Monday, October 31, 2005

Babylon Shooting in Sydney

"As long as they're having fun," was the first comment that came out from the discussion we had about the following story. When we finished chuckling the next thing up was that we are seeing the result of criminal activity among Muslims, criminals first, Muslims second. But this is the second post in two days on Crime and Muslims, and one must wonder why such otherwise puritanical fanatics would turn to rioting and murder in major Western cities while at the same time bellowing about the purity of their religious beliefs. What is it about Islam that shows the world in the Islamic daily routine nothing more than murder and mayhem? Are we being too selective in our reporting? Are we too critical of Islam and Muslims from some personal animus? It would be easy, and perhaps far easier, to pick on Guatemalan drug dealers outside our doors than to worry about writing on the problems of Islam; but, our neighbours here do not present a world-wide threat to the civil populations as do Muslims. And, in fairness, the story below might have nothing more to do with Islam than does Catholicism to Guatemalan drug-dealers. Maybe this story is simply one of criminals dealing with each other in Australia.

Man Killed in Cafe Shooting
By Ben Sharkey

November 01, 2005
Police / file
The drive-by shooting left one man dead and three others seriously injured / file

A GUNMAN sprayed a bustling Sydney kebab cafe with bullets last night, killing one man and injuring three others.

Customers dived behind tables as the balaclava-clad thug opened fire, hitting two men inside the cafe and a third on a bench outside.

The attack occurred at 9.30 at The Babylon Cafe on Ware St, Fairfield, while at least 20 people were dining.

"We heard noises and we thought it was kids playing with bangers but then glass started spraying everywhere," one witness who was playing cards said.

"Everyone started jumping on the ground and turning over tables."

"We panicked and ran out to the back to hide. There were holes in the glass the size of a five cent coin."

Witnesses said the gunman was seen getting out of a black Honda car on Ware St.

He then began firing at a 19-year-old man sitting on a bench outside the cafe, hitting him in the arm.

The gunman then calmly walked into the cafe and began spraying the room from the ceiling to the floor. A 48-year-old man shot in the neck was killed instantly while a 40-year-old was shot in the chest.

"He's died for nothing, he was just standing there he's got nothing to do with anything that's bad," a shocked friend of the deceased man said shortly afterwards.

Another witness who dived on to the ground to save himself said "there couldn't have been anything organised about it ... he was just shooting everyone, young people and old people".

Police said last night at least one man wearing a balaclava had fired the shots before fleeing with one or two others of middle-eastern appearance in a sedan.

He fled in a vehicle which carried a registration plate beginning with the letters WHV.

Following the shooting the men were rushed to Liverpool hospital where police called for backup to deal with angry relatives.

Relatives of the victims had to be controlled by police after the shooting occurred.

Carloads of relatives were pulling up to the hospital with family and friends.

One grief-stricken cousin of the deceased had to restrained at the scene. He wept openly in front of the hospital.

Police are looking for three or possibly four men involved in the shooting.

"At this stage it is possible the shots were fired from a person on foot but a car was involved and the car is a black Honda last seen heading towards Smart St, Fairfield," Superintendent Ray King said.

"There are four in hospital and one dead.

"They can't confirm the calibre of the gun that was used or the number of bullets."

The arcade has been blocked off.

Operational Support Group officers were called in to control the situation.

"At this stage that is under control, OSG officers have the situation at hand.",10117,17102662-2,00.html

Cafe scene of two shootings
From: AAP

November 01, 2005

THE Sydney cafe where one man was shot dead and three others injured by gunfire was also targeted at the weekend, police said today.

Shots were fired at the Babylon Cafe in the Civic Centre Arcade at Fairfield in Sydney's southwest about 9.40pm (AEDT) yesterday.

It understood a lone gunman fired on the same cafe about 2.30pm on Saturday.

No one was injured in that incident, when a man was believed to have got out of a car, walked towards the cafe and opened fire before driving away.

Fairfield police superintendent Ray King said today that police would investigate the link between the earlier shooting and last night's fatal incident.

"We are looking at the link with the shooting on Saturday," he told ABC radio.

Two of three men injured in the latest shooting, both aged 48, will undergo surgery today.

One man, from Hinchinbrook, is in a critical condition, while the other, from Smithfield, is in a serious condition.

The third victim, a 19-year-old man from West Hoxton, is in stable condition.

Police have not released the name of the hospital where the men are being treated.

A fourth man, who died from gunshot wounds at the scene, has yet to be formally identified.

Supt King said it was a traumatic event for witnesses.

"There was a lot of emotion amongst a number of people at the scene last night," he said.

"There was a lot of people in that vicinity and police had difficulty in trying to establish a crime scene ... a number of people were quite emotional."

After the shooting, three men were seen driving a black Honda Civic towards Smart Street in Fairfield.

Specialist officers from State Crime Command squads are involved in the investigation.,10117,17103050-1702,00.html

There's no certainty that the shootings above were committed by Muslims, and none that they were motived by Islam. Our question is what will come of it if the criminals are captured, found to be Muslims, and are then excused from deportation due to problems with the legalities of sending them to their home countries-- if they are indeed immigrants. Can we allow Basra behaviour in Sydney without allowing for the fact that if we do we should also allow for Basra punishments? To allow criminals to shoot civilians in Sydney without the full wrath of the legitimate law coming down on them as a result is to once again delve into the depths of dhimmitude, letting some escape justice for reasons of cultural senstitivies or what have you when the obvious conclusion for any one else would be to deport the criminals because they do not warrant the protect of the state.

We'll wait and see what the Australian goverment does, if anything, about murder in Sydney, and we'll watch to see how they deal too with "hate crimes" such as Protestants reading the Koran. What is the priority?

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