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The Lion of the North

Leave it to the most sanctimonious navel-gazers in the universe to "discover" a whole new attitude all by themselves, officially announced through the Toronto Star, Canada's most influential city newspaper . Rather than apologize for 40 years of outright and aggressive stupidity, they come up with self-congratulations. Well, maybe they'll occupy themselves with that while the rest of the world gets on with the rest of the world. Canadians, according to the think piece below, have examined themselves and have come up with the idea that maybe they were off the beam just a tad in their loony anti-American hysteria. But no! That's too much.

We bring this article to the public's attention not because we're impressed by the new found sense of [a] Canadian but to show that even a Canadian can finally catch the wave of current thought. This is an example of what an insensitive person would deem a negative lesson. Yes, even moron culture like Canada's can sort of figure out the obvious if given enough time and enough others doing the right thing as an example of what to imitate. This is an example of how even the most idiot of nations can do the right thing. So, perhaps there's hope for Sweden, Canada's idiot twin-sister nation.

For fun we highlighted some of the most glaring of passive and frightened phrases. In Canadian terms this is some kind of revolutionary tract below. If you're a Canadian, drink two cans of beer and take a valium. This will be strong stuff for you.

Canadians moving into tough-love mode


Evidence is beginning to accumulate that Canadians are going through one of those mysterious attitudinal changes that take place from time to time in all societies. The mood of Canadians seems to be increasingly that of tough love, rather than the far more self-critical attitude that prevailed until very recently.

The shift in the media's response to the contaminated water crisis in the northern Ontario Indian reserve of Kashechewan is a good illustration of the shift. At first, the story was reported exclusively in the conventional media terms of politico-bureaucratic bungling and arrogance and of the victimization yet again of native people.

Soon, second thoughts began to be expressed. "Fixing the water is easy; Asking tough questions is harder," was the title of a column by the Globe and Mail's Jeffrey Simpson.

Simpson — and other mainstream commentators — have begun asking tough-love questions about the viability of small, isolated Indian reserves where there are no jobs and where there is so much boredom, drugs and alcohol.

At issue here is the entire foundation of Canada's policy on native peoples. Is it really credible and feasible for these tiny, isolated reserves to operate as "self-governing" units? And, if not, what alternative is there in the end but to encourage native people to integrate into the majority culture? That is an exceedingly painful question. But it appears people are beginning to steel themselves to pose it without being deterred from doing so by the predictable cries of "racism" and "cultural genocide."

A similar shift, totally different in its subject matter and yet similar in its context, appears to be taking place in the public's attitude toward the military. For some time, Canada has exhibited many of the characteristics of a pacifist society. That a clear majority opposed going into Iraq is understandable. But large numbers of Canadians opposed any involvement in any war, from the Gulf War to Kosovo. We were, seemed to be the assumption, only peacemakers, never war makers.

But recently, two senior generals have said the unsayable about war. Last July, speaking at a press briefing prior to the departure of a large (2,000-strong) Canadian contingent to Afghanistan, the new Chief of Defence Staff Rick Hillier, said the Canadians were going there to "kill ... the scumbags who detest our freedom." In August, Maj.-Gen. Andrew Leslie said of the same mission, "There are things worth dying for. There are things worth killing for.

There were protests. But conspicuously few.

The anti-military mood, which made it so easy for governments to slash defence spending, appears to be ebbing away. We're not going to become a militarist nation. But we seem to be in the mood again to accept that a nation-state has to have a real military.

The same tough-love attitude seems to be expressing itself on some multiculturalism issues. There was overwhelming public support in Ontario for Premier Dalton McGuinty's controversial reversal of his plan to extend official recognition to Islamic sharia law.

A similar tone seems to have taken hold in respect of Quebec's possible separation. The public attitude now appears to be not indifference, but cool and laid-back. It's hard to see ahead either panic or support for some frantic last-minute offer, although attitudes may change abruptly if and when a crisis actually occurs.

Why the change, assuming there's some accuracy to my reading of it? Canadians these days are extraordinarily confident about the country and themselves. Those who've come to believe they've done a fair number of things right aren't likely to forever blame themselves — as used to be quintessentially Canadian — for everything and anything that goes wrong among them.
Canadians moving into tough-love mode

One must laugh at the timidity of the phrasing in the piece above. Ever nervous of making a clear and unequivocable statement, the writer above hedged each statement with Canadian jitters. Oh well. Maybe it's a step forward into the adult world for this lot, though we should really expect a lot of two stepping and sobbing before they actually make any move to join the real world. If the Swedes don't get it-- let's invade them.

We'll know the Canadian worm has turned when the Toronto Star prints anything from this blog. In the meantime, riots continued today in France for the nineth straight day as peace talks dragged on without a break, while the demands for land for peace were echoing against the walls being built around the inner cities to keep out terrorist attackers. U.N peacekeepers are still not allowed to fire their weapons....

Friday, November 04, 2005

Muslim Woman Beaters Cry Foul

When will the Western population, generally, get a clue? Islam is a sickening political ideology. It's adherents are fascists. Those who tolerate it are repugnant. Here's more on Islam and the filthy crap that passes for religion.

From Jihadwatch and Fjordman we present a piece from Copenhagen Post:

Egypt discontinues dialogue with Denmark on human rights and discrimination because of cartoon dispute

A Danish newspaper's decision to print cartoons of Muslim prophet Mohammed have caused a diplomatic crisis between Denmark and Egypt, national broadcaster DR reported on Thursday.

Egypt's ambassador in Libanon, Hussein Darrar, told news service AFP that Egypt had decided not to continue its dialogue with Denmark on human rights and discrimination.

The Egyptian ambassador in Denmark requested, along with ten other ambassadors of Muslim states, to meet with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen to discuss daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten's decision to print twelve caricatures of the prophet, an act considered blasphemous by many Muslims.

Rasmussen refused to meet with the ambassdors, saying that if they thought he had any power to influence what a national newspaper did and printed, the essence of Danish democracy had been lost on them.

Egyptian Embassy Councillor Mohab Nasr Mostafa Mahdy said he had not seen for himself what Darrar told reporters, but that he was certain it was based on the information Darrar had received on the matter.

'The Egyptian ambassador in Denmark has said that the case no longer rests with the embassy. It is now being treated at an international level. As far as I have been informed by my government, the cartoon case has already been placed on the agenda for the Islamic Conference Organisation's extraordinary summit in the beginning of December,' Mahdy said.

Some things aren't funny, and it's not a good thing to pretend we should live with it. Muslims don't like cartoons of their killer rapist prophet? We don't care. Screw 'em.

Danish Cartoons Upset Mo-Hams

An Islamic ambassador (pictured left) lead a group to the offices of the Danish prime minister to protest cartoons in a Danish newspaper. What we don't read in this article following is that the ambassadors stopped on the way at the public trough to collect their fair share of welfare payments from the local Muslims who took time out from rioting to pork over the dough. Then, as per usual, the ambassadors carried on in their piggy little ways:

Muslims march over cartoons of the Prophet

By Kate Connolly in Berlin
(Filed: 04/11/2005)

A Danish experiment in testing "the limits of freedom of speech" has backfired - or succeeded spectacularly - after newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed provoked an outcry.

