Friday, July 21, 2006

Anti-MAWO Hand-out

TAXPAYERS, through The District of West Vancouver, the City of
Richmond, the City of Vancouver, and various colleges, are among the
SPONSORs of this MAWO hip-hop festival.

Did you know…

MAWO SUPPORTS TERRORISTS: MAWO says the Toronto 17 are victims of a
Canadian government conspiracy:

MAWO supports terrorist violence against Israel (see )

MAWO is opposed to Canada's involvement in Afghanistan.

MAWO hates America.

We all know hip-hop is about kids letting off steam, listening to
often angry lyrics. But maybe this event goes too far. Maybe it's time
you let your civic politicians know how you feel about your tax
dollars going to support terrorist sympathizers.

A Vancouver Courier article states that MAWO is a coalition of over 50
endorsing organizations, most of which are labour unions, student
groups, indigenous and women's organizations and Third World groups.
It formed in October 2003 to mark the first anniversary of the
anti-war movement against the American involvement in Iraq.

Fundraisers such as [this] summer's "anti-war" hip-hop festival help
MAWO raise the necessary funds to keep the group going and help gain
new members.

MAWO appears to be a front organization for a group called Fire This
Time. News reports and a former member have publicly accused FTT of
being thugs who intimidate their fellow leftists with violence. In
fact, FTT openly advocates violence as a political tool. See:

MAWO website: "[T]he arrest of the Toronto 17 has signaled that the
war at home – a couple steps behind the war abroad – has entered its
own "combat mission" against the democratic and human rights of
oppressed people in Canada. The Toronto 17, already found guilty of
"terrorism" by the anti-Muslim smokescreen of the government of Canada
and the mainstream media… The storm troopers of the right wing of
Canadian politics are entering through the window of the arrest of the
Toronto 17 into the homes of all Muslims in Canada." Your tax dollars
are today supporting this hate rhetoric.

Our society is falling into a state of fear under an onslaught of
political correctness and allegations that various measures to protect
us against religious terrorists are "Islamophobic". The political left
promotes these allegations, furthering trends that make us all into
objects of the state and its regulations, rather than people
independent and free to speak our minds.

Our culture is presently immersed in anti-western sentiments,
generally known as "white guilt". Thought police are today common in
many nations, fueling fires of moral indignation, finding whatever
they can to create light without heat, smoke without substance; and we
wander, timid and fearful, lest we fall into offense unknowing. Have
we victimized someone? Are we guilty of something? Is western culture
inherently oppressive because of its global success? Should we condemn
someone to distract attention from ourselves?

When our politicians use our money to finance this fascism, it's time
to say we've had enough. Peace, yes, but no more terrorism. No
appeasement. No dhimmitude.

In a society where there is seen to be no basic right or wrong, no
fundamental truth, but only victims and oppressors, we are nagged by
self-righteous accusers full of victimary clich├ęs that make success
and creativity into signs of oppression.

Those few who think clearly for themselves are offended and outraged
in turn by the group-think prevailing in our societies; and we are
beginning at last to say no more appeasement of the oppressors of free
thought. Let's speak our minds and be independent.

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Charles Henry said...

Dag and Truepeers wrote their reports on the results of their protest, here:

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of fuckheads with nothing better to do. Try getting a real job in the real world