Friday, December 27, 2013

Iquitos, Peru: Almost Kindle? Not Exactly

I am still trying to create a proper Kindle version of my latest book, Iquitos, Peru: Almost Close. There is a problem with the third attempt as well.

I live in a wonderful and mostly peaceful city in the Amazon jungle. I am very happy here, and I want to remain here for some time yet, soaking up the peace and happiness that I crave.  I want to share some of that life of mine by writing about the city and its people. I have managed to publish the hard copy version of that, a book, if you will, and I have tried and failed to publish a computer version, a Kindle.

There is a problem here in the Amazon jungle where I live: the Internet hardly works. I tried to publish my book as a pdf.  Kindle writes to tell me they cannot accept pdf manuscripts. I must, they write, send a doc. But the Internet here is not capable of sending such a large document as a doc. so I might not get a Kindle version out for a while yet.
My apologies to those who ordered a Kindle and found they got a mess instead.

The book version is beautiful, like Ivonne, the girl I am so stricken by. No doubt there will be a Kindle version of my book long before Ivonne ever decides to marry me, but I have some hope that both will come about in time. Till then, here is a link to the actual book.