Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More on "The Moron Why"

The second comment at the Grunian today on this evening's execution of a jihadi in Virginia tells us that we should ask "Why" a man became a mass murdering sniper killing at random. This comment follows a few days later from a post on "The Moron Why." I couldn't have paid anyone for a better example to illustrate my point.


10 Nov 2009, 8:08PM

Great article,

Yes, it's true that the guy has done wrong. But we've got to be careful that we keep a balanced perspective and don't end up in the wrong ourselves.

This issue has become something of a witch-hunt or a lynch-mob.

Instead of this rough-justice approach, let's take a good look at ourselves and our country to find out WHY this guy did what he did... perhaps we're all guilty in some way or other...

If, as I suspect, the real cause of this horrible crime was the alienation of a good man by an unjust society.. then we should all shoulder part of the blame.. not just John Allen Muhammed.

Consequently, the just and righteous thing would be to find a way that we can forgive this guy and welcome him back into our society... our atonement would be made and the gesture would be symbolic of HIM also forgiving US.

Execution is always wrong... let's find out why this guy did what he did... the crime is important... not the criminal... he is simply a man


Here is the link to "The Moron Why":


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