Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jihad in Trinidad.

Trinidad: Islamist Claims He Made "Deal" With Prime Minister

Trinidad is under threat from jihadi terrorists. Who cares? Who knows where the place is? Why should it matter?

Trinidad, Trinity in Spanish, is off the coast of Chavez's private fiefdom, Venezuela. Much of the population is of East Indian descent, Hindu and Muslim. Think Kashmir in Chavez's pocket. Think jihad in America's back yard.

As we've pointed out here before, Marxism is too complicated for the average illiterate to grasp and to care about deeply. Islam, now replacing Marxism s the ideology of choice for the lumpen peasantry of the world, is so simple in its stupidity that even the stupidest of peasants can master it in short order. It has all the rotten elements of Marxism without the brain strain. One can cling to Islam, hate and kill for a higher purpose, and in Islam there is even hope to live an afterlife. Islam is made for primitive people, and Trinidad has plenty of them. Worse, so does much of the Caribbean and West Indies. Islam is perfect for the scum of the Third World. It's there and it will spread across the seas into the heartland.

At last, we meet the Domino Theory in the flesh, and who will believe it now?

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religion of pieces said...

Unlike any previous ideology the West has encountered, with the possible exception of Nazism, Islam is a magnet for criminals and psychopaths. Mass conversions are taking place in jails throughout the West.

I suppose the reason Islam is so attractive is that the cult legitimises, indeed sanctifies, most types of criminal activities if they're carried out against Kafirs. Rapes, robberies and extortion all become aspects of jihad.

Islam has much in common with the Mafia. Maybe the 'Ummah' should be renamed the 'Scummah'.

dag said...

Truepeers has some ideas on tris subject that I find fascinating. The thesis is easy enough to follow but once I've done that I find I'm lost in thought for days afterward. Rather than muck it up, may I direct you to where you can find some of his writing first hand?

In the case of Trinidad, my reading of Internet available reports from the CIA show they are very deeply concerned about the situation there. We're facing something so primitive and energetic that we are in for the fight of our lives for our lives.

Marxism appealed to very few primitive peole because it's too arcane for them. But Islam is visceral and violent and just the ticket for those who don't get Modernity and want an elevating programme to attach themselves to to act out their most evil and violent urges. Pseudo-religious permission to steal, rape, and murder is highly attractive to those who would act that way anyway. the Marxist gloss was simply to confusing to the primitives to make it a real threat. Islam is a 7th century tribla code made for the savages of the world, and it's that we have to face as Modernists in our time. As Brandon points out above, we might have to get very nasty to defeat it, becoming other than our chivalrous selves of today when we finish.

Yes, it is akin to a prison revolt. The problem is that the Muslims are building their own prisons and atacking us from them. What are we going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution shows how popular a government can be when it actually cares about its people. Unlike the terror regime in Washington (total surveillance of all Americans, torture, disappearances, illegal invasions of defenseless countries, and 'signing statements' exempting the White House from any and all law, utter loyalty to corporatism, i.e. fascism in the purest sense), when a government actually helps its people with TANGIBLE aid as opposed to empty rhetoric and propaganda the people respond. Chavez has, in fact, done more for AMERICA'S poor (see: than our oil profit-bloated regime has. When a foreign head of state cares more about the fate of America's poor than the American government, obviously it is time for a change. --- Americans for Chavez,

dag said...

Mate, it is no surprise that you are anonymous. You write in cliches and stock phrases and rote clauses to the point that you're less than anonymous, you're not even a real Human being.

There's no agrugment in anything you wrote, no intelligence, no nothing that shows you to be one who does or can think. Your nonsense is cookie-cutter word groups. I dismiss you out of hand.