Friday, November 06, 2009

Don't Jump to Conclusions: Shut Up and Die.

I'm not making up this story below. Look at this and weep:

The alleged shooter was an Army officer, a psychiatrist and a Muslim, but officials, including President Barack Obama, are cautioning against jumping to conclusions about the motive for the shooting.

"We don't know all the answers yet and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts," said President Obama.

Some friends have told reporters he [Nidal Malik Hasan] has expressed opposition to the wars and was concerned about his own pending deployment. There are also reports that he complained of being teased by other soldiers due to his Muslim faith, and wanted to get out of the Army, and that he received at least one less than excellent performance evaluation.

That from the Voice of America. VOA used to be the voice of America in Eastern Europe, the radio station one tuned in to listen to normal news rather than the drone of Communist propaganda. But if you weren't there, you will have no idea, likely, just what VOA means. It was the voice of freedom. Now it's the same shit the Soviets used to pump out continuously as "news." I urge you to check out the video here, or the link to the video, to see just what we have here. If you've never lived in a full-blown police-state, this is how you can see for yourself just what we have here. You know it's a police state when you know the state doesn't even pretend to care if you believe the lies. when the state has utter contempt for the truth, then you know they have utter contempt for you. When the state doesn't even care to pretend to cover up the lies, then you know they just hate you and think of you as too worthless to bother conning. The video, as you'll see below, is comedy. The police state here is a joke. But it's no less a police state for that. I'm shaking with rage.

Check out the video or go to the link for the full and better version, thanks to Breath of the Beast.

If you've ever wondered why people put up with the governments they have, look around you and see normal people, acceptable people, socially successful people, and see them extolling the current government we have. Then you'll see why there are Communist or Nazi or apartheid or Muslim governments. Most people cannot see themselves, let alone see themselves as evil. and mostly they are not evil: they are banal. They are acritical, social, and law-abiding conformists, which explains, to my mind, how Nazis can enjoy vast support of Germans, Communism among Russians, Velvet Fascism among ordinary Americans. Nobody rushes to think they might be wrong. If we ever speak to Iranians protesting their lunatic government today, what will they say to us about us? Or Hondureans? Or whomever comes next under the boot-heels of Obama? It's our government today that is evil, and yet most people among us think we are good, just as we've always been. that's why people get evil governments: they don't see themselves. They will not look.

But above we see the government and intelligentsia displaying the most obvious contempt for the people. Normal people make excuses to pretend it's not contempt, that we cannot be so despised. "Dont jump to conclusions." Wait for the government to tell you the Party line. My God. How sickening does it have to get?

Our governments and intelligentsia hate us. They think of us as not even worth patronising. We are beneath their contempt. And people will nod and smile and say:

"Yes, but that doesn't include me. I'm smart like the masters. I understand their motives, and I am one of them, not a stupid person like the mass-holes the elite hate. I'm one of the special ones. They treat me like they treat you because I haven't revealed to them yet that I'm one of the smart and sophisticated. Once I do, they'll bring me in. I'm special. I'm here by accident. The elite will recognize me and save me from the common herd. Really, I'm not like you. I'm special. The elite will see as soon as I explain that I'm not one of you fools."

You ever see a mass round-up, you ever see massacre, then you'll know who's special. Nobody who isn't already in the circle. A small circle. There is no entrance just because you're special. The guy who thinks it's about belief is a fool. No one cares what you believe or who you support. To the elite, you're just another body. But people can't see themselves like that. And that's why we have supporters of fascist government. They think it's about them, about the smart, the hip, the cool. No, it's only about the elite. Everyone else is shit, no matter what they believe.

The government elite hates us. I can hardly believe I'm living through this again, that America has turned into a fascist police state. That the people like it and don't understand that they are being used.

I think often of Primo Levi, "The Drowned and the Saved," in which essay he writes that most concentration camp inmates assumed that if they played by the rules they'd get by. They didn't realise that the rules were set up to ensure that the rule-followers would die in three weeks. following the rules meant death by design. And the majority followed the rules to death. Levi saw them as the drowned, not even worth asking the names of, the already dead as soon as they disembarked from the trains. They had no chance. They'd follow the rules and die. Levi committed suicide in later years. Will we do the same? Will we wtch the Conformity Hippies look at their feet and hope that if they don't say anything, then maybe no one will torment them? You know it's not going to work. It doesn't even matter if you love the fascists, you're just more shit to the elite. don't go jumping to conclusions. Let the government tell you what to think. Just follow the rules. Just shut up and die.

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