Saturday, September 03, 2005

Islam: It's a Man's World

In the world of Islam there are those who submit, and there are those who submit and are beaten anyway. The latter are women.

Some Muslim women are stupid, some are timid. Some are desperately poor, insanely acculturated, or simply locked up and unable to escape from those who beat, rape, sexually mutilate, and murder them. They don't need sharia law. They need protection. They need their own rights protected by the government, not given away to those who would beat them further.

A man who hits a woman is a coward and a bully and a piece of garbage. But those who stand back and excuse that behavior on the grounds that it's Islamic culture, that it's racist to interfere in other people's customs that might differ from ours: those men are evil. When dhimmitude becomes whimmitude the line is crossed into a moral wilderness where a man is no longer a man at all. The man who won't stand up against a woman-beater is filth. There is no excuse. There can be no forgiveness. There is only punishment.

This Thursday you can make a stand for those who can't stand up for themselves. You can say no to sharia in Canada. You can say yes to universal Human rights. Human rights for everyone. Human rights for women. No Sharia.

Toronto: Queen's Park, Ontario Legislature, (time, 12–2 Pm)

Contact: Homa Arjomand, 416-737-9500

Ottawa: Parliament, (time, 12-2 PM)
Contact: Soheila Bayani (

Vancouver: 800 Hornby (in front of Family Court) downtown
Contact: Zari Asli, 604-727-8986

Victoria: Parliament

Contact: Abass Mohammdadi (

Montreal: devant le complex Guy Favreau Bd Rene Levesque O Montreal

Date: September 8th , time: 12 – 1 PM

organisee par L,Association des Femmes Iraniennes de Montreal

Appuyee par : La Federation des Femmes du Quebec.

Contact: Elahe Machouf,

Waterloo: 100 Rittenhouse Dr. Kitchener (time, 7-9 PM)

Contact: Heidy Schmidt, at 518-291-5480

England: London , Canadian High Commission, 38 Grosvenor Street , ( Bond Street Tube)

Contact: Sohaila Sharifi at 447719111738,

Germany: Dusseldorf In front of Canadian Consulate

Contact: Mina Ahadi, at 4917775692413,

Sweden: Stockholm, In front of Canadian Embassy,

Contact: Mahin Alipour at 0046707777313,

Sweden: Gutenberg: Brunnsparken K1

Contact: Shahla Nori at 0046737262622,

Holland: Canadian Embassy, Sophialaan 7, 2514 JPS-Gravenhage, ( DENHAAG)

Contact: Sorosh Ebrahimi, at 0031-(0) 61324331,

France: Canadian Embassy, 35 avenue Montaigne 75008, Paris

Contact: Michèle Vianès, at 06 10 39 94 87,