Sunday, June 11, 2006

Said Jaziri, hate-crime victim

Driven by a heady cocktail of readings of Krshna advising Aruna on warfare and snippets of the Book of Job, a religiously obsessed fanatic attempted to act out violence against the Muslim community in Montreal recently by shouting at a moderate Muslim and chasing him with a kitchen knife. Police suspect it was a hate crime. Though they didn't mention the Tao, out of respect for other people's religion, one must infer the influence. Furthermore, we now know the answer to the Zen Koan, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" It is the sound of hate, the hand holding a knife at the throats of all Muslims in a burst of racist Islamophobia.

Said Jaziri knows all about hate. He is a victim of it.

MONTREAL, CANADA - Chanting their love for Muhammad, about 300 Muslims gathered near McGill University on Saturday to protest against caricatures of their prophet. The protest coincided with another demonstration in Toronto that attracted about 1,300 people and several others across Europe against the cartoons, which have sparked deadly violence in some cases. "We're here today to let the world know one thing: We want to be heard and we won't be labeled," said Said Jazeri, the imam of the Al-Qods mosque, which organized the protest. "On unbelievers is the curse of Allah. Sura 2:161. "We are not savages, we are not barbarians," [...] Jazeri said.

A Muslim cleric in Montreal was allegedly asked by a knife-carrying man if he wanted to "die a martyr," say police who suspect it was a hate crime. "Allah is an enemy to unbelievers. Sura 2:98," Jaziri said.

Jazeri is a prominent voice in Montreal's Muslim community. His mosque was among four in the city to be vandalized after he organized a protest against the controversial editorial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. "Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. 2:191" quoted Jaziri.

The publication of the cartoons, initially by a Danish newspaper in the fall of 2005, offended many Muslims who consider them blasphemy, because Islamic tradition forbids even favourable depictions of Muhammad out of fear they could lead to idolatry. "Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme. (different translation: ) Fight them until there is no persecution and the religion is God's entirely." Sura 2:193 and 8:39, Jaziri said.

Jaziri said the alleged knife threat "looks like it has to do with our situation these days," an apparent reference to the arrests in southern Ontario on June 2-3 of 17 Muslim men and youth who are accused of plotting to bomb Canadian targets and of being inspired by al-Qaeda.

"I don't know him, he doesn't me. Why does he have a knife to kill me?'' said an agitated Jazeri in a telephone interview Saturday. Said Jaziri, "Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it. 2:216."

So there we have it. Said Jaziri, peaceful Muslim randomly attacked from motives of hate. We are all guilty. I will personally seek counselling in the morning.


ALH said...

Now that Al-Zarqawi has been autopsied his body will be stuffed and sent to the Bush family to be exhibited to special friends and family.

I understand Al-Zarqawi's body will be posed begging for mercy with tears flowing down his cheeks and his pants wet with urine.

After a couple months, he will be exhibited
at fairs as a circus freak - people will pay 50 cents and laugh at his terror and wet pants.

Eventually he will be sent to a zoo and placed in the monkey cage where simians can play with the carcas to their hearts content - I am sure there will be some 'monkey business' if the pants are accidently removed. Heh heh heh.

The family will be given some rotting meat-pie that will look like Al-Zarqawi after a ride in an industrial blender. If they don't like it, they can take their case to the UN, in New York (the 9/11 city).

Allah's Little Helper

yugunter said...

be objective - this guy is a radical, he was defending barbaric Sharia law that was already banned in most provinces, faces terrorist investigations, and deportation proceedings - the guy incites hate and terrorism using fundamentalist Islam as a tool for the latter

thanks for referencing my blog BTW

Anonymous said...

fundamentalist Islam

as opposed to....nice islam?

Anonymous said...

Dag..sadly you know absolutely not what you are talking about...
This guy was indicted in France for falsifying his passport and then came to Montreal where he hurts the Muslim community with incoherent intolerant speeches and tries to build a foothold for radical islamism.
He is despised by a big majority of the Muslim community and will hopefully be deported for lying to Canadian authorities about the charges brought against him in Europe.
I suggest you do a little more mediatic background research before serving the cause of radicals who slow the integration of their own community on foreign soil and actively participate in hate campaigns in order to stir trouble and anger among muslims and non-muslims alike.

dag said...

Anon, you won't make the Logic Olympics any time soon but I do appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. If you havee anything further you'd care to post, please feel free to do so. you might, for example, link to the details you hint at.

dag said...

