Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Recline of the West.

Our commentator Religion of Pieces provides this item on the nature of jihad in the West. Whether it's pre-planned as claimed by the author below the case is that what we read is a seemingly accurate picture of the way things actually are today in reality.

Personally, I don't credit the majority of Muslims with the skills to pull off a plan greater than the average mini-mart robbery. However, they are succeeding in dawa and jihad by demographics that is sinking our Modernity. Below we might see what they do by design or default, and all of it with the active encouragement of our own, those I refer to as the Left dhimmi fascists of our intelligenstia:

Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America

by Dr. Anis Shorrosh

Dr. Anis Shorrosh, D.Min, D.Phil, and a member of Oxford Society of Scholars, has traveled in 76 countries. He is a Palestinian Arab Christian American, who is an author, lecturer and producer of TV documentaries. He is author of the best-seller "Islam Revealed" and his tenth book - "Islam: A Threat or a Challenge." - was published in the spring, 2003. You can contact him at PO Box 949, Fairhope, AL 36533, FAX 1-251-621-0507 or phone 1-251-680-7770 or on the net at

What is to be done?


Brandon_T_Stanley said...

I will take the question not to be rhetorical.

To continue from where I left off below, in response to your encouraging words..

If one is to move the masses toward the right direction one must first understand why the masses sulk in their current stupor. It is first and foremost the "mass" mentality. If we establish, and I believe you have, that the West itself must first be girded for the war, we must find out how to do this. We do not have the time which Churchill had in preaching to the deaf-eared English. No, events tell me that we have a mere historical second to accomplish what needs to be done. That nature of the task is Herculean. It has no counterpart in any historical event, save the national revivals in Poland, Greece, Italy and some other nations. It will begin like all others with the basics, religion and philosophy. We must identify with clairity what is causing the rejectionism and stupidity in the populace. From these we can see the decline in the aesthic among people, driven by the amoral mass-media, the desolation of the intellect, anti-rationalism and the list could go on and on. It will require individuals to tune out, to become islands onto themselves. As you said, men can rise to a position, or even affect matters from ground level. But the problem of the "many-of-one mind" against the one mind remains. The culture itself, a relativistic Dionysian tendency which pervades in various degrees all of the West, must somehow be changed. It is this poison, mixed with many other, which is ultimately to blame. The malaise of the West requires a multi-faceted cure. We need like-minded theologians, philosophers, politicians and every men.

how does one reach a drugged-out civilization? How does one persaude a society whose favorite pastime is unreality?

dag said...

"What is to be done?" is a title from a book by V.I. Lenin in which he outlines the plan he has to form Communist parties across the world for the express purpose of ruling the world.

I use his title as reference so people will be aware that we must do as he did, and that is to rule the world. That by following the paths of the masters, regardless of their goals, we must act professionally to meet our goals.

It's no mistake that Georges Sorel lauds both Lenin and Mussolini, both being fascist dictators. I use both as models of successful revolutionaries whom we, if we are to succeed should emulate in details if not in theories. It is for that reason I make reference to Sherman and Franco as military leaders, neither man whom I admire. I write also of William Walker and Jean Paul Marat. The rouges gallery above would put me and others in bad company in Hell were we to be like them in any way other than in practical designs for political victory. They are first class bad guts.

It is for that reason that I do not model my life on them but that I do find attractive their results as politicians and revolutionary leaders.

Notice, if you will, that I praise to the skies Jabotinski but not Trotsky; that I appreciate the work of the East India Company but not that of Che Guevara and comany. Were we to fail because we shun the models of bad guys we would not rise to the postion of leading like Jefferson and Franklin. Therefore, I admire the efforts of Henry VIII and Cromwell. I have nothing but hatred for Hitler and Stalin. We have to be rational and intelligent in our choice of models, and we cannot be sentimental in our choices if we are to win our goals.

I won't quote the Jesuit motto, most knowing in advance that it's a failure. I will suggest that school teachers with guns practicing elenchus and aporia is our solution to this vexing problem of the bifurcation of Humanity that will, if we fail, result in either the death of Modernity and the death of a billion Mulsims or that will result in the triumph of Modernity and the death of a billion Mulsims. We need a new path that will take us to a new vision of Humanity without allowing sentiment to guide us wrongly into decay or genocide.

We must act rationally and intelligently and professionally to save ourselves and those who can be saved. It takes professionals and dedicated ones at that. You must be the one, dear reader, who makes history. If not you, then you will be history.

Brandon_T_Stanley said...

Are you a school teacher? It says you are in, "education".

You must have a bit of the devil in you to do the work of the good.

Another question. What is to be admired in Henry VIII?

"Genocide", (I dont favor the term; its too new in the lexicon), is going to be practiced in some form or another somewhere. Its a shame that we will have to shed our West European notions of chivalry.

Ive always wanted to make history. Doesn't every youth? But its the carrying it out thats the sticking point. I have to stop thinking on the level of the epic or the cosmic, and cosign my thought to perhaps the more practical solutions.

You are quite the rheoritician. I hope you are in print somewhere. I guess this counts in the new age of technology.

dag said...

We worry a lot about the demographic make-up of our resistence to Islam. Many of us are older people, in chronological ways, than those we could wish for. Our concerns aren't actually so much for our own lives, though of course we do care about that, but we are generally and deeply concerned about the lives of our children and grandchildren; and we can see a bleakness that will envelope them if they survive at all the current problem of social decay and dhimmitude. Older people think about the future in a way different from younger ones in that we will leave it to them, and we must leave something better than what we had. and there's the problem.