Thousands of Muslims have taken to the streets in protest at the caricatures, the newspaper that published them has received death threats and two of its cartoonists have been forced into hiding.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Anders Fogh Rasmussen called the cartoons a 'necessary provocation'

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark's leading daily, defied Islam's ban on images of the Prophet by printing cartoons by 12 different artists.

In one he is depicted as a sabre-wielding terrorist accompanied by women in burqas, in another his turban appears to be a bomb and in a third he is portrayed as a schoolboy by a blackboard.

The ambassadors of 11 Muslim countries called on Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the prime minister, to take "necessary steps" against the "defamation of Islam".

But Mr Rasmussen, the head of a centre-Right minority coalition dependent for its survival on support from an anti-foreigner party, called the cartoons a "necessary provocation" and refused to act.

"I will never accept that respect for a religious stance leads to the curtailment of criticism, humour and satire in the press," he said.

The Danish debate over how to integrate Muslims has raged for years, with nursery school menus and women-only opening hours for swimming pools particular battlegrounds. But the cartoons satirising the Prophet have injected a dangerous new element into the controversy.

"This is a pubescent demonstration of freedom of expression that consciously and totally without reason has trampled over the feelings of many people," said Uffe Ellemann Jensen, a former foreign minister and member of Mr Rasmussen's party.

Carsten Juste, the editor of Jyllands-Posten, spurned demands that he apologise, saying he "would not dream" of saying sorry.

"To demand that we take religious feelings into consideration is irreconcilable with western democracy and freedom of expression," he said. "This doesn't mean that we want to insult any Muslims."

Juste commissioned the cartoons after learning of the difficulties a children's writer, Kare Bluitgen, had in finding an illustrator for his book on the Koran and the Prophet's life. Bluitgen said all the artists he approached feared the wrath of Muslims if they drew images of Mohammed.

Many cited the murder of the Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by an Islamist as a reason for refusal.

Juste said he wanted to counter growing "self censorship" and see how many cartoonists would be "bold enough" to draw the Prophet.

One artist, Franz Füchsel, said he intended no offence. "But I live in 2005, not 905 and I use my quill in the way that Danish law allows me."

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch MP famous for her criticism of Islam and author of the screenplay for Mr Van Gogh's film Submission, supported the paper. "It's necessary to taunt Muslims on their relationship with Mohammed," she said.

"Otherwise we will never have the dialogue we need to establish with Muslims on the most central question: 'Do you really feel that every Muslim in 2005 should follow the way of life the Prophet had 1,400 years ago, as the Koran dictates?' "

If you missed the story on Muslims rioting in Denmark, scroll down. Yes, they protest over newspapers running cartoons of their child molesting prophet, and then they riot on the welfare cash the Danes give them. Below this you'll see how the Brits treat these Muslim piggies.

Brit Coppers Dance to Muslim Tunes

A chief constable has condemned the portrayal of Muslims in a police magazine cartoon, describing it as offensive and sacrilegious.

The Police Federation magazine cartoon shows officers taking their shoes off outside a mosque, as a bearded man escapes clutching bags of explosives.

Bedfordshire's chief constable Gillian Parker has written to complain.

The magazine's editor has apologised and said there was no intention to cause offence.

The cartoon was seen by Bedfordshire Police as an attempt to mock the force's advice to officers to remove their shoes before entering Muslim properties.

Ms Parker wrote: "The stereotypical portrayal of religious communities and the use of places of worship in a sacrilegious manner are bound to offend.

"Insensitive actions only serve to make our life more difficult."

She said: "We have worked hard over an extended period of time to achieve relationships and I feel that the stereotypical portrayal of Muslims as terrorists has unnecessarily jeopardised this.

"Where it is feasible to do so we continue to consider the individual customs of all communities when we enter their homes and places of worship; I make no apology for this."

Sincere apology

Metin Enver, editor of the magazine, told the BBC: "Much of the material we publish comes from independent parties and is not necessarily the view of the Police Federation.

"However, we do apologise sincerely if the cartoon featured caused any offence to anyone.

"The idea behind it featured five different scenarios.

"It was supposed to depict how policing has changed over the years and how the police service takes account of different cultures.

"We did not intend to offend any of those groups highlighted in the cartoon."

The cartoon was published in the September edition of the magazine.

When this fad ends there's going to be a backlash. It won't be funny to others though there might be some around these parts who laugh. Come on, who's stupid enough to pander forever to murderers? Not even the English will put up with this crap forever. If we don't hammer the Muslims soon the hammer will come down sooner or later anyway, and then it's going to be terrible. Wake up. This fad is beyond stupid.

Just Singing in the Rain...

We see rioting in Paris nightly, a maniacal singing in the rain, a African in Paris, and from afar it looks more interesting and more frightening than it is. Rioting is merely the gesture of thought. The gesture, even the fascist "grand gesture" we have written about here so often, pales in comparison to the thought behind the act.

What?! What's so pale about flames destroying neighbourhoods and crippled ladies trapped on burning buses in France?

Most people in the modern West look at violence as irrational and subjective, something that happens to other people, over there. It's a passive action, a thing that doesn't have a source in the real world, a craziness that happens when something is wrong, who knows what. There must be an explanation, some rational reason, some cause we could all understand if only we knew what is might be. It's probably poverty or discrimination or some fluffy cliche or other, something we can relate to if only we understand the root causes. So we see the gesture and mistake it for the essence. The poor riot? Give them money and they won't riot any more. Muslims riot? Let 's all understand Islam. Let's tip-toe around the issues and try to encourage the best behaviour we can from those we will refer to publicly as adherents of the "Religion of Peace." If we convince ourselves that it's nothing serious, then we should be able to convince the rioters too. Everything can be discussed rationally, and we can all hold hands and sing a round or two of Kumbyah.

We see the gestures, and we mistake them for the reality. We see the fires and think they are true, like the shadow figures cast up on the walls of Plato's Cave. We're deluding ourselves if we think the riots in Paris are the real problem in Paris. The truth is that the riots are only a problem for those who are hurt or impoverished. Those are few. That's the subjective. To the person involved he is the centre of the universe, but objectively he is one man or perhaps a few hundred. Important, yes, but not essential to the well-being of the community that is the French nation.

We have below two short excerpts from a magazine and a book. Both cover the notion of riots. We'll return to this topic in later posts as the occasion arises.

Moral Holiday

In a nutshell: Riots begin when some set of social forces temporarily overwhelms or paralyzes the police, who stand by, their highly visible inaction signaling to the small percentage of teenaged embryonic psychopaths and hardened young adults that a moral holiday is under way. This criminal minority spearheads the car-burning, window-smashing, and blood-letting, mobbing such hate targets as blacks, or white merchants, or lone cops. Then the drawing effect brings out the large crowds of older men, and women and children, to share the Roman carnival of looting. Then the major killing begins: slow runners caught in burning buildings and-as civic forces mobilize-in police and National Guard gunfire.

