Monday, April 01, 2013

Your Iquitos, Peru

Posting is light here because I am busy nailing down the final details about a few remaining buildings and some local family histories still on my to-do list about Iquitos, Peru.

Bill Grimes, owner of Dawn on the Amazon cafe at the corner of Nauta along the Malecon Tarapaca, has posted at his blog a piece on the riots in Oct. '98 in Iquitos. This side bar piece at Bill's blog is part of a longer piece on Gustave Eiffel's Iron House, a famous landmark in the city. The story is a small part of a chapter from my up-coming book, Iquitos, Peru: Almost Close. You can read the excerpt at the link below, and there are many other stories about Iquitos by a range of writers and travelers at Bill's blog.

Dawn on the Amazon

If you or your family have anecdotes to share about Iquitos' history, if you or they or someone you know or heard of way back when, has a story to tell about Iquitos, feel free to let me know, either in person or via email here.

What was it like to live in Iquitos when you were growing up? Did your grandmother tell stories about her life here? Did your family have someone interesting to the whole world? You might be surprised at who that someone could be. Let me know and I'll see if I can fit in a story or more about the history of people and times in Iquitos.

Tell the story, and maybe we can tell the world.

Iquitos, Peru.
March 2013

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