Sunday, October 30, 2005

Will Paris Burn?

Rioting is an outdoor sport, and Paris in November is the wrong location for it. We witness these past three days some sporadic and small scale scale skirmishes between Muslim and/or African youths in a workingclass neighbourhood in Paris, (known to those who get out of the flat on occasion as a slum,) likely to be the last riots of the season.

Every opportunity is taken to avoid mention that the rioters are probably Muslim; and for once we agree that religion likely plays little part in motivating the riots in Paris this weekend. What we find intuitively likely is that gangs of sullen youth, unemployed because of acculturation, i.e. underclass criminals because they are anti-social by community design, [their parents are arseholes who raise their kids like animals,] that gangs of idle and out-of-control youths took the opportunity to riot for fun and profit. The weather in Paris is getting too cold to venture outside to riot now, and therefore criminals will turn to indoor crimes, burglary, rape, arson, and murder. They will also turn to each other to congratulate themselves on their conflicts with the state, and there they will meet in mosques to be picked up by the professional recruiters of Islamic terrorism. A new veneer of legitimacy from the ideology of Islam, a new purpose in life, a group identity, and come spring, if there is another riot in the streets, the validation of the dawa is certain, the sullen kids who rioted this fall will see the truth of the conspiracy to destroy Islam when the ambulances and fire trucks and riot squads come into the ghettos to dampen the fury of rioting youths. All the machinery is in place awaiting the raw material of civil war in the ghettos of France and the rest of Europe. But it takes time to treat the folk who must carry out the material plans of the managers of Islamic revolution.

Below we have short excerpts from the news:

"It is like a dormant volcano. It could erupt again any time, but in general, these kind of riots don't last longer than 48 hours," said a police source who had been at the scene during the riots on Thursday night.

Many northeastern suburbs, where immigrants and families from poor backgrounds live in Soviet-style housing estates, have become notorious for youth violence.

In June, an 11-year old boy was killed by a stray bullet in northern La Courneuve. The eastern suburb of Vitry-sur-Seine made headlines in 2002 when a 17-year old girl was set alight by an 18-year old boy whose friends stood nearby.

On Friday night, youths set garbage bins and cars ablaze and also fired a shot at police in the suburb, where many of the 28,000 residents are immigrants, mainly from Africa. Sixteen people were lightly injured in Friday's violence.

Mobile police units were called in after assailants opened fire on a police riot vehicle, and restored order around 2am. About 300 police were remaining on site until further notice, officials said.

It takes a lot of time and energy to work up a crowd to sustained mayhem. There has to be a cadre of dedicated professionals working at it full-time to organize the violence and to direct it properly. Anything less than that is simply a riot by easily sated youths. But this didn't just start on the weekend. The rioters have shown themselves to be a deep pool from which to recruit new adherents to a deeper violence. When 28,000 people see 300 policemen on their streets they feel their own importance, and they will like it. For now the seeds will germinate slowly.
Come the spring we'll likely see more of this acceleration into civil war in France, the blossoming of the flowers of evil.

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Rick Darby said...

Street riots are almost as much a Paris tradition as outdoor cafe tables and baguettes. You've got your 1789, your 1848, your 1871, your 1968 … but in all those cases it was French versus French. Which meant that, after a lot of oratory and declarations and a certain amount of blood drained from participants, the sides could get together eventually in a state of wary laissez-vivre.

For anything like this and the far more serious street games possibly to come, though, you've got to go back at least to the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre of 1572. And even that involved Frenchmen of ostensibly the same religion.

This time there is no patching things up that I can see. Neither native French nor first- and second-generation North African immigrants want to integrate their ways of life. And although most native French probably still want to ignore Muslim no-go areas, criminals, and militants as fringe phenomena, time is running out.

The French brought this on themselves, through traits that are all too typical of many Western countries: ignorance of Muslim ideology, falling for leftist propaganda that immigration is always a good thing, and a cynical belief that North Africans would provide cheap labor. In a way I almost think the country deserves what it is getting.

Still, as someone who admires certain aspects of the (traditional) French way of life, and mindful of the effect on the rest of the Western world if the country goes Muslim-dominated, I'd like to see the threat spiked. Only one means is left as an alternative to what can only be a ghastly civil war, and that is deporting those Muslims who have no stake in French society and no desire to acquire one.

It's too bad such a wrenching act has come to be the best option. But it's better by far than what will come down if France insists on living in denial.

By the way, this is my first view of your site. I'm impressed.