The books are on the shelf-- let the responsible authorities in city hall and police headquarters check them out.

The time to halt a riot is right at the start, by pinching off the criminal spearhead with precise and overwhelming force. The cops will usually be caught flat-footed (no pun intended) by the initial outbreak. But they need to spring into a pre-arranged mobilization that should always be as ready in every major city as the fire-department or hospital disaster-response program.

EUGENE H. METHVIN,The Riot Makers: The Technology of Social Demolition

The Riot Era

In July 1964 New York's Harlem exploded into a fiery riot, and in quick succession six other cities erupted. In the next three summers 105 major urban riots in almost as many cities occurred. Then, in April 1968, in the ten days following Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination 125 cities erupted at once. Federal troops had to be sent into Washington, Baltimore and Chicago. In the Nation's Capital, smoke from flaming blocks blotted out the Capitol dome in broad daylight, and the acrid smell of burning buildings permeated the Supreme Court and halls of Congress. The U.S. Army set up machinegun nests on Capitol Hill and troops in battle dress patrolled the White House, as two blocks away stores burned and mobs looted.

The riot era had come home to America.

The plumes of smoke spread a tragic fallout across America: acrid, murky wrangling over causes, blame, guilt and remedies.

Almost every "cause" mentioned had a role. There was a universal tendency to try to weigh each cause too finely to suit ideological predispositions or preferences in policy conclusions. Certainly many historic and recent failures of government and private behavior contributed. In large measure, the "blame" could not justly be apportioned to anyone now living....


Newark: The City Hate Wrecked

1. The Social Avalanche.

Shortly after dark on a hot July night in 1967, two white policemen in Newark, New Jersey hauled a cursing, struggling Negro prisoner from their cruiser and dragged him up the steps into the Fourth Precinct Station House. Across the street, from two towering 14-story public housing buildings, Negro residents saw the struggle. Some later swore the policemen "beat" and "stomped" their prisoner. Within minutes the rumor flitted: "He's dead, Brother—the whitey cops beat him to death!" A crowd of 1,200, mostly teenagers and young men, gathered. Soon Molotov cocktails and firebombs smashed against the police station, and two cars were set on fire. The crowd stoned firemen away. Down the street, a garbage can smashed Harry's Liquor Store window, and looters leaped through.

The Newark riot was on. It raged for four days, requiring State Police and National Guard to restore order, and left 23 dead and $15 million in property destroyed. In five other Northern New Jersey cities, violence flared simultaneously. The next weekend Detroit erupted into the worst U.S. riot in a hundred years, and like a crowning forest fire, explosions burst in 43 other American cities over the next ten days....


Setting the Stage

1. The Causology of Riots.

By the political summer of 1968, four years after the start of the Riot Era, Americans were in a state of universal near-hysteria over "violence in the streets." In the 1967 summer mass violence racked 128 American cities, killed 83, injured uncounted thousands and disrupted millions of lives. In Washington the Justice Department put computers to work tracking known extremists from city to city. Pentagon staffers prepared elaborate counterinsurgency plans as if for a Latin American banana republic. Region by region U.S. Army troops had their assignments to nearby cities to put down violence. At Fort Gordon, Georgia, a GI "mob" in the mock city of "Riotsville, U.S.A." hurled rocks at skirmish lines of bayonet-wielding, gas-masked soldiers rehearsing for "the long hot summer" according to hastily updated manuals originally written for the strike violence of the 1870's. In central city slums tiny bands of extremists also planned—for an altogether different conflict: Viet Cong style hit-and-run urban terrorism and guerrilla warfare. They studied how to booby-trap a police callbox, decoy policemen and firemen with false alarms into murderous ambushes, sabotage high-tension wires, poison water reservoirs and manufacture incendiary timebombs. And in the suburbs Ku....

When we focus our attentions on the hand and dismiss the mind behind it we fall into the trap of obscurantism that will be our downfall as a civilization. We must know our enemies well, better than they know themselves, in fact, and Methvin's work, though it's dated and odd to our minds today, is still, for those with the curiousity and sensitivity for extrapolation, a wonderful textbook for study of the rioter's psychology and tactical programmes.

Forget, for the moment, the moving hand, and look to the mind behind it.

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Emotional Blackmail.

Call us insensitive if you truly must, but --WTF!

To get something we have to give something. That's life. So, friend, what's the payoff for reditus nigri, or "blackmail." What guilty secret do we pay to protect ourselves for having known openly? Or, to put it bluntly, what did you do that you're afraid of the world knowing about? We are a lot of hard cases here who've done many evil things among us, no good lot here, and who cares? You want to know, so what? But what did you do? Why are you paying off Muslim blackmailers with jizya and appeasing them when they murder our fellows? What roten thing did you do to make exposure so horrible that you're willing to pay and play forever, even when it comes to losing your life? Why are you putting up with this Muslim crap? You're on your own there. We here, individuals hanging out in the middle of nowhere, we don't pay, and we don't care. Muslims don't like it? So what!
Mohammed is a child molester. He had sex with a child, an eight year old girl. Riot, then, you Muslim criminal scum. Big deal. Go die in a ditch. What's it to any of us? Let Hillary scream.

To many of our compatriots the Muslim world is the high-point of existence. Palestinians are the Most Important People in the World. We beg to differ. (Fill in the blanks as you will: Arse-H_les.)

Something's rotten in the state of Denmark, and the list goes on. We think that would be those who give in to emotional blackmail.


Threaten to make things difficult if you don't do what they want.

Constantly threaten to end the relationship if you don't give in.

Regularly ignore or discount your feelings and wants.

Tell you or imply that they will neglect, hurt themselves, or become depressed if you don't do what they want.

Shower you with approval when you give into them and take it away when you don't.

Use money as a weapon to get their own way.

Emotional blackmail is a powerful form of manipulation in which people close to us threaten (either directly or indirectly) to punish us if we don't do what they want. At the heart of any kind of blackmail is one basic threat, which can be expressed in many different ways: If you don't behave the way I want you to, you will suffer. A criminal blackmailer might threaten to use knowledge about a person's past to ruin her reputation, or ask to be paid off in cash to hide a secret. Emotional blackmail hits closer to home. Emotional blackmailers know how much we value our relationship with them. They know our vulnerabilities. Often they know our deepest secret. And no matter how much they care about us, when they fear they won't get their way, they use this intimate knowledge to shape the threats that give them the payoff they want: our compliance. Knowing that we want love or approval, our blackmailers threaten to withhold it or take it away altogether, or make us feel we must earn it. For example, if you pride yourself being generous and caring, the blackmailer might label you selfish or inconsiderate if you don't accede to his wishes. If you value money and security, the blackmailer might attach conditions to providing them or threaten to take them away. And if you believe the blackmailer, you could fall into a pattern of letting him control your decisions and behavior.
If a middle aged lady who writes self-help books for neurotic middleclass housewives can figure it out, what's wrong with the intelligent people in the Western world? We won't even bothering asking about the politicians we have. But what about you? Are you giving in to this?

