Thursday, April 20, 2006

West Haverstraw, NY

In the spirit of furthering the Blue Scarf movement, at great personal expense and aggravation, magnanimously sacrificing personal comfort and leisure, and primarily due to the fact that the attendance at my Thursday meetings has been, well, woeful, I have rearranged my employment situation, switching my part-time job to full and my full to part-time, thereby allowing the Rockland County, NY Blue Scarves to meet Thursday evenings like normal people.

They should be beating down the door any minute now.

Tom Cunningham
West Haverstraw, NY

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dag said...

Good luck to you, Tom. We're with you in spirit.

We'll meet at Vancouver Public Library from 7-9 pm in the atrium. Like all of us involved in this movement we are anxious to meet others to further our great nations and make the world a livable place for all, even Muslims, who dont deserve the tortures of Islam.