Saturday, June 11, 2005

Honor Killing

The following quotations come from a frontpagemagazine round-table discussion on women and Islam. The question arises from the discussion: As murder of women in the Moslem community becomes more and more common in the West, how long will it be until murder of women is deemed an essential behaviour? In a novel by Sven Hassel, a Danish Nazi collaborator in WWII, wrote a book on the Gestapo, a chilling insight from which is that eventually the totalitarian state must reach into every family at least once to drive home the lesson of its power. Look then at Islam, in the concept of honor killing: if a Moslem family doesn't kill a woman member, then it means either that the women of that family are somehow beyond reproach or that the women in the family are all sluts in control of the males of the family, a thing that seems to cause some drama-queen reaction from Moslem males. Therefore, even if the women in the Moslem family are pure as driven snow, there must be at least one murder in the family simply in keeping up with the Jinnahs or al-Jones, to show the community that there is 'honor' in the family. The only question remaining is who pops mom or who stabs sis to death? Or maybe the question is "What the hell is going on here?"

Symposium: Murdering Women For "Honor"
By Jamie Glazov | June 10, 2005

Let me add the historical aspect. As Islam primarily is and has always been not a religion but a political ideology, male command over the family and violence against women are and have always been indispensable pillars of the Muslim society. For the modern mind it appears quite strange to follow rules which have not only stayed unchanged since 1400 years ago but have also been continuously confirmed over this long period of time.

When a Muslim male beats, rapes or even kills a woman, we are faced with a deeply rooted behaviour pattern which has picked up as a refreshed fashion now. It is called "honor" because it is supposed to secure male power and prevent the society from falling into "Fitna". This is an Arabic term and means something the Muslim ideology is extremely afraid of, namely disturbance or even upheaval in the community. In other words, keeping women under control saves the "peace of Islam".

Allah is a version which did not reach the Jewish-Christian level of metaphysical abstraction and human legitimation. From an unreachable position this God creates the world every moment anew, conserving two basic mythical elements. Human existence is only possible as unconscious part of the community and in turn redeemable on two roads: the male right to fight against and kill non-believers as well as to sexually control women and punish and kill the disobedient ones among them. Insofar killing a non-Muslim and/or an allegedly insubordinate woman represents the classical sacrifice to Allah hoping to gain his mercy and entry into paradise.

If you want to help Muslim women you have to stop wondering about ideology, religion and even politics. You simply have to tell the public what the reality in Islam is and you must not stop telling them. You have to spread the bad news wherever you can about women being confined, beaten, raped, stoned and killed as well as constantly degraded, psychologically destroyed and made sick by sun light deficits. You have to put forward what Dr. Kobrin expressed in very simple words: militant Muslims cut heads off in order to remove thoughts. You have to add what Ms. Ates explained in similarly well understandable terms: many radicalized Muslim men express their "human" perfection by raping because their only wavelength of communication with women is through forced sex. It ends up with the female "human right" of Islam which is coital obedience - forced or "voluntary".

Dr. Hans-Peter Raddatz , a scholar of Islamic Studies and author of two books on the subject of women in Islam, Allahs Schleier - die Frau im Kampf der Kulturen ( Allah's Veil - Women in the Clash of Civilization) and Allahs Frauen - Djihad zwischen Demokratie und Scharia (Allah's Women - Jihad Between Democracy and Sharia).

It doesn't take an expert in anything to see the effects of the dhimmitude the majority of Westerners place themselves in in relation to Islam. It does not require intelligent debate to come to a rational conclusion regarding the treatment of women in Islam, the relative virtues of Islamic treatment of females, this or that or whatever. What is clear, a priori, is that murdering women is immoral, that immorality must not continue when there are those who can halt it, and that the only way to stop the evil of Islamic treatment of female is to intervene by force to crush the Moslem behaviour that results from Islamic theory, i.e. slavery, abuse, mutilation, and murder of females.

Hatred of Islam? Yes, clearly so. Islam is fascism, a clearly evil ideology that must be broken, smashed, ground to dust, and scattered forever on the dust-heap of history. Islam comprises itself of people, and they must be brought under control by force, enslaved, penned, made to die out, and they must be forgotten as anything other than savages and beasts.

Since the above sentiments might not have been clear enough we will repeat them in paraphrase in other, up-coming posts.

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