OK, so we're not sensitive-new-age-guys, SNAGs. What's it to you, bud.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Read about the Riots in Denmark?

We picked this story up at We'll follow it with some commentary from Cornelius, posting at

Ain't it peculiar? And what is to be done?

Several days of Muslim Riots in Denmark (Not only in France)
Jyllands Posten ^ | Offentliggjort 31. oktober 2005 03:00 | Af ERIK THOMLE

Posted on 10/31/2005 11:42:54 PM PST by Eurotwit

(Danish readers may turn directly to this link:

For several nights in a row, there has been the worst riots in Århus for many years.

"This land belongs to us", declared the young rioters. Another arson attack took place sunday night.

Sunday evening the fire department needed police escorts to get in and extinguish an arsonist fire in Søndervangs Alle.

The words of the young muslims sound like an open declaration of war against Danish society. The police must stay away. This area belongs to immigrants.

Four youngsters sit at the wall in the Rosenhøj center, sunday afternoon, self decleared spokesmen, for those groups who three nights in a row has rioted, and put business on fire.

All around the parking lot, there are swarms of cars with youngster from the immigrant community, who are celebrating the worst riots in Århus in several years.

Every night, 30 to 40 immigrant youngsters participated. Only two are under arrest.

It was a victory.

"We knew that you would come. We are the spokesmen", said one young man with his face covered.

He was angry. Very angry.

Petrol though the window.

At the back of the house was a window broken, and the fire was burning wildly, probably because of petrol that had been thrown in.

The fire engines waited for police escort so they could enter in and try to put out the fires.

Bricks from the street have been thrown and crushed windowns all up the street.

The police reports that the youngsters came to the area armed with rocks that they brought in.

Rocks against a bakery.

Saturday, a 16 year old from Somalia was jailed for comitting dangerous violence, because he attacked a bakery with large rocks. One rock barely missed the bakers face.


"We are tired of being oppressed. We are tired of the police raiding our parents. We are tired of the police stopping our cars, and raids us in public and damages our honour.»

"We are tired of the police beating up our friends, like they did this afternoon", screams the younf man with his face covered.

He calles himself 100 percent palestinian, born in a refugee camp in Lebanon, 19 years ago, and is now unemployed in Denmark.

"The police has to stay away. This is our area. We rule this place"

And then comes the cartoons of Mohammed.

"We are angy to what has happened to our profet. We are tired of the Jyllands Post (Danish paper who published cartoons of Mohammed). I know that it wasn't you, but we are not going to take this, what the Jyllands Post has done towards the profet", he states aggressivly, and the others nod in agreement.

Planned for three weeeks.

Two of them are Turks, and it is the first time that Turks and Palestinians have joined forces, according to the spokesman.

"We have planned this for three weeks. That's why only two were arrested on Saturday. Police tried to block us in, but we now how to get out", he states and dissapears chewing on a piece of pizza that he has looted from Fun Pizza.,1

Sweden is a good candidate to beat France in the 'Islamic Republic' department.

I purposefully seek out Europeans in an international chat-room I frequent in order to gain perceptions about their thinking vis-a-vis Islam.

I often come across Left-wing apologists who are incorrigible, but just as often, find Left-wingers whose hatred of Islam is exceeded only by their hatred of America. A lot of English, Spaniards and Italians fit in the latter category.

In fairness to the English and the Dutch, there are many among them who are implacable foes of Islam and support America generally (though not necessarily on Iraq).

The Germans seem to a person to be clueless. One was so pathetically obsequious I wanted to vomit as he rambled on about how Muslim laborers were needed to insure the viability of his future social security. It was the psychology of utter helplessness and dependence.

The Swedes are the strangest of the lot. Their initial comments of neutrality towards Islam shouldn't be taken at face value. It's as if they are living in a totalitarian society (perhaps they are). Only after having won their trust in the exposition of my own views do they open up about their true feelings. They despise what Muslim immigration is doing to their country and their culture, but they are absolutely resigned to it.

It is a Continent and a culture that has absolutely lost its bearings, its self-confidence, its very identity...and the American Left want us to emulate it.

Posted by: Cornelius [TypeKey Profile Page] at November 2, 2005 10:05 PM

What do we make of this? We'll come back next time with more on our situation, whatever it might be by then.

Paris When it Sizzles

Riots continued last evening in Parisian suburbs as African Muslims for the sixth consecutive night frolicked in the streets, having fun, burning vehicles, and fighting with the police.Regardless of the moralistic cliches one might hear from the politicians and the social workers and the professional poverty pimps who feed on government grants baby-sitting the "poor" the fact is that the rioters are very likely having a wonderful time and don't really care about the evils of social injustice at all. For many it's un jour d'fete, Monsieur Abdul's Holiday.
But this too might be true: that some of the rioters are going home after a night of street fighting with their heads cracked, having seen friends knocked down, having been chased and beaten by the police; visceral lessons in aggression and resistance that one will not in a whole long life-time forget. Violence radicalizes faster than anything one will ever hear at the mosque. One good smack on the head is all it takes to radicalize a kid for life. And one good beating that never seems to end is what it takes to turn a thug into our thug. The French are radicalizing a whole generation of Islamic youths in the suburbs by beating them pitifully rather than pitilessly. It's going to come back to haunt the French. The rioters will have learned the lesson of contempt.

..... Look briefly at the lessons from Roland Barthes. What is the mythologie of the theatre of the streets these past nights? It is the significance of the signs of weakness of authority. The mythos that will build over the winter will grow so huge in the minds of the rioters that come spring, after months of germination there will be riots that will sweep France like a tidal wave. The talk, the bragging, the war stories, the lies and make-believe will turn these riots into epics that others will phantasize about in their beds at night until Spring, and then they will go out into the warm nights and re-enact the past battles as heroes in their own minds, and on it will go till there is civil war and the French will finally have to decide if they want anarchy or fascism, chaos or Sarajevo.

Below we have a brief and truncated version of last night's events in Paris. Think of your own home town,though, and of a riot taking place in a suburb across town. It'd take an hour to get there by bus, and really, how often does one go there? It's not your friends rioting, it's those people over there in that other part of town, and they're not like you and yours. In fact, a Paris suburb is more immediate to the reader than is a place across town. The story is right here right now, but across town is an hour away and you don't go there. So it is with the French. this story is less immediate to them than to you who are thousands of kilometers away and yet right there. The French will let this slide till it affects them in person, and even then they'll ignore it if it happens to a neighbour but not to them. They'll ignore it till each and every Frenchman in France feels threatened personally in his own home. The rioting will spread in the springtime. The savages will build up their myths and they'll make them real in the streets when the weather warms.

