Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lying Moderate Muslims.

Even when the "moderate Muslims try hard they can't get it right. Below is what could have been a sensible call to Muslims to live as normal Human beings. What we get instead is warmed-over apologia, blaming Indians, Jews, Americans and Modernity for racism and Islamophobia. The rubbish keeps piling up.

The essay below is an attempt, and a failed one, to present Muslim moderation to the public. We are accused of right wing bigotry. We are accuse of racism. We are accused of imperialism. Yada yada yada. What we do not see is the first hint of genuine moderation on the part of Muslims as below.

In the beginning of the essay we find ourselves encouraged that Muslims call dhimmi self-censorship a playing into the hands of extremists both Muslim and socialist. That's lovely and decent. Then we find it's the Jooos. It's the Hindus. It's the Americans. It's the same old Muslim bullshit. When, if ever, will these people tire of their own lies?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Muslim Canadian intellectuals denounce Islamophobia, Islamism

By Khalid Hasan

WASHINGTON: Eleven Muslim Canadian academics and community leaders have issued a joint statement expressing regret that a "curtain of fear has descended on the intelligentsia of the West, including Canada (and) the fear of being misunderstood as Islamophobic has sealed their lips, dried their pens and locked their keyboards."

The joint statement, which is seen as unprecedented, said that with hundreds dead around the world in the aftermath of the infamous Danish cartoons, Canada's writers, politicians and media have imposed a "frightening censorship on themselves, refusing to speak their minds, thus ensuring that the only voices being heard are that of the Muslim extremists and the racist right." The statement pointed out that emboldened by the free rein they have received, Canada's Muslim extremists and their supporters held a meeting in a public park with speakers promising to drown the Danish people "in their own blood". Elsewhere, in Pakistan, a Muslim woman was pictured carrying a sign, "God bless Hitler," and a Muslim cleric placed a $1 million reward for the murder of a Danish cartoonist. Embassies were burned, churches ruined and hundreds died in different Muslim countries.

The statement is signed by Jehad Aliweiwi, Tarek Fatah, Taj Hashmi, Amir Hassanpour, Prof Tareq Y Ismael, Prof Jacqueline S Ismael, El Farouk Khaki, Prof Shahrzad Mojab, Prof Haideh Moghissi, Munir Pervaiz and Prof Saeed Rahnema.

The joint statement said, "Undoubtedly, Muslims were angered by the insulting cartoons. But the overblown reaction was partly due to their pent-up frustrations, and partly the result of orchestrated mischief by certain Islamist leaders. Islamic societies, run by variances of autocratic regimes, are in turmoil. Ravaged by rampant corruption, a widening gap between rich and poor, and suppression of dissent, the people in these societies have lost hope in their own futures. The US-led invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the unending occupation of the Palestinian territories and the quagmire of the Kashmiri dispute, have led many Muslims and non-religious peoples of Islamic origin, to view the West as the source of their countries' problems. The growing popularity of the extremists in Muslim societies, the electoral success of the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, Shia radicals in Iraq, and Hamas in the Palestinian territories, rather than signifying the growing religiosity of the peoples of the Middle East, reflect political despair in the region."

[I interrupt this nonsense at this point to demand some honesty from the men who wrote this rubbish. The US, Israel, and India have nothing to do with the centuries and centuries of jihadi conquest and dhimmitude of Islamic history. The pretentious and sanctimonious use of victimisation rubs us wrongly and shows to our irritated selves simply more lying and self-deception on the part of those who might like to claim moderation.

The political problems of dar al Islam are due to Islam. The smarmy deflections and moral equivalencies with more to follow show that the so-called moderates are dishonest intellectuals pulling more lies out of a seemingly bottomless hat. This will not do. This is not a statement of moderation but one of evasion of responsibility and deceit.]

The academics and community leaders said that in the West, people of Muslim origin, whether religious or secular, are facing growing racism, Islamophobia and discrimination reflected in immigration policies and anti-terrorist legislation. "The cartoon crisis was the straw that broke the camel's back" and Muslim extremists seized the opportunity to add fuel to the fire. They criticised the "calculated role" played by the two Danish Muslim extremists, backed by Islamic fundamentalist regimes, which not only aggravated an already inflammatory situation.

[We see clearly the dishonesty of the writer and signers above int he appeals to sympathy on grounds of race-baiting. They, the dishonest bastards, would like to lay claim that those who hate Islam are racists who hate not so much Islam but Arabs. The truth is that Indonesians are the majority population of Islam, and who is yelling for the deaths of Indonesians? Arabs make up perhaps 20 per cent of the Muslim world, and Arabs are also now 10 per cent of the Arab world, down form a vast majority before they were dhimmified and exterminated into near nothingness. The racism taunt is garbage pulled by dishonest bastards.

Islamophobia, a garbage neologism that needs be tossed by thinking people, is further dishonesty. Islam is a 7th century tribal code. It has neither moral nor intellectual core. It is an orthopraxy based on neurotic resentments and hatred of others. It is a racist Arab supremicism inflamed by hatred of Modernity. Islam is a fascist poligion that no sensible person would view in any other way than with fear and loathing. That we who are endangered by Islam and we who have some concern for Humanity generally, regardless of their religious attitudes, hate Islam generally are phobic about this primitive fascism is only reasonable. And yet this is flung at us as an accusation of wrong thinking and evil action. These dishonest writers have no shame.]

