Saturday, July 22, 2006

We survived again.

I'll be frank: I went to our appointed round at Friday's hip-hop hate rally in West Vancouver, Canada this evening with some feeling of nervousness that we might end up brawling with violent youths fueled by anger and resentment and immaturity; and I went with that impression gained from the web pages the organisers of the event have posted on the Internet. We had the impression they might turn violent. They too had some ideas about us, it turns out.

My first encounter with the organisers of the hip-hop event at the park was in the person of Ivan, apparently a good-looking young fellow, one who was concerned that we had come looking for a physical fight. Well, that was not exactly the case, though we did go well prepared for violence, if I may be allowed not to give away our details beyond the fact that I brought some back-up members of our group who kept an eye on things. In being frank here I think it important to let it be known that we are not Supermen, not bullet-proof, and not stupid enough to show up for what could have been a physical fight without also showing up with prudent precautions in that eventuality. As it turned out, none of our concerns materialised. At worst, I got some sun-burn. Or maybe that isn't the worst: I might well go through life now with permanent hearing impairment after having subjected myself to over three hours of close proximity to hip-hop music.

I'll go into some details about the actual work we did in a post on Saturday proper, this being only to inform our readers that we have returned safely to our normal lives.

I want to point out that once we actually encountered the people we preparded against they turned out to be paper tigers. On the page they seemed that they might be threatening; but the reality of Ivan and his lot of teen-aged boys is that they are harmless to us. That will not always be the case with those we meet. We must be wary and sensible when we propose our confrontations, but we should not ever be afraid, no matter how our opponents might turn out in the flesh.


Epaminondas said...

Vancouver is too beautiful for knuckles.

There are only 4 (english speaking) cities outside the USA I might live in... Vancouver is number 2

Christchurch is number 1

Port Douglas/Cairns area is 3 (too appealing to all decadent impulses to lay around, eat and snorkel it off)

dag said...

Port Elisabeth, RSA was a lovely place to be, and there is something to be said for Georgetown, Guyana if one is of the adventurous tilt. But there is one thing we should all realise: any city is only what its people want to make of it. We cannot blame the government for our conditions: our conditions and those of our cities are the expressed will of the people who by doing or not doing allow for the state of things.

Vancouver is beautiful, and it should be a lovely place to reside. But the peole have decided for the most part to let this city slide into a semi-socialist swamp of victims and oppressors who pander to their whims via the welfare state. The result is crime and festering poverty that threatens to provoke a basklash that in other people would lead to massacres in the streets, and that might here at least lead to a nastiness in the soical scene whereby the average man will be bitter and cruel in reaction to the hypersensitivities of the victim society we now have.

Yes, Vancouver is beautiful, but it takes beautiful people to make that meaningful, and this city has to take a look in the morror to figure out what to do about the blemishes before they spread to the point of covering up the entire face of this place with ugliness.

We meet here at our beautiful library to try to attract people who are postive and engaged and concerned about this city and this nation. It is beautiful and worthy of the efforts of its residents to clean it and make it satisfactory to the majority if not nearly everyone. We meet here to say that we can do better than the socialists by working sensibly and positively for common sense and Human decency.

Our meetings are worthwhile and elevating. Others could benefit from such. It's good just to meet and know we are trying. That in itself makes this city far better than it has been. And we will go further by far in time.