The generation after WWII look at our parents as those who fought the Nazis and the fascists in Japan. The 20th century was a vivid horror we would never repeat, and we would do most anything to save our children from it. But, in our fear of repeating the horrors of the 20th century we lapse into idiocy by becoming pacifists and socialists who live in a daydream world that doesn't allow for the world as it is, the one that is still rooted in the problems of sorting itself out as a Human process. What we older people can pass on to our next generations is only the chance to build slowly on the good we might have left. It's still a struggle, and young people will have to fight and suffer and kill and die for it the same as anyone else. We don't want that to happen, and too many of our own refuse to face the truth that it must. In our desire to protect our young from horror we might well bring upon them all the worse for our care. Our acts of love are in effect perverted and dangerous to the young. Our sentimentality and over-protection of our young are leading our own into death and destruction, exactly what we do not want.

And there's more: we are also leading the entire world of primitive people to extinction by our sentimentality. From our right disgust with the wars of our past century we flee into day dreams of peace and love that have no basis in reality, and we therefore make mad the world's people by inflaming them with man-made rages against us. We protect our own, and we protect them to the point that protection from reality is leading the entire world into a twilight zone of murder beyond anything we witnessed last century. We encourage insantiy rather than Human decency by doing nothing to bound the Human madness that we so much fear and hate.

Our prime example of making a people mad to the point of psychosis is the Palestinians, a whole group of people turned into unsupervised mental patients who murder their own children for the sake of acting out a phantasy, and one that is made in America.

Ours of the 1960s are criminals in this p.c. passion play. I call for Presbyterians to be hanged for war crimes because of what they do to others. We have been "nice" to the point of unleashing the deepest insanities of Human possiblities, and we then further indulge our sentimentalities by going further into them. If we do not stop our self-indulgent ssentimentality, and if our own young do not accept the responsibilities we have shunned, then our young willl suffer for a thousand years, and so will the world, far worse than anything of our last century.

In one of the more interesting accidents of history, Henry VIII took a run at the established Church and created the Anglican Church in its place. His was an act of what Erich Fromm would term "national individuation." His was a stumble and a lurch toward Human individualty. After him came Cromwell who created the citizens' army, which we in the West now benefit from. When another man will willingly defend your freedom, he is about as free as any man I can imagine. Henry and Cromwell cleared the way for Locke and Jefferson who cleared a way for you to continue to clear a path for your children. Mine, damn them anyway, our fellows of the 1960s, seem to be turn us back as fast as they can to the feudal times of man as farm animal. We have to stop this flight from freedom and take what steps we can to further Human freedom, even if Human freedom is painful.

My career as teacher is as dismal as that of author. No one loves me. Thanks for the encouragements.

Brandon_T_Stanley said...

I cannot claim to be of the generation of your. I am only 20 years old. Perhaps this does not come across online.
When I say "For my future children," I mean FUTURE. It is my personal goal to accumulate more power, money and recognition of any memembers of my family before me. I believe that each generation should surpass all that comes before. Therfore, when this is extended to society, any threat to this basic principle, progress, must be thrown aside. This is not progress in the socialist sense, because potentiality is a big part of it. Progress can only be opened up for, its conditions set. Rarely can government start it.

Cromwell was a great man. He was ahead of his time. I figured you were refering to some other act of Henry VIII.
Interestingly, when one breaks down the word for church in the originial Greek one find that it is "ecclesia" which means a "calling out". A man is to be "called out" from the corrupt world, and become godly onto himself, of his free will. This relationship between Yahweh and man has nothing to do with churches. Churches are a corruption of man, all in all, and must be rejected. Everything they represent has corrupted the faith, whether it be doctrines of the Trinity or the myriad corruptions of Catholicism and Protestantism. The Presbyterians, I remember reading you calling for thier hanging. It did not bother me. They need to examine the Book they claim to believe in. Here are my questions for them...

Let us imagine they are in the docket, and I am questioning them.
1)Examine the conduct of the Palestinians. What is difference between this and the child sacrifice of the Caananites? What did Yahweh, the God whom you claim to believe in, command be done to them?
2)Examine the Book of Revelation. The Pale horse is a mis-translation. Pale means sickly, commonly taken in ancient times as green. The flag of the Muslims is commonly green. Coincidence?
3)Prostration is always mentioned in connection with Satan in biblical prophecy. Why then, if God was to re-write his revelation to an illiterate Arab, would he choose that His followers do this?
4)Note that numberous tiems idols and moon-gods are mentioned throughout the Old Coventant. What do you make of this?
5)When Yeshua spoke of false prophets did he not say, "they will speak bombastic nonsense.....tempting with liscentious desires of the flesh". Now read of the Islamic paradise...

Id like to see their responses. I could go on with this. But that suffices. I did not intend to make such a foray into my personal theology.

It is sad to say, but it seems that United States Military is more interested in prosecuting the Haditha "massacre" than massacring the enemy, wherever he may be.

dag said...

Brandon, it's a pleasure to see you here taking an interest in the future and in your life as a public intellectual. It's a tough row to hoe but I feel confident in your abilities as I see them.

If I may be so bold, I'd suggest you look into our Blue Revolution to see if you and your mates might like to join us as activists in the revolution of our time. I'll leave it to you to decide how you would approach all those things.

Regards, Dag.

Brandon_T_Stanley said...

Blue Revolution?

I have no clue about it. But id be interested. I dont have many like-minded mates. Most could be termed apathetic.

dag said...

We'll fill you in. Do a google search of Blue Revolution to start and see if you think it's worth pursuing.

Brandon_T_Stanley said...

All I found was some environmentalist carping, things on the color revolutions and the like. If there is a site that would help.

dag said...

I'll do something specific soon on the Blue Revolution. Stay tuned.

Brandon_T_Stanley said...

So you wont just look like Murat...
I'll be biologically attatched to my laptop for some time.