Those who don't read English as a first language might miss the scorn I intend in the first section of the post above. Wee arer receiving numerous visits today, Feb. 7, 2007, from Quebec. Allow me to point out clearly that I am disgusted by the Muslim attitude that Islam is victimised. I intend nothing more or less by the post above than to riduclue the idea that Islam is anything other than a primitive fascist poligion, a political religion bent on violent conquest of all people, free or otherwise, who do not conform to the fascistic programme of Mohammed, a murderous paedophile.

There is no such thing in the real world as a "moderate Muslim" if by that one means a Muslim who is significantly non-violent. Islam in its canonical texts requires of all good Muslims that they act in defencee of and for the propagation of Islam by force of violence or dawa or both. The man in question is, according to Islam, a good Muslim. Those who deny such are practicing either bone-dry ignorance or, likelier, oily taqqiyah.

Anonymous said...


There is such a thing as a moderate Muslim: it is simply a Muslim who doesn't take seriously a large chunk of the Islamic holy texts concerned with war against or sundry antagonism towards the unbelievers (according to the article linked below, that's about half of the content of Islamic holy texts) and remains in common sense touch with our common humanity. But because of the antagonism towards the unbelievers in so much of the Koran, etc., it seems the moderate Muslim never gets very far in moderate theological-political arguments and in the larger political or theological equation is somewhat besides the point. On one level, whether we are at war with all of Islam or only radical Islam is not a very essential point it seems to me: the moderate Muslims don't have a serious horse in the race, no amount of affirmative action will soon change this (even if we bring in a totally totalitarian reign of political correctness, our real enemies - enemies of freedom - will remain all the more empowered); and so we are at war with all those Muslims and their many non-Muslim allies who are enemies of modernity and global free markets in things and ideas. Still, on the other hand, if there are people who consider themselves Muslims and can find a way to come on side the fight for real freedom, who will defend, e.g., the rights of Muslim apostates or the banning of all Saudi-Wahabi propaganda in Canada until Canadian Jews and Christians have the right, without fear, to go to Saudi Arabia and proselytize their faith, build churches etc., then we need to covenant with them and bring them on side with us.

What I would like to see from a calm, level-headed, pro-integrationist Canadian Muslim is a clear refutation of this article that does not rely on ad hominem attacks and explains to all us non-Muslims why we shouldn't be scared of Islam in whole or in growing parts.


zion said...

I dont get it... I thought this was no_dhimmitude site - then why are providing appologies for Said Jaziri?
This guy is a quintessential islamo-fascist scum bag! I know him very well, I'm a Montrealer.
I just watched him on a french LCN news channel debating, and I grew even more disguste dby this subhuman savage beast! These people cannot debate and discuss serious topicsl ike normal civilized folk - they are shouting like savages, spitting, foaming at the mouth, etc.
No wonder islam is everywhere where there is a major conflict in the world - it's because of scumbags like Said Jaziri...
He is an antipathic, disgusting pieceof garbage.
Of course Canada shouldn't provide him our citizenship! Are you kidding me??
He should be deported, NOW!

dag said...

Zion, you might have missed thhe address above to those who don't read english as a first language. I don't like the guy any better than you. The post is an exercise in low humor and sarcasm. You're right, it's NO DHIMMITUDE.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Zion.

You are an antipathic, disgusting piece of garbage.

Anonymous said...

If moderator approuves zion's statements - moderator commmits the hateful crime. Watch out.

Anonymous said...

It should be said that according to the authorities investigating the alleged attack, no proof exist it ever occurred and a veil of suspicion is covering the entire matter. The attack strangely occurs within days of two similar incidents (one involving a prominent politician) both of them attracting huge media attention. According to the investigator, none of the usual facts (mainly eye witness within or around the subway station and noting on monitoring cameras). The only people involved are Jaziri and his usual political motivated friends, who usually do not meet in subway stations. Furthermore it was indicated that these kinds of tactics where discussed and perhaps even used in
France by Jaziri (that last statement being hearsay).

dag said...

Once again there is much pubic interest in this case. Feel free to post your comments here as you please. They stay, as you'll notice, unaltered for the duration. Others over the years might come to your comments and consider them in different contexts. You might leave something for others that will, in the course of history, add to the greater understanding of this situation. You're welcome to it.