among the Believers, Penguin: p. 89.

Will India commit dhimmicide? They don't have that option. The Muslims will exterminate them, one train load at a time. It's time for Hindus to fight back in the war against the Darkness. We cannot know, we can only act in faith and let the course of things come as they will once we do our best. But we cannot do nothing even if we sit doing nothing.

We want war.

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