Imam Abu Laban and Ahmad Akkari of Denmark who ignited the fires of protest should be held accountable for their actions, the statement demanded. The academics and community leaders pointed out that for too long the media have created an image that portrays communities from the Muslim world as a monolith entity, best represented by extremists. The media have created a false dichotomy that pits these Muslim extremists against the West. The fact is that in all Muslim countries, progressive citizens are trying to break loose from the tyranny of the autocrats and clerics and wish to develop a civil society where citizenship is based not on inherited race or religion, but the equality of all, irrespective of faith, race, sexuality or gender. Only outrageous, violent expressions of faith by Muslim extremists are taken as the aspirations of people from Islamic societies.

[This paragraph above can only be taqqiya written by a fool. When orthodox Islam is practiced by a vast majority of Muslims, the result is jihad, whimmitude, dhimmitude, and social and cultural decay. The false dichotomy between believers in orthodoxy and apostasy is clear to those who understand Islam as it is and those who are liberals talking to each other in uninformed cliches provided by the dishonest likes of those above.]

The statement called upon Canada's intelligentsia to stand shoulder to shoulder with Muslims and secular individuals from the region who reject both Islamophobia and Islamism. "Islamism is not the new revolutionary movement against global forces of oppression, as a section of the left in this country erroneously perceives. Today, the religious right and autocracies in the so-called Islamic world are united in their call for passing legislation to make any discussion on religion a criminal offence. We call on Canadian politicians and intellectuals to stand up for freedom of expression. Our democratic values, including free speech, should not be compromised under the garb of fighting hate. To fight Islamophobia and racism, we do not need to sacrifice free speech and debate," the statement said.

[These people are worthless and dishonest. We still seek the honest moderate Muslim, and he is not to be found in this lifetime because Islam is a fascist poligion form the start to the end. Falsely trying to conflate fascist Islam with legitimate resistance to is is so dirty and disgusting that we should forget forever anything these people claim to be the voice of Islamic moderation.]


truepeers said...
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dag said...

OK, I'll do this once: LOL!

I've never done that before but this is a good time for it.

The creatures above who calim to be moderates are more dangerous than Irshad Manji, she being so transparent that few willling analists could mistake her for anything other than a bimbo. But these people above manage to slide back and forth between reasonable and sneaky so fast that the average person, wanting to find the elusive Moderate Muslim, will likely fixate on the tracks left on the ground by the passing of these people. One can easily imaging these people smiling at each other and congratulating themselves on a job well done on the reading public. For shame.

Yes, the sleight of hand going on in front of us is upsetting. We see Christians blamed for the sins of Muslims, and if we're not careful we might come away with our pockets empty after guiltily financing further jihad by donating money to these people. One more government give-away to study the problem of Christian repression of free thought. A grant to study the RR.'s opression of Muslim yoots. And so on. Slap me silly, but I'm not that stupid.

No, they won't be staggering down the halls to join us at our weekly meetings to discuss Islam and jihad honestly. All that free food, all that free booze, all the bimbos and the limos and the gizmos, why would they wish to put up with some uncomfortable truths when they can stand in front of cameras and be well-loved by an uninformed public?

Hey, how do I get a job as a Moderate Muslim? I don't have any integrity, so what do I have to lose?

truepeers said...

Well, for those wondering what Dag is responding to, I guess I better put my comments back up, which I deleted before I saw he responded. THis morning, I looked again and thought my comment was the product of sleep-deprived misreading; I decided that these "moderates" were not talking about CHristianity - which is why I took offense - when they said "religious right", but were rather focussed on Muslims. However, now looking again, one might still note that these "moderates" have the natural assumption that they are progressive and hence on the left while serious religious people are reactionary and on the right. But surely, Islam could be considered a leftist ideology, in which case these "moderates" are just parroting western liberal rhetorics and assuming that there is some "religious right" that is the problem, when it is indeed the "progressive" liberals of "the left" who have never understood religion who may be the bigger problem because they continually misunderstand the world they're in since they don't take seriously, as a matter of their own human self-understading, our relationship to the sacred, which is a fundamental anthropological fact whether you are religious or not. Anyway, I'll now put my previous comments below, so people know what Dag is talking about.
Ah Dag, sometimes I just love your dressings down. I think you might have commented further, however, by taking on one of the most offensive claims in this drivel: Today, the religious right and autocracies in the so-called Islamic world are united in their call for passing legislation to make any discussion on religion a criminal offence. We call on Canadian politicians and intellectuals to stand up for freedom of expression.

"Religious right"? that's usually code for "evangelical Christians". So, even if in this context RR is meant to include Muslims, the choice of these words, RR, is clearly meant to convey that we are not talking only about Muslims, that they are not the only problem group. But can you name me one Christian of note in Canada (Tony Blair doesn't count) who has called for a ban on criticism of religion? No, of course you can't; the situation is quite the opposite in Canada where real Christians are among the most serious defenders of our freedoms. It was Christians who took most offense at the recent expansion of our hate speech law to include, among those identifiable groups our public speech is not permitted to hate, people identifiable by their sexual orientation. (The Christians' fear was that the Bible would one day be found to be hate speech.)

Furthermore, the idea that the people who wrote this text are actually participating in a free an open exchange on the nature of Islam and its sacred texts is depressingly dubious. It rather seems their aim is to avoid such, by claiming that the hateful Islam is not the real Islam. While hate may not be the only quality in Islam, no one lucid can honestly deny it is not present in spades in the Koran. Given this tricky fact, it seems to me that these people don't really believe in free and open debate; I guess they belive in protecting their often state-supported positions as representatives of the nice Islam. And they do it in the name of civil society! But I don't expect to see them taking unpaid time to join us at a blue scarf meeting. It's probably obvious that there are few bureaucratic networking opportunities among such as us!