Monday, October 31, 2005

Anglican Love-fest Misses Point; Coptic Nun Gets It

The Third Anglican Global South to South Encounter Communique

A Third Trumpet from the South


The Third Anglican Global South to South Encounter

Red Sea (Egypt), 25-30 October 2005

The Third Anglican South-to-South Encounter has graphically demonstrated the coming of age of the Church of the Global South. We are poignantly aware that we must be faithful to God's vision of one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. We do not glory in our strengths but in God's strength. We do not shrink from our responsibility as God's people because of our weaknesses but we trust God to demonstrate His power through our weakness. We thank God for moving us forward to serve Him in such a time as this.

A. Preamble


3. We were really warmed by the welcome that we received here by the President, the government and the people of Egypt. We valued the great efforts made by the state security personnel who are making the land of Egypt a secure and safe place to all her visitors. We were touched by the warm hospitality of the Diocese of Egypt.

A random example:

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sinai bombing death toll 29

EILAT: At least 29 people were killed and scores were injured when car bombs exploded at resorts packed with Israeli holidaymakers on the Red Sea coast of Egypt’s Sinai desert in attacks late on Thursday, which Israel blamed on Al Qaeda.

4. We have witnessed in Egypt a wonderful model for warm relations between Christians and Muslims. We admire the constructive dialogue that is happening between the two faiths. We appreciated the attendance of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Dr Mohammed Said Tantawi, the representative of Pope Shenouda III and other religious leaders at the State Reception to launch our Encounter. We were encouraged by their wise contributions.

Gotta love these Anglicans, witnesses of a wonderful model for warm relations such as this:

Coptic nun stabbed, see pictures below

This is old news by now: for the last week: Muslim demonstrations in front of the Mar Girgis Church in Alexandria (more about this here), and as we're in the midst of all that week of religious hate and sectarian tensions, a Muslim young man two days ago stabbed a Coptic nun in the outdoors of the Church, in addition to a Christian man (said to be a lawyer) who tried to rescue her.

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