Tensions Smoulder After Riots Near Paris
POSTED: 4:52 pm EST November 2, 2005
UPDATED: 4:52 pm EST November 2, 2005

CLICHY-SOUS-BOIS, France -- Menacing youths smoked cigarettes in doorways Wednesday and hulks of burned cars littered the tough streets of Paris' northeastern suburbs beset by a week of rioting that left residents on edge and the president appealing for a firm but respectful response by police.

Leaders at Clichy-sous-Bois' mosque prayed for peace and asked parents to keep teenagers off the streets after violence broke out last week following the accidental deaths of two youths. They were electrocuted while hiding in a power substation because they believed police were chasing them.

The unrest spread to at least nine Paris-region towns overnight Tuesday, exposing the despair, anger and criminality in France's poor suburbs _ fertile terrain for Islamic extremists, drug dealers and racketeers.

The violence, concentrated in neighborhoods with large African and Muslim populations, has highlighted the difficulties many European nations face with immigrant communities feeling marginalized and restive, cut off from the continent's prosperity and, for some extremists, its values, too.

"They have no work. They have nothing to do. Put yourself in their place," said Abderrahmane Bouhout, president of the Clichy-sous-Bois mosque, where a tear gas grenade exploded Sunday evening. Local youths suspected a police attack, and authorities are investigating.

"People are joining together to say we've had enough," he said. He refused to give his surname because talking to reporters was poorly regarded in his neighborhood.

Many immigrant families are trapped in housing projects built to accommodate foreign laborers welcomed by post-World War II France, but which have since succumbed to despair, chronic unemployment and lawlessness. In some neighborhoods, drug dealers and racketeers hold sway and experts say Islamic radicals seek to recruit disenchanted youths by telling them that France has abandoned them.

"French society is in a bad state ... increasingly unequal, increasingly segregated, and increasingly divided along ethnic and racial lines," said sociologist Manuel Boucher. Some youths turn to Islam to claim an identity that is not French, "to seize on something which gives them back their individual and collective dignity."

French governments have injected funds and job-creation schemes for years but failed to cure ills in suburbs where car-burnings and other crimes are daily facts of life.

"No matter what the politicians say, some neighborhoods are all but lost," said Patrice Ribeiro, national secretary of the Synergie police officers' union. "Police patrols pass through but without stopping and with their windows rolled up."

Claude Dilain, a Socialist and mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois, said that when youths experience social injustice every day, "it is very difficult to have them listen to reason and ask them to respect the laws."

Police said 180 vehicles were torched overnight, most of them in the Seine-Saint-Denis region that includes Clichy, Aulnay and other violence-hit neighborhoods. Police made 35 arrests in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Youths lobbed Molotov cocktails near Aulnay's town hall and threw stones at the firehouse. In nearby Bondy, a blaze engulfed a store.

Officials said police were harassed by "small, very mobile gangs."

In Aulnay-sous-Bois, another northeastern suburb where riot police fired rubber bullets at advancing gangs of youths Tuesday night, workers cleaned up charred debris Wednesday. A group of teenagers chased and threw stones at Associated Press reporters, some shouting "Go home!" and others yelling: "See you tonight."

Associated Press writers John Leicester, Christine Ollivier and Joelle Diderich in Paris contributed to this report.

Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press

Barthes's essay on wrestling stays in the mind reading this. It's a morality play for the stupid, and the rioters will come again and again till the curtain comes down. We stand back and watch, barely suppressing our laughter.

Bravo, les enfants sauvage.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dear Theo

Honest to God, we are not making this up. There really is somewhere on this Earth a woman this stupid. Theo van Gogh would have ridiculed this idiot, and he would also have defended her right to be so stupid.

What do we do in the encounter with people as stupid as the writer below? Well, a cruel person wouldn't mention the slow moving cow about to step on her. And a really mean-spirited person would post her copy on the Internet where others can find out what a-- well, whatever....

In memory of Theo van Gogh we present an article by the stupidest woman on Earth. Hope you like it.

Tiziana Sforza - Roma - 31.10.2005
The Islamic invasion

A wave of Islamophobia is sweeping Europe: minds are inflamed, veils lowered and sabres brandished. This is a journey through the European mindset, one patterned by fear, apprehension and so-called “rationality”, which seldom leaves room for tolerance.

A report by the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF) of March 2005 denounces what it calls a “growing apprehension and hostility” towards Muslim minorities. Discrimination and intolerance towards Muslims have increased within the EU, most notably following the terrorist attacks of September 11 in New York and further highlighted by the fallout from the Madrid bombings of March 11 and the London attacks on July 7. Aaron Rhodes, director of the Finnish institute, stated upon presenting the report: “Since the war on terrorism has increased in its fervour and the threat of religious extremism has become one of the principal topics of public debate, Muslims have felt themselves increasingly stigmatised because of their beliefs.”

The current situation is placing attempts to integrate Muslims into the EU in jeopardy, further heightening their vulnerability to accusations of human rights abuses. At the same time, however, the situation is also adding fuel to an increasing sense of frustration within the Muslim community, one which is eroding loyalties towards the authorities. Among the causes contributing to an increase in intolerance is the mass media, along with those “media services not presenting a balanced opinion and encouraging stereotypes which view Muslims as aliens in European society and as enemies within our borders.”

Between apprehension and rejection

Following the murder of film director Theo Van Gogh in November 2004, the situation in Holland has escalated, not least due to one of Holland’s most eminent Rabbis, Awraham Soetendorp, declaring that Muslims are being labelled as extremists and terrorists, and comparing their situation to the plight of the Jews between the two world wars. The impossibility of marrying Islam with the body of ideals and values upon which the European Union is built has been one of the war horses ridden by ambassadors of the No vote during the referendums on the European Constitution. As if Islam and Muslims were entirely out of place in Europe! Europe already contains an estimated 12-15 million Muslims, and there are those who maintain that this number will double by 2015. Five million Muslims currently reside in France, three million in Germany, one and a half million in the UK, one million in Spain and almost one million in Italy and Holland.

However, the latest survey by Eurobarometer charting the opinions of current Europeans in light of Turkey’s entry into the EU has shown that 52% of Europeans are against Turkish accession, whereas those in favour stand at only 36%. Among those countries strongly opposed are Finland (79% voted No), Austria (78%) and Germany (71%), whilst Italy’s No vote is somewhat less at 57% and in Britain it stands at 52%.

Another survey was proposed roughly a year ago by Ali Lazrak, a Dutch Member of Parliament of Moroccan origins, which aimed at understanding the reluctance of Italy, Holland and Spain to Turkish accession. For Holland, the Islamic question has split open previous ideals of multiculturalism. As far as Spain is concerned, if Islamophobia has been fostered by the March 11 attacks in Madrid, Italy takes its stance for geographical reasons; Turkey’s accession would make Italy the European border country most likely to be flooded with migrants from Muslim countries on the equator and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Why does Islam engender fear?

