Monday, May 03, 2010

Times Square Bombing: Kos He's "White."

Obama cheerleaders are desperate to find a "right winger" responsible for a terrorist outrage. Anything at all like a terrorist act will do, and no matter who does it, it must be "rightwing terror" until proven otherwise, at which point the Left will claim the "root cause" is some imaginary American failing, slavery in Bermuda, the overthrow of a Communist dictator in Iran in the 1950s, the Moon in Jupiter, or something. On the terrorist attack in Times Square: someone at Daily Kos writes:

What if it wasn't a terrorist from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen or Afghanistan - what if they came from the Nation of Fox?

There isn't any evidence that they did - yet. But it's also something - we can't rule out, can we?

There are two things that make me personally think this probably wasn't a muslim terrorist bombing attempt, 1) Their Car Bombs tend to WORK REALLY WELL with sophisticated cellphone remote triggers or else they stay with the bomb and ensure that it goes off, while this one was a Fracking Mess...


Video Surveillance showed a "WHITE GUY" leaving the area and attempting to disguise himself - not a dark skinned Arab.

Normally I'd sample comments for our amusement, but the sad truth is that comments at Daily Kos are stupid in a physical sense: those who write are organically incapable of writing anything even worthy of ridicule.

So let's move on and see what really is in the real world.

The "White" guy the leftards are all excited about, as if that means he couldn't be a Muslim, (and that makes us wonder just how stupid these leftards can get, making us wonder if they think Islam actually is a congenital condition,) the "White" guy just came back from five months in Pakistan. The normal person would assume the returnee is Muslim. Don't make no never mind if he's "White." It matters if the bomber is Muslim, motivated not by race but by Islam.

Marisol at Jihad Watch puts this forward:

"Another clue in the investigation is a video posted online early Sunday morning by persons in Connecticut." More on this story. "Authorities Have Identified Person of Interest in Times Square Bomb Attempt," by Richard Esposito, Pierre Thomas, and Brian Ross for ABC News, May 3:

Federal authorities are closing in on the man they say is a person of interest in the Times Square car bomb attempt this weekend, who is described as a naturalized American citizen who hails from Pakistan and just returned after spending five months there.
There is growing evidence the bomber did not act alone and had ties to radical elements overseas, with one senior official telling ABC News there are several individuals believed to be connected with the bombing and that at least one of them is a Pakistani-American.
Comments at Daily Kos were just so stupid that I can't find any reason to post one. The comments weren't even repulsive. They were just stupid. Increasingly, such is our Left. When they become so stupid as this, the only thing left to them will be violence itself. They'll just scream and throw things.


truepeers said...

You may not be interested in race, but those who are writing this crap are and they don't like whitey. Or, more generally, you are reporting on a war against all the traditional virtues, such as loyalty and honour, faith and obligation, that the would-be bureaucrats at Puffington & Co. are trying to destroy in the name of the victim and in service to the bureaucratic state that doesn't want traditional loyalties and obligations to interfere with its imperatives. This is why we cannot simply define our war in terms of modernity and rational law. We need also defend or find ways to renew the traditional virtues without which freedom and good government cannot exist.

Dag said...

In the hope of gaining insight I obviously don't have now, I hope to find a copy of Ludwig von Mises, Bureaucrats.

truepeers said...

There's always Kafka, too.

I'm not sayin we can just be traditionalists. In the current situation we must be radicals too. But in any case, in a nation spending 1.5 trillion a year in unproductive "stimulus", chaining the people to generational debt and/or inflation beyond the horizon, we can safely say we need to understand bureaurcracy and its (non)relationship to the, ahem, "moral economy" that bureaucracy and purely monetary (free market) transactions push to the margins but can never find a way to transcend. In other words, as a defender of free markets I think we have to recognize that they do tend to erode certain virues and productive forces that can only be renewed on the margins of the purely monetary and regulatory market places. There always has to be someone at the margins who is rediscovering the traditional virtues and saying "let's roll" or "let's save"! (Hence the success of groups like the Mormons.) I'm not sure if von Mises understands this well, not having read much of him but sensing that his readers are a bit too liberatarian for my blood.