Monday, October 31, 2005

Paris Peace Talks

We have written on these pages before that Mohammed is a child molester, that he had sex with an eight year old girl. Well, maybe that's inaccurate. Aisha, his "wife," might have been nine years old when he started in on her. Heaven help us if we're inaccurate! Inaccurate statements can lead to four nights of rioting. Oh, to be young in Paris.

The inaccurate statements by M. Sarkozy and the Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, now withdrawn, have fuelled four nights of violent confrontations between local youths and the police. More than 70 cars have been burnt, scores of policemen slightly injured, a live bullet has been fired at a police truck and a kindergarten and fire station have been vandalised. More than 50 youths have been arrested, some of whom appeared in court yesterday.

Although tempers had seemed to be subsiding on Sunday, a renewed outbreak of violence was feared yesterday after a police tear-gas shell exploded inside a local mosque on Sunday night. Residents accused the CRS riot police of targeting the mosque. Police suggested that a smoking shell might have been carried inside by rioters as a deliberate "provocation".

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