The West’s collective imagination has painted a picture of Islam in which fear is always the lowest common denominator. Statistics and surveys record a tendency to exacerbate, exaggerate, and focus attention on specific aspects of Islam: terrorism and jihad, headscarves and Islamic law (sharia) are the reasons oft-cited to justify the fear and rejection of Islam. According to populist political rhetoric, Islam represents a fomenting of disorder which places national cohesion in jeopardy. And this engenders fear.
But what does Europe have to fear when it tells us that we should be afraid of Islam? When Europeans speak of being afraid of Islam, they are in reality thinking of many different things, forgetting that Islam has many followers and therefore, cannot simply be reduced to head dresses flaunted in state schools, to the Taliban in Afghanistan, to terrorism, the Ayatollah of Iran, proclamations on an Islamist internet site, or to Turkey, who now knocks at Europe’s door.

The Algerian crusades, the terrorist attacks during the oil crisis of the 1970s, the western hostages held as described in the Rushdie Affair, the Taliban and violence in the Middle East: all of this has settled into a negative image of Islam, which has added to the tension caused by the social crises Europe is facing: unemployment, social marginalisation and urban violence.

Mass media fosters fear

Islam in western countries does not enjoy a positive image. The mass media is in part responsible for this, particularly when it limits itself to echoing the commonly held misconceptions of society. Generally, attention is paid to minor aspects of Islam, one of which is fundamentalism – now used as a passe-partout to speak of many things which are universally regarded as ‘Islamic’. This is born of a superficial vision of reality, or else, of the fact that there is not always the means to study such a topic in any depth. Changing the way Islam is reported, freeing it of rhetoric and commonplace misconceptions could be an effective means of alleviating the fear of Islam amongst Europeans.
Tiziana Sforza - Roma - 31.10.2005 | Translation : Rachel Thomas & Aliette Boshier

A Season in Hell

In America people would have laughed if they'd asked him what he does for a living, and Jean-Marie had said: "I am an intellectual." Oh, he's a taxi driver, a waiter, a janitor. That's the low opinion most Americans have of intellectuals, and sometimes deservedly. But to translate that into French it means our man is a thinker first, and his source of money is incidental. We can thank the French Revolution for that. And deservedly so. But what is the average French intellectual to make of the sixth day of rioting in the suburbs of Paris now? Is working class solidarity going to hold out when there is no working class left? Is philobarbarism and anti-Americanism all there is to the Revolution anymore? What is to become of the revolutionary heritage of France? Where do the intellectuals stand now that the savages are burning the place to the ground, and the peasants aren't Republicans at all? Are the Muslim sans culottes the vanguard of the new revolution of Man? The French have brought this madness upon themselves, and now Americans are going to laugh. But it's not funny. Eurabia is upon us. It will only get worse, and where will the intelligentsia stand? Are the French going to think themselves right out of existence? This is the merest beginning of the war for France. Either Republican values advance and triumph over the barbarian world or the world sinks into barbarism, and Paris burns to the ground. Le Pen has friends, sorry to say, and he'll find more daily as the riots simmer till spring. The intellectuals will tire of the pose of Left fascism, and the fascist Right will rise up like it did with the end of Leon Blum. Let the snow cover this for now, and the savages will come back in the spring full grown and searching for new places to spread to. In the cafes intellectuals will mutter that this isn't what they wanted at all.

Or is it? Maybe this is exactly what the French want. And if it is, how long will they like it? Then what?

PARIS — Unrest spread across troubled suburbs around Paris in a sixth night of violence Tuesday as police clashed with angry youths and scores of vehicles were torched in at least nine towns, local officials said.

Police in riot gear fired rubber bullets at advancing gangs of youths in Aulnay-sous-Bois — one of the worst-hit suburbs — where 15 cars were burned, said the prefecture that runs the Seine-Saint-Denis (search) region. Youths lobbed Molotov cocktails at an annex to the town hall and threw stones at the firehouse. It was not immediately clear whether there were injuries from the clashes.,2933,174227,00.htm

Caught in the middle

By Peter Fray, James Clark
April 19, 2004

As he sits outside shelling peanuts at a wobbly table, Mohamed is not outwardly troubled by the arrest of several young Muslims from his neighbourhood on terrorism charges the day before. The president of the local mosque, he seems resigned to the suspicions that he and millions of French Muslims face every day.

"Sometimes the police call me up about young kids burning cars and want to know why they've done this, and I say, 'Mister, they've done something stupid, but it's not because they are Muslims'," he says.

Mohamed, who declined to give his surname, lives in Aulnay-sous-Bois, a suburb of medium-rise flats in Paris's north-west, near Charles de Gaulle Airport. In this area, the satellite TV dishes point to north Africa and the argot on the streets is Arabic and heavily-accented French. There is nothing pretty about Aulnay-sous-Bois.

To authorities, it is a "chaud" — or "hot" — area, a place where young Muslims, mainly of Moroccan and Algerian extraction, are turning to crime and radical Islam. The day before The Age visited, police arrested 13 suspected terrorists from Aulnay and a similar area, Mantes la Jolie, over alleged links to last May's Casablanca bombings, which left 45 people dead.
The French can intellectualize till the cows come home, but come April in Paris the sauvages will come out to play, and they'll make the French les miserables.
Photo Credit:

On Schools.

Public education and universal literacy are great-- on paper. There are some people who should never have learned how to read and write. Those would be the few who piss us off on occasion, the morons who send us hate mail. But what the hey, we get over it and get on with living. It takes sometimes a second or two of ill temper before a moment of reflection reveals again that literacy is a gift that belongs to all with the means to hold it. To deny a man literacy is to enslave him. There are obscurantists in this world who do enslave their fellows, and though they are mostly Muslims they are also Left fascist dhimmis, for example, those who chant "No free speech for fascists." These are the vicious little biblioclasts who would murder Socrates and William Tyndale and you. There also school teachers who don't like their work, who hate their students, who really hate Humanity. Educational reform, from where we sit, needs men and women willing to go into the world at large and teach elenchus and aporia to the willing masses, Socratics with guns, armed men and women willing to shoot the bastards who will keep their children from school and the life of the mind for the sake of tradition, culture, and religion.

Unfortunately, we can't rightly shoot all rotten school teachers and village bigots and fanatics. Sometimes we can and must reason with them and teach their children on the sly and hope the kids don't get killed for being inquisitive. But try it once and find out you blew it. Then you'll join us in thinking all obscurantists must be dragged from their caves and killed.

But before we assume that everyone agrees that people have a right to learn and think for themselves we have to ask if it's a good thing at all. Maybe Man is better off being a farm animal. We have to ask "What is the goal of Humanity?" We won't presume to answer that here. Instead, we post an article on literacy in America.

By Paul E. Peterson | October 10, 2005

Among the "talented tenth," those in the top 10 percent of test takers, reading scores have dropped four points since 1971 and math scores have not budged since first measured in 1978. So say the latest (2004) results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), the nation's report card.

