Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Coming up next: Puke with Javier de Silva

I have a special invitation to vomit with a fellow in Iquitos two nights from now, and I am terribly excited. It's rare in my life to be invited to sit with a locally famous fellow and spew vile stuff on his floor, so when this invitation came through to drink ayahuasca with a man well-know in the jungle drugs enlightenment business, I nearly choked from joy. To puke with Javier de Silva.... Why, it's almost like smoking pot in the dressing room at Filmore West with Mick Jagger in San Fran back in '68. This guy is a big deal.

When I wipe the stuff off my chin and get back my grin, I'll have no time at all to do more than-- I hope-- leave word that I survived intact an ayahuasca ceremony with one of the most notorious brujos in South America. Yes, the man has a seriously evil reputation, and I am out of my mind in anticipation of getting cuckoo with him.

Javier de Silva is the sworn enemy of another of the big stars of International ayahuasca, Ron Wheelock. It's the Battle of the Ayahuasca Titans, and I am the man in the middle of it all, reporting as I am able from the floor of the arena.

I will leave what word I am able, however brief, and then, dear reader, I will be off to the jungle, assuming all is well, for a few weeks to type up my account of this adventure, and to organise the text for what will be my second book from Iquitos, Confessions of an Ayahuasca Skeptic

Meanwhile, please order my latest from Iquitos to keep you warm this winter.

Happy New Year.

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