Sunday, November 15, 2009

Texas For Sarah Palin

I always find it amusing and happy that "palin" is the Greek word for "return" or "again," as in "palindrome." It's the same front to back and back to front. For those who hate, not too strong a word, who hate Sarah Palin, anything she is is hateful in their minds. Too bad for the haters that Palin is all the good of America personified. Didn't go to Harvard? Doesn't schmooze with movie stars? Comes from Idaho and lives in Alaska? Has the values of the women I knew of when I was boy in a small mountain town? A normal mother and a good person? Front to back and back again, this is a woman I like a lot. That Sarah Palin is like the women back in my little town, does it qualify her to be our president? No. But without that minimum no one is qualified. She has all of my home town minimum and more, and more.

You can find out a lot about Sarah Palin at Texas for Sarah Palin. I read about her and I do not come to the conclusion that she's just like me. I come to the conclusion that I wish I were like her. I missed it. Our president should be the best, and Sarah Palin is the right one for us, through and through.

Here's a site I like a lot:

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