At the other end of the scale, dropout rates have actually increased since 1990, rising to 30 percent of all seventeen-year-olds. Among African Americans the dropout rate is running somewhere between 50 and 60 percent, a sad fact that remains one of the best-kept secrets in American education. Because few people know the facts, in a recently issued book, Michael Dyson scolds Bill Cosby for (accurately) lamenting the fact that only about half of African Americans graduate from high school. Dyson "corrected" him, saying the dropout rate is only 17 percent, an inaccuracy that earned Dyson warm praise from a New York Times book reviewer.

The reviewer's error only shows how successful the public education cartel has been in misleading the public. To hide actual dropout rates, most school districts report as dropouts only those who entered the year as seniors but did not remain in school until the end of that year. All other dropouts over the preceding three years—and all the summers in between, when most dropping out actually occurs—are statistically ignored.

The U.S. Department of Education has long been complicit in fostering that misperception. To his credit, Russ Whitehurst, head of the department's Institute of Education Sciences, is now actively working to remedy the situation, as are the nation's governors, who are now embarked on a Herculean effort to develop a multistate common definition and gauge of high school completion.

Getting the facts right will be a start. But we then need to do something about it. We currently base our high school policies on two contradictory assumptions: (1) that adolescents are responsible enough that they can choose their own curriculum from the shopping mall of choices available; ( 2) that adolescents should not be held responsible for their performances. Testing expectations should be minimal, and graduation requirements should be easily achievable.

No wonder the United States is desperately searching for ways to import talent from abroad. If we are to regain our educational strength in a world where other nations are passing us by, we need to hold students responsible for more than just selecting the courses they want to take. To graduate from high school, students should be expected to pass, at as high a level as they can, a challenging, substantive examination in a variety of subjects that allow them to demonstrate—to colleges and employers—just how accomplished they are. The Advanced Placement Test is a good beginning, but until more than 9 percent of all public school students take that test, it will not have a broad impact.

Tyndale, Luther, Wesley. It's not just Right-wing religious obscurantists who are a menace to Human freedom, and some religious men are our greatest heroes. Tyndale was murdered for translating the Bible into English, Luther was hounded for translating it into German, and Wesley for teaching the working class how to read. Theo van Gogh was murdered for publishing his ideas. You might be next. We welcome your comments here, even if we hate them. Maybe we'll learn something. We tend to think that's what life is about. We'll take our chances here.

To the Barricades!

Armed French racists invaded Clichy-sous-Bois and attacked local residents without provocation recently, setting off a fierce resistence among embattled freedom fighters.

Uh-oh. Actually, the police went to the rescue of the city when Muslim immigrants rampaged and rioted and went nuts in a crime-ridden suburb. Still, it's the fault of the French. Of course it is, just check out this excerpt from the English BBC News.
Anger grips Paris riot suburb
By Alasdair Sandford
BBC News, Clichy-sous-Bois, France

The evidence of the previous night's trouble is clear to see on the Bosquets estate.

A burnt-out van in Clichy-sous-Bois
Burnt-out vehicles and debris remain on Clichy's streets

Among the cars parked outside one block of flats are two burnt-out vehicles and small piles of debris. Rocks and stones are strewn across the street.

There is no sign of any security presence and people are shopping and chatting as on any normal day.

It does not take long to get a sense of the hostility some feel towards the police.

A driver pulls up in front of the market, his little boy strapped in the back of his car.

He admits belonging to a group that is sometimes a bit "chaud" - meaning troublesome - a hint at the unrest of the past few days.

He describes the nightly presence of the CRS, the French riot police, as provocation.

"If they didn't come here, into our area, nothing would happen," he says. "If they come here it's to provoke us, so we provoke back."


Whenever chaud turned into "troublesome" we must have missed that day at BBC Euphemism School. Maybe we were busy learning that the French Revolutionaries were the first to abolish slavery. Maybe we were busy reading The Rights of Man. Maybe we were busy thinking the French are the ones who created a pillar of Modernity that we cannot get enough of and can't afford to let crumble under the weight of philobarbarism.

We have an unlimited hatred of Lyotard, Derrida, Foucault and cetera because we have an equally unlimited love of Abelard, Montesquieu, and Zola, to mention three of hundreds who spring to mind. Where in Clichy-sous-Bois today do we find the Dumas? "Our Area" we read. The French are taken over by German Romantics. Now "Our Area." What next? Will our French friends have to barricade themselves in! In the depths of this debacle, maybe the germination.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Anglican Love-fest Misses Point; Coptic Nun Gets It

The Third Anglican Global South to South Encounter Communique

A Third Trumpet from the South


The Third Anglican Global South to South Encounter

Red Sea (Egypt), 25-30 October 2005

The Third Anglican South-to-South Encounter has graphically demonstrated the coming of age of the Church of the Global South. We are poignantly aware that we must be faithful to God's vision of one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. We do not glory in our strengths but in God's strength. We do not shrink from our responsibility as God's people because of our weaknesses but we trust God to demonstrate His power through our weakness. We thank God for moving us forward to serve Him in such a time as this.

A. Preamble


3. We were really warmed by the welcome that we received here by the President, the government and the people of Egypt. We valued the great efforts made by the state security personnel who are making the land of Egypt a secure and safe place to all her visitors. We were touched by the warm hospitality of the Diocese of Egypt.

A random example:

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sinai bombing death toll 29

EILAT: At least 29 people were killed and scores were injured when car bombs exploded at resorts packed with Israeli holidaymakers on the Red Sea coast of Egypt’s Sinai desert in attacks late on Thursday, which Israel blamed on Al Qaeda.

4. We have witnessed in Egypt a wonderful model for warm relations between Christians and Muslims. We admire the constructive dialogue that is happening between the two faiths. We appreciated the attendance of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Dr Mohammed Said Tantawi, the representative of Pope Shenouda III and other religious leaders at the State Reception to launch our Encounter. We were encouraged by their wise contributions.

Gotta love these Anglicans, witnesses of a wonderful model for warm relations such as this:

Coptic nun stabbed, see pictures below

This is old news by now: for the last week: Muslim demonstrations in front of the Mar Girgis Church in Alexandria (more about this here), and as we're in the midst of all that week of religious hate and sectarian tensions, a Muslim young man two days ago stabbed a Coptic nun in the outdoors of the Church, in addition to a Christian man (said to be a lawyer) who tried to rescue her.

Mullahs Tossing Out Sex Objects

City tackles titillating mannequins
Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:44 PM GMT7

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Police in northeastern Iran are launching a new morality drive by confiscating alluring mannequins from boutiques and clothes stalls in the bazaar, authorities in the city of Bojnourd said on Monday.

A spokesman for the city's judiciary, who asked not be named, explained the drive would tackle problems of "public chastity". Sixty five mannequins have been impounded so far.

He explained the crack-down on tailors' dummies was part of a larger offensive against anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and biker gangs.

Bojnourd owes its traditional religious climate to the nearby shrine city of Mashhad, a focal point of pilgrimage for the world's Shi'ite Muslims.

Paris Peace Talks

We have written on these pages before that Mohammed is a child molester, that he had sex with an eight year old girl. Well, maybe that's inaccurate. Aisha, his "wife," might have been nine years old when he started in on her. Heaven help us if we're inaccurate! Inaccurate statements can lead to four nights of rioting. Oh, to be young in Paris.

The inaccurate statements by M. Sarkozy and the Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, now withdrawn, have fuelled four nights of violent confrontations between local youths and the police. More than 70 cars have been burnt, scores of policemen slightly injured, a live bullet has been fired at a police truck and a kindergarten and fire station have been vandalised. More than 50 youths have been arrested, some of whom appeared in court yesterday.

Although tempers had seemed to be subsiding on Sunday, a renewed outbreak of violence was feared yesterday after a police tear-gas shell exploded inside a local mosque on Sunday night. Residents accused the CRS riot police of targeting the mosque. Police suggested that a smoking shell might have been carried inside by rioters as a deliberate "provocation".

Worthwhile Post

Our friends at Pedestrian Infidel have a 12 step programme for those who seek world domination, of particular importance to those who are Muslims, and perhaps of equal interest to our friends now being stepped on in Europe.

Babylon Shooting in Sydney

"As long as they're having fun," was the first comment that came out from the discussion we had about the following story. When we finished chuckling the next thing up was that we are seeing the result of criminal activity among Muslims, criminals first, Muslims second. But this is the second post in two days on Crime and Muslims, and one must wonder why such otherwise puritanical fanatics would turn to rioting and murder in major Western cities while at the same time bellowing about the purity of their religious beliefs. What is it about Islam that shows the world in the Islamic daily routine nothing more than murder and mayhem? Are we being too selective in our reporting? Are we too critical of Islam and Muslims from some personal animus? It would be easy, and perhaps far easier, to pick on Guatemalan drug dealers outside our doors than to worry about writing on the problems of Islam; but, our neighbours here do not present a world-wide threat to the civil populations as do Muslims. And, in fairness, the story below might have nothing more to do with Islam than does Catholicism to Guatemalan drug-dealers. Maybe this story is simply one of criminals dealing with each other in Australia.

Man Killed in Cafe Shooting
By Ben Sharkey

November 01, 2005
Police / file
The drive-by shooting left one man dead and three others seriously injured / file

A GUNMAN sprayed a bustling Sydney kebab cafe with bullets last night, killing one man and injuring three others.

Customers dived behind tables as the balaclava-clad thug opened fire, hitting two men inside the cafe and a third on a bench outside.

The attack occurred at 9.30 at The Babylon Cafe on Ware St, Fairfield, while at least 20 people were dining.

"We heard noises and we thought it was kids playing with bangers but then glass started spraying everywhere," one witness who was playing cards said.

"Everyone started jumping on the ground and turning over tables."

"We panicked and ran out to the back to hide. There were holes in the glass the size of a five cent coin."

Witnesses said the gunman was seen getting out of a black Honda car on Ware St.

He then began firing at a 19-year-old man sitting on a bench outside the cafe, hitting him in the arm.

The gunman then calmly walked into the cafe and began spraying the room from the ceiling to the floor. A 48-year-old man shot in the neck was killed instantly while a 40-year-old was shot in the chest.

"He's died for nothing, he was just standing there he's got nothing to do with anything that's bad," a shocked friend of the deceased man said shortly afterwards.

Another witness who dived on to the ground to save himself said "there couldn't have been anything organised about it ... he was just shooting everyone, young people and old people".

Police said last night at least one man wearing a balaclava had fired the shots before fleeing with one or two others of middle-eastern appearance in a sedan.

He fled in a vehicle which carried a registration plate beginning with the letters WHV.

Following the shooting the men were rushed to Liverpool hospital where police called for backup to deal with angry relatives.

Relatives of the victims had to be controlled by police after the shooting occurred.

Carloads of relatives were pulling up to the hospital with family and friends.

One grief-stricken cousin of the deceased had to restrained at the scene. He wept openly in front of the hospital.

Police are looking for three or possibly four men involved in the shooting.

"At this stage it is possible the shots were fired from a person on foot but a car was involved and the car is a black Honda last seen heading towards Smart St, Fairfield," Superintendent Ray King said.

"There are four in hospital and one dead.

"They can't confirm the calibre of the gun that was used or the number of bullets."

The arcade has been blocked off.

Operational Support Group officers were called in to control the situation.

"At this stage that is under control, OSG officers have the situation at hand.",10117,17102662-2,00.html

Cafe scene of two shootings
From: AAP

November 01, 2005

THE Sydney cafe where one man was shot dead and three others injured by gunfire was also targeted at the weekend, police said today.

Shots were fired at the Babylon Cafe in the Civic Centre Arcade at Fairfield in Sydney's southwest about 9.40pm (AEDT) yesterday.

It understood a lone gunman fired on the same cafe about 2.30pm on Saturday.

No one was injured in that incident, when a man was believed to have got out of a car, walked towards the cafe and opened fire before driving away.

Fairfield police superintendent Ray King said today that police would investigate the link between the earlier shooting and last night's fatal incident.

"We are looking at the link with the shooting on Saturday," he told ABC radio.

Two of three men injured in the latest shooting, both aged 48, will undergo surgery today.

One man, from Hinchinbrook, is in a critical condition, while the other, from Smithfield, is in a serious condition.

The third victim, a 19-year-old man from West Hoxton, is in stable condition.

Police have not released the name of the hospital where the men are being treated.

A fourth man, who died from gunshot wounds at the scene, has yet to be formally identified.

Supt King said it was a traumatic event for witnesses.

"There was a lot of emotion amongst a number of people at the scene last night," he said.

"There was a lot of people in that vicinity and police had difficulty in trying to establish a crime scene ... a number of people were quite emotional."

After the shooting, three men were seen driving a black Honda Civic towards Smart Street in Fairfield.

Specialist officers from State Crime Command squads are involved in the investigation.,10117,17103050-1702,00.html

There's no certainty that the shootings above were committed by Muslims, and none that they were motived by Islam. Our question is what will come of it if the criminals are captured, found to be Muslims, and are then excused from deportation due to problems with the legalities of sending them to their home countries-- if they are indeed immigrants. Can we allow Basra behaviour in Sydney without allowing for the fact that if we do we should also allow for Basra punishments? To allow criminals to shoot civilians in Sydney without the full wrath of the legitimate law coming down on them as a result is to once again delve into the depths of dhimmitude, letting some escape justice for reasons of cultural senstitivies or what have you when the obvious conclusion for any one else would be to deport the criminals because they do not warrant the protect of the state.

We'll wait and see what the Australian goverment does, if anything, about murder in Sydney, and we'll watch to see how they deal too with "hate crimes" such as Protestants reading the Koran. What is the priority?